lot descriptions: may 2007

The following lots were available in our May 2007 auction, held at Northampton Town FC - columns shown are lot number, description, and estimate.

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1 MANCHESTER UNITED/PRESTON Away programme at Preston dated February 11th 1933. This is a programme from Division 2 and the programme has creases, pencil changes and a slightly grubby rear cover. It is generally in good condition. 350-400
2 BLACKPOOL/MANCHESTER UNITED Programme at Blackpool dated 3rd November 1934 for the game v Manchester United, Division 2, slight folds, minor tears along spine. Generally good 400-450
3 NEW BRIGHTON Programme v Southport, 10/1/1925 at Sandheys Park,minor marks, minor tears to edge. Fair-good 400-450
4 NEW BRIGHTON Programme v Barrow, 11/2/1939, slight fold. Good 350-400
5 1920 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 1920 Final at Stamford Bridge between Aston Villa and Huddersfield. The programme has been expertly repaired to the cover and is now in very good condition, the only defect being rusty staples. Good 2000-2400
6 1924 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the Final. The programme has a replacement colour cover although it is an excellent replacement (it is marked as such on the rear inside cover). The remainder of the programme is the original and is also in very good co 2200-2500
7 CHELSEA Programme v Bradford City, 29/11/1913, slight folds, slightly rusty staple area. Good-very good 220-250
8 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for Tottenham v Newcastle, 24/9/51, Charity Shield + additonal press cutting, slight folds. Good 280-300
9 DENMARK v ENGLAND This is the programme for the match played in Copenhagen 2/10/55 and won 5-1 by England. Very good 125-130
10 ENGLAND Programme away to France,15/5/55, Stade de Colombes, signed by Ron Flowers, slight fold, team change. Generally good 120-130
11 ENGLAND Programme away to Denmark, 26/9/48, the first International played between the two countries. It ended 0-0 and the programme is signed by the signed by the complete England team to the team-page , including Swift, Scott, Aston, Wright, Franklin 450-475
12 ENGLAND Away programme, 13/5/49 at Sweden, England lost 3-1. slight fold. Generally good 380-400
13 ENGLAND Programme, 15/5/49 for the match between Finland and England "B". The England team included Williams,Leuty,Dickinson, Morris, Wilshaw 210-220
14 SWITZERLAND v ENGLAND. This is the programme for the match v England at Geneva played on Wednesday 21st May 1947. This is described as a "B" International although a few days earlier Switzerland beat England 1-0 in Zurich and wanted a second game, henc 220-230
15 SCOTLAND Away programme at France,27/5/50, Stade de Colombes, rusting staple, slight creasing. Generally good 280-300
16 SCOTLAND Away programme 19/5/55 at Austria, possible vip issue as red and white ribbon is attached. 64 page issue, slight wear. Generally good 160-170
17 SCOTLAND Away programme at Belgium, 20/5/51 in Brussels, slight fold. Good 260-275
18 SCOTLAND Home programme v Belgium, 23/1/46, minor fold. Good 110-125
19 SCOTLAND Home programme v Switzerland, 15/5/46, Good-Very good 110-125
20 SCOTLAND Home programme v Ireland, 27/11/46, fold, rusting staples, minor marks. Fair-good 55-60
21 SCOTLAND Home programme v Belgium, 28/4/48, slight creasing, minor marks. Fair-good 70-80
22 SCOTLAND Home programme v Switzerland, 26/4/50, slight tear along fold, score,scorers on team page. Fair-good 45-50
23 SCOTLAND Home programme v Austria, 13/12 50. Good-Very good 45-50
24 SCOTLAND Home programme v Ireland, 1/11/50, slight fold. Good 40-50
25 GB v EUROPE Programme 10/5/47 for the match between Great Britain and Europe at Hampden Park, fold. Fair-good 30-40
26 SCOTLAND Home programme v France, 27/4/49, slight fold, minor tears. Generally good 55-60
27 SCOTLAND Home programme v USA, 30/4/52. One of the rarer programmes from this period for Scottish collectors, Scotland won the match 6-0. fold. Fair-good 55-60
28 WAR-TIME CUP FINAL-MANCHESTER UNITED Programme for Football League (North), Cup Final, 19/5/45, Bolton v Manchester United at Burnden Park, reputed to be the only issue of Bolton during the war although we have it on good authority that Bolton issue 240-250
29 MANCHESTER UNITED Programme away to Bolton, 20/10/45, slight fold, team changes,score on team page. Generally good 80-100
30 MANCHESTER UNITED Away programme at Bolton, 24/1/53, minor spine splits, score on team page. Fair-good 20-25
31 SWINDON / MANCHESTER UNITED Two programmes, Youth Cup Final, 63/4 (both legs) + Semi QPR v Swindon…. Generally good 60-70
32 WAR CUP FINAL 1942 Programme for London War Cup Final, 30/5/1942,Portsmouth v brentford at Wembley, slight tear and minor ageing along edge. Fair-good 170-180
33 1921 FA CUP FINAL Official programme, Tottenham v Wolves, 1921 at Stamford Bridge, very slight wear along fold, rusting staples. Generally good 1800-2000
34 AMATEUR CUP FINAL REPLAY Official Programme, 19th April 1954, Crook Town v Bishop Auckland at St James',Newcastle. This programme is on glossy paper and is believed to be a vip edition as it originated with a FA Council member. Very Good-Excelle 80-100
35 1926 FA CUP FINAL Official programme, spine partly split, minor tears, slight wear. Fair-good 750-800
36 1933 F A CUP FINAL Official programme, spine split, neat pencil changes. Fair 350-400
37 1934 FA CUP FINAL / DON BRADMAN Official programme, good condition, signed by Don Bradman to team page.The Australian touring team were sat in the Royal Box area near to where the original owner of this programme was sat. There are two other signatures 450-500
38 CHESTERFIELD/MAN UNITED Programme for the Wartime Cup North Semi-Final between Chesterfield and Manchester United played on May 12th 1945. The programme has been repaired and has a fold. Fair-good 120-150
39 CHESTERFIELD/NORWICH Rare single-sheet programme for the Football League Cup match v Norwich played at Chesterfield on 13th September 1961. The programme has a fold but is in good condition. Good 200-220
40 LEYTON ORIENT/CHESTERFIELD Two programmes for the Football League Cup Second Round match between Leyton Orient and Chesterfield. The first is dated 31st October 1960 and the game was postponed. The other programme is dated 14th November 1960 when the 100-120
41 CHESTERFIELD/LEEDS This is the rare programme for the Football League Cup game between Chesterfield and Leeds played on November 23rd 1960.This four page issue has a horizontal fold and the score is on the team list. Generally good 380-400
42 HERBERT CHAPMAN. This is a letter handwritten by Chapman on Official Huddersfield Town notepaper. Dated 24th March 1921, the letter is addressed to Mr Weston, a Chesterfield Official and is signed "H.Chapman" Chapman became the only man to win both th 140-150
43 CHESTERFIELD Letter to the Chesterfield groundsman on Official Chesterfield notepaper dated May 13th 1921. Folds. Generally good 45-50
44 CHESTERFIELD A letter to the Chesterfield groundsman on the Official club notepaper. This is very rare as the club was briefly called Chesterfield Municipal Football Club and this is the letterheading on this note dated August 20th 1920 offering the jo 60-70
45 FOB-CHESTERFIELD Programme between Chesterfield and Anderlecht , 10/5/51, tape repair to staple area otherwise a good copy for the Festival of Britain game. Generally good 55-60
46 WEST HAM 1910 LONDON PROFESSIONAL CHARITY CUP Hallmarked 15ct gold medal made by Vaughtons of Birmingham and awarded to F.D.Shreeve of West Ham United is with a case. The medal is inscribed "London Professional Football Charity Fund 1910" on t 1850-2000
47 1939 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 1939 FA Cup Final + car park slip.rusty staple repairs. Fair-good 300-320
48 WOLVES Programme v Aston Villa, 27/12/1932, slight folds. Generally good 380-400
49 WORLD CUP 1966 Set of four tickets + ticket wallet for the hard to obtain Roker Park, Sunderland games, 3 group games and a quarter-final. Good. 550-560
50 WOLVES Home programme v Blackpool, 3/9/1938, slight trim, minor cover repairs, worn Fair 250-260
51 PROGRAMMES Good selection of 1940s programmes, 14 issues, 9x 46/7 inc Villa v Middlesbrough/Everton (First post-war), Barnsley v Fulham, Brentford v Bolton, Newcastle v Norrkoping (back page missing), Newport v Bradford PA, Shef United v Middlesbrough 270-300
52 DERBY Programme v Hearts, 1937/38 . Generally good 170-180
53 LIVERPOOL Rare friendly issue v F.K.Gradjanski played on Wednesday November 11th 1936. Full programme. Generally good 150-175
54 BELFAST CELTIC Away programme at Cliftonville, dated 18/9/48, last season of Belfast Celtic. Generally good 110-120
55 IRISH CUP FINAL 1948 Irish Cup Final programme, Linfield v Coleraine at Celtic Park, rare Official Blue and White Issue. Generally good 125-150
56 1934 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 1934 Final , Manchester City defeated Portsmouth.. Punch-holes have been expertly repaired and this programme is now good-very good. Good-very good 300-325
57 NOTTS COUNTY Home programme v Bolton, 15/9/1934, Bolton promotion season. Generally good 220-240
58 QPR Programme v Notts County, 12/3/1938, Generally good 145-150
59 1941 WAR CUP FINAL Programme, Arsenal v Preston, War Cup Final at Wembley, very slightly creased. Good 320-350
60 ENGLAND Programme v Czechoslovakia, December 1st 1937, at Tottenham. Match report neatly fixed inside. Pencil changes etc. Generally good 140-160
61 WAR-TIME CUP Programme for Chelsea v West Ham, League South Cup Semi-Final at Tottenham, 17/3/45, small tears. Fair-good 40-50
62 TOTTENHAM Two programmes for London Combination, v Brentford Reserves 3/1/1920 (fair) and 14/1/1922 (good). Fair-good 60-80
63 TOTTENHAM Two programmes, both 1923/24, different dates, both v West Ham. Good 60-80
64 TOTTENHAM Whites v Stripes practice match. 14/8/1937 Very good 40-50
65 TOTTENHAM Two programmes both v Chelsea Reserves, both 1937/38, different dates, 12/1/38 and 25/12/1937. Good 40-50
66 TOTTENHAM Programme v Northampton Reserves, 22/1/1938. Very good 20-30
67 TOTTENHAM Programme v Bradford PA, 9/4/38. Very good 50-60
68 ORIENT Single-sheet programme v Tottenham, 18/11/44, neat score on team page. Good 50-60
69 SCUNTHORPE/TOTTENHAM Programme, 51/52 FA Cup , Scunthorpe v Tottenham, neat score, scorers to team page. Good 50-60
70 TOTTENHAM Programme for Ted Ditchburn Testimonial, signed by Ditchburn, Internationals Club v Spurs 1950 at Romford, 14/3/65.slight fold. Good 30-40
71 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN (FOB) 24 page brochure published by the FA and listing the dates of the Festival of Britain matches in 1951 and who the games were between althpough it is known that others were played in addition to this lengthy list. Good 60-70
72 FOB-ENGLAND Programmes for the matches between England and Portugal at Goodison Park, 19/5/51, v Argentina (Wembley) 9/5/51 and v France 3/10/51 at Highbury.All three have folds and the programme v Portugal has a split spine and team changes. There 40-50
73 FOB-IRELAND Programme for Ireland v France, 12/5/51, Windsor Park.slight fold. Generally good 50-60
74 FOB-WALES Programmes for the Wales games v Switzerland, 16/5/51 and v Portugal 12/5/51.Switzerland issue has minor fold and Portugal issue has wear along folds and slight ageing. Fair-good 45-50
75 FOB-ENGLAND Programme for the Amateur International between England and Finland at Swindon on 10/5/51, heavy fold, slightly grubby. Fair-good 25-30
76 FOB-LUTON Programme, Luton v Ayr United , 12/5/51, slight rust marks, pencil scores. Generally good 130-150
77 FOB-LUTON Programme Luton v Schiedam V.V. (Holland), 14/5/51, slight fold. Good 50-60
78 FOB-MANCHESTER CITY Programme Manchester City v Wacker S.C., 9/5/51, four page City "Reserve" issue, small rust hole, slight folds. Fair-good 180-200
79 FOB-HARTLEPOOLS Programme, Hartlepools United v Limerick, 16/5/51, fold, score on team page, very rare copy of this FoB match. Generally good 160-180
80 FOB-YORK Programme , York City v Transport (Ireland), 16/5/51, tear to middle and slight tears to edges, rare copy. Fair. 120-125
81 FOB-SHREWSBURY Programme and ticket for Shrewsbury v Dundalk, 12/5/51, slight fold,, last programme of Shrews first League season plus ticket in excellent condition. Good 180-200
82 FOB-NEW BRIGHTON Programme , New Brighton v Cork Athletic, 12/5/51, score on cover, Generally good 300-320
83 FOB-CARLISLE Programme Carlisle v Shamrock Rovers, 12/5/51, fold, name written on cover (quite small). Generally good 220-240
84 FOB-GATESHEAD Programme , Gateshead v Limerick, 12/5/51, slight fold. Good 220-240
85 FOB-HALIFAX Programme, Halifax v Waterford, 12/5/51, rare issue, very slight fold. Verygood-excellent 300-320
86 FOB-TRANMERE Programme, Tranmere Rovers v Drumcondra, 12/5/51, minor dols, slight ageing. Generally good 210-220
87 FOB-STOCKPORT Programme , Stockport v Drumcondra, 7/5/51, folds, pencil changes, slight wear. Fair-good 110-120
88 FOB-BARROW Programme, Barrow v Shamrock Rovers, 17/5/51, rare issue . Very good 260-275
89 FOB-CHESTER Programme , Chester v Dundalk, 14/5/51, slight fold,cover slightly grubby. Fair-good 160-170
90 FOB-WELSH LEAGUE Programme, Welsh League XI v Irish League XI, 19/5/51, played at Swansea, fold, rusting staple. Generally good 60-70
91 FOB-SCUNTHORPE Programme, Scunthorpe v Tottenham, 10/5/51, slight folds. Generally good 140-150
92 FOB-BEDFORD Programme, Bedford Town v Ayr United, 14/5/51, rare issue, Good 140-150
93 FOB-PLYMOUTH Programme, Plymouth v Ayr United, rare issue, 16/5/51, Good 140-150
94 FOB-HIBERNIAN Programme, Hibernian v Rapid Wien, 19/5/51, minor fold. Good 55-60
95 FOB-GRIMSBY Programme, Grimsby v Saarbrucken, May 51, rare issue, slight creasing and 1 inch mark on most pages. Fair-good 90-100
96 FOB-LIVERPOOL Programme, 9/5/51, Liverpool v Saarbrucken, slight wear along fold. Fair 55-60
97 FOB-WEST HAM Programme, West Ham v Royal Standard Club, Liegeois, 12/5/51, minor fold, neat team change. Generally good 120-125
98 FOB-LEEDS Programme, Leeds v Haarlem, 14/5/51, fold, pencil changes. Generally good 55-60
99 FOB-MIDDLESBROUGH Programme, Middlesbrough v Partizan Belgrade, 12/5/51, fold, minor tear. Generally good 90-100
100 BRADFORD CITY Bound volume season 1920/21, Bradford City were in the First Division and this bound volume includes a set of 21 League games inc v Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton, Derby, Oldham and Bradford PA. This 3000-3500
101 LIVERPOOL Rare away programme at Ramatgan, Israel, 78/9, (28/5/79), 40 page issue, slight folds. Generally good 220-225
102 READING / CHELSEA Rare single-sheet Cup replay held at Stamford Bridge between Reading and Coventry, 19/12/1932, folds. Generally good 300-320
103 MANCHESTER UNITED Rare programme for Boyland ( Strengthened) v Manchester United Youths, 13/5/53 at Oval Football Ground, Belfast, United team includes Edwards,Colman,Whelan ,Pegg and Scanlon. Very small mark. Good 270-280
104 ARSENAL Away programme, 16/2/1935, FA Cup at Reading, professionally restored to back page, remainder of programme excellent. Fair-good 280-300
105 LEAGUE CUP Programme for the League Cup Semi-Final, 11/4/62 at Norwich versus Blackpool, minor folds. Generally good 130-140
106 KILMARNOCK / OLD ENGLAND Programme for the game held in Belfast, 20/1054 between Kilmarnock and an Old England Xi including Bartram, Mozley, Leuty, Franklin, Cockburn, Hagan and Langton., small tear. Fair-good 120-125
107 ARSENAL Rare away programme at Racing Club Paris, 7/11/1951 at Parc des Princes, very small tear along fold. Generally good 420-450
108 HOFFMANN Programme, Hoffmann Athletic Club v Custom House, 20/9/1919, four page issue of the Sphericals' Budget. Good 30-35
109 1923 FA CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1923 FA Cup Final, first at Wembley, slight fold, rusting staples. Generally good 1300-1350
110 TOTTENHAM Programme for the friendly at the end of the "Double" season, 17/5/61 , Amsterdam XI v Tottenham. Very good 60-70
111 MIDDLESBROUGH Programme for Glenavon v Middlesbrough, rare issue, friendly 9/5/52 at Mourne View Park, Lurgan.Glenavon were Irish League Champions 51/2, neat team changes, minor professional repair along fold. Generally good 180-200
112 1977 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Rare programme for the Final between Liverpool and Borussia Monchengladbach in Rome, 25/5/77. This is the 128 page, UEFA/ Italian FA issue, grey cover, minor back cover repair. Generally good 700-800
113 GERMANY v ENGLAND Programme, Germany v England,14th May 1938, played in Berlin, this is the famous England "Hitler salute" game, minor creasing, slight ageing. Fair-good 450-500
114 CHESTERFIELD Programme for match dated 27th August 1921 between Chesterfield and Grantham in the Central Alliance. This programme is believed to be the earliest known issue from the Chesterfield club . This was Chesterfields first season in the Footbal 550-600
115 CHESTERFIELD/ARSENAL Programme for the FA Cup tie , Chesterfield v Arsenal, 16/1/1937. The programme has been professionally repaired along the spine and is now in very good to excellent condition. Very good 220-240
116 CHESTERFIELD/ARSENAL Ticket for the FA Cup tie dated 16/1/1937, Chesterfield v Arsenal. The ticket is in excellent condition and is for the Directors Box. Good 60-70
117 CHESTERFIELD/TOTTENHAM Programme for the FA Cup tie between Chesterfield and Tottenham, played at the Recreation Ground onFebruary 12th 1938. The programme has been repaired along the spine and is in very good condition. Good-Very good 220-240
118 CHESTERFIELD Programme for the match v Huddersfield , 12/1 /1929, FA Cup. This issue has souvenir photos of the two teams and is in good condition. Good 150-160
119 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Wrexham, 29/12/1928, score on team page, slight fold. Generally good 130-150
120 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Rochdale, 1/1/1930, taped spine and tears to edges but is complete. Fair 100-110
121 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Tranmere, 1/1/1931, rear cover has a piece about half an inch wide torn off along the top and there are ink marks on the rear cover. Fair 85-90
122 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Hull, 24/1/1931, fold, slightly worn, no staple. Fair-good 95-100
123 CHESTERFIELD Three programmes 1930/31 season all Reserves , v Denaby United, Barnsley Res and Boston (ageing, edges fragile). All Midland League. Fair-good 80-90
124 CHESTERFIELD Programme for Midland League match v Boston, 7/9/1931, spine partly split, pin-hole. Fair-good 35-40
125 WELSH CUP Programme for Final, 24/4/52, Merthyr Tydfil v Rhyl at Ninian Park, folds, slightly worn. Fair 60-70
126 WELSH CUP Programme for Final, Replay Cardiff v Merthyr Tydfil, 17/5/51 at Vetch Field, Swansea. Slight folds fair-good 70-80
127 WELSH CUP Semi-Final, 3/4/52, Merthyr Tydfil v Wrexham, at Ninian Park, slight wear along folds. Fair-good 30-35
128 WELSH CUP Two programmes, both Merthyr Tydfil v Cardiff City, both Welsh Cup, 2/2/52 and 20/2/54, slight folds, fair-good 20-25
129 MERTHYR / WOLVES Programme for Cup Winners Challenge match, 5/12/49, Merthyr Tydfil v Wolves, fold, slightly grubby. Fair 60-80
130 MERTHYR / NEWCASTLE Programme for the Cup Winners Challenge match, 10/12/51, Merthyr v Newcastle, fold, slightly grubby. Fair 70-75
131 MERTHYR TYDFIL Two home programmes, 51/2 v Kidderminster and v Weymouth. Fair-good 15-20
132 WALES Five Home International programmes v England 51 and 55, v Scotland 50 and 52 and v Ireland (at Swansea), 52. slight wear along folds. Fair-good 50-60
133 CARDIFF 18 Home programmes, 50/51 to 60/61, 1 x 50/51 v Swansea, 3 x 51/2, 1 x 52/3, 3 x 53/4 inc v Arsenal, 2 x 55/6 inc v Man Utd, 4 x 59/60 and 4 x 60/61 inc v Chelsea and v Arsenal. Fair-good 80-90
134 SWANSEA 16 home programmes, 49/50 x 4, 50/51 x1, 51/2 x 11 inc v Everton, QPR, Rotherham (Cup), Birmingham and Nottm Forest. Fair-good 120-125
135 SWANSEA 18 Home programmes, 52/3 x 6 inc v West Ham and Southampton + 53/4 x 12 inc v Notts Forest, Stoke, Everton and Derby. Fair-good 130-140
136 SWANSEA 17 Home programmes, 54/5 season inc v Liverpool, Ipswich, Birmingham and Derby and Cup v Sunderland and Stoke. Fair-good 120-130
137 SWANSEA 17 Home programmes, 55/6 season inc v West Ham and Liverpool, Fair-good 100-110
138 SWANSEA 19 Home programmes, 56/7 season inc v Liverpool, West Ham and Essen. Fair-good 100-110
139 SWANSEA 16 Home programmes, 57/8 inc v West Ham and v Arsenal friendly.plus 4 x 58/9 Home programmes. Fair-good 80-90
140 SWANSEA A collection of 13 Fixture cards from 49/50 to 59/60 covering Swansea Town, 49/50 is a 12 page programme style brochure and also includes an autograph sheet. Generally good 30-40
141 SWANSEA Three handbooks, 53/4, 55/6 and 66/7 plus a season-ticket 56/7 + single sheet programme Swansea "A" v "B" 11/8/51 (torn at bottom), Plus 2 x reserves v Luton 55/6 and v Southend 54/5 +railway flyer for Cup match at Arsenal 28/1/50. Generally 30-40
142 SWANSEA SCHOOLS Two programmes, English Schools Final v Ilford Boys, 17/5/52 and Semi v Chesterfield Boys 26/4/55. Good 25-30
143 SWANSEA/ MAN UTD Programme for Swansea v Manchester United, friendly, 24/1/59, slight fold. Generally good 30-40
144 CHELSEA v THAMES Chelsea programme, 14/10/1931, Chelsea v Thames, London Challenge Cup, single-sheet, score on team page, fold. Generally good 180-200
145 BRENTFORD 2 Home programmes v Southend 31/2 and v Bath 31/2 (Cup), + handbook 1928/29 season, programmes have minor defects, handbook very good. Fair-good 100-120
146 BRENTFORD 5 Home programmes,1932/33, v QPR, Northampton, Clapton Orient, Crystal Palace and brighton, very minor defects. Generally good 200-220
147 BRENTFORD 3 Home programmes, 2 x 1933/34 v Southampton and Grimsby plus 34/35 v Southampton. Generally good 120-130
148 BRENTFORD / MAN UTD Programme , Brentford v Manchester United, 16/9/1933, fold, rusting staple. Generally good 110-120
149 BRENTFORD 5 Home programmes 1938/39 inc v Liverpool (creases), Grimsby, Stoke, Charlton and Preston (creases). Fair-good 150-160
150 SCOTLAND v ENGLAND Programme v England, 1st April 1933 at Hampden Park.slight fold, minor marks. Generally good 200-250
151 ENGLAND v SCOTLAND Programme . 14/4/1934, at Wembley, Official issue, rusting staple. Generally good 160-180
152 SCOTLAND v ENGLAND Official programme, 6/4/1935 at Hampden. Good 180-200
153 CHELMSFORD Programme, 27/8/1938, Southern League v Bristol Rovers Reserves, staple repaired. Generally good 70-80
154 TOTTENHAM Handbook, 1933/34,very small name and address on cover, rusty staple, notes page includes neat results written-in. Good 60-70
155 TOTTENHAM Handbook, 1935/36, rusty staple otherwise very good. Good-very good 60-70
156 TOTTENHAM Handbook, 1937/38, rusty staple otherwise very good. Good-very good 60-70
157 SHAMROCK/VILLA Programme dated, 26th May 1951, Shamrock Rovers v Aston Villa. Slight fold. Very good 50-60
158 SHAMROCK/VILLA Programme dated 3rd may 1952, slight fold. Very good 50-60
159 LONDON SENIOR CUP FINAL Programme dated 13/5/44, West Ham programme for Tooting and Mitcham v Walthamstow Avenue, neat score on team page, single sheet, minor folds, information re the teams on the reverse. Generally good50 60-80
160 FA CUP FINAL 1953 TICKET Ticket for the 1953 Cup Final, Blackpool v Bolton. Good 60-80
161 ENGLAND v SCOTLAND 1944 Ticket for England v Scotland, 19/2/44 at Wembley, very slight trim to one side. Good 30-40
162 NORTHAMPTON TOWN/ NOMADS This is an Official Northampton Town matchcard for 1923/24 although the match is Amateur Cup, 5/1/1924 between Northampton Nomads and Oxford City. The programme is complete but does have significant (but repairable) tears. Pla 50-60
163 GOLD MEDAL Northampton Nomads, 9ct Gold medal, hall-marked,NTFA Thursday Winners 1923. Good 30-40
164 GOLD MEDAL Northampton Nomads, 9ct gold medal, Northants Thursday Football League winners, 1920/21. Good 30-40
165 GOLD MEDAL Northampton Nomads, 9ct Gold medal, Godell Barnes Cup Winners 1926/27. Hall-marked. Good 30-40
166 1950s PROGRAMMES Approximately 56 issues from Midlands/North variety of clubs. Condition varies. 60-80
167 1950s PROGRAMMES Approximately 113 issues from London/South , variety of clubs.Condition varies. 120-140
168 NON-LEAGUE IN FA CUP Approximately 210 issues,mainly from last 35 years. Good variety. Very good 100-120
169 HEADINGTON Programme v Northampton Town, friendly, 14/2/51, slight fold,neat team changes. Good 50-60
170 HEADINGTON Programme v Colchester, 13/2/52, friendly, neat team change. Good 50-60
171 HEADINGTON Programme v Pegasus, 11/3/50, Oxon Senior Cup, Semi-Final at White House Ground, four page issue, neat team change. Good 60-80
172 HEADINGTON Programme v Colchester United, 4/2/50, Southern League, slight fold, neat team change. Good 60-80
173 CHELSEA / LEEDS Programme for FA Cup 5th Round , 2nd replay at Villa Park, 3/3/52. minor fold, neat team changes. Generally good 30-40
174 1923 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 1923 Cup Final, spine has been taped, fold, pencil team change and rusting staples. Fair-good 750-800
175 BATH v CRYSTAL PALACE Official programme and very rare for Bath City v Crystal Palace, December 12th 1931, FA Cup. This eight page issue has been professionally restored although there is a mark on the team page (does not affect line-ups). Fair-g 200-225
176 2000 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, number 470 of an Official Limited Edition of 5000 with hard covers. Two added pages provide line-ups , score,scorer and a report of the game plus the Chelsea aurtographs (13) are on the inside hardback cove 40-50
177 CHELSEA Large glossy photo of the Chelsea 1949/50 team. Players named underneath the photo, slight fold, minor marks. Generally good 25-30
178 OSGOOD/BEST/HUDSON Reproduction photo taken at Peter Osgood testimonial in 1975 showing Osgood, Hudson and George Best (in a Chelsea shirt) and signed by all three. Good 30-40
179 CHELSEA 60 Programmes for the 2004/05 Championship season, 29 Homes and 31 aways including European and including four different issues for bayern v Chelsea,Only two are missing (West Brom and Manchester United). Some have tickets inside the covers. 150-180
180 ENGLAND Autographs on a sheet from a book which contains 13 signatures of the England team which played against Ireland on November 5th 1947. Signatures are clearly written in ink and include Mannion,Finney,Lawton, Matthews, Wright, Franklin, Scott, M 100-125
181 IRELAND Autographs neatly written in ink on a sheet from an autograph book and containing 13 autographs from the Ireland team which played against England in November 1947. Signatures include Carey, Walsh, Vernon, Eglington,Walsh, Doherty, Smyth and 80-100
182 MANCHESTER UNITED Rare issue for postponed match v Norwich at Old Trafford, 2/12/78, Generally good 280-300
183 AUSTRIA v HUNGARY 1918 Issue 7 dated 5th October 1918 of the "Neues Wiener Sportblatt" a magazine with 12 pages which provides full coverage of the Austria v Hungary match to ,be played at the Prater Stadium one day later. This issue is quite possibly 80-100
184 SWITZERLAND Three Swiss International programmes , v France,14/10/51 at Geneva, v Austria 22/6/52 at Geneva and v Hungary 20/9/52 at Bern.Puskas and Kocsis were named in the Hungary team. The programmes are all in good condition. Good 60-80
185 FRANCE Five programmes from the 40s and 50s including Latin Cup Final, 29/6/52 between Nice and Barcelona played at Pars des Princes. The other programmes are for France v Italy 4/4/48, France v Austria 1/11/51, France v Hungary 7/10/56 inc Fontaine, 80-100
186 SPAIN Programme for Spain v France, 17/3/55 at Benabeu Stadium plus programmes for Barcelona v Athletico Bilbao 13/5/51(Cup Semi), Espanol v Athletico Madrid 3/3/57 and Barcelona v FC Nurnberg 25/12/51 (fold). The programmes are generally in good co 40-50
187 FOREIGN SELECTION 7 Programmes consisting of U.S. Triestina (Trieste) v A.C.Sampierdarenese, 3/2/1935, Serie "A" (12 page issue), A.S. Troyes Ste Savine v Amiens A.C, 29/3/1936, San Pedro (California) v St Louis Simpkins 1/6/49, Netherlands v Finland, 120-125
188 GERMANY Home programme v Italy, 15/11/1936 (Berlin), slight fold, Generally good 140-150
189 GERMANY Home programme v Portugal, 24/4/1938 (Frankfurt), fold, very minor creasing. Generally good 140-150
190 GERMANY Home programme v Spain, 12/4/1942 (Berlin), four page wartime issue with Austrian players in Deutschland team. Slight ageing. Generally good 120-130
191 GERMANY Home programme v France 16/10/54 at Hannover and away programme 1955 for Russia v Germany. Generally good 15-20
192 GERMANY Programme "Das Fussball Megaphon" 31/3/1931, 12 page issue for Hertha Berlin S.C. v Hamburger Sportverein. The programme has punch-holes and minor folds but is generally in good condition . Fair-good 80-100
193 GERMANY Programme, 32 pages for FC Nurnberg v Dresdner SC 1/12/40, Olympia Stadion, Berlin, Championship Cup Final 1940 (Tschammerpokal 1940), slight folds. Good 80-100
194 GERMANY Four programmes , three being the Championship group games "Vorrundenspiel" of 1949, 1952 and 1954 plus West Berlin v East Berlin played 26/12/54 at Poststadion Berlin. The 1949 Championship is between Borussia Dortmund and BSV 92 and has pu 80-100
195 ENGLISH LEAGUE Programme for the match v Irish League at Anfield, 7/10/1925, standard 16 page Everton/Liverpool programme with score, scorers , folds. No staple. Fair-good 120-125
196 SOUTH AFRICA v ENGLAND Programme for the match dated 24/6/1939, South Africa v England at Kingsmead , Durban. Also included is an Official FA Itinerary for the tour which departed on May 10th and arrived back on July 21st, shortly before war was declar 180-200
197 ENGLAND Programme v Rest of Europe, 26/10/1938, rusty staples removed, minor stains. Fair-good 100-110
198 ENGLAND Away programme at Sweden, 16/5/56, score on cover and team page, neat team change. Generally good 50-60
199 ENGLAND Programme , 1954 World Cup , Switzerland v England, 20/6/54, Bern. Good-Very good 180-200
200 ENGLAND Programme v Germany, 4/12/1935 at White Hart Lane, tears along folds, team change. Fair 130-140
201 EVERTON Home programme v Blackburn, 19/1/46, Everton team have signed the teamsheet with neat ink signatures, slight fold. Fair-good 30-40
202 GOAL MAGAZINE A complete run , all in Official Goal magazine binders from volume 1. Over 280 issues. Generally good 50-60
203 FOOTBALLER MAGAZINE 26 Issues of the magazine published 80s and 90s dedicated to Football History. Run is from volume 1 to number 26. Generally good 20-30
204 SPORTING MIRROR 7 issues of Sporting Mirror 1949 + 2 copies of Sporting Herald 1949 with colour pictures of Wolves and Arsenal team groups. Fair-good 10-15
205 SPORT MAGAZINE A super collection of this weekly Sport magazine, mainly football with team groups on front cover. 267 Issues covering all sport between 1947 and 1953, a dream for sports -lovers with all the news from almost 60 years ago, rusting s 200-250
206 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 7 Programmes, 2 Homes 51/2, 3 Aways 51/2, 46/7 away at Rochdale and 54/5 at Scunthorpe(ink marks). Fair-good 60-65
207 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 25 Prohrammes, 52/3, 14 Homes and 11 aways inc at Skegness. Fair-good 125-150
208 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 35 Programmes, 53/4 , 15 Homes, 19 Aways + Reserves away at Marine, includes Ipswich away (Cup). Fair-good 160-170
209 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 11 Programmes, 55/6 , 2 Homes and 9 aways. Fair-good 50-55
210 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 40 Home and away programmes 56/7, majority of homes have punch-holes. Fair-good 80-100
211 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 50 Home and away programmes, 57/8 includes Man Utd v Oldham25/11/57, manchester Senior Cup (no token). Some of homes have punch-holes. Fair-good 100-120
212 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 49 Home and away programmes 58/9 includes Denaby v Oldham (Cup), and Oldham v South Shields (Cup).. A small number of homes have punch-holes otherwise generally good. Fair-good 80-90
213 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 45 Home and away programmes, 59/60 includes Home v Shildon (Cup) and v Gateshead. Generally good 70-80
214 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 45 Home and away programmes, 60/61 inc at Norwich (League Cup) and at Rhyl (FA Cup). Generally good 60-70
215 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 53 Home and away programmes 61/2 inc v Liverpool (Cup). Generally good 55-60
216 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 48 Home and away programmes 62/3. Fair-good 50-60
217 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 49 Home and away programmes, 63/4 Fair-good 40-50
218 OLDHAM ATHLETIC 49 Home and Away programmes, 64/5 Fair-good 35-40
219 OLDHAM ATHLETIC Circa 240 Home and away programmes 65/6 to 69/70. fair-good 80-100
220 OLDHAM ATHLETIC Circa 450 programmes, home and away, 70/71 to 79/80 Generally good 60-70
221 OLDHAM ATHLETIC Circa 900 programmes, home and away 80/81 to 2000 Generally good 80-100
222 SUNDERLAND 23 Homes 55/6, 21 league 2 x Cup + 25 Away programmes (Set). Fair-good 220-225
223 SUNDERLAND 45 programmes , 56/7, 22 Homes and 23 Aways (Set). Fair-good 120-140
224 SUNDERLAND 44 Programmes, 57/8, 22 Homes and 22 aways. Fair-good 120-140
225 SUNDERLAND 44 Programmes , 58/9, 21 Homes and 23 Aways. Fair-good 100-120
226 SUNDERLAND 44 Programmes, 59/60 22 Homes and 22 Aways. Fair-good 90-100
227 NORWICH Programme v Crystal Palace, 17/4/1933, slight fold, rusting staples. Generally good 200-210
228 NORWICH Programme v Southend, 27/12/1932, slight fold, rusting staples. Generally good 200-210
229 NORWICH Programme v Bury, 27/8/1934, slight fold, rusting staples. Generally good 200-210
230 NORWICH Programme v Sheffield United, 29/8/1936, rusting staples. Generally good 200-210
231 NORWICH Programme v Nottingham Forest, 13/4/1936, fold, rusty staples, pencil changes etc. Fair-good 200-210
232 NORWICH Programme v Bradford PA, 29/3/1937, Good condition. 210-220
233 NORWICH Programme v Sheffield United, 16/4/1938, slight fold, pencil changes. Generally good 200-210
234 NORWICH Programme v Bury, 12/11/1938, Very Good 200-210
235 NORWICH Programme v Sheffield United, 26/1/1939, Thursday afternoon kick-off. Neat team changes. Generally good 210-220
236 NORWICH Programme v Chesterfield, 25/2/1939, neat pencil changes. Good 200-210
237 NORWICH Programme v Coventry, 10/4/1939, neat team changes. Good 200-210
238 SHREWSBURY 10 programmes 57/8 to 65/6, all homes inc v Walsall 57/8, v Torquay,Newport and QPR 60/61. generally good 15-20
239 NORTHAMPTON Home programme v Reading, 5/12/1936, a rare pre-war issue of Northampton in Division Three South, rusting staples. Generally good 200-220
240 NORTHAMPTON Home programme v Southend, Division 3 South, 1/12/1934, slight fold, minor creases. Generally good 200-220
241 NEWPORT Home programme v Northampton, 30/4/1938. Very good 220-230
242 CRYSTAL PALACE Home programme v Northampton, 23/9/1935, rusty staples, neat pencil changes. Generally good 110-120
243 WATFORD 26 Home programmes, 51/2 x 5, 52/3 x6, 53/4 x 4, 54/5 x5 , 55/6 x5 and 56/7 x 1. fair-good 120-130
244 SCOTTISH PROGRAMMES 4 x Hearts programmes 48/9 inc v Hibs and Partick, 1 x 49/50 Hearts v Clyde, , 2 x 50/51 Hearts Homes, + 2 other Hearts 50s, early 60s, + Rangers v Partick 51/2, St Mirren v Raith 55/6 and Stirling v Aberdeen 55/6. generally good 140-150
245 TOPICAL TIMES 38 Cards 3" x 8", a few colour, 1930s. Generally good 20-30
246 MISCELLANY An interesting selection of sets of cards given away by comics, early 60s inc Victor, Hornet, Eagle, and colour set of 50 from Tiger plus Wills Association Footballers set of 50 in album , Wizard cards,and set of Squelchers given away by Esso 30-40
247 WORLD CUP 54. Rare Official album, same format as programmes for the Tournament. This album contains photos of the competing teams together with a fixture schedule, 32 pages and cover has flags of the competing nations. Good 60-70
248 IRELAND v ENGLAND 1933 Team-card for the game played at Windsor Park, 14/10/1933, score written on team page, fold. Fair-good 180-200
249 WOLVES/FA XI Full Wolves programme dated15/11/1926 for the match between the Football Association and Staffordshire FA. Dixie Dean played for mthe FA together with other players from West Ham, Man United, Leeds, Bolton, Burnley , Huddersfield and the S 150-180
250 WALES Schools international programme dated 15/4/1939 at Ninian Park v Scotland, 16 page issue, fold, slight tears. Fair-good 60-70
251 WALES v ENGLAND Programme, 22/10/1938 at Ninian Park, Cardiff, slight fold, creasing and minor stain on rear pages. Fair-good 180-200
252 WALES v ENGLAND Programme for the war-time International at Cardiff, 11/11/1939. This issue has 16 pages and has the score in pencil.slightly creased. Fair-good 140-150
253 SCOTLAND Away programme at Austria, 29/5/60, includes team-page supplement, fold. Generally good 25-30
254 SCOTLAND Away programme at Hungary, June 1960, team-changes, number on front and back cover Good 15-20
255 SCOTLAND Four home programmes, v Portugal 54/5,v Switzerland 57/8, v Spain 56/7 (World Cup), v Ireland 57/8. Minor faults. Generally good 35-45
256 SCOTLAND Home programme v Ireland, 5/11/52, slight fold, score,scorers. Generally good 25-30
257 SCOTLAND Home programme v Sweden, 6/5/53, slight fold and neat score on cover and team-page. Generally good 30-40
258 SCOTLAND Home programme v Wales, 14/11/51, slight fold, some creasing. Fair-good 30-35
259 SCOTLAND Home programme v Hungary, 8/12/54, (Hungary won 4-2), slight wear along fold. Fair-good 25-30
260 SCOTLAND Programme for Trial match v Hibernian, 22/11/54 at Easter Road., folds, slight wear. Fair-good 25-30
261 SCOTLAND Home programme v Norway, 5/5/54, slight wear along fold. Fair-good 30-35
262 SCOTLAND Home programme v Wales, 9/11/55, slight cover marks. Fair-good 15-20
263 FOB-SCOTLAND Programmes for the Scotland games v Denmark, 12/5/51 and v France 16/5/51. France is very good condition, Denmark has score,scorers etc. Generally good 70-80
264 FOB-LANCS Programme for the match between Lancashire Football Combination and NEC Nijmegen at Nelson 8/5/51, slight fold, pencil change. Generally good 60-70
265 FOB-SOUTHEND Single-sheet programme for the match between Southend United and Racing Club Malines (Belgium), 10/5/51. Team changes and score and scorers shown….. Generally good 50-60
266 FOB-WISBECH Programme Wisbech Town v RV & AV Sparta, 12/5/51, slight fold, rusty staples removed. Fair-good 80-100
267 FOB-BOURNEMOUTH Programme Bournemouth v Hamborn 07, 16/5/51, four page issue, slight folds. Generally good 60-70
268 FOB-BOURNEMOUTH Programme, Bournemouth v Nancy, 12/5/51, four page issue, slight folds, score on team page. Generally good 60-70
269 FOB-DONCASTER Two copies of Doncaster v Floriana (Malta) , 10/5/51, one copy has the additional FOB cover, the other does not. Slight ageing to the cover. Generally good 40-50
270 FOB-WEST BROM Programme , West Brom v Floriana, 14/5/51, slight folds, team changes, minor marks. Fair-good 50-60
271 FOB-WEST BROM Programme, West Brom v Wacker, 12/5/51, slight fold. Good 50-60
272 FOB-BIRMINGHAM Programme, Birmingham v Dinamo Zagreb,12/5/51, team changes. Generally good 70-75
273 FOB-HEADINGTON Programme, Headington United v Royal Ixelles Sporting Club (Belgium), 14/5/51, four page card issue, neat team changes/name on front. Generally good 70-80
274 FOB-GUILDFORD CITY Programme , Guildford City v Royal Ixelles Sporting Club, 9/5/51, slight fold. Good 80-90
275 FOB-BLACKPOOL Programme, Blackpool v Anderlecht, 12/5/51, minor folds, slight wear, spine partly split. Fair-good. 40-50
276 FOB-READING Programme, Reading v National Luxembourg, 16/5/51, slightly grubby rear cover. Generally good 30-40
277 FOB-NOTTS COUNTY Programme Notts County v F.C.Austria, 10/5/51, slight fold. Good 60-70
278 FOB-NOTTINGHAM FOREST Programme , Nottingham Forest v Racing Club Malines, 12/5/51, slight fold, pencil changes. Generally good 60-70
279 FOB-BRISTOL CITY Programme , Bristol City v Dinamo (Yugoslavia), 15/5/51, rusty staple area, slight fold. Fair-good 60-70
280 FOB-BRISTOL CITY Programme Bristol City v Hamborn 07, 9/5/51, slight fold, neat team changes. Generally good 60-70
281 FOB-BRISTOL ROVERS Programme Bristol Rovers v Racing Club Haarlem, 14/5/51, punch-holes. Fair-good 30-40
282 FOB-NORWICH Programme, Norwich v Servette, 12/5/51, rusting staples. Good 70-75
283 FOB-STOKE Programme, Stoke v Schiedam.V.V, 12/5/51, folds. Generally good 70-80
284 FOB-SWANSEA Programme, 14/5/51, Swansea v Eindhoven, fold, minor marks. Fair-good 50-60
285 FOB-BURY Programme, 12/5/51, Bury v Sportklub Rapid, 12/5/51, minor folds, rusting staples. Generally good 60-70
286 FOB-SUNDERLAND Programme, 16/5/51,Sunderland v Red Star, four page rare issue, pencil score to team page. Very good 120-130
287 FOB-COLCHESTER Programme, Colchester United v Chelmsford, 19/5/51, folds. Generally good 70-75
288 FOB-COLCHESTER Programme, Colchester v E.D.O. Haarlem, 12/5/51, slight folds. Generally good 60-70
289 FOB-ALDERSHOT Programme, Aldershot v National Luxembourg FC, 12/5/51, rusty staples, fold. Fair-good 50-60
290 FOB-TOTTENHAM Programmes Tottenham v Borussia Dortmund 12/5/51 and v F.C.Austria, 7/5/51(folds), team changes etc. Generally good 60-70
291 SOUTHPORT Programme v Rotherham United, 18/9/1937, pencil half-time scores. Good 260-270
292 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Charlton, 5/9/1931, very small tear,slight ageing. Generally good 110-120
293 MANCHESTER UNITED Programme away to Berlin Stadtelf, 14/8/57, programme has undergone minor but professional repairs to the spine.and punch-holes have been replaced. Fair-good 80-100
294 MANCHESTER UNITED Programme v Cardiff, 4/4/53, autographed to cover by 7 United players. Good 40-50
295 ARSENAL Programme v Manchester City, 4/12/1948 autographed by the Arsenal team inc Swindin, Barnes, Mercer, Logie, Leslie Compton,Smith and Forbes. Fold Generally good 30-40
296 BRISTOL CITY Programme v Northampton, 12/9/1925, complete, tape repairs to spline and middle, fold. Fair 120-140
297 BRISTOL CITY Programme v Clapton Orient, 18/2/1928, taped spine,tear along fold, tears to edges, complete. Fair 120-140
298 SWINDON Programme v Reading, 3/9/1932, slight fold and expert repair along fold. Good 120-125
299 SOUTHAMPTON Programme v Hull, 29/12/1928, very small expert repair to bottom corner, now in excellent condition. Good 160-175
300 QPR Programme v Charlton, 6/5/44, professional repair to tear. Good 40-50
301 WAR-TIME CUP Charlton v Tottenham, 1/4/44, League South Cup Semi-Final at Chelsea, folds, minor marks. Generally good 40-50
302 WEST BROMWICH Programme v Walsall, 7/4/45, professional repair to tears. Good 40-50
303 WATFORD Handbook , 1935/36 season, 64 pages. Good 50-60
304 THE CASUALS Programme v Dulwich Hamlet, 24/2/1934, Amateur Cup, Fair-Good 40-50
305 WAR CUP FINAL Ticket for 1944 War Cup Final, 15/4/44 at Wembley.Slight trim to one side. Good 30-40
306 1952 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme, Arsenal v Chelsea at Tottenham, 29th March 1952, score on team page. Good 40-50
307 ASTON VILLA Scarce double-header programme, September 1950 v Liverpool and v Manchester United. Very good 30-40
308 CHARLTON Approximately 420 home and away programmes from 1955 onwards including 200 pre-1970 issues. Generally good 120-140
309 HANDBOOKS 75 various club and League handbooks. Good 50-60
310 FA YEAR BOOKS 33 different year-books from 1952/53 onwards. Good 40-50
311 TESTIMONIAL Approximately 169 Testimonial and benefit programmes, 1950s onwards. Very good 80-100
312 REPRESENTATIVE MATCHES Approximately 50 Under 23, Under 21 International programmes from 1957 onwards. Fair-good 30-40
313 ENGLAND v SCOTLAND Programme, 4/4/1936,Official Issue , slight fold, rusting staple, Generally good 140-150
314 QPR Programme v Aldershot, 18/12/1937, scorers marked on team page, slight fold. Generally good 130-140
315 CRYSTAL PALACE Programme, 19/2/1938, v Bristol City, ex bound volume, slight ageing. Fair-good 80-90
316 READING Programme v Leicester, 21/1/1928, F A Cup, ex bound volume, Very good 150-160
317 CHELSEA Home programmes v Bolton,20/9/1930 and v Blackburn,2/5/1936.slight folds. Generally good 90-100
318 CHESHAM Home programmes v Wood Green, 28/1/1928 and v Hounslow, 29/4/1933. Good 50-55
319 PRE-WAR NON-LEAGUE 3 Programmes, Hertford v Polytechnic, 5/1/1924, Dulwich Hamlet v Oxford City 26/3/1938, Southern Counties v Northern Counties 15/10/1938 (at Dulwich ). Generally good 65-70
320 1958 WORLD CUP Programme for the Final betweeen Sweden and Brazil, Good 240-250
321 1962 WORLD CUP Ticket for the Semi-Final between Brazil and Chile in Santiago plus a ticket for the group game between Uruguay and Columbia, 30/5/62. Good-Very good 75-90
322 MANCHESTER UNITED 10 United away programmes 54/5 to 59/60 including at Forest 57/8 (pre-Munich), 54/5 at Arsenal, 3 x 58/9 and 5 x 59/60 including friendly at Manchester City. Generally good 50-60
323 MANCHESTER UNITED Away at Arsenal, last game in England before Munich Air Disaster., rusting staples. Generally good 70-80
324 MANCHESTER UNITED Two away programmes, both 53/4 at Sheffield Wednesday and Burnley.(Cup). Good 40-50
325 MANCHESTER UNITED Away programme at Millwall, FA Cup, 10/1/1953. slight fold. Very good 40-50
326 MANCHESTER UNITED Two FA Cup Semi-Final programmes v Southampton 1963 with Press cuttings and v West Ham 1964 with match ticket. Generally good 15-20
327 MANCHESTER UNITED 10 United Away Cup programmes 63/4 to 94/5 inc at Barnsley 63/4, Wolves 64/5, Rotherham and Wolves 65/6 and Exeter and watford 68/9+ Watney Cup at Hull 70/71. generally good 25-30
328 MANCHESTER UNITED 30 Away programmes, 60/61 to 74/5 including friendly at Luton 71/2 and 74/5 aways at Norwich,Oldham and Leyton Orient. Generally good 35-40
329 MANCHESTER UNITED Superb colour 1908/09 postcard entitled "A run by the forwards" showing action from the Charity Shield replay v Queens Park Rangers. Good 60-70
330 POSTCARDS Interesting selection of 34 pre-war postcards, amateur clubs inc Clapton Rovers 1912/13, Holland XI 1940, New Zealand 1905,possibly one or two unearthed gems in this collection. Good 120-150
331 POSTCARDS Selection of 34 post-war, mainly modern postcards including aerial colour card of Goldstone ground , Brighton 1979, Manchester United postcards and a selection of individuals, team-groups and match-action. Good 40-50
332 IPSWICH/HEARTS Programme for Ipswich Town v Hearts played at Portman Road , March 5th 1938, slight fold. Generally good 170-180
333 NEWCASTLE Rare programme dated 27th April 1940 for League War Cup tie between Newcastle and Bradford PA. By mistake, the team line-up states that Newcastle were playing Darlington but this game is definitely v Bradford PA as stated on the cover. It i 120-125
334 MIDDLESBROUGH Four programmes involving "Boro", Home v Gateshead, 6/9/44,(fold), Away at Newcastle, 3/4/53 and two reserve homes v Gateshead Res, 12/10/46 and v Eppleton C.W., 24/5/47. Generally good 40-50
335 BRADFORD P.A./NEWCASTLE Rather an oddity, a hard-backed programme for the Bertram Mills Olympia Circus, season 47/48, the front inside cover (board) is signed by the Bradford PA team (14 autos) and the back cover(board) is signed by the Newcastle team 30-40
336 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 16 Home programmes, v Chesterfoeld and v Port Vale, 45/46, Reserves v Scunthorpe (Ist Team) 46/7, 12 x 47/8 homes inc v Nottm Forest, West Ham, Leeds, Millwall, Luton, Southampton, Birmingham and Newcastle. Also includes 48/9 v Ba 450-500
337 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 4 Copies of The Kick Off, Bradford PA Junior Supporters Club magazine issued from Sept 1946 (vol 1 number 1) to December 46.Each issue has 12 pages. Slight creasing. Fair-good 30-40
338 WORLD CUP 1970 Nine tickets for the Mexico 1970 World Cup Finals. The tickets cover all six games in Guadalajara including England v Brazil, Czechoslovakia and Romania plus England v West Germany (Quarter Final) , Italy v West Germany (Semi-Final) and 340-350
339 ARSENAL Ten tickets for Arsenal games including home v Blackpool 47/8, and 54/5 and v Spartak 54/5 plus away tickets at Berlin 61/2, Borussia Dortmund 78/9, Juventus 79/80,, Torino 93/4, Dynamo Kiev 98/9, AIK 99/00 and complete with counterfoil at Aux 80-100
340 ARSENAL Dinner Dance Menu and Guest List, 9/11/68, Park Lane Hotel, dinner in celebration of Arsenal having 50 consecutive seasons in the First Division, 1919/20 to 1968/69. Good 40-50
341 ENGLAND 70+ Tickets , 1955 onwards , home and away including World Cup and Euro Qualifiers. Includes Germany v England 1956, Germany v England 1/9/2001 (5-1), South Africa v England 22/5/2003 and Luxembourg v England 1983. Generally good 40-50
342 ASTON VILLA Programme , Villa v Burnley, 2/2/1929, slightly fragile at edges, slight ageing , ex bound volume. Fair 30-40
343 CHELSEA Programmes 64/5 , both League Cup, Final v Leicester, slight fold, good and v Workington, Generally good 60-70
344 ENGLAND Official Portuguese FA invitation to Portugal v England, 22/5/57+ invite to post-match function. Good 15-20
345 1958 CUP FINAL Programme signed by Nat Lofthouse, scorer of the two goals , plus match songsheet. Generally good 40-50
346 YOUTH CUP FINAL Programme for Tottenham v Manchester United Youth Cup Final, 11/5/1995, slight fold. Generally good 25-30
347 BIRMINGHAM Programme v Charlton 45/46, autographed by both sides. This game decided the Championship (South). Generally good 50-60
348 NORWICH Souvenir programmme for the visit of Millwall 1938/39. This match was attended by the King. Generally good 160-180
349 WOLVES Programme v Lovells Athletic, 9/1/46 FA Cup, slight fold. Good 60-70
350 FOB-BRADFORD PARK AVENUE Programme, Bradford Park Avenue v Partizan Belgrade, 14/5/51, slight wear along folds, pin-holes. Fair-good 80-100
351 FOB-CHESTERFIELD Programme, Chesterfield v F.C. Saarbrucken, 16/5/51, neat score, scorers to team page. Good 60-70
352 FOB-MANCHESTER UNITED Programme, Manchester United v Red Star, 12/5/51, ink team changes, slight paper erosion to top right corner.slight ageing. Fair-good 80-90
353 FOB-NEWCASTLE Programme, Newcastle v Stade Rennais (France), 9/5/51, four page issue, pencil half-time scores. Good 65-70
354 FOB-CRYSTAL PALACE Programme, Crystal Palace v Nancy, 16/5/51, includes Press ticket and loose match report, four page issue, team changes. Generally good 60-70
355 FOB-CHARLTON Programme , Charlton v Wacker S.C., 16/5/51, slight fold. Good 35-40
356 FOB-CHELSEA Programmes, Chelsea v K.B. Copenhagen, 15/5/51, and v Floriana, 8/5/51, both four page issues, both have foldand slight creasing. Fair-good 60-70
357 FOB-LEICESTER Programme, Leicester v F.C.Austria, 14/5/51, four page issue, minor rust marks. Good 90-100
358 FOB-PORTSMOUTH Programme, Portsmouth v R.S.C.Liegeois, 9/5/51, fold,score on team page. Generally good 55-60
359 FOB-BRIGHTON Programme, Brighton v Nancy, 9/5/51, four page issue, slight folds. Good 60-65
360 FOB-BRIGHTON Programme, Brighton v Hamborn, 12/5/51, eight page issue, slight fold and very minor cover mark. Good 55-60
361 FOB-BRIGHTON Programme, Brighton v Ayr, 19/5/51, rare four page issue, team changes and score on team-list. Generally good 80-90
362 FOB-SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Programme, Sheffield Wed v Frem, 16/5/51, slight wear along fold, Generally good 35-40
363 FOB-SOUTHAMPTON Programme , Southampton v K.B.Copenhagen, 19/5/51, four page issue, slight foxing, minor fold. Fair-good 45-50
364 FOB-SOUTHAMPTON Programme, Southampton v Servette, 14/5/51, minor fold, four page issue. Generally good 45-50
365 FOB-QPR Programme, Queens Park Rangers v S.V.V. Schiedam, 7/5/51, minor fold. Generally good 45-50
366 FOB-FULHAM Programme, Fulham v Dinamo (Yugoslavia), 10/5/51, fold. Generally good 25-30
367 FOB-BARNSLEY Programme, Barnsley v Haarlem, 19/5/51, slightly worn, fold, small piece missing off top corner. Fair 35-40
368 FOB-BARNSLEY Programme, Barnsley v Rapid,Austria, 16/5/51, folds, pencil team changes. Fair-good 45-50
369 FOB-HUDDERSFIELD Programme, Huddersfield v Stade Rennais, slight fold, team changes. Generally good 65-70
370 FOB-HUDDERSFIELD Programme, Huddersfield v PSV Eindhoven, 9/5/51, spine is split hence loose covers but otherwise this is very good. Fair-good 60-65
371 FOB-HULL Programmes, Hull v Partizan 9/5/51 (slight wear along fold, no staples) and Hull v F.C.Progres Niedercorn, 12/5/51, (fold, no staples). Fair-good 65-70
372 FOB-MILLWALL Programme, Millwall v H.F.C.Haarlem, 9/5/51, slight creasing. Generally good 45-50
373 FOB-NEWPORT Programme, Newport v Eindhoven, 17/5/51, rusty staple. Generally good 55-60
374 FOB-ASTON VILLA Programme, Aston Villa v Frem, 19/5/51, very slight fold, neat pencil score etc to team page. Good 45-50
375 FOB-DERBY Programme, Derby v Borussia Dortmund, 9/5/51, worn along folds, small tears. Fair 25-30
376 FOB-SWINDON Programme, Swindon v Borussia Dortmund, 14/5/51, slight wear along fold. Generally good 55-60
377 FOB-SWINDON Programme, Swindon v Hamborn 07, 19/5/51, small score on cover,team changes, small paper loss to team page (does not affect teams). Fair 45-50
378 FOB-BIDEFORD Programme, Bideford v Barnstaple, 14/5/51, full programme for one of the more unusual FOB games. Good 35-40
379 FOB-KINGSTONIAN Programme, Kingstonian v F.C.Wageningen, 9/5/51, creased, score on team page. Fair 30-40
380 FOB-BROMLEY Programme, Bromley v R.S.C.Liegeois, 14/5/51, this programme has been expertly repaired having once been torn in half.Condition now is very good. Good 35-40
381 FOB-HORSHAM Programme, Horsham v N.A.C.Breda, 14/5/51, Generally good 45-50
382 FOB-WALTON Programme, Walton and Hersham v Hengelo, 14/5/51, slight creasing, score on team page, tape repair to cover. Fair 25-30
383 FOB-LEYTONSTONE Programme, Leytonstone v F.C.Wageningen, 19/5/51, Two inch tear along fold, score,scorers etc. Fair 30-35
384 CLUB HISTORIES 4 books including "The Avenue" sought-after history of Bradford Park Avenue, "Shaymen 'till we die", "From Sandhall to the Shay", and Halifax ,A complete record. Good 90-100
385 CHESTERFIELD Home programme v Notts County, 7/11/1931. Generally good 115-120
386 BRENTFORD Programme v Sheffield United, 1934/35, special promotion issue after winning Division 2 generally good 65-70
387 1950 CHARITY SHIELD Programme and ticket for the 1950 Charity Shield, played at Chelsea between FA XI and the England 1950 World Cup Team. Generally good 80-90
388 1942 WAR CUP FINAL A pair of tickets for the 1942, Portsmouth v Brentford, London War Cup Final, Wembley, 30/5/42. Very good 160-180
389 1949 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for Portsmouth v Leicester Cup Semi-Final at Highbury, 26/3/49, slight fold, neat score on team page. Generally good 55-60
390 MANCHESTER UNITED 6 x reserve programmes, all with tokens 4x57/8 and 2 x 58/9 60-70
391 WEST BROM Rare wartime programmme , v Birmingham, 18th November 1939. Generally good 90-100
392 WEST BROM Programme v Manchester City 1935/36. Generally good 80-90
393 ARSENAL/SPURS Programme for Football League Jubilee game, Arsenal v Tottenham, 20/8/1938, slight fold. Generally good 120-130
394 GILLINGHAM Programme v Luton,17/4/1937, score on team page.very slight ageing. Generally good 270-280
395 WALSALL Programme v Newcastle, 11/1/1936, FA Cup, minor fold, staples removed. Generally good 140-150
396 WALSALL Programme v Southport, 9/11/1935, no staples. Generally good 115-120
397 WALSALL Programme, v Barrow, 18/4/1936, no staples. Generally good 115-120
398 ASTON VILLA Programme v Preston and v Sunderland, both first-team, September 1935, minor tears to edges, slight fold. Fair-good 80-90
399 SOUTHAMPTON A collection of 11 programmes, 45/6 v Leicester, 46/7 v Barnsley, Coventry, Shef Wed, 47/8 x 4, 48/9 x 2 and 49/50 v Swansea. Mainly single-sheets, some have minor corner repairs. Generally good 220-240
400 ENGLAND 140 Home programmes, inc 114 Full Internationals (1953-86), 20 x Under21,Under 23 and "B" Team (1963-98) and 6 x Schools 1957-79. Fair-good 70-80
401 TOTTENHAM 6 x Complete volumes of "Team incorporating Lillywhite". Volumes 1-6, March 64 to April 1970, in Binders with Gilt lettering. Generally good 40-50
402 BOOKS 24 x Annuals,Guides and Handbooks+ 39 books and a set of "Inside Football" 1945-94 Generally good 20-30
403 EURO 96 7 x Programmes including all England`, Final , ticket for England v Scotland, media guides + associated ephemera. Generally good 40-50
404 BRENTFORD Home programmes 71/2 to 82/3, except 76/7 season.Homes are complete and numerous aways are included+ friendlies, handbooks and Midweek League + ephemera. Generally good 140-150
405 EURO 96 Authenticated,limited edition Euro 96 print in Official folder. Very good 25-30
406 ENGLAND 54 Home programmes, 1985-2004 includes v Italy 97,Greece 94, Argentina 2000, Argentina 1991 and v Switzerland 1995. Good 75-80
407 AMATEUR CUP 10 Finals inc 53, 54 and 56 + 2 Semi-Finals. Fair-good 30-40
408 FA TROPHY 23 Finals, 1970 onwards, no duplicates. Generally good 35-40
409 FA VASE 13 Finals, 1975 onwards. Fair-good 25-30
410 ENGLAND 29 Home programmes, 1985-2000inc v Switzerland (Euro 96) and other Euro 96 v Scotland,Holland, Quarter Final, Semi-Final and Final + 3 England Schoolboys 97-99 35-40
411 CHELSEA 9 Programmes ,8 Homes 1945-49, 45/6 x 1, 2 x 47/8, 5 x 48/9, + 1 Away programme at Charlton 49/50, inc 45/6 v Birmingham, Fair-good 80-90
412 PROGRAMMES 9x 40s mixed programmes inc Hull v Bradford PA 49/50, Cardiff v Bradford PA 48/9, Reading v Port Vale 47/8, Fulham v West Ham 48/9, Villa v Preston 48/9, and v Charlton 48/9, Charlton v Blackpool 49/50,Brentford v Blackburn and v QPR both 48 70-80
413 ENGLAND 163 Homes , Programmes, 1961-85, some duplications. Fair-good 60-70
414 TOTTENHAM Programme v West Brom, 28/9/1914, spine expertly repaired. Generally good 140-150
415 CHELSEA Programme v Clapton Orient, 4/9/1915, expert repairs to folds. Generally good 150-160
416 CHELSEA Programme v Sheffield United and v Brentford (London FA Cup), 18th September 1909 and 20th September 1909, expertly restored and now in very good condition. Good 175-200
417 EVERTON Programme, volume 1 number 44 v Small Heath, 15/4/1905 + Liverpool Res v Nelson, tape along spine, tears to edges. Fair-good 160-180
418 LIVERPOOL Programme v Bolton 26/12/1906 + Everton Res v Man City Res, tape along spine, tears to edges. Fair 120-130
419 LIVERPOOL Programme v Bristol City 13/4/1907, +Everton Res v Rossendale, tape along spine, small tears to edges. Fair 120-130
420 LIVERPOOL Programme v Blackburn, 14/9/1907 + Everton Res v Preston Res, tape along spine, tears to edges. Fair 120-130
421 LIVERPOOL Programme v Bury, 6/11/1909, + Everton Res v Colne, tape along spine, tears to edges. Poor-Fair 80-85
422 LIVERPOOL Programme v Notts County, 25/3/1911 + Everton Res v Blackburn Res, tape along spine, tears to edges. Fair 90-100
423 LIVERPOOL Programme v Bradford City, 1/1/1914, + Everton Res v Oldham Res, tape along spine, tears to edges, Fair 90-100
424 EVERTON Programme v Notts Rangers, 4/5/1889, although appearing to be genuine, there are doubts about the authenticity of this item nd we strongly recommend that any interested party view the item and decide for themselves. The item is worn and has te  
425 FIFA WORLD CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 2005. This lot is a Media/VIP package comprising original Teamsheets, various media guides, limited edition pen/ badge with Tournament logos, tournament programme, various other media items including limited edition nylon 60-75
426 WEE RED BOOK A good but incomplete run of "Wee Red Book", the Scottish equivalent of the News of the World Annual. Seasons 1958/9 to 2002/03, 37 editions. There are also 6 Scottish Football Guides, 5 x 1960s and 1974/5. Generally good 25-30
427 GLASS TANKARD/ REAL MADRID A rare boxed glass tankard given to dignitaries at the UEFA Champions League Final 2004 to commemorate 50 years of UEFA. Also included is a large ring bound folder covering the history of Real Madrid, this was a gift to VIPs 40-50
428 FA CUP FINAL 1944 Programme for the 1944 Cup Final at Wembley, Chelsea v Charlton, excellently restored, score on team page. Generally good 130-150
429 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Oldham, 24/10/1931. Good 95-100
430 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Bradford City, 21/11/1931, spine partly splitting, a small triangle shaped piece has neen neatly cutoff the corner of all pages. Fair 80-90
431 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Millwall, 1/10/1932, slight creasing, slightly rusting staple. Generally good 100-110
432 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Preston, 12/11/1932, fold, slight creasing, rusting staple. Generally good 100-110
433 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Lincoln, 27/12/1932, fold, tears to edges, team changes, spine partly split. Fair-good 90-100
434 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Burnley, 31/12/1932, fold, piece 2 inch x 2inch has been cut out of an inside page but does not affect team line-ups. Fair 40-50
435 CHESTERFIELD Programme v West Ham, 14/4/1933, skight fold, rusting staple. Generally good 120-125
436 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Stoke, 15/4/1933, neat score to cover, slight fold, small spine split, neat score etc. Fair-good 90-100
437 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Oldham, 29/4/1933, slight fold. Good 100-110
438 CHESTERFIELD Eight programmes for Reserves 1932/33 in Midland League, matches v Grantham, Loughborough, Mansfield Res, Bradford City Res, Hull Res, Scarborough, Grimsby Res, and Denaby Utd. Minor faults but generally good. Generally good 170-180
439 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Aston Villa, 13/1/1934, (FA Cup), team changes, details of match written, score was 2-2., minor tape marks and part spine split. Despite defects condition is quite good. Fair-good 160-170
440 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Wrexham, 6/9/1933, minor fold. Generally good 100-110
441 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Halifax, 9/9/1933, slight ageing, small piece torn off corner. Fair-good 90-95
442 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Hartlepools, 14/10/1933, slight fold and part splitting along spine. Fair-good 90-95
443 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Accrington Stanley, 6/1/1934, slight fold, generally good 120-140
444 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Mansfield, 17/2/1934, slight creasing, slight tear to spine. Fair-good 90-95
445 CHESTERFIELD Programme v York, 31/3/1934, slight tears to edge. Generally good 90-95
446 CHESTERFIELD Three programmes , reserve team in Midland League , 1933/34 season , v Mexborough (loose cover), Denaby Utd and v Boston Fair-good 65-75
447 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Mansfield, 26/1/1935, slight fold, rusting staple. Generally good 95-100
448 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Doncaster, 9/3/1935, slight fold, spine partly split. Fair-good 95-100
449 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Chester, 23/3/1935, slight fold, team changes. Generally good 100-110
450 CHESTERFIELD Reserve programme, 27/4/1935 v Mexborough, slight folds. Generally good 20-25
451 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Southport, 12/10/1935, slight folds. Good 90-100
452 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Wrexham, 28/3/1936, slight fold. Good 90-100
453 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Stockport, 30/3/1936, slight fold. Good 90-100
454 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Lincoln, 13/4/1936, slight folds, Generally good 90-100
455 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Carlisle, 25/4/1936, folds, small hole to staple area, no staple. Fair-good 90-100
456 WORLD CUP FINAL 1930 Ticket with counterfoil for the 1930 World Cup Final in Montevideo. Very slight crease. Good 250-300
457 WORLD CUP 1930 Ticket for game 17 which is very rare as this match did not exist. The ticket is complete with counterfoil. Very good 300-320
458 WORLD CUP 1930 Used ticket for match 2.Slight fold Good 200-210
459 WORLD CUP 1930 Used ticket for match 4, slight fold. Good 200-210
460 WORLD CUP 1930 Used ticket for game 5. Good 200-210
461 WORLD CUP 1930 Used ticket for game 6, Semi Final, minor teat where counterfoil has been removed. Generally good 250-260
462 WORLD CUP 1930 Used ticket for game 8, World Cup Final, Montevideo. Slight fold, rare print issue. Generally good 350-360
463 WORLD CUP 1950 Ticket for the Final match and for the deciding of the 1950 World Cup between Brazil and Uruguay. Complete with counterfoil. Very good 700-750
464 WORLD CUP 1970 Ticket for the Final, Aztec Stadium, 21/6/70, complete with counterfoil, slight creasing. Generally good 250-260
465 WORLD CUP 1974 Complete ticket for the Final, Munchen, 7/7/74. Good 130-150
466 WORLD CUP 1970 Unused ticket, complete with counterfoil, England v Czechoslovakia, 11/6/70, fold Good 100-110
467 WORLD CUP 1966 Unused ticket for Wembley match between France and Mexico, 13/7/66., small mark. Generally good 20-25
468 WORLD CUP 1982 Unused ticket for 1982 World Cup opening game, 13/6/82, Barcelona, Belgium v Argentina. Good 40-45
469 WORLD CUP 1990 Unused ticket, Bologna, 26/6/90, England v Belgium. Very good 25-30
470 WORLD CUP 1998 Unused ticlet, Lens, England v Columbia, 26/6/98. Very good 25-30
471 WORLD CUP 2002 Rare ticket, unused for Quarter Final, 21/6/02 , between England and Brazil (Shizuoka). Very good 80-90
472 FA CUP 2004 Unused ticket for Manchester Utd v Millwall, 2004 FA Cup Final Very good 20-25
473 FA CUP FINAL 1931 Ticket , very good condition, Grandstand. Very good 240-250
474 FA CUP FINAL 1933 Ticket, North Grandstand. Good 200-220
475 FA CUP FINAL 1934 Ticket, East Standing Very good 160-180
476 FA CUP FINAL 1937 Ticket, East standing. Very good 160-170
477 FA CUP FINAL 1938 Ticket , West standing. Good 150-160
478 FA CUP FINAL 1939 Ticket, North Terrace Seat. Very good 120-130
479 LIVERPOOL Programme for Football League Cup v Luton, 19/10/60, four page issue. Good 55-60
480 BRADFORD CITY Programme for Football League Cup v Manchester United, 2/11/60, slight fold, score,scorers on team page. Generally good 110-120
481 1970 CUP FINAL REPLAY Programme for the Replay between Chelsea and Leeds at Old Trafford, 29/4/70, slight fold, neat score on team page. Generally good 25-30
482 THIRD LANARK Programme v Celtic, 15/12/62, Generally good 15-20
483 ENGLAND/SCOTLAND Programme for match at Wembley, 1936, rusty staples, otherwise good. Generally good 150-160
484 ENGLAND Away programme at Switzerland, 5/6/1963 in Basel.slight fold. Good 35-40
485 ENGLAND Away programme at Czechoslovakia, 29/5/63 in Bratislava. Good 25-30
486 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL 1966 European Cup Final programme, Real Madrid v Partizan Belgrade, 11/5/66 in Brussels. Slight fold. Generally good 40-50
487 1967 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Programme for Inter Milan v Celtic, European Cup Final , 25/5/67 in Lisbon. Very good 180-200
488 FA CUP FINAL 1951 Programme for Final between Blackpool and Newcastle, VIP Issue, stiffened covers, cord spine and no adverts, hard to obtain copy. Good 120-150
489 FA CUP FINAL 1958 Official programme, Bolton v Manchester United, score on cover and team page. Generally good 35-40
490 WORLD CUP 1974 Official Programme for the Tournament, 52 pages. Good 50-60
491 WORLD CUP 1970 Official Programme (Mexican edition) for the 1970 World Cup held in Mexico. Difficult to obtain, 244 pages. Good 450-500
492 WORLD CUP 1966 Programme for the Final.England v West Germany. Teams not completed. Very good 120-140
493 FA CUP FINAL 1933 Programme for the Final, Everton v Manchester City, programme has been expertly repaired to a very small area of the bottom corner.Otherwise slight fold and generally good. Fair-good 400-425
494 1940 SCOTTISH CUP FINAL Programme, 4/5/1940, Rangers v Dundee United, at Hampden Park. Half of one page is missing (centre page) which slightly affects the Dundee United line-up. This apart, condition is good. Fair 250-300
495 TOTTENHAM 25 Home programmes, 1960/61 Double season, All League games + FA Cup and 1 Friendly. Very good 220-250
496 TOTTENHAM 10 Reserve team home programmes 1960/61, single-sheet issues inc v Cardiff,ChelseamIpswich, some punch-holes have had professional repairs. Generally good 60-80
497 TOTTENHAM 7 Home programmes, 1947/48 includes v Chesterfield,Doncaster and West Ham. Good 70-90
498 TOTTENHAM 8 Home programmes 1948/49 inc v Bury, Cardiff and QPR. Generally good 70-90
499 TOTTENHAM 18 Home programmes, 1949/50, Spurs Division 2 Championship season inc v Leeds,West Ham, Coventry, Cardiff and Swansea. Fair-good 110-130
500 1960s PROGRAMMES Approximately 158 issues from Midlands/North. Good variety. Fair-Good 80-100
501 1960s PROGRAMMES Approximately 297 issues from London/South.Good variety Fair-good 160-180
502 CHELSEA 166 programmes , home and away from 1955 onwards. Generally good 60-80
503 NON-LEAGUE 50s/60s 220 Issues from all parts of the country. Generally good 140-160
504 NON-LEAGUE 50s/60s Approximately 220 issues from around the country. Generally good 140-160
505 NON-LEAGUE SELECTION Approximately 500 issues covering a wide-number of clubs, 1970 onwards. Generally good 60-80
506 NON-LEAGUE SELECTION Approximately 500 issues covering a wide-number of clubs, 1970 onwards. Generally good 60-80
507 SWINDON Programme v Reading, 3/9/1932 includes leaflet re financial problems at the club. Good 110-125
508 SWINDON Programme v Bristol Rovers, 2/12/1939, eight page issue, slight fold. Generally good 80-90
509 SWINDON Programme v Bristol Rovers, 26/12/1939, four page issue,slight fold. Good 80-90
510 SWINDON Programme v Swansea, 13/1/1940, slight fold, eight page issue. Generally good 80-90
511 SWINDON Programme v Newport, 9/12/1939, eight page issue, piece torn off bottom corner, a little wear 70-75
512 SWINDON Nine programmes 45/46 season, all homes inc v Bristol City, Northampton, Bedford , Crystal Palace and Trowbridge (Final, Wilts Professional Shield) Generally good 220-240
513 SWINDON 14 Homes, 51/2 season inc v Norwich and v Torquay (Cup). Fair-good 100-110
514 SWINDON 14 Homes 52/3 inc v Norwich and v Ipswich. Fair-good 80-90
515 SWINDON 15 Homes 53/4 inc v Bournemouth. Fair-good 90-95
516 SWINDON 14 Homes, 54/5 inc v Norwich, and Northampton. Fair-good 70-75
517 SWINDON 17 Homes 55/6 inc v Northampton and Cup v Hereford and Worksop. Fair-good 75-85
518 SWINDON 21 Homes , 56/7 Fair-good 70-80
519 SWINDON 24 Homes, 57/8 Fair -good 80-90
520 SWINDON 25 Homes 58/9 Fair- good 60-70
521 SWINDON 26 Homes, 59/60 Fair- good 65-75
522 SWINDON 27 Homes , 60/61 inc Cup v Bath and friendly v Blackburn. Fair-good 60-70
523 SWINDON 25 Homes, 61/2 fair-good 30-40
524 SWINDON 27 Homes 62/3 Fair-good 25-30
525 SWINDON 26 Homes 63/4 Fair-good 20-25
526 SWINDON 22 Homes 64/5 Fair-good 15-20
527 SWINDON 87 Homes 65/6 to 67/8 Generally good 30-40
528 SWINDON 31 Homes 68/9 inc League Cup games. Swindon won the League Cup by defeating Arsenal in the Final. Fair-good 50-60
529 SWINDON 115 Homes, 69/70 to 73/4 Fair-good 30-40
530 SWINDON Circa 200 Homes plus a similar number of aways 74/5 to 82/3 Generally good 60-70
531 SWINDON Homes from 83/4 to Circa 2000, approx 350 homes. + approx 350 aways Generally good 60-70
532 SWINDON Approximately 100 programmes, early 50s to 1970, circa 70 Homes inc v Worksop 55/6 (Cup), v Bournemouth 53/4 and numerous Cup games , aways inc Cup at Horsham 66/7 and at Grantham 68/9 + aways from 50s to late 60s including at Brighton 54/5, Pa 40-50
533 ARSENAL Collection of Arsenal programmes , a good run 1961/2 to 1998/9, 1976/7 to 1986/7 are housed in "DJ" binders. Generally good 40-50
534 ARSENAL Collection of Arsenal programmes from 1960 to 1985. This is an incomplete run and the programmes from each season are in Arsenal binders. This lot also includes approximately 50 later 1980s/90s. Arsenal homes. Fair-good 40-50
535 ARSENAL Large collection of Arsenal programmes, 1950s, mixed condition.There is also a quantity of Gunflash magazines and some Arsenal handbooks. Fair-good 40-50
536 ARSENAL Collection of Football books, majority relate to Arsenal plus various other club histories. Generally good 25-30
537 CHELSEA A collection of Press memorabilia from Chelsea's first season in the UEFA Champions league, Press packs, colour teamsheets, press brochures etc Good 30-40
538 ARSENAL Nine pennants from clubs that Jon Sammels played against for Arsenal and England. The pennants include Corinthians (Brazil) and Feyenoord. With provenance. Good 25-30
539 ARSENAL Superb framed menu, signed by 21 members of the Arsenal 1970/71 "Double-winning " team . This menu was for the 25th Anniversary reunion dinner and is signed by the whole squad including Ray Kennedy, George Armstrong,plus managerial/coaching st 180-200
540 ARSENAL BLAZER Official blue club blazer issued to Jon Sammels with Cannon wire badge on breast pocket and Arsenal lapel badge. With provenance. Good 300-400
541 LAPEL BADGES A cushion containing circa 65 badges with written provenance from Jon Sammels. The badges are those of teams that Jon Sammels played against including Bayern Munchen, Feyenoord, Fiorentina, Lazio, Torino, Ajax,FC Zurich and Eintracht Fran 80-100
542 ARSENAL Pennant for the Blauw-Wit Amsterdam, Youth Tournament together with a completely signed photo of the Arsenal Youth team who won the tournament in 1963. Good 30-40
543 ARSENAL Official pennant and card for the 1961 Youth tournament, held in Casale, Cagliari, Italy. Good 15-20
544 ARSENAL Programme for Ajax v Arsenal, 15th April 1970, European Fairs-Cup Semi-Final second leg in Amsterdam. Slight fold. Good 80-100
545 ARSENAL Official House of Commons Dinner Menu, signed by Jon Sammels for Dinner given to Arsenal to celebrate the Winning of the European Fairs Cup 1970 together with a copy of Gunflash which has a photo of the event. With provenance. Good 80-100
546 ARSENAL Official Dinner/Dance menu to celebrate the League Cup Final, March 2nd 1968, signed by Jon Sammels. Good 30-40
547 ARSENAL Programme for Hibernians (Malta) v Arsenal, 20 pages, 1969. Good 50-60
548 ARSENAL Programme, ticket and players tea-room ticket for Arsenal v West Brom, 11/5/68 at Highbury, programme signed by Jon Sammels. Good 15-20
549 ARSENAL Brochure, "Inside the Gunners", drawings of the Arsenal players circa 1970 by Paul Trevillion. Jon Sammels has signed his drawing. Generally good 15-20
550 ARSENAL Official menu for Dinner and dance to celebrate 50 consecutive seasons in Division 1. Held in 1968 at the Park Lane Hotel and signed by Jon Sammels. Good 50-60
551 ARSENAL Six programmes involving Arsenal including Kettering v Arsenal, 27/10/64, Portsmouth v Arsenal 21/11/67 (Testimonial), Chelsea v Arsenal, 30/9/63, Combination Championship Final, also Chelsea v Arsenal 61/2 South East Counties league and 64/5 25-30
552 ARSENAL Travel bag issued to Jon Sammels by Arsenal for away games and tours travel The bag has "A.F.C" imprinted upon it together with number "1" which was Jon Sammels dressing room peg and kit number.Written provenance. Good 70-80
553 ARSENAL Programme , Hertha Berlin v Arsenal, 12/8/67, slight fold + Chelsea v Arsenal, 30/9/63, Football Combination Champioship Final programme, slight folds. Generally good 40-50
554 ARSENAL 35th Anniversary of the 1970/71 "Double " season. Reunion menu signed by 8 inc Sammels, Ure, McNab, Simpson, Kelly and Radford. Written provenance. Fold. Generally good 30-35
555 ARSENAL Official Dinner Dance, May 1970 in honour of Arsenal winning Fairs Cup , Boxing Evening provided by Anglo-American Sporting Club + ticket (signed by Jon Sammels) and also includes Official Dinner /Dance May 63 list of guests. Generally good 30-40
556 TANKARD Pewter tankard awarded to Jon Sammels ,"Player of the Game" , Vancouver Whitecaps v San Diego 1978 in NASL. With provenance and original box. Good 25-30
557 VANCOUVER WHITECAPS "Player of the game" jacket awarded to Jon Sammels, with provenance. Good 40-50
558 1962 FA CUP FINAL Framed picture (Print) of Tottenham v Burnley presented to Jon Sammels by the FA to celebrate their Centenary year.With provenance. Good 25-30
559 ENGLAND YOUTH Programme for the 1963 FA Centenary Year European International Youth Tournament, signed to inside cover by the England squad including Jon Sammels, Len Badger, John Sissons, David Pleat, Tommy Smith, Ron Harris, David Sadler and train 40-50
560 FA Official Centenary year FA Christmas card, sent to Jon Sammels and signed by Denis Follows. Good 15-20
561 ENGLAND Three Itineraries for England Under 23 games , includes v Scotland,1/3/67,v Yugoslavia 24/11/65 and v Italy 20/12/67 plus Official FA Luggage l;abel with Three Lions insignia. Good 40-50
562 ENGLAND Leather ball signed by members of the England Youth 1963 team , provided by the "Daily Mirror" to celebrate the winning of the European Youth Tournament in 1963.Together with ticket for the Final at Wembley. Good 30-40
563 CAXTONS Set of four books , (1960) very good condition plus 3 x 60s FA Year books. Good 25-30
564 MOTOR RACING A collection of early 60s Motor racing programmes etc , 16 in number and including , British Grand Prix 1960, German Grand Prix 1963 and European Grand Prix 1961 and British Grand Prox 1963. Generally good 30-40
565 WOOLWICH ARSENAL Postcard, team group, 1903/04 (Molyneux Bros) Good 60-70
566 WOOLWICH ARSENAL Postcard, 1907/08 Team group with two trophies. Good 60-70
567 BARNSLEY Postcard relating to Barnsley Cup Final appearance against Newcastle in 1910, the players are shown in portraits alongside a Yorkshire rose. Unfortunately the rose wilted in the replay as Barnsley lost 2-0 after a draw at Crystal Palace, slig 45-50
568 BARNSLEY Postcard issued en route to the 1912 Cup Final.This card relates to the game at Bradford City and depicts the Barnsley players as balloons tied to a childs bike following a signposted road to Palace. Good 45-50
569 BARNSLEY Postcard showing the team rising in a hot-air balloon "en voyage" toCrystal Palce via Leeds and Manchester. Good 45-50
570 BRENTFORD Postcard, team group, 1904/05, shows the team in green and yellow stripes. (Wakefield). Good 45-50
571 DERBY Postcard, 1900's entitled Derby County Cup Team .Team group. Good 45-50
572 MANCHESTER CITY Postcard, team group, Hyde Road, early 1900's. (Lord). Good 45-50
573 READING Postcard, team group, 1925/26. Good 45-50
574 SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Postcard ,team group with 5 trophies (Furniss), probably early 1900's Good 45-50
575 TOTTENHAM Postcard, 1920-21, (Crawford), team group. Very good 60-70
576 TOTTENHAM Postcard, teamgroup, 1921, caption on ball says "Spurs Cup Team 1921". Good 60-70
577 TOTTENHAM Postcard, Team group, 1933/34 (Crawford), players and officials. Good 60-70
578 CUP FINAL 1905 Postcard showing spectators entering the "Crystal Palace" at the 1905 Cup Finalbetween Villa and Newcastle. Good 45-50
579 BOLTON Postcard, team group, 1903-04 Good 45-50
580 BRENTFORD Postcard, 1926/27 team group. Good 45-50
581 BRIGHTON Postcard, 1906/07, Team group (Foster). Good 45-50
582 BRIGHTON Postcard 1907/08, individual head and shoulders portraits with names alongside. Good 45-50
583 BRIGHTON Postcard 1924, produced for Cup replay v Barnsley, head and shoulders portraits in small circles. Good 45-50
584 BRISTOL CITY Postcard 1919/20, names in pencil on the reverse, team group. Good 45-50
585 BURNLEY Postcard, 1913, teamgroup, (Moffatt Bros), Good 45-50
586 BURY Postcard, team group, 1900's. Generally good 45-50
587 BURY Postcard, 1912, team group. Generally good 45-50
588 CLAPTON ORIENT Postcard, 1923/24 (Ludford). Team group. Good 45-50
589 DERBY Postcard, team group (Scott and Co), includes Bloomer. Good 45-50
590 HUDDERSFIELD Postcard, team group, 1912-13 (Turton). Good 45-50
591 HUDDERSFIELD Postcard, 1921/22, team group, shows Chapman as manager. Good 45-50
592 HUDDERSFIELD Postcard, 1911/12, teamgroup (Scott and Co)., slight fold. Good 45-50
593 LEICESTER Postcard, 1933/34 team group (Cecil Meade). Good 45-50
594 SUNDERLAND Postcard, 1912/13, entitled "Sunderland Cup Team", shows the players full-length, ink mstain on reverse which has slightly encroached on to the front. Fair-good 40-45
595 SUNDERLAND Postcard, team group (Mack), circa 1912. Good 45-50
596 SHEFFIELD UNITED Postcard, team group, 1900's , Foulke in goal., slight damage to corners (pin-holes). Fair-good 45-50
597 ST MIRREN Postcard 1926 team group, caption, Winners of the Scottish Cup 1926, St Mirren 2 Celtic 0. Good 50-60
598 WEST HAM Postcard, 1923 team group, entitled West Ham Cup Team. Good 55-60
599 LUTON Postcard, 1905/06 teamgroup, slight scuffing. Generally good. 50-60
600 1966 WORLD CUP Ticket for the Semi Final at Wembley, 26/7/66 and the Official Programme for the Tournament . Generally good. 60-70
601 WIMBLEDON 39 Programmes from the 1960s including 27 Homes and 12 aways. Generally good 40-50
602 KENT: NON-LEAGUE 121 Programmes from Kent clubs, Non-League, all are 1960s and include, Dartford, Folkestone, Bexleyheath, Gravesend, Canterbury, Ashford and Ramsgate. Generally good 70-80
603 MAIDSTONE UNITED 38 Programmes from their first and last seasons, 1989/90 and 91/92., majority homes. Good 50-60
604 BOLTON 22 homes 60/61 including 18 League , does not include v Tottenham, but includes League Cup First season v Hull, Rotherham and Grimsby plus Cup v Blackburn. Fair-good 70-75
605 TOTTENHAM Sought after away programme at Bolton, 7/9/60, Spurs double season. Minor creasing. Fair-good 180-200
606 TOTTENHAM 3 Home programmes, 30/31 v Barnsley (worn, tear along fold), 31/2 v Nottingham Forest and v Burnley. (both generally good). Fair-good 100-120
607 TOTTENHAM 3 Home programmes, 1932/33 v Port Vale, Grimsby, and Preston, folds . Generally good 120-130
608 TOTTENHAM 3 Home programmes, 1932/33, v Plymouth, Fulham and Notts County. Generally good. 120-130
609 TOTTENHAM 2 Home programmes, 1933/34 v Aston Villa and Arsenal.slight folds. Generally good 90-100
610 BOURNEMOUTH Home programme v Walsall, 31/12/1938, slight creasing, folds. Generally good 200-220
611 BOURNEMOUTH Two postcards 1913 of the crowd with interesting notes on the reverse of the postcards.The cards cover Boscombe v Bournemouth 23/4/1913 and Boscombe v Southampton Res, 24/3/1913. Very good 40-50
612 1938 CUP FINAL Programme for the 1938 FA Cup Final, fold, slight wear. Generally good 280-300
613 TYPHOO CARDS 34 Large individual cards including Best, two different Bobby Moore, Charlton, Law etc. Most have pin-holes at top, some have minor defects. Fair 20-25
614 IPSWICH Official mounted team group 70s and signed by Bobby Robson, Beattie,Gates,Whymark, Wark, Mariner and Osborne. Good 20-25
615 SWINDON 18 Away programmes, 7 x 51/2 and 11 x 52/3 fair-good 75-80
616 SWINDON 46 Away programmes, 15x 53/4, 14 x 54/5 and 17 x 55/6. fair-good 125-150
617 SWINDON 80 Away programmes, 18 x 56/7, 19 x 57/8, 22 x 58/9 and 21 x 59/60. Fair-good 140-160
618 SWINDON 116 Away programmes, 25 x 60/61, 22 x 61/2, 24 x 62/3, 23 x 63/4 and.22 x 64/5 Fair-good 70-80
619 SWINDON 128 Away programmes, 65/6 to 69/70. fair-good 30-40
620 SWINDON 90 Away programmes 70/71 to 73/4 Fair-good 15-20
621 SWINDON A mixed lot of 24 programmes including Friendlies, benefits, 4 x Anglo-Italian 1970, Bournemouth v Watford 67/8 League Cup Second replay,friendlies v Villa 59/60 and 61/2, Wilts Shield Final v Chippenham 57/8and friendly v Spurs 76/7 (p.holes) 25-30
622 NORTHAMPTON Reserves v Swindon 53/4, First Team v Swindon55/6 and Swindon Res v Northampton Res 58/9.. Fair-good 15-20
623 SWINDON 30 + Programmes mainly friendlies inc Senior trial match 58/9, v Wien (50s) autographed by Vienna side, v Blackburn 60/61, v Reutlingen , 58/9, v All-Stars 57/8, v Royal Racing White 64/5, v Morton 68/9 and v Wolves 82/3. Fair-good 30-40
624 SWINDON A quantity of reserve programmes , home and away 1950 onwards, approx 50 in the 50s plus many modern issues . Generally good 120-125
625 SWINDON A Swindon treasure-trove including handbooks (48/9, 60s etc), newspapers and a good number of programmes involving Swindon at various levels and including foreign programmes v Swindon. Worth a look. Generally good 40-50
626 CUP-WINNERS CUP Programme for the 1970 Final between Manchester City and Gornik-Zabrze in Vienna. Good-very good 200-220
627 MANCHESTER CITY Three European Aways, at Widzew Lodz 1977,Twente Enschede, 1978 and Standard liege 1978. Generally good 70-80
628 CHARITY SHIELD 1956 programme for Charity Shield, 24/10/56, Manchester City v Manchester United, no token, neat score on team page. Fair-good 70-75
629 MANCHESTER CITY 1960/61 season, set of 21 Home League + League Cup v Stockport and FA Cup v Cardiff,+ abandoned game v Man Utd, plus practice match 13/8/60.This lot also includes 20 away programmes inc Cardiff and Cardiff at Arsenal (Cup) and two prog 60-70
630 MANCHESTER CITY 1961/2 season, set of 21 League Homes +friendly v Torino plus 19 away programmes inc League Cup at Ipswich and League at Ipswich. Fair-good 50-55
631 MANCHESTER CITY Difficult to obtain programme for the postponed game v Birmingham, 30/12/61, slight fold. Generally good 80-100
632 MANCHESTER CITY Set of City homes 62/3 including 21 x League, League Cup v Blackpool and Second replay v Blackpool,League Cup v Luton and FA Cup v Bury and Norwich. Fair-good 60-70
633 MANCHESTER CITY 18 Away programmes, 62/3 including League Cup at Newport and two poatponed at Aston Villa and Sheffield United. Fair-good 60-70
634 MANCHESTER CITY 25 Home programmes 63/4 inc 21 League, 3 League Cup inc Semi v Stoke and friendly v Manchester United signed by Bert Trautmann. Fair-good 60-70
635 MANCHESTER CITY 15 Away programmes, 63/4 inc League Cup at Notts County, FA Cup at Swindon and League at Rotherham and Swansea. Generally good 35-40
636 EURO 92 Official Ticket folder containing 3 tickets for the England games, v Sweden, France and Yugoslavia (Denmark). Good 30-40
637 WORLD CUP 1962 Ticket booklet for the National Stadium, Santiago plus ticket, game 26, Quarter Final, Yugoslavia v West Germany, 10/6/62. Good 25-30
638 WORLD CUP 1986 Four tickets covering England games, the ticket v Portugal is unused, the others are v Poland, Paraquay and Quarter Final v Argentina. All are a little creased but are intact. Fair 60-70
639 EURO 88 Six tickets for the Euro 88 Finals in Germany. Three (all with counterfoil) are for England games plus there are 2 Semi-Final tickets and a Final ticket. All six are intact and are marked as Commentator or Radio/TV although they are designated 70-80
640 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Swansea, 1/1/1937, folds, team changes. Fair-good 90-100
641 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Burnley, 5/9/1936, minor tears to edge, fold, slightly worn. Fair-good 90-100
642 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Doncaster, 19/9/1936, fold, slight wear, very small piece torn off rear cover bottom corner. Fair-good 85-90
643 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Southampton, 26/12/1936, slightly worn along fold. Fair-good 90-100
644 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Fulham, 9/1/1937, spine split, tears along edges. Fair 75-80
645 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Tottenham, 20/3/1937, hole in staple area and piece torn off bottom right hand corner of cover, fold. Fair 75-80
646 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Sheffield Wednesday, 28/8/1937, small tear to cover, slight fold. Generally good 90-100
647 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Norwich, 2/10/1937, minor creases. Generally good 90-100
648 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Bury, 16/10/1937, rusty staple, creased. Fair-good 85-90
649 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Aston Villa, 19/2/1938, spine a little split, fold , pencil score to team page. Fair-good 90-100
650 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Sheffield United, 19/3/1938, different cover design to usual format, slight fold. Good 90-100
651 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Nottingham Forest, 30/4/1938, slight ageing, small cover marks. Fair-good 90-100
652 CHESTERFIELD Reserve programme v Blackpool Reserves, 10/9/1938, number on cover, score on team page and small pencil hole. Fair-good 25-30
653 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Sheffield Wednesday, 17/9/1938, minor fold,. Generally good 90-100
654 CHESTERFIELD Programme, v Coventry, 4/3/1939, minor fold. Generally good 90-100
655 CHESTERFIELD Programme, wartime, v Halifax, 25/4/1942, hard to obtain season, fold, spine partly split. Fair-good 70-80
656 CHESTERFIELD Three programmes, 1942/43 season v Nottingham Forest 24/10/42, West Brom 27/3/43,and Doncaster 13/2/43. Minor defects. Generally good 200-225
657 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Sheffield Wednesday, 27/12/43, team changes, slight fold. Generally good 70-75
658 CHESTERFIELD Five programmes, 44/45 season v Bradford PA, v Barnsley, v Halifax, v Doncaster and v Rotherham. Most have folds, small tears and minor faults. Fair-good 280-300
659 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Leeds, 21/5/45, slight fold. Good 110-120
660 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Liverpool, 28/4/45, four page issue , repair to bottom corner. Fair 75-80
661 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Newcastle dated March 2nd 1935, Division 2, slight fold and slight ageing. Generally good 320-340
662 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Notts County, 25th December 1934, Division 2, includes special Christmas photo souvenir, slight creasing. Generally good 320-350
663 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Sheffield United, 5th January 1935 , Division 2, slight ageing and minor pencil marks to rear cover. Generally good 320-340
664 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Southampton, 1st January 1935, Division 2, slight fold, Generally good 320-340
665 BURNLEY/MANCHESTER UNITED Programme at Burnley v Manchester United dated October 6th 1934. The programme has a grubby front cover and is worn along horizontal and vertical folds to the cover.The spine is partly splitand there are small tears. The prog 250-260
666 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Blackburn, 26th February 1938, slight fold, rusting staples. Generally good 320-340
667 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Bradford Park Avenue, 23rd April 1938, slight creases. Generally good 320-340
668 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Bury, 7th May 1938, A crucial game for United as they had to win to gain promotion , on goal average, from Sheffield United who were two points ahead but had already finished their fixtures. Villa were already promot 340-350
669 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Burnley dated April 18th 1938. Generally good 320-340
670 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Chesterfield, dated March 26th 1938, slight fold. Generally good 320-340
671 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Norwich, April 9th 1938, small tear to inside page, rusting staples. Generally good 320-340
672 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Fulham dated March 12th 1938, slight fold. Generally good 320-340
673 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Luton dated 15th January 1938, slight fold. Generally good 320-340
674 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Nottingham Forest dated December 27th 1937, slightly rusting staples. Generally good 320-340
675 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Sheffield Wednesday dated October 23rd 1937. Generally good 320-340
676 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Yeovil and Petters United, FA Cup dated January 8th 1938, rusting staples. Generally good 340-350
677 BURNLEY/MANCHESTER UNITED Programme at Burnley dated April 15th 1938, v Manchester United, fold, rusting staples. Generally good 275-300
678 NORWICH/MANCHESTER UNITED Programme at Carrow Road for Norwich v Manchester United, dated November 27th 1937, slight fold, slight wear. Generally good 350-380
679 SHEFFIELD WED/MANCHESTER UNITED Programme at Hillsborough dated 5th March 1938, slight fold, slight wear. Generally good 170-180
680 HUDDERSFIELD/MANCHESTER UNITED Programme for the game at Huddersfield v Manchester United dated April 1st 1939. fold. Generally good 300-320
681 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme, four page wartime issue for the match v Tranmere, March 30th 1940, slight folds. Generally good 380-400
682 MANCHESTER CITY/MANCHESTER UNITED Programme at Maine Road dated December 20th 1941, single sheet with folds and a couple of tears. The programme is complete and has slight wear. Fair-good 250-260
683 MANCHESTER UNITED 8 Home programmes 1946/47 season for games v Chelsea (creased), Sunderland, Brentford, Bolton, Aston Villa, Nottm Forest (Cup), Everton and Wolves(minor rust marks). Condition is generally good, some have rusting staples and Sunderlan 1000-1100
684 MANCHESTER UNITED Away programme at Preston dated May 10th 1947. Good 90-100
685 MANCHESTER UNITED Away programme at Ewood Park, Blackburn v Manchester United, December 14th 1946, rusty staple otherwise very good. Good 180-200
686 MANCHESTER UNITED 18 Home programmes for the 1947/48 season , all different games and generally in very good condition. Games missing are v Sheffield Utd, Aston Villa , Huddersfield, Portsmouth and Burnley. The Blackburn issue includes the Cup Final sup 900-1000
687 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Liverpool dated 24th January 1948 for the FA Cup match played at Goodison Park as Old Trafford was still out of action due to wartime bomb damage and their usual base at Maine Road was unavailable as City were at home 75-100
688 1948 FA CUP FINAL Official Programme for Blackpool v Manchester United, rusty staples, minor rust marks and one pencil team change.Slight wear. Fair-good 140-150
689 ASTON VILLA/MANCHESTER UNITED Official programme for the famous FA Cup tie between Villa and United dated January 10th 1948. United won the match 6-4. slight fold. Good 60-70
690 BLACKBURN/MANCHESTER UNITED Official Ewood Park programme for Blackburn v United played on December 13th 1947.rusting staple. Very good. 140-150
691 1948 FA CUP Semi-Final programme at Hillsborough between Derby and Manchester United played on 13th March 1948, slight fold. Generally good 70-80
692 BOLTON Home programme v Manchester United dated March 29th 1948, slight fold. Generally good 45-50
693 PRESTON Home programme v Manxchester United dated September 27th 1947, slight fold. Good 60-70
694 STOKE Home programme v Manchester United dated February 21st 1948, slight wear along fold. Generally good 100-120
695 MANCHESTER CITY Home programme v Manchester United dated September 20th 1947, slight fold, rusty staples. Fair-good 40-50
696 TOTTENHAM 18 Home programmes, 1952/53 season inc v Man Utd,Chelsea, Newcastle and Hull (Cup). Fair-good 80-100
697 TOTTENHAM 17 Home programmes, 1954/55 inc v Portsmouth,Arsenal and Port Vale (Cup).. Fair-good 70-90
698 TOTTENHAM 22 Home programmes, 1955/56 inc v Chelsea and Boston (Cup)., some faults. Fair-good 80-100
699 TOTTENHAM 23 x Reserve 4 page programmes, 1961-74 Fair-good 40-50
700 1958 WORLD CUP Ticket for the Final, Brazil v Sweden. 29/6/58. Very good 180-200
701 1966 WORLD CUP Ticket for the Final, England v West Germany, 30/7/66, together with Official ticket wallet. Ticket excellent. 140-150
702 FA CUP FINAL 1936 Ticket for the Final, slightly rounded corners, 25/4/1936. fair-good 120-130
703 ENGLAND v SCOTLAND Four tickets for England v Scotland all at Wembley, 1932, 1938, 1944 and 1947. generally very good 120-130
704 1947 FA CUP FINAL Programme, Burnley v Charlton, slight fold. Generally good 150-160
705 1953 FA CUP FINAL Programme, Songsheet and ticket for the 53 Cup Final, programme generally good, songsheet , minor tears, ticket fair -good. Generally good 140-150
706 1954 FA CUP FINAL Programme , Songsheet, Ticket and Official Preston North End souvenir. Programme has slight fold. Generally good 80-90
707 PROGRAMMES A collection of 10 programmes + 1951 Cup Final songsheet in good condition, inc England v Belgium, 45/6, barnet v Chelmsford 49/50 FA Cup, Bohemians v West Brom 13/5/54, Leeds v Sheffield Utd 51/2, Preston v Aston Villa 46/7,Scunthorpe v Gat 220-230
708 PROGRAMMES A collection of 11 programmes, minor faults only but inspection recommended for this interesting lot. Programmes include Wolves v Birmingham 45/6, Wolves v Villa 53/4 (Xmas Cover, folds), Tottenham v Millwall 45/6, Rangers v morton 47/8, Ne 180-185
709 ANNUALS 13 early post-war Football Annuals in very good condition, Sunday Chronicle 47/8 and 48/9, Sports Argus 49/50, 50/51 and 52/3, First 5 editions of Findons Football Handbook, 46/7 to 50/51 +others. Good 50-60
710 CHELSEA Programme v Moscow dynamo, 13/11/45, slight fold. Generally good 80-90
711 LUTON 6 Home programmes, 47/8 v Bradford,Leicester, Millwall and Coventry (Cup) and 48/9 v Coventry and QPR. Generally good 110-120
712 CHESTERFIELD Programme v Stockport, 23/12/1933, slight wear along folds. Fair-good 110-120
713 CIGARETTE CARDS Set of Ogdens 1936 (50 in set, colour) Very good 40-50
714 CIGARETTE CARDS Set Of Gallagher 1926 Famous Footballers, colour , set of 50. Good 40-50
715 CIGARETTE CARDS Set of Gallahers 1928 Footballers, colour match action (50). Good 40-50
716 PROGRAMMES Five programmes all have faults, includes Walsall v Southampton, 12/1/1935 (Cup), Rangers v Moscow Dynamo, 1945, Chelsea v Bolton, 2/6/45 Football League North v South Cup Winners Challenge, Wolves v millwall, 6/10/45 and England v Ireland 220-250
717 PROGRAMMES Thirteen programmes 44/5 to 467/8 , generally good condition, includes Notts County v Newport 47/8, Blackpool v Portsmouth 18/10/47,(picture cut-out0, QPR v Brentford 44/5, Everton v Chesterfield 45/6, Grimsby v Villa 46/7, Lincoln v Hull 46 370-380
718 PROGRAMMES Selection of 50s programmes inc Bedford v Walthamstow Ave 55/6 (Cup), Bristol Rovers v Exeter 50/51,Corby v Peterborough 56/7 (FA Cup), England v Austria 51/2, generally good 70-80
719 CHIX CARDS Set of Chix Bubble Gum No 2 Series footballers inserted loosely into Official album. Good 40-50
720 ATHLETIC NEWS Four war-time Athletic News Football Annuals 42/3. 43/4.44/5, and 45/6. Generally good 50-60
721 WORLD CUP 1966 Complete set of tickets for the England games, 3 x Group games, Quarter Final, Semi-Final and Final.All have same entrance number.Also includes FA letter and ticket wallet. Very good 350-400
722 PROGRAMMES Selection of 9 programmes inc England v Hungary 1953,v Argentina 1951 and v Rest of the World 1953 plus West Brom v Preston 52/3 , v Cardiff 53/4 and v Blackpool 57/8 + Brentford v West Ham 52/3, Bilston v Cradley Heath 56/7 and Manchester C 50-60
723 MISCELLANY Small box of Ephemera includes Post-war football and cricket annuals, Rugby Union programmes 1950-60, Trade cards,Newspapers and some Football programmes.Interesting selection. Fair-good 30-40
724 MOTHERWELL Postcard, 1920/21, teamgroup, very slight fold. Generally good 45-50
725 READING Postcard, 1920/21, team group. Good 45-50
726 AIRDRIEONIANS Colour postcard, team group, 1904. Good 55-60
727 BRADFORD CITY Postcard, English Cup team, (Scott and Co), teamgroup 1911. Good 45-50
728 BRADFORD CITY Postcard, 1913/14 teamgroup, slight folds. Fair-good 45-50
729 BARNSLEY Postcard, 1911/12 entitled Barnsley English Cup, players wearing suits, heads and shoulders portraits. Good 45-50
730 BARNSLEY Postcard, 1904 teamgroup., slight scuffing. Generally good 45-50
731 ASTON VILLA Postcard, 1910-11, Villa team-group in striped kit. Good 45-50
732 CLAPTON ORIENT Postcard, team-group, pre-First World War. Very good 45-50
733 BURNLEY Postcard, English Cup team 1913, team-group. Very good 45-50
734 BOLTON Postcard, circa 1905, team-group , all wearing suits. Good 45-50
735 FA CUP FINAL 1946 Ticket, North Terrace Seat. Pencil name on reverse. Good 90-100
736 FA CUP FINAL 1947 Ticket, East standing. Small corner crease. Good 75-80
737 FA CUP FINAL 1948 Ticket, North Terrace Seat. Good 90-100
738 FA CUP FINAL 1949 Ticket, North Grandstand. Good 60-70
739 FA CUP FINAL 1950 Ticket,East standing Good 50-55
740 FA CUP FINAL 1951 Ticket, East Standing,very minor fold Good 45-50
741 FA CUP FINAL 1952 Ticket, North Grandstand Good 40-45
742 FA CUP FINAL 1953 Ticket, East standing Good 45-50
743 FA CUP FINAL 1954 Ticket South Grandstand Very good 40-50
744 FA CUP FINAL 1955 Ticket, West standing Good 40-50
745 FA CUP FINAL 1956 Ticket, East standing Good 40-50
746 FA CUP FINALS 1957and 1958 Tickets for both finals, both seats. Very good 60-70
747 FA CUP FINAL TICKETS Tickets for the 1959 and 1960 Finals. Very good 35-40
748 FA CUP FINAL TICKETS Tickets for the 1961 and 1962 Finals Very good 35-40
749 FA CUP FINAL TICKETS Tickets for the Finals 1963-1969 inclusive. Good-Very good 80-90
750 FA CUP FINAL TICKETS Tickets for the 1970 (Wembley), 71,72,73,74,76,77,79 and 80 Finals. Generally good 60-70
751 FA CUP FINAL TICKETS Tickets for the 1981,82,83,(all with replay tickets as well), 84, 85,86,87 and 88 Finals. Generally good 50-60
752 FA CUP FINAL TICKETS Tickets for the 1990,91,92,93 and 95 Finals (5) Generally good 25-30
753 SCHOOLS England schools v Ireland schools at Old Trafford dated 15th May 1948. Violett in England team, slight fold. 35-40
754 MANCHESTER UNITED 19 Home programmes 1948/49 season all different. Missing games are v Derby, Wolves, Everton, Newcastle and Sunderland, included are Cup games v Bournemouth, Bradford and Yeovil. Condition is generally good although the game v Stoke has 600-650
755 MANCHESTER UNITED 4 Away programmes for league games at Everton,Burnley, Liverpool and manchester City, 48/49 season, all good condition, no writing. Good 150-160
756 MANCHESTER UNITED 4 Away programmes, all FA Cup, 48/49 season , games at Hull, Bradford Park Avenue and two Semi-Finals v Wolves at Hillsborough and replay at Goodison. All are in good to very good condition. Good-Very good 220-240
757 MANCHESTER UNITED 13 Home programmes 1949/50 inc Cup v Weymouth and Portsmouth. Condition is generally good although there are some with slight creasing, no team changes. Generally good 400-450
758 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Bolton dated August 24th 1949. The cover states "Welcome Home" as this was the return of the United first team to Old Trafford after repairs to Old Trafford following bomb damage in the war.slight fold. Good 70-80
759 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Aston Villa, March 8th 1950, special 4 page issue, rearranged mid-week game due to FA Cup game on the Saturday. Folds and a little worn. Fair 120-130
760 MANCHESTER UNITED 5 Away programmes 49/50 season at Manchester City, Blackpool, Burnley, Everton and Liverpool, generally good although Liverpool issue has a vertical fold and City issue has pencil team change. Generally good 140-150
761 MANCHESTER UNITED 23 Home programmes, 50/51 season, 20 League (missing v Huddersfield) + Cup v Oldham, Leeds and Arsenal.. One has ink team changes, one has pencil changes, remainder are unmarked. Generally good 600-620
762 MANCHESTER UNITED 3 Away programmes 50/51 , at Liverpool, Bolton and Birmingham (Cup), Birmingham has fold, other two good to very good. Good 80-90
763 MANCHESTER UNITED 20 Home programmes, 51/52 season, inc Cup v Hull. Missing v Stoke, Fulham, Man City (friendly), and Hibernian (friendly). Generally good 425-450
764 MANCHESTER UNITED 3 Away programmes 51/52 at Stoke, Bolton and Manchester City. Generally good 60-70
765 MANCHESTER UNITED 21 Home programmes 52/53 season , 20 League + Cup v Walthamstow Avenue. Generally good, a few have ink or pencil team changes. Generally good 450-480
766 MANCHESTER UNITED Home League programme v Tottenham, 25th March 1953, four page issue, midweek afternoon kick-off, slight fold. Good 180-200
767 MANCHESTER UNITED Charity Shield programme v Newcastle United, 24th September 1952. full United issue, team changes to Newcastle team, slight fold. Generally good. 250-300
768 MANCHESTER UNITED 4 Away programmes 52/3 at Manchester City, Bolton, Preston and Everton (Cup). Good 90-100
769 MANCHESTER UNITED 19 Home programmes, 53/54 season, all League games, missing are v Tottenham and Charlton, generally good condition although cover v Sheffield United has minor ink marks. Generally good. 400-430
770 MANCHESTER UNITED 3 Away programmes 53/4 season at Blackpool, Burnley (League) and Manchester City. Generally good 60-70
771 MANCHESTER UNITED 16 Home programmes , all League , season 54/5, missing are games v Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Wolves, West Brom and Everton. Generally good 300-320
772 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Reading 12th January 1955, FA Cup replay, four-page issue, mid-week afternoon kick-off. Slight fold, slight tear. Generally good 90-100
773 MANCHESTER UNITED 13 Home programmes 55/56 season, all League, 5 have a number written on the cover (fairly small), some have team changes. Fair-good 180-200
774 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v All-Star XI (John Aston Testimonial), 25/4/56 and away programme at Blackpool, 26/11/55. Fair-good 40-50
775 MANCHESTER UNITED 2 Home FA Youth Cup programmes v Bexley Heath and Welling, 17/3/56 (small tear)) and v Newcastle 28/1/56 (worn, team changes, small tears). Fair-good 35-40
776 MANCHESTER UNITED 4 Home European Cup programmes 56/57 including the first game with an English Club in the European Cup, United v Anderlecht at Maine Road. The others are v Athletico Bilbao, Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid( team changes). Generally g 140-150
777 MANCHESTER UNITED 21 Home programmes 56/57, 4 have tokens, remainder are without tokens, most have team changes, League and Cup games. Fair-good 60-70
778 MANCHESTER UNITED 3 x Youth Cup programmes 56/7, all home v Blackburn (no token) v Southampton (Semi) and v West Ham (Final). Generally good 70-80
779 MANCHESTER UNITED 6 Away programmes 56/57 season at Blackpool, Burnley, Sheffield Wed, Wolves, Wrexham (Cup) and Reserves away at Liverpool. Generally good 100-110
780 SUNDERLAND Gold medal presented by the "Athletic News" weekly Football newspaper to Charlie Gladwin of Sunderland . Inscribed "Presented by the Athletic News For Distinction In Football. C.E.Gladwin. League Winners 1912-13". Sunderland were league C 450-500
781 WEST HAM 26 Programmes involving West Ham including pirate v Arsenal 62/3, and pirate at Swindon 66/7 + 5 Homes v European sides inc "Continental" Edition v Dinamo Tbilisi 18/3/81,+ 5 Testimonials for Bonds, Ferguson, Brown, Lampard and Brooking. Oth 30-40
782 1950s PROGRAMMES Folder containing 88 programmes from the 50s including England v Scotland 51 and v Austria 51, ,Amateur Cup Final 1951, Arsenal v Hibs 52/3, Millwall practice match 55/6, Wales v Czechoslovakia 56/7, The others are from a variety of 240-250
783 ENGLAND CAP Schools International Cap awarded to Jim Whitman, goalkeeper England v Scotland at Villa Park, 16/5/1936, together with press cuttings ,itinerary and Official reception menu. Generally good 140-160
784 ENGLAND CAP Schools International Cap awarded to Jim Whitman goalkeeper, Wales v England, 2/5/1936 at Aberdare. Also included is the Social Programme/Itinerary for the game. Generally good 120-125
785 ENGLAND CAP Schools International Cap awarded to Jim Whitman, goalkeeper, Ireland v England, 30th May 1936 together with cuttings and menu for the Official Dinner for the game. Good 120-125
786 ENGLAND SCHOOLS Cap awarded to Whitman for playing in the Schools trial (NESFA) together with two jersey badges for the England Schools Football Association.(1936) Generally good 40-50
787 ENGLAND SCHOOLS Programme , England Schools v Scotland Schools at Villa Park, 16/5/1936, 16 page issue, slight fold. Fair-good 50-60
788 ENGLAND SCHOOLS Match programme,(40 pages), England v The Rest, 4/4/1936 at Kettering plus match report,Official Luncheon Menu, letters and tickets relating to the game. Spine of programme is splitting, L.Shackleton is one of the players. Fair-go 30-40
789 WHITMAN A selection of items from Jim Whitman relating to his career, including photos, match reports , Official menus one of which is signed by L.Shackleton (Bradford Boys) who later went on to somewhat better things. Also included are match tickets 30-40
790 MEDALS 8 medals and trophies awarded to Jim Whitman, mainly 1930s , including 2 x Notts Football Alliance Championship medals 36/37 and 37/38 (Division 2). Fair-good 30-40
791 DERBY COUNTY Letter to Whitman, dated June 1941 informing him that he was being retained by Derby, together with a telegram to Whitman from Derby County dated 1939 telling him to report to the Baseball Ground. Fair-good 35-40
792 IPSWICH Sought after book, "The Men Who Made The Town". Limited Subscription Edition. Fair-Good 60-70
793 PROGRAMMES Approximately 286 General 1960s programmes. Generally good 120-130
794 BIG MATCH Approximately 82 programmes, FA Cup Finals, League Cup Finals,Charity Shield,Play-Offs, European Finals. Very good 180-200
795 SEMI-FINALS 112 Programmes, 50 FA Cup from 1964, 46 League Cup and 16 European. Very good 125-140
796 PROGRAMMES 45 Programmes, FA Amateur Cup Finals,FA Trophy Finals and FA Vase Finals from 1963-19990s. 45 in total. Good 50-60
797 ARSENAL 259 Home programmes, 1961/62 to 2003/04. Good-Very Good 90-100
798 MANCHESTER UNITED 209 Home programmes from 1963/64 to 2006/07. Good to very good 75-85
799 TOTTENHAM 289 Homes from 1962/63 to 1998/99. Very good 90-100
800 CUP SEMI-FINALS 19 FA Cup Semi-Finals from 1960 to 1994 plus Third Place play-off 1971 Eerton v Stoke. Includes Shef Wed v Blackburn 1960, Liverpool v leicester 63 and Liverpool v Chelsea 65. Fair-good 30-40
801 CUP SEMI-FINALS 13 FA Cup Semi-Final programmes from 64 to 94, all have match-tickets and include Preston v Swansea 64, Man City v Everton 69, plus Semis involving Liverpool and Manchester United. Generally good 40-50
802 LEEDS Two FA Cup Semi-Final programmes v Chelsea 67 and v Everton 68, both with match ticket. Generally good 15-20
803 IRISH REPUBLIC 20 Programmes 1958 to 1984, 1 x 50s v Poland 1958, 3 x 60s v Austria 62 and 68 and v Poland 68, 7 x 70s and 9 x 80s. Generally good 25-30
804 CHARITY SHIELD 6 Programmes 1971, 77,78,81.83 and 84. All except 71 also have tickets. Good 15-20
805 AMATEUR CUP 6 Amateur Cup Semi-Finals 60/61 to 67/8, includes Hitchin v Walthamstow Ave at White City 60/61 plus 4 x Trophy Finals 1970-1973 inclusive including scarce 1972. Generally good 30-40
806 IPSWICH Away programme at walthamstow Ave, FA Cup replay, 16/12/53. Very good 35-40
807 LEAGUE CUP 66 Football League Cup programmes, 60/61 to 69/70 , various clubs, inc Workington v Ipswich 65/6, Torquay v Plymouth 60/61, Cardiff v Burnley 60/61. fair-good 70-80
808 1940s PROGRAMMES 20 programmes inc Derby v Southampton 45/6, Cardiff v Brentford 47/8, Southend v Notts County 47/8, Derby v Preston and v Middlesbrough 47/8, Oldham v Doncaster 46/7.Other clubs include, Wolves, Chelsea, Brentford. Fair-good 170-180
809 1950s PROGRAMMES 30 programmes 50/51 to 59/60. Various clubs including Wolves, Bristol City,Coventry, Bradford City, Newport, Manchester City and Manchester United.Includes Bristol City v Northampton 54/5, Berwick Rangers v Glasgow Rangers 59/60, Some 60-70
810 BRIGHTON 25 Away programmes, 51/2 to 59/60 inc at Aldershot 51/2, Ipswich 55/6, Norwich 55/6 and Plymouth 57/8. fair-good 40-50
811 MEDAL-ASTON VILLA / WEST BROM Medal awarded to A.Evans who played for Aston Villa in a benefit match for R.McLeod of West Bromwich Albion on 18th November 1895. The match was played at Albion and ended 1-1. This medal was presented to Evans for playi 250-300
812 CHARLTON 10 Charlton away programmes 51/2 to 59/60 includes at Luton 51/2 (Cup), Cardiff 53/4,Wolves 54/5 (Cup) and Bolton 55/6. Fair-good 35-40
813 WEST HAM 21 West Ham away programmes, 58/9 to 69/70, including at Burnley 58/9, Leicester 60/61, Birmingham 60/61 and a four page issue at Leyton Orient 66/67 (London Challenge Cup). 5 x 50s. Generally good 25-30
814 ARSENAL 35 Arsenal away programmes , 54/5 to 77/8 inc at Shef Wed 54/5,Newport 56/7 (Cup), Forest 57/8, Villa 58/9, Preston 59/60, Gillingham 66/7 (League Cup), Shrewsbury 67/8 (Cup). 8 x 50s. Generally good 50-60
815 LEEDS 20 Leeds away programmes, 56/7 to 77/8 inc 56/7 at Villa, 57/8 at Forest,59/60 friendly at Hull, Sutton 69/70 (Cup), Wimbledon 74/5 (Cup) and at Rochdale 77/8 (League Cup), 6x 50s, 12 x 60s, 2 x70s. Fair-good 40-50
816 LEEDS Leeds book, 1992 "Player by Player" contains 35 autographs including John Charles (3), Collins,Hunter,Reaney, Lorimer, Clarke (2), Eddie Gray ("), Strachan, Batty, Kewell, Jim Smith and Trevor Francis. Good 25-30
817 LEEDS Calendar, 1993, with 12 autographed photos including Strachan,Hodge,Cantona, Batty, Speed and McAllister , plus programme at Sheffield united 91/2 (Championship winning game) containing 10 autographs including John Charles, David Rocastle and Dav 15-20
818 BOOKS Four signed books includes John Charles-Gentle Giant (3 autos of Charles), 1950 Tommy Lawton All Stars signed to cover by Lawton, plus two others signed by Venables , Redknapp (Harry) and 5 West Ham players. Generally good 20-30
819 WEMBLEY PENDENTS 3 Euro 96 Wembley Pendents of Stanley Matthews, Gary Lineker and an early 1900s player. These items were hanging along the walkway to Wembley Stadium during Euro 96. Generally good 30-40
820 ARSENAL A Gunners collection comprising 10 programmes from the 70/71 Double season, 4 home, 6 away, plus 62/63 framed team group signed by Bob Wilson, 65/6 Framed colour signed photo of McLintockand 68/9 Evening Post League Cup Final colour souvenir. 40-50
821 ARSENAL A small collection from 1988/89 consisting of Framed, signed colour photo of David Seaman, Double-sided sheet of 15 Arsenal autographs, 3 Arsenal Home programmes and a Daily Mirror with match report and colour photos of Championship winning mat 30-40
822 SHOWBIZ XI A collection of items relating to the "Showbiz XI" including framed team group with printed autographs circa 1964, includes Connery, Frost, Blanchflower. Billy Wright, Des O'Connor, Tarbuck. Also included are a 1980s badge and 20 Showbiz XI 25-30
823 ENGLAND 3 Euro 96 programmes with match tickets,all England, v Switzerland, Holland and Scotland. Generally good 30-40
824 PETER BROADBENT Coloured, framed, glazed painting,in Wolves colours, approx 18" x 24", together with Broadbent signature. Good 60-70
825 WOLVES Four bound volumes of Wolves home programmes, 70/71, 72/3, 75/6 and 81/2 bound in black cloth includes covers. Generally good 70-80
826 ARSENAL Signed programme 75/6 v Ipswich, team page signed by Arsenal including Brady, Ball, Armstrong, Stapleton, O'Leary and Nelson. Good 12-15
827 ARSENAL 75 Arsenal programmes, 54 Homes, 21 aways between 1977 and 80. fair-good 15-20
828 ARSENAL Six Arsenal programme binders containing 26 Homes early 70s, 32 programmes 77/8 including Cup Final, 53 progs for 78/9 home and away, , set of homes 79/80 plus Charity Shield and Cup-Winners Cup Final v Valencia in Brussels, and 26 programmes 40-50
829 PLAYERS CARDS Framed, glazed colour set of John Player Footballers caricatures by RIP. Set of 50, mid twenties issue, includes rugby players. Good 30-40
830 ARSENAL 40 Home programmes, 61/2 to 89/90,includes 17 x 60s qnd 16 x 70s. Generally good 10-15
831 SCOTLAND 45 Scotland programmes,1964 to 1994, includes 8 x 60s. Good 20-25
832 ENGLAND AMATEUR 8 Programmes, 54-71 includes games at Wembley and Selhurst Park + aways at Denmark and Wales 71/2. Generally good 15-20
833 ENGLAND AUTOGRAPHS 8 Programmes with autographs inc v Italy 59, Wales 60, Austria 65, Spain 68 and West Germany 75. Autographs include Broadbent, Ray Wilson, Geoff Hurst, Kendall, Bobby Robson and Graham Taylor. Generally good 10-15
834 WALES 41 Wales programmes, 57 to 84 inc v Czechoslovakia 57 (+press cuttings), 8 x 60s and 3 x Wales under 23 programmes. Generally good 25-30
835 LEAGUE CUP 3 League Cup Finals, 67,69 and 80 (autographed by Brian Clough, Birtles, Bowyer and 3 Wolves players. 67 and 69 have tickets.Also included are 4 Semi-Finals between 67 and 70 inc Arsenal v Huddersfield (both legs). Generally good 20-25
836 AUTOGRAPHS 1995 Topical Times Football Book, 30+ autograhs inc Fowler, Ian Wright, Le Saux, McAllister, Collymore, Hendry, Des Walker and Salako. Good 10-15
837 STOCKPORT Programme for 1992 Autoglass Final v Stoke.The programme has 16 Stockport autographs. Good 5
838 SUTTON UNITED Home programme v Leeds, 24/1/70, FA Cup, cover signed by 6 Sutton players, fold Generally good 10-15
839 HEREFORD Two brochures, one relating to application for election to Football League, early 70s and another relating to Hereford's Cup exploits 71/2. Good 20-25
840 CHESTERFIELD 20 programmes, 45/46 season ,all first-team inc v Sheffield United8/5/46 Hospital Cup, also includes v Sunderland, Blackpool, Liverpool,Blackburn, York (Cup).Newcastle, Burnley,Everton,Bolton, Preston, Bradford PA. Condition mixed, majori 670-700
841 CHESTERFIELD 10 programmes 45/46 , all reseves inc v Man Utd Res, Liverpool Res, Man City Res, Everton Res, Burnley Res and Newcastle Res. Minor faults.. Generally good 180-200
842 CHESTERFIELD Programme and ticket, v Sunderland 11/1/47 (FA Cup), programme has team changes and match is written on the cover, ticket is very good. Generally good 60-70
843 CHESTERFIELD 13 Programmes 46/7 inc v Bradford PA (first post-war), v Nottm Forest,Newport, Swansea, Burnley, Plymouth (grubby), Manchester City, West Brom, Southampton, Leicester and Shef Wed, some have minor defects. Generally good 350-400
844 CHESTERFIELD 5 Programmes 46/7 season , all reserves v Newcastle,Shef Wed, Shef Utd, Preston and Aston Villa. Generally good 55-60
845 CHESTERFIELD 20 Programmes 47/8 season, all homes, inc friendly v Shef Utd, Hospital Cup v Notts County and youth game v Yorkshire Amateurs. Includes games v Mewcastle, Bradford PA, West Brom, Plymouth (worn), Leeds (worn), Millwall, Nottm Forest, Bi 400-420
846 CHESTERFIELD Rare copies of 9 "Spire-Ites" Football programme 47/8 season. These much sought after issues were produced by the Chesterfield Supporters in competition with the Official programme after a dispute between the club and the supporters, they 180-200
847 CHESTERFIELD Set of 21 Reserve issues 47/48 season including v Man City, Leeds, Man United and Wolves. Generally good 220-250
848 CHESTERFIELD 20 Programmes 1948/49 season inc v West Ham, Leeds, Bradford PA, Plymouth, and Southampton, various conditions. Fair-good 250-260
849 CHESTERFIELD Set of 21 Reserve issues 48/49 season inc v Man City, Man United, Wolves and Leeds. Generally good 220-250
850 CHESTERFIELD 16 Programmes 49/50 season includes v Plymouth, Blackburn, QPR, Tottenham, and Leeds. Condition is mixed although majority are generally good. Fair-good 200-220
851 CHESTERFIELD 3 programmes 49/50 all FA Cup v Yeovil, Middlesbrough(+ ticket) , and v Chelsea. Programme v Boro is worn, v Yeovil has slightly grubby teampage and v Chelsea is generally good. Fair-good 80-100
852 CHESTERFIELD Programme 49/50 v West Ham, much sought after as the attendance was only 3,000 due to the train carrying the West Ham team breaking down and the match being severely delayed. Spine is splitting, score on team page. Fair-good 90-100
853 CHESTERFIELD 20 Programmes, 49/50, Reserves, missing the game v Derby reserves but includes games v Man Unied, Wolves, Leeds and Man City. Fair-good 180-200
854 CHESTERFIELD 12 Programmes, 50/51 season inc v Leeds (attendance 9,056), also includes v Man City and v Blackburn. Fair-good 125-130
855 CHESTERFIELD 7 Programmes, 50/51 season, all Reserves inc v Newcastle, Blackpool and Everton. Fair-good 45-50
856 CHESTERFIELD Gold medal, hallmarked, 1909-10 Midland Counties Football League, Champions, Inscribed " Chesterfield Town, R.L.Weston," ( Chesterfield official). Genrally good 240-250
857 CHESTERFIELD Single-sheet programme, 22/8/1931, Practice match, Whites v Stripes, slight creasing. Generally good 55-60
858 CHESTERFIELD Handbook, 1931/32, 68 page Year Book and Souvenir celebrating 30/31 Championship season, contains photos and a history of the club, rusty staples removed and the book is in good to very good condition. Good 55-60
859 CHESTERFIELD Interesting ephemera from the 1921/22 season , the first Third Division North season. This is an unused Official receipt book for season tickets for Chesterfield Football Club for the 1921/22 season. Very good 45-50
860 ENGLISH SCHOOLS Programme at Chesterfield for North v South International trial , 22/3/1930 at the Recreation Ground. This four page issue is worn, contains pen pictures of some of the players and a picture of Chesterfield Boys. Fair 35-40
861 SCHOOLS FINAL Programme for Chesterfiled Boys v Swansea Boys, 6/5/1939 at the Recreation Ground, Chesterfield. This four page issue is for the Schools Final and details how the two teams reached the Final. Slight tear . Good 60-70
862 SCHOOLS Programme for England v Scotland, 5/5/1951, Schools International at Chesterfield, 36 page issue contsining photos and much information. England team contained Duncan Edwards, David Pegg and Ray Parry. Generally good 35-40
863 TESTIMONIAL Testimonial programme, 20/4/53, for the Cliff Gladwin Testimonial at Chesterfield between two International Elevens,includes Mullen (Wolves),Hagan (Shef Utd), Lee, Mozley, Stamps(Derby), four page issue, folds. Fair-good 20-25
864 CHESTERFIELD BOYS Three programmes for Chesterfield Boys, 52/53 including English Schools Final (ironically v Swansea again), Semi v Plymouth and Quarter Final v West Hartlepool. Generally good 30-35
865 SCHOOLS Programmes for England v The Rest at Chesterfield 26/3/55, Schools International Trial and England v Germany Schools International, 7/4/58 at Chesterfield, England include Venables, Boyce and Peter Thompson). Generally good 15-20
866 SCHOOLS Selection of programmes (9), all 50s including 51/2 Midland Counties inc Duncan Edwards v London Counties, also includes 48/9 Universities England v Scotland International, 54/5 Schools Cup Semi , Chesterfield v Swansea. All played at Recre 35-40
867 SHEFFIELD UTD/CHESTERFIELD Three Sheffield United v Chesterfield programmes, all ex bound-volume reserve team issues for the 1902/03, 1904/05 and 1908/09 seasons. Generally good 55-60
868 SHEFFIELD UNITED/CHESTERFIELD Eight Sheffield unite issues, all Sheffield United Reserves v Chesterfield first team , all Midland League. The programmes are for 1909/10, 1911/12, 1912/13, 1913/14, 1914/15, 1915/16, 1919/20 and finally a rare issue 1920 165-175
869 SHEFFIELD WED/CHESTERFIELD Programme Sheffield Wednesday Reserves v Chesterfield Reserves, 25/3/1905, ex bound volume. Good 25-30
870 NORTHAMPTON Box containing 280 Northampton Town Away programmes, 1971-1998+ 34 homes from 1989/90 season. Good-Very good 30-40
871 TICKETS Selection of 57 tickets, 60s onwards including Football League v Scottish League 59/60 (Highbury), Preston v Liverpool 61/2, Leicester v Liverpool 64/5 plus many Chelsea and Manchester United. Generally good 40-60
872 RESERVE PROGRAMMES 108 Reserve programmes and single-sheets, 50s onwards, Fulham,Portsmouth and Norwich well-represented. Generally good 40-60
873 RESERVE PROGRAMMES 104 Reserve programmes and single-sheets, 50s onwards, Arsenal,Chelsea,Fulham,Man City and leeds well represented. Fair-good 40-60
874 EPHEMERA A selection of ephemera including menus, fixture lists, European Cup Final photos 1968, notification cards etc. Generally good 25-35
875 ARSENAL A full set of 21 Home programmes, 1949/50 plus four FA Cup programmes. This was an Arsenal FA Cup winning season.Programmes are in a red Arsenal club binder (loose). Fair-good 100-120
876 ARSENAL A full set of Home programmes, 1950/51 including Carlisle and Northampton in the FA Cup in a red club binder. Fair-good 80-100
877 ARSENAL A full set of Home programmes, 1958/59 including Colchester in the FA Cup. Fair-good 40-60
878 PROGRAMMES WITH TICKETS Selection of programmes with tickets inc EMFA v Chelsea 1986, Man City v Chelsea Full-Members Cup Final 1986,League Cup Semi-Finals and Testimonials. Circa 55. Generally good 40-60
879 IPSWICH 23 Home programmes, 58/9 to 63/4 inc 6 x 61/2 Championship season. Fair- good 30-40
880 ENGLAND 49 Home programmes, 1952-69. Generally good 80-100
881 INTER-LEAGUE 40 Inter-League programmes between 1951-72 includes Scottish League v Irish league 1951, Irish FA XI v British Army 56, Scottish League v League of Ireland 1954. Generally good 60-80
882 ENGLAND 5 Programmes with tickets v Austria 1951,Germany 54, Rumania Under 21 1957, Portugal 1961 (World Cup) and Spain 67. Generally good 40-50
883 MANCHESTER UNITED European Cup winning season 1967/68, programmes for 4 Homes plus Away to Hibernian (Malta) and Semi-Final at Real Madrid, plus Final and Benfica v Juventus Semi-Final. Generally good 40-50
884 RECORDS 10 x 45rpm records inc World Cup 66 March, Back Home 70, Glasgow rangers 60s with team printed on label plus Spurs, Leeds and Chelsea. Apparently good 20-30
885 ENGLAND 95 Home programmes from 1954-1990s. Very good 75-80
886 CHELSEA 165 Home programmes from 1958 to 1999. Good 70-80
887 NON-LEAGUE 545 Programmes, good selection of clubs, 70s-90s. Good 70-80
888 LUTON 176 Homes, 1956 to 2000, 50s have rusty staples/folds. Generally good 60-70
889 LUTON 145 Away programmes, 1960s-1990s. Generally good 40-50
890 MANCHESTER CITY Programme, Festival of Britain, 9/5/51, tears along folds, four page issue, worn, ink annotations. Poor-Fair 90-100
891 GATESHEAD Programme v Southport, 14/9/46, , small tear, minor marks. Fair-good 60-65
892 GATESHEAD Programme v Lincoln, 22/9/51, slight fold. Good 20-25
893 GATESHEAD Programme v Darlington, 13/9/48, neat score on cover. Generally good 30-40
894 GATESHEAD Programme v Oldham, 1/4/50, slight folds. Generally good 25-30
895 GATESHEAD 5 Home programmes, 53/4 v York, 54/5 v Carlisle and Oldham,55/6 v Barrow, 56/7 v Oldham, and 58/9 v Carlisle. Fair-good 120-125
896 ARSENAL Handbook, 1939/40 season,rusty staples otherwise good. Generally good 40-50
897 MANCHESTER CITY/CHELSEA Programme for the match between Manchester City and Chelsea at Maine Road on Wednesday May 3rd 1933, four days after City lost the Cup Final at Wembley, slight fold rusting staples. Good 400-450
898 ARSENAL Programme, 10/10/1936 v Sheffield Wednesday.fold, stain, rusty staples missing. Fair 20-25
899 THIRD LANARK Programme, 19th February 1955 , Scottish Cup v Motherwell, eight page issue. Good 35-40
900 WOLVES/WEST BROM Box of 300 Wolves/West Bromwich Albion programmes, 1960s-2000s. Fair-good 40-50
901 MANCHESTER UNITED 200 x Manchester United programmes, 1960s-1990s. Fair-good 40-50
902 PROGRAMMES Box of 300 General League programmes, 1960s-1990s. Fair-good 40-50
903 PROGRAMMES Box of 300 General League Programmes, 1960s-1990s Fair-good 40-50
904 PROGRAMMES Box of 300 General League Programmes, 1960s-1990s. Fair-good 40-50
905 CRYSTAL PALACE/QPR 300 Programmes, 1960s-1990s Fair/good 30-40
906 PORTSMOUTH Reserve programme v Bristol City,September 1936, Generally good 20-25
907 NOTTINGHAM FOREST Postcard, pre First World war team group. Good 45-50
908 SWINDON Postcard, team group, pre-First World War, players named below picture. Good 45-50
909 FULHAM Postcard, team group , 1908 Very good 45-50
910 MANCHESTER CITY Postcard team group with Cup and shield, circa 1904. Good 45-50
911 WOLVES Postcard, team group, 1912-13. Good 50-55
912 WOLVES Postcard, team group, 1920s, Shakespeare Press. Good 50-55
913 SWINDON Postcard, 1911/12, team group, three trophies , Southern League Shield, Southern Charity Cup,and Dubonnett Cup. Good 45-50
914 READING Postcard, team group, 1904/05. Good 45-50
915 READING Postcard, team group, 1925/26, cameo head and shoulders. Good 45-50
916 BURY Postcard, team group, by Willis, pre First World War. Good 45-50
917 BRADFORD CITY Postcard, team group, 1909, minor tear, slight creases. Fair-good 40-45
918 BOLTON Postcard, team group, pre-First World War by Blakey. Good 40-45
919 ARSENAL Postcard, 1929/30 team group, entitled, "Winners English Cup". Generally good 50-60
920 MILLWALL Postcard, team group, cameo head and shoulders, 1923/24. Good 45-50
921 NORWICH Postcard, team group, 1913/14, first team and reserves. Good 45-50
922 HUDDERSFIELD Postcard, team group by Scott, pre First World War. Good 45-50
923 MANCHESTER UNITED 29 Home programmes, all different season 57/58, some are missing tokens, some have team changes. The programmes include games v Sheffield Wed (no token, United team blank, Wed'y team change), v Aston Villa (Charity Shield (no token), a 250-260
924 MANCHESTER UNITED 3 Home Youth Cup programmes v Newcastle (token), Doncaster (no token) and v Wolves (token). Generally good 40-50
925 MANCHESTER UNITED 5 Away programmes , at Chelsea, Tottenham, both Cup Semi-Finals v Fulham and Cup Final v Bolton(team changes). Fair-good 50-60
926 MANCHESTER UNITED 22 Home programmes 58/59, most have tokens, some have team changes, includes games v Berne Young Boys and v Manchester City (Manchester Senior Cup Final). Fair-good 120-130
927 MANCHESTER UNITED 6 programmes, 3 away league at Blackpool, Nottm Forest and West Brom + away Youth Cup at Manchester City + home Youth Cup v Everton(Token) and Blackburn. Generally good 35-40
928 MANCHESTER UNITED 23 programmes, 1959/60, 1 Away at Liverpool(Cup), 22 home , some (7) , have tokens , most have team changes, a couple have minor faults. Fair-good 60-70
929 MANCHESTER UNITED 6 Home Youth Cup programmes, 59/60 4 have missing tokens v Morecambe (score etc on team page), Blackpool, Sunderland (score etc), Middlesbrough (scorers), and two with tokens v Stoke (team changes) and v Preston (Semi). Fair-good 20-25
930 MANCHESTER UNITED Single sheet programme, Manchester United Reserves v The Rest, September 29th 1956, single sheet, team changes, slight tears. Generally good 30-40
931 MANCHESTER UNITED Single sheet programme, Junior Practice match, August 13th 1960, also includes Senior practice match. Generally good 30-40
932 MANCHESTER UNITED 2 x Single sheet programmes, Manchester Senior Cup v Bury 59/60 and v Oldham 57/8 (Semi), no tokens, Bury has score, scorers. Fair-good 15-20
933 MANCHESTER UNITED 6 programmes, Reserves v Rest of League 60/61 team changes,United v Everton, 22/2/60, Lancs League Supplementary Cup Final (token),, United v Hull, 72/3 (token), and three without tokens v Liverpool B, Supplementary Cup Final 1/10/62,an 30-40
934 MANCHESTER UNITED 8 programmes, mainly single sheet , Lancashire Senior Cup includes v Man City 58/9 (token),v Bolton 57/8 (no token),v Liverpool 68/9 Final(token), v Netherfield 68/9 (no token),v Rochdale 67/8 (token),v Oldham68/9 (token). Fair-good 30-40
935 MANCHESTER UNITED 15 Youth Cup programmes, 6 have tokens , includes Final v Swindon 63/4, + United Youth v England Youth 31/1/67, all 60s and includes Semis v Manchester City 63/4 and v West Brom 68/9 (both have tokens). Fair-good 75-80
936 MANCHESTER UNITED 135 + Reserve home programmes , almost 100 pre 60/61 starting 56/57. Slight duplication (ie 2 copies of some games,usually 56/7 to 59/60), many have tokens removed but a good number do have tokens. Team changes and half-time scores on m 400-500
937 MANCHESTER UNITED 30 Home programmes 60/61 inc v Exeter (League Cup), Aston Villa v Burnley (League Cup Semi replay), 3 x Youth Cup and v Real Madrid. All have tokens, some have team changes 240-250
938 MANCHESTER UNITED 24 Home programmes 61/62, 16 without tokens + aways at Bolton,Burnley,Shef Wed (Cup) and Cup Semi v Spurs, most have team changes. Fair-good 40-50
939 MANCHESTER UNITED 27 Home programmes 62/3 (no tokens) plus aways at Coventry (Cup) and Final v Leicester (team changes). Fair 20-25
940 MANCHESTER UNITED 26 Home programmes 63/4, 20 without tokens,+ aways at Bolton,Manchester City (Youth Semi) and Cup Semi v West Ham, team changes etc. Fair 20-30
941 MANCHESTER UNITED 39 Home programmes 64/5, minor duplication, 32 without tokens, plus away at Leeds, Tottenham, Cup at Stoke and Cup Semi v Leeds, team changes. Fair 20-30
942 MANCHESTER UNITED 30 Home programmes 65/6 , 26 without tokens includes Charity Shield + aways at Blackburn, Derby(Cup), Rotherham (Cup), Wolves (Cup),and Semi v Everton. Fair-good 25-30
943 MANCHESTER UNITED 107 Home programmes 66/7 to 69/70 many without tokens + 11 away programmes including all three Semi-Finals v Leeds 69/70+ Wigan v Port Vale 69/70 at Old Trafford. Fair-good 70-80
944 MANCHESTER UNITED 170 Home programmes 70/71 to 76/7, approx half with tokens including 74/5 season homes with tokens, also includes71/2 friendly v Coventry(no token) and two home games 71/2 played at Anfield and Stoke.also includes a few aways and Cup Fi 120-125
945 MANCHESTER UNITED 13 Home programmes 1998/99 treble season,including Cup v Middlesbrough and League Cup v Nottm Forest+ European Cup v Barcelona and Brondby and FA Cup Semi v Arsenal at Villa 11/4/99.. Generally good 30-40
946 MANCHESTER UNITED Almost 200 Home programmes 1997/98 to 2005/06 seasons apart from 1998/99. Many European games+FA Cup and League Cup. Generally good 70-80
947 MANCHESTER UNITED A collection of programmes 7 x 57/8 Homes all without tokens including v Shef Wed (Cup-first post Munich, team completed) Dukla, Red Star and Shamrock Rovers. The lot also includes 13 x 72/3 homes , all with tokens, and 5 x FA Cup Fina 80-100
948 BIG MATCH 17 programmes, a mixed selection including 1970 FA Cup Final replay,England v Scotland 1951, 1976 FA Cup Final, 1963 Scottish Cup Final, Birmingham v Blackpool 50/51 Semi, Blackburn v Bolton 57/8 Semi and Shef Wed v Blackburn 1960 Semi. G 100-120
949 SELECTION An interesting selection of 18 programmes, mixed clubs , mainly 60s but also includes Bolton v Shef Utd 52/3 Bolton v Aston Villa 48/9 Cup replay,Bolton v Middlesbrough 46/7, Blackpool v Middlesbrough 49/50 and Man City v Man United Duke of E 60-70
950 ENGLAND Programme for the International v Scotland played at Maine Road on August 24th 1946. This match was played to raise funds for victims of the Burnden Park,Bolton disaster a few months earlier.fold, minor creases. Generally good 60-70
951 MANCHESTER CITY 10 Home programmes, 2 x 46/47 season v Chesterfield (creases) and Nottm Forest plus 8 x 47/48 homes v Sunderland (small tear), Stoke, Portsmouth, Charlton, Liverpool, Sheffield Utd, Aston Villa, Blackpool. Minor defects. Generally g 120-130
952 MANCHESTER CITY 6 programmes, 5 x Home inc 50/51 v Barnsley,60/61 v Bolton, 62/3 v Leicester, 63/4 v Preston, 65/6 v Blackpool (Cup), and Away at Everton 58/9.Minor defects. Generally good 10-15
953 ENGLAND Goalkeeper Jersey , number 13, grey with matching shorts circa 1986. Good 170-200
954 ENGLAND Lineker , number 10, England away shirt , red, probably late 80s….. Good 320-350
955 ENGLAND Shirt , number 7, short-sleeve home shirt,circa 1990.This shirt was donated to a cricket testimonial auction. Good 170-180
956 ENGLAND Shirt, number 16, long-sleeve away shirt, grey, circa 1996, purchased by the vendor from Sothebys. Good 170-180
957 SCOTLAND Shirt,number 15, short-sleeve 1980s home shirt, signed. Good 90-100
958 ARSENAL Short sleeve shirt, no name or badges, possibly reserves 1992/93. Good 50-60
959 1949 FA CUP FINAL Programme and songsheet for the 1949 Final. Programme has very minor rust marks where the staples used to be, a couple of other pages have rust marks and the songsheet is folded. Fair-good 80-90
960 1950 FA CUP FINAL Programme, slight folds, no staples but otherwise good Generally good 60-70
961 1951 FA CUP FINAL Programme , slight folds, rusty staples removed, score on team page. Fair-good 60-65
962 1952 FA CUP FINAL Programme , no staples, fold, slight wear. Fair-good 50-60
963 ARSENAL 65 copies of Gunflash, 1953-1963. Good 35-40
964 CHARLES BUCHANS ANNUALS Seven Annuals, 56/7, 57/8, 58/9. 59/60, 61/2, 65/6, 67/8. Generally good 60-70
965 GERMANY Approximately 18 German programmes and magazines , mainly 1961 + Borussia Monchengladbach 1975-77. Magazines are early 60s also including Kicker and Sport Magazin. Generally good 15-20
966 FOOTBALL MONTHLY Complete run from January 56 to December 1962, (1958 is in a bound volume format). Good-Very good 35-40
967 CUP FINALS 17 FA Cup Final programmes, 2 x 58, 3 x 59, 4 x 60, 2 x 61, 2 x 62, 2 x 71 and 2 x 72 (1 +ticket), plus 3 x FA Amateur Cup Finals 1960,61 and 62 + Coventry v Leeds Semi 1987. Most very good, some have scorers. Good-very good 150-160
968 ENGLAND 30 Programmes, 28 Homes + 2 at Scotland 1960 and 1974. Homes are between 54 and 72 and include v France at Hillsborough 1962. 3 have punch-holes, a couple have tickets. Fair-Good 25-30
969 ARSENAL A true Gunners miscellany, this lot includes Arsenal v Man Utd 1/2 58 (punch-holes), book "Arsenal " published 1952 (133 pages) by Brian Glanville in Famous Football Clubs Series, Handbooks 58/9, 59/60 and 61/2, programme v Anderlecht 69/70 fai 80-90
970 ARSENAL 50+ Arsenal programmes, late 50s onwards, many of earlier ones are v Manchester United, also includes v Spurs 60/61. Fair-good 30-40
971 PROGRAMMES A collection of about 70 programmes, a little duplication , 50s onwards ,strong Chelsea, Tottenham and leicester interest but also includes Forest v newcastle 26/12/57 (several copies), Ashford v Chelsea (Opening lights) circa 1959, Greaves 40-50
972 NORTHAMPTON/ MAN UTD Rather unusual item, colour printed teamsheet for FA Cup game, 7/2/70 between Cobblers and United, Best scored 6 in Uniteds fortunate 8-2 victory.Slight folds. Generally good 12-15
973 MANCHESTER UNITED Programme for the game at Arsenal, 1/2/58 last pre-Munich English appearance plus ticket for the game ,(very rare), no team changes. Generally good 120-140
974 WORLD CUP 66 FINAL Programme for the England v Germany 1966 World Cup Final, slight fold, no other defects. Generally good. 90-100
975 WORLD CUP MISCELLANY A collection of World Cup items, mainly 1966 including 3 mint condition Watneys World Cup Ale beermats with World Cup Willie, 3 souvenir books/brochures for 1966 , 1970 and 1982 souvenirs . Generally good 25-35
976 MISCELLANY A little treasure trove containing pennants, rosettes, trade cards(50s inc Duncan Edwards), Annuals, book "Captain of Hungary" (Puskas 1955), a couple of programmes etc. Worth a look. Fair-good 30-40
977 MANCHESTER UNITED A collection including European Cup Final 1968 programme (good), a few modern United programmes, 1959 magazine "Salute to Manchester United" (64 pages-good), The United Story (1958), and a United scrapbook (58). Generally good 30-40
978 FA CUP FINALS 20 FA Cup Final programmes between 1962 and 1987, includes 81 and 83 replays. Fair-good 50-60
979 FA CUP FINALS 5 Cup Final programmes, 54, 56, 58,59, 60. Minor faults. Fair-good 70-80
980 ARSENAL 9 Home programmes, 53/4 season, inc v Racing Club de Paris,and Norwich and Villa (both Cup).team changes etc. Fair-good 25-30
981 EX-LEAGUE CLUBS 50 Programmes involving ex-League clubs, Bradford PA and Barrow homes included. Fair-good 20-25
982 LEAGUE CUP FINALS 31 Programmes for League Cup Finals 1967 onwards, Generally good 60-70
983 CHARITY SHIELDS 18 Programmes inc 1973, covers 1973-2003, slight duplication. Generally good 30-40
984 MISCELLANY A selection of Soccer Stars (19), Books, Annuals and 1966 World Cup group programme. Fair-good 10-20
985 1966 ENGLND AUTOGRAPHS 10 Autographs with certificate of the 1966 World Cup-winning England team, (Moore missing).The signatures are on a replica 1966 Red England shirt with a certificate of this Limited edition product. Very good 500-600
986 1931 FA CUP FINAL Songsheet for the 1931 Cup Final between Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion, folds. Fair-good 120-130
987 FA CUP FINALS 5 Final programmes, 1968,69, (both good), 70 (punch-holes), 71 (good), 72 (slight creases). Fair-good 15-20
988 BIRMINGHAM Approximately 250 home programmes 69/70 to 82/3 + Football League Reviews. Fair-good 25-30
989 BIRMINGHAM 22 Away programmes, mainly 70s, + handbook and Annual 68/9, ticket v Chelsea 67/8 (Cup), 3 x Testimonials + West Brom v B'ham 62/3 and four FA Cup Semi-Finals involving Birmingham, 68, 72, 75 +75 replay + Birmigham promotion souvenir brochure 20-25
990 PROGRAMMES 30 programmes, 60s and 70s, West Brom interest plus others, inc Rochdale v Blackpool, 71/2 lancs Cup, Man City v Aston Villa 57/8, Aberdeen v Celta Vigo, 71/2. Fair-good 10-20
991 FULHAM 5 Home programmes 46/7 , v Luton,Leicester,Millwall,Barnsley and Coventry. Generally good 50-55
992 FULHAM 13 Home programmes 54/5 inc v Preston(Cup), Plymouth and Blackburn, Fair-good 35-40
993 FULHAM 14 Home programmes, 56/57 inc v Nottingham Forest,West Ham and Stoke. Generally good 30-35
994 FULHAM 62 Home programmes, 57/58 to 59/60, 22 x 57/8, 18 x 58/9 and 22 x 59/60 (complete season). Includes FA Cup v Yeovil 57/8 and Peterborough 58/9. Generally good 60-65
995 FULHAM 247 Home programmes, 60/61 to 72/3, including complete seasons for 68/9 and 71/2. Generally good 35-40
996 FULHAM 16 Friendlies and Testimonials inc v Blauweiss 56/7 and Testimonials for Hill, Bacuzzi,Haynes, Cohen and Brown.Period is 56/7 to 73/4 includes friendly v Man Utd 71/2. Generally good 25-30
997 FULHAM 20 Away programmes 54/5 to 59/60 including at Luton 54/5, Ipswich 57/8, Hull 54/5 and 55/6. fair-good 35-40
998 LEEDS/LIVERPOOL Programme for the 1992 Charity Shield with 44 autographs, both squads, includes Cantona, Strachan, Rocastle,Chapman and McAllister (Leeds) and Grobelaar, James, Redknapp, Whelan, Rush, Saunders, McManaman and Ronnie Moran (Liverpool). 15-20
999 AUTOGRAPHS 40+ Autographs iside 1980s Crystal Palace album.Includes Southgate, Venables, Pallister, Reid, Quinn and Nevin. Good 10-15
1000 1966 WORLD CUP Record, double album, featuring recordings of the 1966 World Cup, including Quarter-finals, Semi-Finals, Final and interviews ,cover has Official insignia and pictures of the squads for the Final on the inside sleeves. Fair-good 25-30
1001 WORLD CUP 66/ WEST HAM Apennant with the West Ham and England badges plus pictures of Moore, Hurst and peters together with reproduced signatures .There is also a separate World Cup Willie Iron-on badge included. Fair-good 25-30
1002 1931 CUP FINAL Ticket, slight markings. Generally good 210-220
1003 1939 CUP FINAL Ticket. Very good 120-125
1004 1946 CUP FINAL Ticket Excellent 75-80
1005 1947 CUP FINAL Ticket, ink marks to top of ticket. Fair 35-40
1006 1948 CUP FINAL Ticket, small piece torn off when counterfoil removed. Generally good 35-40
1007 1950 CUP FINAL Ticket , small piece torn off top corner., creases. Fair-good 20-25
1008 CUP FINALS Tickets for the 1952, 54 and 56 Cup Finals. Generally good 75-80
1009 ARSENAL-GUNFLASH 2 bound volumes of Gunflash covering January 1950 to May 1955 + approximately 75 issues between June 55 and April 63. Some of the loose issues have punch-holes. Fair-good 70-80
1010 FULHAM 11 Homes, all 40s inc v Villa and v Charlton (Cup) 45/6, v Forest 46/7, 3 x 47/8 , 2 x 48/9 and 3 x 49/50. Fair-good 50-60
1011 SELECTION 3 Programmes, 1960 European Cup Final (slight fold), England v Scotland 14/10/44(folds,team changes), , London v Frankfurt 26/10/55, Inter-City Cup, and ticket for 1978 World Cup Final (slightly creased) 25/6/78, Holland v Argentina. 80-100
1012 MISCELLANY 33 x Charles Buchans Football Monthly, 1955-66 plus 200 programmes, mixed clubs, 1970s-2000, plus a few books inc Boys Book of Soccer x 3.. Fair-good 20-30
1013 CRYSTAL PALACE/TOTTENHAM 110 x Palace programmes,1970s onwards + 66 Tottenham homes late 60s with team changes. Fair-Good 25-30
1014 CHELSEA Signed, framed,glazed, Chelsea year-book 2004-05 pictures , signed by Duff, Tiago, Gallas, Terry, Carvalho, Drogba and Pidgeley. Approx 18" x 24". Good 50-60
1015 CHELSEA 190 Programmes, mainly 60s but includes aways at Man City 56/7, Leicester 58/9, Huddersfield and Hendon 62/3, Workington and Birmingham , both League Cup 64/5, Coventry League Cup 69/70 and Charlton Full Members Cup 85/6.Various other 50s and 80-90
1016 CHELSEA 2 Books, "Going for Goal" with autograph of author Roy Bentley and Chelsea Football Book Number 3. Generally good 45-50
1017 CHELSEA Away programme,much sought after for match at FC Hautcharage, Luxembourg, September 1971 in the Cup-Winners Cup. Covers a little creased inside very good. Good-Very good 800-830
1018 CHELSEA Binder containing set of 21 Away League programmes, 60/61 season. Gilt lettering to binder. Fair-good 45-50
1019 CHELSEA Three away programmes, 54/5 season at Tottenham, Manchester City,and Arsenal.Also included is a copy (replica) of Roy Bentleys last contract signed in the 56/7 season prior to his transfer to Fulham in September 1956.Minor faults . General 40-45
1020 1939 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, pencil score on team page, fold, staples slightly rusting. Fair-good 280-300
1021 1958 WORLD CUP FINAL Programme for the 1958 World Cup Final, good condition. Good-Very good 250-260
1022 SONGSHEET England v Scotland 1932 at Wembley, folds. Generally good 25-30
1023 NEWSPAPERS 198 Editions of "the Pink-Un", Saturday Evening Football paper produced by the Northants Evening Telegraph. These editions run from 62/63 season (39 copies) to 68/69 season (7 copies) and total 198 issues detailing the rise and fall of Nor 120-140
1024 MISCELLANEOUS MAGAZINES 188 issues of Football League Review/Soccer Review plus 24 Sports magazines including 16 x Jimmy Hills Football Weekly from November 17th 1967 onwards, 6 x World Sports inc Feb 58,March 58 and April 58 and 2 x World Soccer. 30-40
1025 SOCCER STAR 612 Issues of Soccer Star, 19 from 1956 + 3 damaged, 43 from 1959 and a complete run from 1960 to June 19th 1970 when sadly publication of this much-loved magazine ceased. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a lengthy run and although so 150-200
1026 FOOTBALL MONTHLY 197 Issues of the much-collected magazine.This collection commences with 9 copies from 1955, 9 from 56, 2 from 57, a complete year from 1958, 11 copies from 1959, 1961 and 1962 and complete sets for 1960 and 1963 to 1972. The copies for 100-120
1027 FA CUP FINAL 5 FA Cup Final programmes, 1961,1963,1964, 1972 and 1978. 61and 63 have neat,small pencil changes, 64 has a minor fold, 72 and 78 are very good. Generally good 30-35
1028 PETERBOROUGH 63 x Peterborough away programmes , mainly 60s including 60/61 at Preston (single card, League Cup), Atson Villa, Dover and Portsmouth (all FA Cup) and league at Chester,Crewe, Darlington, Northampton and York. This collection also include 50-60
1029 OLD AND NEW GROUNDS 12 Programmes inc St Johnstone v Man Utd 1889 (first at new), Millwall v Bristol Rovers (last at Old Den) and v Sporting Club (first at New Den), Yeovil v Colchester (last at old) and v Newcastle (first at new).Also includes Chest 30-40
1030 TESTIMONIALS/FRIENDLIES 100 Programmes, 70s onwards including 50 x Non-League v League, 20 games involving, Manchester Utd,Celtic,Arsenal,Spurs and Chelsea.No duplicates. Good-Very good 35-40
1031 SWINDON 20 x Programmes, 1993/4 season, the only Swindon Premier League season, 18 different homes inc v Arsenal,Chelsea,Man Utd and Spurs, also includes aways at Man Utd and Blackburn. Very good 20-25
1032 WYCOMBE A mixture of First and Last, 93/4 season,Ist League, 17 different homes plus 12 and 7 aways homes from 92/3 last season in Conference (inc both Cup-ties with West Brom. Also includes 29 homes from first season at Adams Park, 90/91 and 17 home 20-25
1033 WOLVES 100 Home programmes, 1987-1992 includes complete season 88/9 (Division 3) , only one missing from 91/2 (v Southend) and only two missing from 89/90. No duplicates Very good 20-25
1034 WATFORD 180 home programmes covering all four divisions, 1967/1989, no duplicates, all in good condition. Good 25-30
1035 NON-LEAGUE 250 programmes, 50 x Banbury Utd 1978/82, 50 x Dudley Town(Home and away) 80's, plus 150 from different clubs, mainly 80s and 90s. Good 25-30
1036 1960s 100 x late 1960s programmes, London/Midland clubs includes Birmingham x 36, Millwall x20, WBA,West Ham ,Charlton and watford.No duplicates. Good 15-20
1037 FA CUP-NON-LEAGUE v LEAGUE 50 x different games, all 80s onwards with good mix of North and South clubs inc Gretna v Rochdale (and replay), Gretna v Bolton, Marine v Halifax,WBA v Wycombe, Frickley v Rotherham, Colwyn Bay v Wrexham and Bishop Aucklan 25-30
1038 ROTHMANS YEARBOOKS Complete run 1970/71 volume 1 to 2004/05 volume 35. All are softback. Generally good 140-150
1039 BREEDONS 6 books from the "Complete Record" series included are Accrington,Aberdeen,Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham and Blackburn. Very good 125-150
1040 ARSENAL 9 Books including Allison Calling, Arsenal Stadium Mystery, Arsenal from the Heart (Wall), and Tom Whittakers Arsenal Story. Fair-good 25-30
1041 MANCHESTER UNITED 7 Books including Official Members History Book, Back at the Top (Foulkes), Duncan Edwards (1988), Father of Football and Soccer at the Top (Busby). Generally good 15-20
1042 TOTTENHAM 5 Books including Spurs go marching on (Finn), Spurs (Holland-SBC), Spurs "the double" (Holland-SBC). Fair-good 15-20
1043 CHELSEA Book, Chelsea Champions, by Sewell with Ted Drake signature inside. Produced in 1955.slight mottling. Generally good 50-60
1044 CLUB HISTORIES Thirty club histories inc Leeds, Villa, Everton, Aberdeen,West Brom, Wolves and many others. Generally good 50-60
1045 BOOKS Almost 40 biographies and autobiographies from 40s onwards inc Hapgood,Swift, Lawton, Gregg, Carter, Cullis, Revie, Greaves up to Gascoigne. Generally good 40-50
1046 ANNUALS 12 Annuals, Players Records and Statistical books. Generally good 10-20
1047 1966 WORLD CUP Menu for World Cup Victory Dinner,and a tribute to Alf Ramsey, Friday 28th October 1966 organised by England Football Supporters Association,signed to rear by Stanley Rous, Alf Ramsey and Kenneth Wolstenholme (all good ink and clear 180-200
1048 ARGENTINA v ENGLAND Official programme, Argentina v England, 12th June 1977 in Buenos Aires. Good-Very good 550-650
1049 MANCHESTER UNITED Programme for Arsenal v Manchester United, 1/2/58, last match played in England by United prior to the Munich air disaster.United won 5-4 watched by 63,578 spectators. Neat score,scorers on team page, slight fold.+ 1959 Brochure, 64 p 70-80
1050 STANLEY MATTHEWS Book, Stanley Matthews Football Album,circa 1949, sold exclusively by Marks and Spencer Ltd, hardback, 96 pages. Fair-good 5-10
1051 GRAND NATIONAL 1950 Programme for the 1950 Grand National, 25th March 1950 won by Freebooter. Generally good 20-25
1052 EPSOM DERBY 1952 Racecard for the 1952 Epsom Derby won by Tulyar. Generally good 15-20
1053 WIMBLEDON TENNIS 3 x Wimbledon Tennis programmes, 2 x1950 including Womens Final 1950 won by Louise Brough and 1 x 1956. Fair-good 25-30
1054 MISCELLANY Bournemouth handbook 48/49 (good), programmes,Barnsley v Rotherham 55/6, Poole v Manchester United 1981/2 and Sheffield Wed v Swansea 55/56. Generally good 25-30
1055 ARSENAL Programme v Sunderland, 28/11/1925, first post First World-War season with red cover, rusty staples, score on team page. Fair-good 150-160
1056 ARSENAL Programme v Blackburn, 6/11/1926, rusty staples. Fair-good 120-125
1057 FULHAM Programme v Arsenal, 3/11/45, slight fold. Good 20-25
1058 GUILDFORD CITY Approximately 195 Guildford home and away programmes from late 50s to a few seventies. Also includes a club history booklet. Majority are good. Fair-very good 60-70
1059 NON-LEAGUE 9 Amateur programmes, Horsham v Hove, 3/9/1932 + 8 x 50s programmes from Gorleston, Maidstone Utd, Barking, Bexhill, East Grinstead, Eastbourne and leyton. Generally good 40-50
1060 SPEEDWAY 30+ Programmes, mainly 70s but a few 60s, varied selection, includes World Championships. Fair-good 25-30
1061 1935 CUP FINAL Official programme, fold, silver cover a little creased, inside pages good. Fair-good 190-200
1062 1948 CUP FINAL Programme and ticket and songsheet.programme has rusty staple and team changes, ticket good, songsheet folds. Fair-good 140-150
1063 DUNDEE-LEEDS Programme for Fairs Cup Semi at Dundee v Leeds, minor ink marks to top of front cover, team changes. Generally good 30-40
1064 BARCELONA- LEEDS Programme , European Cup Semi, 23/4/75 in Barcelona. Generally good 20-25
1065 LEEDS Programmes, 7 x homes and 4 x aways v European opponents, aways are at Schalke , Craiova , Werder Bremen and Valetta., all 79/80 season. Homes are between 1970 and 1979. generally good 25-30
1066 ARSENAL Set of 23 Home programmes, 1948/49 includes 21 x League, Practice match 14/8/48 + Cup v Spurs. Good-Very good 240-250
1067 ARSENAL 9 Reserve team programmes,1948/49 plus Arsenal "A" v Ipswich played at Highbury on 29/1/49 (Eastern Counties League). Includes v Spurs Res. Good 100-120
1068 CHARITY SHIELD Arsenal v Manchester United, 6/10/48, programme for the Charity Shield match at Highbury.slight vertical fold. Good 280-300
1069 PROGRAMMES Selection of 5 programmes,all in good to very good condition, Cup Semi,Portsmouth v Leicester 26/3/49, Bromley v Leytonstone 19/3/49, Amateur Cup Semi, both at Highbury, Chelsea v Arsenal 30/10/48, Arsenal v Burnley 20/8/49 and Leyton Ori 75-80
1070 TOTTENHAM 10 x home programmes, 48/49 season inc Whites v Reds 7/8/48, Good-Very good 120-140
1071 ARSENAL Three handbooks, 47/8, 48/9, and 49/50, all have rusty staples. Fair-good 25-30
1072 TOTTENHAM Lapel badge, metal/plastic, team-group 1920/21. Good 15-20
1073 ARSENAL Interesting modern miscellany including large Arsenal pennant signed by Charlie George, photo of Charlie George with FA Cup on his head (signed by George), Centenary History of Arsenal, laminated large photo of Henry ,Pires and Campbell wit 20-25
1074 CIGARETTE CARD ALBUM Complete set of Churchmans cards ,late 30s,set of 50 Association Footballers in Wills album (not glued). Good 20-25
1075 CHELSEA Booklet ,Famous Football Clubs + BDV Silk (1920s). Generally good 30-40
1076 TOTTENHAM Postcard, teamgroup, 1933/34, (Crawford) Good 35-40
1077 TEAM-GROUPS 34 x Shermans Searchlight colour team groups , issued 1938/39 season,includes Chelsea,Leeds, Celtic,Hearts,Liverpool,West Ham, Derby etc, minor duplication. Good 40-50
1078 NEWSPAPERS A collection of 15 plus newspapers from the forties, the majority covering the 1946 FA Cup Final between Derby and Charlton although there is Portsmouth and Arsenal interest . Fair-good 25-30
1079 SPORTING MIRROR/SPORT MAGAZINES 4 x Sport magazine 1947+ 25 x Sporting Mirror 1948 magazines, rusting staples. Generally good 30-40
1080 ESSO FOOTBALL BADGES Complete set of Esso Football Club badges, affixed to Official Esso holder. 76 badges. Good 10-15
1081 TOPICAL TIMES 34 cards, 3" x 7", some colour,includes Matthews,Drake,Swift,Mercer + smaller photo of Bryn Jones. This lot also includes circa 15 pictures of Football League Stars issued by the Sunday Dispatch (40s),+ Sunday Chronicle annual 1949/50 25-30
1082 SILKS 5 x BDV silks, colour (20s), Plymouth,Tottenham,Aston Villa, Cardiff and Swansea. Fair-good 20-25
1083 ENGLAND Two away programmes at Ireland 6/10/56 and Scotland 14/4/56. Generally good 15-20
1084 ARSENAL Autograph book containing Arsenal autographs, early 30s inc Hapgood,Jack, Lambert, Parker, James, Roberts, John, Bastin, Moss and Tom Whittaker (trainer), A separate page contains 16 x Arsenal reserves autographs plus Milne (trainer).Famous 250-300
1085 WEST HAM 235 Home programmes, 1970s, team changes. Fair-good 35-40
1086 TOTTENHAM Four programmes 38/9 v Newastle,Chesterfield,Nottingham Forest and Millwall, slight teears and wear plus rare home programme v Southampton 46/7 and 46/7 home v West Brom and Millwall, 47/8 v Leicester, Luton, Nottm Forest and v Arsenal Reserv 170-180
1087 TOTTENHAM 49 Home programmes , inc 2 copies of Chelsea-Burnley 4th replay, FA Cup 55/6 plus 26 Homes 58/9 , 13 first team, 12 reserves and 21 59/60 Homes inc v Crewe (13-2) and 11 reserves. Generally good 150-160
1088 BOBBY CHARLTON T shirt signed by Bobby Charlton in black marker.T-shirt has British Gas and Bobby Charlton Sports motif 20-25
1089 1939 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1939 Cup Final, minor folds. Fair-good 90-100
1090 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme , Blackburn Rovers v Bolton, 22/3/58, Semi at Maine Road. Generally good 25-30