lot descriptions: january 2008

The following lots were available in our January 2008 auction, held at Northampton RFC - columns shown are lot number, description, and estimate.

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1 TOTTENHAM / ENGLAND Official Spurs programme for the England trial match, 23/1/1911 at Tottenham, Whites v Stripes, edges a little fragile, players from 15 different clubs inc Newcastle, Villa, Chelsea, Man Utd and Notts County. Eight page Tottenham i 300-400
2 ENGLAND v WALES 1933 Official programme for England v Wales 15/11/1933 at Newcastle, score, scorers on team page, England were surprised by the Welsh and were beaten 2-1, Brook scored for England, Astley and Mills for Wales, fold, slight wear. G 700-800
3 SCOTTISH LEAGUE Programme for Scottish League v English League, 13/3/1926 at Celtic Park, Glasgow, 44 page issue, slight fold. Generally good 280-300
4 FOOTBALL LEAGUE Programme for the English League v Scottish League, 17/2/1923, at Newcastle, full 20 page issue, slight wear, fold. Fair-good 280-300
5 GLOSSOP / GAINSBOROUGH TRINITY A very rare opportunity to acquire a Glossop Football League programme and even better it is against Gainsborough Trinity who also left the Football League many years ago. This issue is dated 19/2/1910. It is hard to be 3500-4000
6 1969 FAIRS CUP FINAL Very rare programme for Ujpest Dozsa v Newcastle, 11/6/69 in Hungary, Fairs Cup Final. Very good 750-800
7 1969 FAIRS CUP FINAL Interesting document relating to BBC coverage of the second leg in Budapeat between Ujpest Dozsa and Newcastle, the documents cover the BBC Commentators, timings and other instructions. Also included is a Budapest brochure. Gen 50-60
8 ARSENAL Thought to be the oldest Arsenal medal in existence, this is a medal awarded to R.T. Horsington who represented Royal Arsenal FC in the 1889/90 London FA Challenge Cup Final.Arsenal lost 1-0 to Old Westminster. The medal comes complete with 3000-5000
9 ARSENAL Home programme v Birmingham City, 15/9/1928, folds, minor creasing, no staples, small hole throughout. Fair 75-80
10 ARSENAL Home issue v Chelsea, 4/4/1931 , no staple, neat score on team page. Fair-good 60-75
11 ARSENAL Two home issues , 1931/2 v Bolton 17/10/31 and v Leicester 5/3/32., team changes. Generally good 90-100
12 ARSENAL Home issue v Sunderland 2/4/34, no staple, slight cover "bleeding". Generally good 40-50
13 ARSENAL Two issues 34/5 v Liverpool and v Manchester City, both League games, rusty staples otherwise good. Generally good 80-90
14 ARSENAL Four issues, 35/36 v Birmingham, Aston Villa, Leeds and West Brom., some rusty staples, otherwise good. Generally good 160-180
15 ARSENAL Three issues, 35/36 v Shef Wed, Sunderland and Chelsea, all League games, rusting staple. Generally good 120-140
16 ARSENAL Three issues 1936/37 v Middlesbrough, West Brom and Manchester City, rusty staples, occasional team changes. Fair-good 120-130
17 ARSENAL Three issues 1937/38 , v Chelsea, Charlton and Birmingham, rusting staples, occasional team changes. Fair-good 120-125
18 ARSENAL Three issues, 1937/38 v Leicester, Blackpool and Stoke, Good 120-125
19 ARSENAL Three issues 1938/39 v Chelsea, Preston and Blackpool, Chelsea issue has minor "bleeding", Generally good 110-120
20 ARSENAL Four issues 1938/39 v Portsmouth, Birmingham, Aston Villa and Stoke, occasional rusty staple and team change. Generally good 140-150
21 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for Chelsea v Newcastle, 14/9/55, at Stamford Bridge, rusting staples, slight fold. Generally good 210-225
22 YOUTH CUP FINAL Programme, Manchester United v Chesterfield, 30/4/1956, slight tears along folds. Fair-good 40-50
23 SCOTLAND Programme v England, 1/4/1933 at Hampden, spine split, slight ageing.minor folds. Fair 110-125
24 ENGLAND Programme v Scotland 1934 at Wembley, slight fold, rusty staples. Fair-good 130-140
25 ENGLAND Programme v Scotland, 1936 at Wembley, rusty staple, score, scorers on team page. Fair-good 140-150
26 SEMI-FINAL Programme for York v Newcastle at Hillsborough, 26/3/55, minor fold, small mark to edge. Generally good 60-65
27 SEMI-FINAL Programme for the Replay at Maine Road , Manchester, 27/3/46, Birmingham v Derby, folds, worn , cuts to edges, score on team page. Fair 75-80
28 SEMI-FINAL Programme and ticket for Wolves v Manchester Utd, 26/3/49 at Hillsborough, programme has folds, ticket has small pin-hole. Generally good 90-100
29 SEMI-FINAL Programme for the Cup Semi-Final replay, 2/4/49 at Goodison Park, Manchester United v Wolves, minor folds. Generally good 90-100
30 1926 CUP FINAL Official programme for Bolton v Man City, horizontal fold, rusting staples, slight creases. Generally good 850-900
31 WEST HAM Home programme v Aston Villa, 8/9/1928, minor tear along fold, very slight tear to edge. Fair-good 125-150
32 WEST HAM Home programme v Portsmouth, 17/11/1928, a copuple of tears along spine, very slight paper loss but no print affected.fold. Fair 120-130
33 WEST HAM Home programme v Sheffield Wednesday, 1/12/1928, fold, minor tear to edge. Generally good 125-150
34 WEST HAM Home programme v Chelsea, 13/9/1930, creased Fair 125-150
35 WEST HAM Home programme v Chelsea, 31/8/1931, fold, slightly grubby on inside fold. Fair-good 150-160
36 WEST HAM Home programme v Middlesbrough, 5/9/1931, slight folds. Generally good 120-130
37 WEST HAM Home programme v Sheffield United, 21/9/1931, folds. Generally good 120-130
38 WEST HAM Home programme v Leicester, 3/10/1931, slight fold, minor ageing. Generally good 120-130
39 WEST HAM Home programme v Portsmouth, 24/10/1931, folds. Generally good 120-130
40 WEST HAM Home programme v West Brom, 7/11/1931, minor fold. Generally good 120-130
41 WEST HAM Home programme v Blackpool, 21/11/1931, fold. Generally good 120-130
42 WEST HAM Home programme v Sunderland, 19/12/1931, minor tears along edge, slight fold. Generally good 120-130
43 WEST HAM Home programme v Grimsby, 26/12/1931, slight wear, several tears along edge, fold. Fair 100-120
44 WEST HAM Home programme v Aston Villa, 3/1/1931, slight folds. Generally good 125-130
45 WEST HAM Home programme v Chelsea, 10/1/1931, FA Cup, folds, minor scuff, slight wear. Fair 140-150
46 WEST HAM Home programme v Grimsby, 7/2/1931, folds. Generally good 125-130
47 WEST HAM Home programme v Arsenal, 28/2/1931, slight fold. Good 130-140
48 WEST HAM Home programme v Birmingham, 16/3/1931, slight fold. Generally good 125-130
49 WEST HAM Home programme v Bolton, 2/1/1932, fold, slight tears along edge, slight wear. Fair-good 120-130
50 WEST HAM Home programme v Aston Villa, 6/2/1932, slight fold. Generally good 120-130
51 1928 CUP FINAL Official programme, Blackburn v Huddersfield, rusty staples replaced. Generally good 750-800
52 1929 CUP FINAL Official programme, Bolton v Portsmouth, rusting staples. Good-Very good 850-900
53 1930 CUP FINAL Official programme, Arsenal v Huddersfield, staples removed and rust marks to staple area otherwise generally good. Fair-good 600-650
54 1931 CUP FINAL Official programme, Birmingham v West Brom, slight fold, one team change. Good 800-850
55 1932 CUP FINAL Official programme, Arsenal v Newcastle, a very small cover mark of minimum significance otherwise very good. Very good 700-750
56 1933 CUP FINAL Official programme, Everton v Manchester City, slight fold, neat score, scorers on team page. Generally good 460-500
57 1934 CUP FINAL Official programme, Manchester City v Portsmouth, no staples. Generally good 420-450
58 1935 CUP FINAL Official programme, West Brom v Sheffield Wednesday, Silver Jubilee cover with no fold, rarely available in condition as good as this. Very good 550-600
59 1936 CUP FINAL Official programme, Arsenal v Sheffield United, rusting staples. Generally good 400-420
60 1937 CUP FINAL Official programme, Preston v Sunderland, neat score, scorers on team page. Good 350-360
61 1938 CUP FINAL Official programme, Huddersfield v Preston, minor folds, rusty staples replaced. Fair-good 280-300
62 1939 CUP FINAL Official programme, Portsmouth v Wolverhampton, score, scorers on team page, otherwise very good. Good-Very good 350-380
63 1946 CUP FINAL Official programme, Charlton v Derby, slight creasing otherwise good. Generally good 150-180
64 1947 CUP FINAL Official programme, Burnley v Charlton, fold, score on team page., spine partly split. Fair-good 110-120
65 1948 CUP FINAL Official programme, Blackpool v Manchester United, score on team page, rusting staples, very slight folds. Fair-good 125-140
66 1949 CUP FINAL Official programme, Leicester v Wolves, no staples, rusty staple area.slight folds. Fair-good 90-95
67 1950 CUP FINAL Official programme, Arsenal v Liverpool, folds, rusty staples. Fair-good 80-90
68 1951 CUP FINAL Official programme, Blackpool v Newcastle, folds, rusty staples. Generally good 75-80
69 1952 CUP FINAL Official programme, Arsenal v Newcastle, one neat team change otherwise good. Generally good 65-70
70 IRISH JUNIOR CUP FINAL Programme dated 26/12/1927, Steel and Sons' Cup Final at the Oval Ground, Northern Irish Junior Cup Final between Ormiston and Willowfield. Good 140-150
71 CLAPTON ORIENT Large format, blue colour cover, Clapton Orient v Motherwell, 26/4/1934, slight fold, no staple. Generally good 210-225
72 ASTON VILLA Scarce programme for Aston Villa v Cowdenbeath, 13/2/1932, ex bound volume, slight fold. Generally good 150-160
73 CHELSEA Single sheet practice match programme, 19/8/1936, Blues v Reds, minor fold. Generally good 75-80
74 BRISTOL ROVERS / MUNSTER Programme for the match, 9/5/54, Munster FA v Bristol Rovers at Mardyke Grounds, Cork, 3 Everton players in Munster XI. Very good 160-170
75 ENGLAND Home programme v Austria, 7/12/1932 at Stamford Bridge, , fold, minor repairs. Fair-good 230-240
76 1974 CUP-WINNERS CUP FINAL A.C. Milan v Magdeburg in Rotterdam, slight aageing. Good 90-100
77 IRISH CUP FINAL 1951 Programme for Ballymena v Glentoran, 28/4/51, slight fold. Good 80-90
78 IRISH CUP FINAL 1950 Programme for the Final, Distillery v Linfield, 22/4/50, very minor tear to rear cover. Generally good 90-100
79 IRISH CUP FINAL 1953 Programme for the match between Coleraine v Linfield, 25/4/53.slight fold. Good 90-100
80 IRISH CUP FINAL 1952 Programme for Ards v Glentoran, 26/4/52 Good 75-80
81 EUROPEAN CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for Dynamo Kiev v Bayern Munchen, 74/5 European Cup Semi Final. Good 85-90
82 1962 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme for Norwich v Rochdale, 1/5/62 at Carrow Road, no staple, very small cover mark. Good 350-400
83 BELFAST CELTIC Programme for the last "Big Match" that Belfast Celtic participated in, 20/3/48, Irish Cup Semi-Final v Coleraine at Cliftonville.slight fold. Generally good 270-280
84 IRISH LEAGUE Programme for Irish League v Football League, 22/10/47, Belfast, minor fold. Good 70-75
85 CLIFTONVILLE Programme v Linfield, 28/12/46, Good 30-40
86 CLIFTONVILLE Programme v Coleraine, 7/12/46. ,slight fold. Good 30-35
87 ARSENAL Gold medal awarded to A.Clark, Arsenal FC winners London Football Combination 1928/29, hall-marked and inscribed. Very good 400-450
88 TRANMERE Gold medal awarded to A.Clark, Tranmere Rovers, Champions Division 3 Northern Section, 1937/38. Superb condition. Very good 800-900
89 SCOTLAND SHIRT Scotland full International shirt (Blue) worn by Andy Beattie of Preston in the late 1930s. Beattie made 7 appearances for Scotland between 1937 and 1939.. Slight wear. Generally good 280-300
90 PLYMOUTH Very rare issue, Peace celebration match v Exeter City played at Home Park, 26/7/1919.This four page issue has a heavy tape mark across the centreand there are tears along the various folds. Nevertheless a competent restorer could work wonders 400-500
91 NON-LEAGUE 14 programmes, all 40s inc Faversham v Ramsgate 49/50 (taped spine), Tooting v Walton and Hersham 49/50 (Cup), Crittall Ath v Eton Manor 48/9, Walton and Hersham v Dulwich 49/50, Harwich and Parkeston v Metroploitan Police 46/7, Finchley v S 90-100
92 NON-LEAGUE A very attractive collection of 127 x 1950s non-League programmes, very wide variety of clubs from Kent league to Wales, Lancashire to Yeovil, all 50s, early 50s onwards , prominent clubs include Marine, Weymiuth, Boston Utd, Yeovil , also in 300-350
93 NON-LEAGUE Box containing 625 x 1960s non-League issues, wide selection of clubs with Bideford, Rhyl, Sheppey Utd, Witton Albion, Ellesmere Port, Yeovil, Romford, Runcorn, Altrincham and Hendon prominent amongst many others, condition is mixed but gene 480-500
94 BUSBY BABES An excellent collection of photographs never published before of the Busby Babes in the Bernabeu Stadium preparing for the 1957 European Cup tie in Madrid. There are seven photographs in total. Five of the photographs are 6.5" x 5", the ot 220-250
95 BUSBY BABES Three original photos of the Babes at the Bernabeu, 1957, one is almost 7" x 4" team group in training kit with Busby, the other two are smaller and include a similar team group and one of the players next to the fans. Good 110-125
96 FULHAM Home programme v Gainsborough Trinity, 16/11/1907, volume 1 number 12, includes orange/brown cover, Fulham had won the Southern league the previous season and this was their first Football League season . Opponents Gainsborough Trinity were mem 600-650
97 WEST HAM Home programme v Aston Villa, 24/1/1925, fold, slight ageing , rusty staple. Fair-good 220-240
98 GILLINGHAM Rare issue, 21/4/1923, Gillingham v Merthyr Town, Division 3 South. The programme has a few tears and creases but is a candidate for repair by a professional restorer which should see it as being a very acceptable part of any collection espec 500-600
99 CHARLTON Home issue v Grimsby, 6/9/1937, , fold, slightly grubby, rusty staple. Fair 90-100
100 CHARLTON Home issue v Everton, 22/4/1939, folds, slight wear, rusty staple. Fair 90-100
101 SUNDERLAND Rare programme for Sunderland tour of Austria , June 1951, programme includes teamsheet for the games in Vienna, 6/6/51 v Rapid and 7/6/51 v FK Austria. The teamsheet is also autographed by the full Sunderland team. The programme has 32 pa 200-250
102 ENGLAND v SCOTLAND Two programmes, both for Maine Road games, 16/10/43 (folds, England won 8-0) and 24/8/46 (slight fold, no staple). Generally good 100-120
103 IPSWICH Seventeen programmes, 54/55 season with match reports and inc v West Ham, Plymouth, Liverpool and v Bishop Auckland (Cup). Very good 260-280
104 WEST HAM Home programme v Liverpool, 20/2/1932, slight fold. Good 120-130
105 WEST HAM BOYS Programme for Corinthian Shield Semi-Final, West Ham Boys v Walthamstow Boys, 27/2/1932, at Upton Park, standard West Ham issue, slight fold. Good 50-60
106 WEST HAM Home programme v Derby, 12/3/1932, slight folds. Generally good 120-130
107 WEST HAM Home programme v Sheffield Wednesday, 25/3/1932, minor folds, slight ageing. Generally good 120-130
108 WEST HAM Home programme v Blackburn, 9/4/1932, slight folds. Generally good 120-130
109 WEST HAM Home programme v Birmingham, 23/4/1932, front cover a little grubby, folds, some paper erosion along spine (no print affected). Fair 95-100
110 LONDON SENIOR AMATEUR CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, 14/5/1932, at Upton Park, standard West Ham issue, Hayes v Ilford, Hayes defeated six teams to reach the Final, this being their first appearance in the Final whereas Ilford had been in ten prev 150-160
111 WEST HAM Reserve team issue v Tottenham Reserves , 10/10/1931, some creasing, slightly grubby. Fair 45-50
112 WEST HAM Reserve team issue v Arsenal Reserves, 17/10/1931, folds, slight ageing. Generally good 45-50
113 WEST HAM Reserve team issue v Chelsea Reserves, 17/1/1931, folds, slightly grubby on inside page. Fair-good 45-50
114 WEST HAM Home programme v Bradford City, 29/8/1932, minor folds, slight tears. Fair-good 110-120
115 WEST HAM Home programme v Notts County, 3/9/1932, slight folds. Generally good 110-120
116 WEST HAM Home programme v Millwall, 17/9/1932, slight folds, minor ageing. Generally good 110-120
117 WEST HAM Home programme v Bury, 1/10/1932, slight folds. Generally good 110-120
118 WEST HAM Home programme v Oldham, 15/10/1932, slight folds. Good 110-120
119 WEST HAM Home programme v Burnley, 29/10/1932, minor folds. Good 110-120
120 WEST HAM Home programme v Grimsby, 12/11/1932, substantial piece torn off back page plus piece also missing off top left hand corner of front cover, team line-ups not affected. Poor 25-30
121 WEST HAM Home programme v Charlton, 26/11/1932, slighyt fold. Good 110-120
122 WEST HAM Home programme for Reserves v Arsenal Reserves, 3/12/1932, London Pro Mid-week League, slight folds. Generally good 45-50
123 WEST HAM Home programme v Manchester United, 10/12/1932, folds, minor paper erosion along spine (no print affected). Fair-good 140-150
124 WEST HAM Home programme v Plymouth, 24/12/1932, tear along fold, slight wear. Fair-good 95-100
125 WEST HAM Home programme v Fulham, 27/12/1932, slight fold. Good 110-120
126 WEST HAM Home programme v Swansea, 31/12/1932, slight folds. Generally good 110-120
127 WEST HAM Home programme v Port Vale, 21/1/1933, slight folds. Generally good 110-120
128 WEST HAM Home programme v West Brom, 28/1/1933,FA Cup, folds, slight tear. Fair-good 95-100
129 WEST HAM Home programme v Southampton, 4/2/1933, fold, slight wear. Generally good 110-120
130 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Arsenal Reserves, 11/2/1933, slight folds, minor tears. Fair 40-50
131 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Sheffield United, 5/1/1935, piece approx 2inch square cut off back cover, fold. Fair 210-220
132 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 1952 Final, rusting staple, slightly grubby. Fair-good 45-55
133 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Anderlecht, 26/9/56, first United European "Home" (played at Maine Road). Two scores completed on back page fixture list otherwise very good. Good 120-125
134 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme for Rotherham v Aston Villa, 22/8/61, first leg of the 60/61 inaugural League Cup Final., minor ageing. Good-very good 550-600
135 LEAGUE CUP Programme for the Final, 5/9/61, Aston Villa v Rotherham, 60/61 Final second leg. Very good 220-250
136 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Shrewsbury v Rotherham, 29/3/61, slight fold, staple removed. Fair-good 80-90
137 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Aston Villa v Burnley, 26/4/61, horizontal fold. Generally good 75-85
138 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Burnley v Aston Villa, 10/4/61, Very good 120-140
139 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for replay at Old Trafford, 2/5/61, Aston Villa v Burnley, scuffs to rear cover. Fair-good 75-85
140 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Norwich v Blackpool, 11/4/62, fold. Generally good 90-100
141 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Birmingham v Bury, 27/3/63. Good 50-60
142 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Sunderland v Aston Villa, 12/1/63, folds, slight wear. Fair 100-120
143 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme for Birmingham v Aston Villa, 23/5/63, slight fold. Generally good 90-100
144 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme for Aston Villa v Birmingham, 27/5/63, very slight creasing. Good 100-120
145 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme for Leicester v Stoke, 22/4/64, Very good 250-300
146 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for West Ham v Leicester, 23/3/64, very slight marks on one page. Generally good 15-20
147 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Man City v Stoke,5/2/64, very slight crease. Generally good 20-25
148 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Stoke v Man City, 15/1/64, Very good 30-35
149 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme for Leicester v Chelsea, 5/4/65, slight fold, team changes. Fair-good 160-180
150 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme for Chelsea v Leicester, 15/3/65, slight fold. Generally good 40-50
151 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Chelsea v Aston Villa, 10/2/65, folds, team changes. Fair 12-15
152 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Aston Villa v Chelsea, 20/1/65, Very good 60-70
153 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Leicester v Plymouth, 20/1/65, fold, minor creases. Fair 25-30
154 LEAGUE CUP SEMI-FINALS Two programmes, 65/6 season, West Ham v Cardiff, (fold) and West Brom v Peterborough (fold). Fair-good 20-30
155 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme for West Ham v West Brom, 9/3/66, fold. Generally good 40-50
156 HEADINGTON Reserve programme v St Neots, 17/3/51, four page issue. Good 25-35
157 HEADINGTON Six issues, 51/2 v Worcester ( a little creased) and 5 x 52/3 v Hastings, Aylesbury (FA Cup), Maidenhead (FA Cup), Yeovil and Llanelly(slightly grubby on team page). Generally good 150-180
158 HEADINGTON Home programme for Southern League Cup Final v Weymouth, 27/4/53, no staple. Generally good 35-40
159 HEADINGTON Six issues 53/4 v Hastings, Kettering, Gravesend, Weymouth, Cheltenham, and Bedford (S.L.Cup). Some minor faults. Fair-good 140-160
160 HEADINGTON Five issues, 53/4 v Barry, Gravesend (S.L.Cup), Guildford (S.L.Cup), Kidderminster and Llanelly, minor faults. Generally good 125-150
161 HEADINGTON Five issues from the 53/4 FA Cup run, home issues v Millwall, Stockport and Bolton and away issues at Millwall and Stockport, folds, two have score on front. Fair-good 90-100
162 HEADINGTON Six home issues 54/5 v Cheltenham (S.L.Cup), Merthyr, All Star XI (Toulouse benefit), Tonbridge (FA Cup), Guildford ( ink on some pages) and Worcester, Fair-good 125-150
163 HEADINGTON Four page floodlight match issue for the Southern League game v Kidderminster, 14/3/56, folds, score on cover, minor marks. Fair 25-30
164 HEADINGTON Six home issues, 55/6 v Worcester, Weymouth, Yeovil (creases, tears), Hastings, Bath and Dartford. Minor faults. Fair-good 140-150
165 HEADINGTON Six home issues 56/7 v Tonbridge, Exeter City Res, All-Star XI (Smith), Weymouth, Guildford (FA Cup), Barry.Occasional minor faults. Generally good 100-120
166 HEADINGTON Six home issues, 56/7 v Worcester, Hereford, Cheltenham, Gravesend, Bath and Merthyr, minor faults, two have score on cover. Generally good 100-120
167 HEADINGTON Two away issues, 56/7 at Yeovil and Worcester, team changes. Fair-good 22-25
168 HEADINGTON Five home issues, 57/8, one issue v Cheltenham does not have a cover and one issue v Tonbridge has punch-holes, the other three issues v Aylesbury (Cup), Banbury Spencer (Cup) and Chelmsford are complete but have scores on the front. Fair 50-60
169 HEADINGTON Four home issues , 57/8 v Barry, Margate (Cup), Guildford and Yeovil + 2 away programmes, 57/8 at Bedford and Yeovil. Fair-good 90-100
170 HEADINGTON Fifteen home issues, 58/9 inc friendly v Swindon and FA Cup v Margate, Oxford City and Windsor and Eton, some have minor faults. Generally good 160-180
171 HEADINGTON Four away programmes, 58/9 at Cheltenham, (S.L.Cup), Gloucester, Peterborough (FA Cup-punch-holes) and Wellington (folds). Fair-good 30-40
172 HEADINGTON Programme for trial match 15/8/59, Gold v White, fold. Generally good 18-20
173 HEADINGTON Twenty one home games, 1959/60, last season as Headington United, some have minor faults, majority good. Generally good 200-220
174 HEADINGTON Three home issues 59/60 including v Oxford City (Smith Memorial Cup) , v Banbury Spencer (Oxon Professional Cup) and v Nuneaton 27/4/60, last Home issue of Headington United before name change to Oxford United in 60/61 season. Generall 40-50
175 HEADINGTON Six home issues 59/60, all friendlies v League sides, v Lincoln, Notts County, Plymouth, Swindon, Brentford, and Port Vale.(rear cover grubby). Generally good 90-100
176 HEADINGTON Programme for the away match at Gravesend, 30/4/60, the last Headington first team game as the name changed to Oxford United at the start of the following season. Good 30-40
177 HEADINGTON Three away programmes, 59/60 at Worcester, Bedford and Chelmsford (folds). Generally good 25-30
178 HEADINGTON Two away FA Cup issues 59/60, at Cambridge City and the last-ever FA Cup match played by Headington United at Enfield. Generally good 20-25
179 OXFORD First programme as Oxford United following the name-change from Headington United.Dated 20/8/60, the issue is v Worcester. Good 15-20
180 ROMFORD A double occasion issue as , dated 25/8/60, it is the first Oxford United away issue and also the first Romford Southern League Premier Division issue, score on cover and small nick to corner. Fair 12-15
181 HUDDERSFIELD Programme v Sheffield United 1927/28, Cup Final souvenir issue, mottled cover and spine splitting, fold. Fair 140-150
182 ARSENAL Signed shirt, blue away shirt , 20 signatures in white , 2003/04 Arsenal record breaking unbeaten season. Good 280-300
183 MAN UTD Signed 1998/99 shirt, black away shirt, United Treble season., 13 signatures, in white, with certificate of authenticity.Signatures include Ferguson,Schmeichel, Irwin, Butt, Beckham, Scholes, Keane, Yorke and the Nevilles. Good 280-300
184 MAN UTD Signed 2003/04 shirt, black away shirt, 18 signatures in white, certificate of authenticity, includes Keane, Ferdinand, Forlan, Scholes, Van Nistelrooy, Giggs, Saha, Ronaldo. Good 220-250
185 WOLVES Home programme v Newport County, 16/3/46, slight tear along fold. Generally good 30-35
186 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL 1962 Programme for Benfica v Real Madrid, 62 Final in Amsterdam, rusty staples. Fair-good 45-50
187 CREWE Home issue 47/48 v New Brighton and York, double issue. Very good 55-60
188 SCOTTISH SHIRT Framed, glazed Scottish League shirt belonging to Davy Shaw of Hibernian and worn in the match v League of Ireland 47/8.. The Scots won the match 2-0 in Dublin and left back Shaw won 8 full caps for Scotland between 47 and 49..Framed in 400-500
189 BARCELONA Bound volume, 1955 and 56, inc games v Austria Vienna, Frankfurt, Approximately 23 programmes, slight ageing. Generally good 75-80
190 HEARTS Home issue v Chelsea 21/4/47, Good 55-60
191 HEARTS Home issue v Chelsea, 12/5/51, pencil score on cover. Generally good 40-50
192 BARNET Home issue v Edinburgh University, 19/1/52, slight fold, number on cover. Generally good 25-30
193 HIBS / MAN UTD Programme for the match between Hibernian and Manchester United, 15/9/52, Gordon Smith Testimonial, fold, small mark to cover, pencil changes etc. Fair-good 70-80
194 GALA FAIRYDEAN Programme for Gala Fairydean v Berwick Rangers, 26/3/49, East of Scotland League, neat score on team page. Good 50-60
195 SCOTTISH PROGRAMMES 26 x fifties and 23 x sixties, variety of clubs, fifties include, Dundee, Motherwell, Falkirk, Hearts, Raith, Airdrie and others. Several have slight faults. Fair-good 70-75
196 OLYMPICS 1912 Twenty page brochure devoted to the Football at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, this brochure has a colour cover and many photographs. The Gold medal was won by England who defeated Denmark in the Final, there are a couple of scuffs but o 80-100
197 BLACKPOOL Programme dated 3/4/1931 for the match v Derby. This programme has had extensive repairs and six of the eight pages have had paper replaced, the back cover and inside back cover have suffered substantial print loss, four of the other pages h 50-60
198 YORK Home issue v Heanor Town, 4/12/1926, first team issue, Midland League. Very good 80-90
199 MIDDLESBROUGH Home issue v Huddersfield, 21/4/1934 , score on cover. Good 75-80
200 POSTCARDS Quite an interesting lot, there are two postcards of Airdrie, pre-war on the golf course, five postcard sized teamgroups from 56/7 season featuring Stenhousemuir, Alloa, East Stirling, Ayr and St Mirren presented by the Scottish Daily Expres 60-70
201 EUROPEAN FINALS AND SEMIS 23 programmes from 1960s onwards. Good 30-40
202 ARSENAL 85 programmes, aways, 1957 onwards Good 30-40
203 REPRESENTATIVE 58 programmes, inc Inter-League, Schools etc from 1950s onwards. Good 30-40
204 SEMI-FINALS 32 programmes, FA Cup and League Cup, 1960s onwards. Good 25-30
205 RESERVES Over 240 programmes from 1950s onwards, minor duplication only. Generally good 80-100
206 YOUTH / UNDER 23 Over 140 programmes from 1950s onwards. Generally good 30-40
207 1940s 14 programmes, inc Birmingham, Newcastle, Blackpool, Swindon, Wolves and Plymouth Good 150-180
208 1960s PROGRAMMES Approximately 150 programmes from the 60s. Fair-good 50-60
209 1960s PROGRAMMES Circa 150 programmes, 1960s issues. Fair-good 50-60
210 NON-LEAGUE Approximately 100 issues from 1940s, 50s and 60s. Good 150-180
211 1950s PROGRAMMES Approximately 60 programmes from the 50s. Fair-good 80-100
212 1950s PROGRAMMES Approximately 60 programmes, all 50s. Fair-good 80-100
213 MEMORABILIA Large box containing numerous items including rosettes, pennants, teamsheets, magazines etc. Good 40-50
214 ENGLAND Over 90 programmes from 1950s onwards. Good 40-50
215 INTERNATONALS Over 60 programmes from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, 60s onwards. Very good 30-40
216 FA NEWS Approx 70 issues of this popular magazine from August 59 onwards Good 40-50
217 NON-LEAGUE DIRECTORIES 14 of these annuals, 1990, 1991 and a run from 1994-2005. Good 40-50
218 LEAGUE DIRECTORIES 20 different annuals inc Panini, Sunday Telegraph etc. Good 25-30
219 PRE-WAR ANNUALS 7 annuals, News Chronicle 33/4, 34/5 and 35/6, Littlewoods 36/7, Topical Times 34/5 and 35/6 + Merthyr Tydfil League 31/2. Generally good 80-100
220 COVENTRY Over 320 items including Directors Box passes, car park passes etc. Good 50-60
221 ASTON VILLA Scarce home issue v Manchester United, 46/7. Very good 50-60
222 TOTTENHAM Three reserve programmes, v Southampton 27/8, Southend 28/9 and West Ham 33/4, ex-bound volume. Good 60-80
223 TOTTENHAM Three reserve programmes, 37/8 v Crystal Palce, QPR and Fulham. Very good 60-80
224 TOTTENHAM Home issue v Nottingham Forest, 37/38, professional repair to tears. Good 30-40
225 TOTTENHAM Two reserve home programmes v Luton Town, 27/8 ex bound volume and 37/8 (very good). As described 40-50
226 ENGLAND Home issue v Scotland 1938 at Wembley. Very good 100-120
227 NORWICH Scarce home programme v Nottingham Forest, 56/7 for Charities Cup match. Very good 30-40
228 CHELSEA Home issue v Derby County, 1912/13. Good 120-150
229 FRIENDLIES Approximately 240 programmes from 1950s onwards. Good 80-100
230 EVERTON Twenty seven home programmes, 57/8 to 59/60 seasons, 3 x 57/8, 14 x 58/9 and 10 x 59/60, mixed condition but mainly good, includes Cup games. Fair-good 50-60
231 EVERTON Almost 200 Everton homes between 60/61 and 68/9 seasons, no duplicates, includes Cup, challenge v Rangers 63/4 , European Cup 63/4 v Inter and other European. Fair-good 150-180
232 MANCHESTER UNITED Around 50 homes, 53/4 to 59/60, most have tokens, 2x 53/4, 1 x 55/6, 5 x 56/7, 7 x 57/8, 20 x 58/9 and 15 x 59/60, no duplication but some have faults inc a few split spines and scores on some front covers. Fair-good 180-200
233 MANCHESTER UNITED Over 140 homes, 60/61 to 69/70, majority have tokens, some have faults eg score on cover, occasional split spine, includes 15 x 60/1, 15 x 61/2, 10 x 62/3, 22 x 63/4, 22 x 64/5. No duplicates, includes European and Cups. Fair 160-180
234 MANCHESTER CITY Home programmes, 7 x 54/5, 20 x 55/6, 14 x 56/7, mixed condition, some have tokens missing, score on cover etc, others are good, very minor duplication, includes Cups and friendlies. Fair-good 100-120
235 MANCHESTER CITY Home programmes, 25 x 57/8, 33 x 58/9, minor duplication, majority have tokens, some have faults, such as score on cover. Fair-good 100-120
236 MANCHESTER CITY Home programmes, 38 x 59/60, 16 x 60/61, 3 x 61/2 and 2 x 62/3. minor duplication, most have tokens, occasional score on cover. Fair-good 80-90
237 LEAGUE CUP SEMIS Forty eight different League Cup Semi-Final programmes from 65/6 to 93/4 including West Brom v Peterborough 65/6, West Ham v West Brom 66/7. Fair-good 60-70
238 FA CUP FINALS Thirteen programmes, 1958-1988 including 59,60,62, 65, 68, 72, 74, 76, 83, 84, and 85 + reprint of 1923 Final. Fair-good 80-90
239 FA CUP SEMI-FINALS Sixty five Semi-Finals between 57/8 and 91/2 seasons, some have minor faults but majority are good, includes some replays, no duplicates. Fair-good 120-130
240 GUNFLASH Sixty copies of the Arsenal "Gunflash" magazine dated between June 50 and 1976. 10 x 50s, 18 x 60s. Generally good 30-35
241 PIRATES Twenty seven pirate programmes, 40s , 50s and 60s including Finals, Semi-Finals and Internationals. Fair-good 40-50
242 TESTIMONIALS Ninety two Testimonial programmes, a couple of 50s , remainder 60s onwards, strong North-West influence. Generally good 100-120
243 LIVERPOOL Fifteen home programmes, 47/8 v Everton, 48/9 v Shef Utd, Bolton, Middlesborough, Everton, Birmingham, Newcastle, and 49/50 v Sunderland, Newcastle, Man City, Birmingham, West Brom, Blackpool, Fulham and Huddersfield. Fair-good 140-150
244 LIVERPOOL Sixteen home programmes, 2 x 50/1, 4 x 51/2 and 10x 52/3 inc Cup v Burnley and Liverpool Senior Cup v Everton, some have minor faults. Fair-good 100-110
245 LIVERPOOL Sixteen home programmes, 5 x 53/4 inc v Spurs and v Arsenal, and 11 x 54/5 inc first in Second Division for 49 years v Doncaster, occasional minor faults. Generally good 90-100
246 LIVERPOOL Thirty two home programmes, 11 x 55/6 inc Cup v Scunthorpe + 21 x 56/7 inc abandoned v Bristol City, occasional faults Fair-good 100-110
247 LIVERPOOL Twenty one home issues, 57/8, some have token removed, occasional minor faults. Fair-good 50-60
248 LIVERPOOL Fifteen home programmes, 58/59 season inc Lancs Senior Cup Final v Everton, some minor faults. Generally good 40-50
249 LIVERPOOL Thirty eight home issues, 13 x 59/60, 9 x 60/61 and 16 x 61/2, some minor defects. Generally good 50-60
250 LIVERPOOL Forty nine home issues , 10 x 62/3, 21 x 63/4 and 18 x 64/5 inc both v FC Koln. Some minor defects. Fair-good 50-60
251 LIVERPOOL Almost eighty home issues, 65/6 to 69/70, minor faults. Fair-good 30-40
252 INTERNATIONALS A box of International programmes, 180 programmes, 67 x England, 31 x Scotland, 59 x Wales, 12 x Northern Ireland , 4 x Irish Republic and 7 x Foreign, includes numerous England aways and some Scotland aways inc at East Germany 77/8, al 280-300
253 FAIRS CUP/ UEFA CUP FINALS Nine Final programmes, inc Birmingham v Barcelona 59/60, Leeds v Ferencvaros 67/8, PSV v Bastia 77/8 and Goteborg v Hamburg 81/2, + Liverpool v Bruges 75/67. Fair-good 30-40
254 FAIRS CUP/ UEFA CUP SEMI-FINALS Fifteen programmes, all English home issues inc Birmingham v Union St Gilloise 59/60 and v Inter Milan 60/61, also Chelsea v Barcelona 65/6 and Chelsea issue for the Barcelona away game, Liverpool v Leeds 70/71 (both le 50-60
255 CUP-WINNERS CUP SEMI-FINALS Twelve Semi programmes, mainly English 62/3 onwards but also includes Rangers v Bayern 71/2, Anderlecht v Napoli 76/7 and Carl Zeiss Jena v Benfica 80/81. Fair-good 30-35
256 CUP-WINNERS CUP FINALS Twelve programmes for the 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 71 (Chelsea edition), 75, 79, 80, 84 and 85. Generally good 150-160
257 EUROPEAN CUP SEMI-FINALS Twenty nine Semi-Final issues, 56/7 onwards inc Man Utd v Real Madrid 56/7 (only fair), v Milan 57/8, Liverpool v Inter 64/5, Man Utd v Partizan 65/6, Benfica v Juventus 67/8, Ajax v Spartak Trnava 68/9, Celtic v Leeds 69/70 ( 100-110
258 EUROPEAN CUP FINALS Eleven Final issues, 63, 66, 68, 69, 71, 76, 77, 78, 79, 81 (stadium issue) and 85. Fair-good 50-60
259 AMATEUR CUP Nineteen Semi-Final programmes, 54/5 onwards inc Bishop Auckland v Wycombe 54/5, Bishop Auckland v Hayes 56/7 (at Newcastle), slight faults to a few but generally good. Fair-good 50-60
260 FA TROPHY Twenty Semi-Final issues, 69/70 onwards inc Barnet v Macclesfield 69/70, Yeovil v Telford 70/71 and v Stafford 71/2 + Wigan v Stafford 72/3 + replay. Generally good. 25-30
261 FA VASE Eleven Final programmes, 1980 onwards inc 91 replay. Good 15-20
262 FA TROPHY Fourteen Final programmes, 1970 to 1990 inc 1984 replay.. Generally good 15-20
263 AMATEUR CUP Eighteen Final programmes, 55 onwards, includes 67 replay. 55 programme has slightly grubby cover. Generally good 60-70
264 AMATEUR CUP Programme for the 1962 Replay, Crook v Hounslow at Middlesbrough, rusty staple. Generally good 40-45
265 IRISH CUP Programme for the 1954 Final, Derry v Glentoran, folds, no staple. Fair 70-80
266 IRISH CUP Programme for the 1956 Final, Distillery v Glentoran, fold, minor tape marks. Fair-good 40-50
267 IRISH CUP Two Final programmes, 1963 and 64, Generally good 15-20
268 LEAGUE CUP FINALS Eighteen Final programmes, 1967-92 including replays, majority 67-84 + 87, 91 and 92 issues. Generally good 75-90
269 CHARITY SHIELDS Six Charity Shield programmes, 1957 (no token), 61, 63, 65 (score on cover, pencil changes), 66 (team changes) and 67. Fair-good 150-170
270 CHARITY SHIELDS Fourteen programmes, 1974-95 inc 76 and 88. Fair-good 40-50
271 AUTOGRAPHS Cigarette card binder containing sheets of autographs from albums, 30s onwards, includes Sunderland 36/7, Hearts 35/6, St Johnstone 35/6, Spurs late 40s, Blackburn 47, Plymouth late 40s, English League mid 30s inc Britten, Smith, Eastham, A 400-500
272 AUTOGRAPHS Ring binder containing 21 leaves of various autographs including Ted Drake, Alex James, Copping, Hapgood, England inc Byrne, Wright, Foulkes, Wood, Pilkington, Revie , Beattie, Leicester , Birmingham, Villa, Notts County, Derby,Spurs (50s) 120-140
273 LEAGUE CUP FINALS Complete set of programmes from 1967-2007 inc replays.. Good-Very good 120-130
274 WORLD CUP 78 TICKETS Seven tickets for the Finals in Argentina, matches 2, 13, 22, 25, 28, 29, and 38 (The Final). Final has fold and slight tear to corner., game 29 has counterfoils. Generally good 100-110
275 WORLD CUP 74 TICKETS Ten tickets for the 74 Tournament in Germany , one is signed by Paul Breitner, games include the opening match and the Final replay (not played). Generally good 100-110
276 MANCHESTER UNITED Set of homes 1957/58 season, 21 x League, 3 x Cup and 4 x European Cup, 15 do nopt have tokens and game v Newcastle has small piece removed. The match v Sheffield Wednesday, first post-Munich, has no token and the United team has been 300-330
277 TOTTENHAM Homes from the 60/61 "Double" season, 21 x League, 3 x Cup, friendly v Dynamo Tbilisi and the pre-season Trial match.minor folds to some. Generally good 220-250
278 1943 WAR CUP FINAL Programme for the Final between Arsenal and Charlton, tears along folds, score on team page and tape marks along fold, repairable with care. Fair 90-100
279 1945 WAR CUP FINAL Programme for the Final between Chelsea and Millwall, folds, slight wear, pencil score on team page. Fair-good 120-130
280 TYPHOO CARDS Set of 24 x Series 1 Typhoo Cards, 1960s all in good condition. Very good 90-100
281 TYPHOO CARDS Set of 24 x Series 2 Typhoo cards, 1960s, all in good condition. Very good 90-100
282 MANCHESTER CITY Home programme v Grimsby, 14/11/1931, rusty staples, fold, slight ageing. Fair-good 110-120
283 MANCHESTER CITY Home programme v Sunderland, 4/11/1933, rusty staples, fold, some pages a little dog-eared. Fair 90-100
284 PORTSMOUTH Home issue v Wolves, 16/9/1933, minor tears to edges, fold, slight wear. Fair 100-120
285 PORTSMOUTH Home issue v Sunderland, 6/9/1933, spine split, several tears to rear cover, complete except for two small pieces at bottom of rear cover, repairable. Poor-fair 70-75
286 BRENTFORD Home issue v Arsenal, 3/9/1936, rusty staple, one page slightly grubby. Fair 50-55
287 EVERTON Home issue v Derby, 26/12/1938, slight fold. Fair-good 85-90
288 ARSENAL Two home issues 32/3 v Portsmouth (worn, grubby, rusty staple and some bleeding), + 37/8 v Birmingham, (fold, rusty staples). Poor-fair 35-40
289 TOTTENHAM Home issue v Newcastle, 7/9/1935, fold, minor tears to edges).. Fair-good 45-50
290 CHELSEA Three home issues, 27/8 v Southampton, 34/5 v Stoke and 38/9 v Everton.These issues are a little grubbyand have various faults but are suitable for collectors if they do not have these particular issues. Fair 60-70
291 CHELSEA Four home issues in poor condition but as they are old they may have a place in a collection. The issues are 3 x 1921/22 v Birmingham, Blackburn and Liverpool (piece torn off corner) and 38/9 v Everton. The early issues have tears and are dog-ea 50-60
292 MILLWALL Home issue v Oldham, 9/1/1926 (FA Cup), piece missing off bottom left hand corner, substantial ageing and tears to edges. Team-listing intact Poor 40-50
293 MILLWALL Home issue v West Brom, 12/1/1924 (FA Cup), many tears to edges, wear along fold and piece torn off back cover bottom corner, team listing intact. Poor-fair 40-50
294 MILLWALL Home issue v Swansea, 20/2/1926 (FA Cup), ageing, a little grubby, tears to edges, piece torn off bottom rear cover corner, team-lists intact. Poor-fair 40-50
295 CORONATION CUP Programme for Rangers v Manchester United + Aberdeen v Newcastle double issue 13/5/53, fold + Rangers v British Army, 18/12/56, four Manchester United players in Army XI, Colman, Edwards, Charlton and Foulkes. Good 100-120
296 MISCELLANY A collection of programmes, largely involving London clubs, 40s onwards includes 19 x Arsenal, 19 x Chelsea, 3 x West Ham inc v Hereford 14/2/72 (Cup), 10 x Fulham, 17 x Millwall, Charlton x 22, Also includes 12 other programmes + Brighton 90-100
297 ARSENAL Rare postponed issue v Liverpool, 9/1/82. Very good 90-100
298 ARSENAL Rare postponed issue v Middlesbrough, 12/12/81. Very good 90-100
299 ARSENAL 27 Home issues, 81/2, complete set excluding postponed issues but includes 21 x League, 3 x League Cup, 2 x UEFA Cup and London FA Centenary match. Very good 25-30
300 ARSENAL Single sheet away issue at Portsmouth, 15/8/1964, attendance 8,514, rare pre-season friendly issue. Neat team changes. Generally good 60-80
301 ENGLAND Programme, England v France, 3/5/47 at Highbury, score on team page, minor rusting staples. Generally good 45-50
302 ENGLAND Programme v Switzerland, 1/12/48, at Highbury + match report, slight fold. Good 40-45
303 YORK CITY Two reserve issues, both full programmes, v Upton Colliery 35/6, and v Thorne Colliery 38/9, both Yorkshire League, both generally good. Generally good 90-100
304 ARSENAL Home single sheet issue v Moscow Dynamo, 21/11/45, slight fold. Good 75-85
305 WAR CUP FINAL Programme, Manchester United v Bolton, War Cup North Final at Maine Road, 26/5/45, slight folds, team changes, minor repairs. Fair-good 160-180
306 WAR CUP FINAL Programme, Bolton v Manchester United, 19/5/45, fold, team changes, minor repairs. Fair-good 200-210
307 ENGLAND Programme , v Scotland, 3/2/45 at Villa Park, folds, Busby signature on cover.(Scottish captain). Fair-good 60-70
308 CRYSTAL PALACE Home issue v Brighton, 13/3/1937, rusty staple repairs otherwise good. Generally good 90-100
309 HUDDERSFIELD Programme, Cup souvenir issue v Burnley 27/8, mottled cover and team page, Hiuddersfield lost the Cup Final to Blackburn. Generally good 120-125
310 CUP FINALS Two Final programmes, 1946 , slight fold, team change and tippex repair to spine, and 1951 Final, staple repair and mottled cover. Fair-good 180-190
311 ASTON VILLA Five Villa programmes, 44/5 v Port Vale, and West Brom, 46/7 v Blackpool and Sheffield United and 49/50 v Charlton/Boldmere St Michaels joint issue.minor faults. Generally good 90-100
312 PROGRAMMES Ten x forties programmes, Barnsley v Shef Utd 45/6, Birmingham Res v Orient Res 47/8 (p-hole reps), Brentford v West Brom 47/8, , Brentford Res v Birmingham Res 48/9, Crystal Palce v Bristol City 45/6, Derby v Charlton and v Hudderswfield 46/7, 180-200
313 OLYMPICS Ticket for the 1936 Oltympics Football Semi-Final in Berlin 11/8/1936.. Good 40-50
314 CIGARETTE CARDS Two sets of cards, Set of 50 Ardath Famous Footballers (colour) 1934 and 1936 Ogdens set of 50 Football Club Captains in colour. Very good 50-60
315 CIGARETTE CARDS Three sets in very good condition, Carreras 1934 Footballers set of 75, Carreras 1934 set of 48 Famous Footballers and Carreras 1936 set of 48 Popular Footballers, all colour, all excellent condition. Very good 80-90
316 NEWCASTLE Promotion souvenir booklet 1938, 36 pages. Generally good 30-35
317 FOOTBALL MISCELLANY A rather interesting collection of items, Playfair annuals 48/9 and 49/50, 3 x Semi-Final programmes, Man Utd v Fulham 57/8 at Villa, 58/9 Villa v Forest and 58/9 Luton v Norwich at Spurs, England v Wales at Villa 58/9, Portsmouth 110-120
318 CARDS Two booklets of Topical Times albums containing miniature panel portraits, complete albums , 24 in each + 1930 Cup-Tie record book (52 pages presented with Topical Times) and Champion 1st Division photo album containing 22 team photographs. G 45-50
319 RUGBY LEAGUE Programme Hunslet v Dewsbury 12/12/1938, Jubilee souvenir programme, England v France programme at Huddersfield 25/10/47 (score on cover), + Leeds and Barrow autographs on autograph book sheets. Generally good 70-80
320 BOXING Programme from the 1930s Heavyweight Championship fight between Jack Petersen and Jack Doyle, folds, held at the White City. Fair-good 25-30
321 TOTTENHAM Eight handbooks, 51/2, 52/3, 54/5, 57/8, 58/9, 68/9, 69/70 and 71/2, minor faults. Generally good 50-60
322 RUGBY UNION Programme , Wales v Scotland 3/2/1923 at Arms Park Cardiff,(worn, folds) + 2 unused ties, Wales Rugby Union and New Zealand Rugby Union. Fair-good 110-120
323 CARDIFF/ WALES Collection of 26 Cardiff homes 1968-78 + 2 aways + Wales v Italy 68/9, mixed condition , includes European games. Fair-good 15-20
324 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Eleven programmes from different Wimbledons 1982-2004 + 9 tickets for Centre Court and Number 1 Court, 1986-2003 and a selection of 26 photographs , 1980s inc Becker. Generally good 60-80
325 CRICKET Australian 1934 touring team to England, group photograph and official autograph sheet (facsimile). Generally good 20-25
326 COLIN BELL England Cap v West Germany, 1/6/68 at Hanover, West Germany won 1-0. This was the second cap won by Colin Bell who went on to make 48 full England International appearances. Colin Bell was born in 1946 in Hesleden, County Durham and played i 700-800
327 COLIN BELL England cap v Bulgaria 11th December 1968 at Wembley, the match was drawn 1-1. In original box. Good 700-800
328 COLIN BELL England cap v Portugal, 10/12/69 at Wembley. England won 1-0 and Colin suffered a dislocated shoulder in the 70th minute being replaced by Martin Peters. In original box. Good 700-800
329 COLIN BELL England cap v Northern Ireland, 21/4/70, England won 3-1 and Colin replaced Newton during the game which was the game in which Bobby Charlton was capped for the hundredth time. Good 700-800
330 COLIN BELL England cap awarded to Colin covering the European Football Championship 1970-71-72 and his appearances against West Germany twice and Greece. England won 2-0 against Greece in Piraeus to qualify for two quarter final games against West Germa 700-800
331 COLIN BELL England cap awarded to Colin for the four World Cup qualifiers against Wales and Poland during 72/73 and 73/4 season. England defeated Wales 1-0 at Cardiff on 15/11/72, Colin scored the goal after 35 minotes ( this was also game 100 for Sir 700-800
332 COLIN BELL England cap v Scotland 72/3 awarded to cover the Scopttish Centenary match which England rather spoiled by winning 5-0 at Hampden on 14/2/73 and Bobby Moore celebrated his own centenary winning cap 100 in this game. Three months later England 700-800
333 COLIN BELL England cap v Czechoslovakia 27/5/73 in Prague. The match finished 1-1 in this warm-up game for the match in Poland. In original box. Good 700-800
334 COLIN BELL England cap v Yugoslavia, 11/10/72 at Wembley. The match ended 1-1 and an entertaining game saw England dominate the first half, Bell, Channon and Ball combining to set up Royle to score on his debut. In original box. Good 700-800
335 COLIN BELL England cap v Austris, 26/9/73 at Wembley. England won 7-0, colin scoring the final goal three minutes from the end. Good 700-800
336 COLIN BELL England shirt, late 60s design , white, number 8 so likely to be against Bulgaria, France , Wales or Portugal, long-sleeved. Generally good 500-600
337 COLIN BELL Football League white shirt v Irish League, 1968/69, white, long-sleeved, number 8, The Football League won 1-0 in Belfast 350-400
338 COLIN BELL Football League white shirt v Scottish League, 1973/74, white, long-sleeved, number 8. The Football League won 5-0 with Colin scoring one of the goals. Good 350-400
339 COLIN BELL England shirt late 60s, white, long-sleeved, number 8, Colin Bell played number 8 17 times for England but this shirt is likely to be against Bulgaria, France, Wales or Portugal. Good 500-600
340 COLIN BELL White shirt worn by Colin for the special "Fanfare for Europe game, "The Six versus the Nine" at Wembley 1973. Colin Bell wore the number 4 shirt, Good 250-300
341 COLIN BELL England shirt, short-sleeved, white, number 10, Colin wore this number 6 times for England . This is an airtex shirt and was probably worn during the England summer 74 tour of East Germany, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.. Generally good 500-600
342 COLIN BELL England shirt, short-sleeved, airtex design, number 16, Colin was only a substitute 3 times for England and it is likely that this shirt was against Brazil in the 1970 World Cup as England played in all-white and the other two sub appearances 500-600
343 COLIN BELL England shirt, red, long-sleeved, number 8, most likely to have been worn by Colin against West Germany in June 68 or May 72 as both games were played in Germany. Good 500-600
344 COLIN BELL England shirt, red , long-sleeved, number 4, most likely worn against Greece, 1/12/71, European Qualifier. Colin wore the number 4 shirt 13 times for England. Good 500-600
345 WEST GERMANY Number 4 West Germany International shirt exchanged by Colin with Schwarzenbeck. The shirt is green and long-sleeved. Colin played 5 times against West Germany and it is not certain which game this shirt came from but it is probably 29/4/72 500-600
346 AUSTRIA Red Austrian shirt, number 2, exchanged after the 7-0 England win, 26/9/73 by Colin with R. Sara (FK Austria). Good 180-200
347 WALES Red Welsh shirt , number 11 , badged v England 1972/3, long sleeves, England played Wales three times in 72/3, leighton James was the Welsh number 11 on one occasion , the other two being Evans of Swansea City. Good 240-280
348 NORTHERN IRELAND Long sleeved, number 6, Green Irish shirt, Colin played 5 times against Northern ireland and it is most likely that this shirt was exchanged after the 21/4 70 match when Jimmy Nicholson of Huddersfield was the Irish number 6. Good 240-250
349 SCOTLAND Blue, long sleeved, Scotland number 5 shirt, Colin played 5 times against Scotland between 1972 and 75. The Scottish number 5 on those occasions were McNeill (Celtic), Colquhoun (Shef Utd), Holton (Man Utd-twice) and McQueen (Leeds). Good 300-400
350 COLIN BELL Green t-shirt worn by Colin during the BBC Superstars event. Good 90-100
351 COLIN BELL Manchester City long-sleeved shirt, number 4, white with Red and Black sash. It is not known in which game Colin wore the shirt. Generally good 180-200
352 COLIN BELL Number 5 shirt worn by Colin in the Tommy Booth Testimonial match, 1981, short-sleeved, sky blue. Good 180-200
353 COLIN BELL Number 6 shirt, sky blue, long-sleeved, worn by Colin in the Mike Doyle Testimonial 1978. Good 180-200
354 COLIN BELL England light blue tracksuit , cotton, top and bottoms, top has "CB" on front and "England" on back. Bottoms also have "CB" on them. Good 150-200
355 COLIN BELL Manchester City tracksuit top , FA Cup Final 1969, "C.Bell" name sewn in and official club badge with Wembley 69 inscription on the tracksuit top. Very good 500-600
356 COLIN BELL Manchester City tracksuit top, League Cup Final 1970, "CB" initialled in pen on the label and City badge and "League Cup Final 1970" inscribed on the top. Good 250-275
357 ENGLAND Photograph in Colour of the England squad v Yugoslavia 1972 together with letter to Colin Bell on FA notepaper with facsimile Ramsey signature. Good 25-30
358 ENGLAND Superb limited edition Franklin Mint 1970 England World Cup coin collection, all coins in sterling silver presented to Colin Bell, 30 coins of the players , all named and enclosed withoin the folder with all details in gilt on the cover. 140-150
359 COLIN BELL / ARSENAL Probably one of the greatest mistakes ever committed by the Gunners, a letter dated 8th August 1962 on Arsenal notepaper , signed by Billy Wright, Arsenal manager, thanking Colin for playing in a trial match and and suggesting that 140-150
360 COLIN BELL Video presented to Colin, entitled "Soccer Legends, Lee, Bell , Summerbee" and signed by all three players. Good 20-25
361 MANCHESTER UNITED Video presented to Colin Bell entitled "Soccer Legends, Law , Best, Charlton and signed by those three players. Good 50-60
362 ENGLAND Tie presented to Colin with three lions in red on a blue tie., in an original wrapper. Good 30-40
363 ATHLETICO BILBAO Tie presented to Colin Bell by Athletico Bilbao who played City in the Cup-Winners Cup, 17th September 69 in Bilbao (a 3-3 draw). Good 10-15
364 MANCHESTER CITY Programme, 11/5/68, Newcastle v Manchester City. City won the League Championship after defeating Newcastle 4-3 at St James' Park. This copy is Colin Bells' copy and has been autographed by the complete team. Fair-good 140-150
365 CHRISTMAS CARD / RAMSEY Christmas card from the FA, December 1967 signed by Alf Ramsey and mailed to Colin Bell at Maine Road. Good 50-60
366 WORLD CUP 1970 Official FA / England itinerary brochure for the tour to South America in May 70 and the World Cup 1970 in Mexico. This 16 page brochure was sent to Colin Belland the photographs in the centre-piece have been signed by all the players e 240-250
367 COLIN BELL Official players pass for the 1970 World Cup in the name of Colin Bell, with photo and official wallet. Good 70-80
368 ITINERARY Itinerary for the match Brasil v England, June 1969 at the Maracana Stadium, issued by the Brasilian FA, in Portuguese but listing the England players and officials including Colin Bell to whom it was presented. England lost 2-1, Colin Bell 75-100
369 COLIN BELL Telegram to Colin from Bob Stokoe, his former manager, wishing him good luck on his debut for Manchester City at Derby 19/3/66, Good 30-40
370 MANCHESTER CITY Limited edition print, 8 / 50, steam train "Manchester City" at Central Station , Manchester, autographed by Colin Bell, Francis Lee and Mike Summerbee, framed and glazed. Very good 75-100
371 COLIN BELL Two plastic pennants, one for Mexico 70 and one for 1969 FA Cup Final, both are signed by Colin Bell. Generally good 20-25
372 MEXICO 70 Large postcard of Guadalajara where England were based for the group games in World Cup 70 . The postcard has been signed on the reverse by 28 players and officials inc Bobby Moore, Alf Ramsey, Ball, Osgood, Hughes, Bobby Charlton, Labone, Ast 180-200
373 PENNANTS Two pennants presented to Colin Bell, , one from Rumania (silk) Mexico 70, and the other (cloth) from Millonarios Bogota, Columbia. Good 40-50
374 BOBBY MOORE Programme for the Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Bobby Moore OBE at Westminster Abbey, 28th June 1993. Good 180-200
375 BRIAN CLOUGH Programme for the "Celebration of the Life of Brian Clough", 21st October 2004, Derby Catherdral at Pride park Stadium. Good 30-40
376 EMLYN HUGHES Programme for the Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Emlyn Hughes, 17th November 2004 at Sheffield Cathedral. Good 25-30
377 COLIN BELL Superb large press photograph of Colin running up the steps of the Kippax stand at Maine roadin an effort to regain fitness after the injury against manchester United in November 75. Signed by Colin. Good 25-30
378 BELL / CHARLTON Large photo of Colin Bell and Bobby Charlton kicking a ball together whilst dressed in smart casual clothing. Signed by Colin Bell. Good 15-20
379 COLIN BELL Fine, large action photo, signed by Colin, black and white, probably late 70s. Good 15-20
380 WEST HAM Home programme v Birmingham, 4/3/1933, FA Cup, fold, slight wear, small tear at top of spine. Fair 110-120
381 WEST HAM Reserve issue for home match v Guildford City, 18/3/1933, London Pro Mid-Week League, slight folds, minor tears to edge. Generally good 40-50
382 WEST HAM Home programme v Stoke, 1/4/1933, slight fold. Generally good 110-120
383 WEST HAM Home programme v Nottingham Forest, 15/4/1933, slight fold, slight tears to edge. Generally good 110-120
384 WEST HAM Home programme v Tottenham, 29/4/1933, folds, slight tears to edges. Fair-good 110-120
385 WEST HAM Home programme v Bolton, 26/8/1933, paper erosion along side edges but no print affected, fold. Poor 80-90
386 WEST HAM Home programme v Preston, 23/9/1933, fold, slight tears to edges, minor ageing. Fair-good 95-100
387 WEST HAM Home programme v Grimsby, 7/10/1933, tears along fold and to edges. Fair 70-80
388 WEST HAM Home programme v Lincoln, 28/10/1933, slight fold. Generally good 95-100
389 WEST HAM Home programme v Hull, 11/11/1933, fold, minor tears to edges. Fair-good 95-100
390 WEST HAM Home programme v Southampton, 25/11/1933, large tear and piece torn off bottom corner of rear cover, minor paper loss. Poor-fair. 45-50
391 WEST HAM Home programme v Bradford City, 9/12/1933, fold, slight tears. Generally good 95-100
392 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Arsenal Reserves, 16/12/1933, slight fold. Generally good 40-50
393 WEST HAM Home programme v Notts County, 23/12/1933, numerous tears and paper erosion along side edges (no print affected), fold. Fair 65-75
394 WEST HAM Home programme v Swansea, 25/12/1933, slight tears to edges and along fold. Fair-good 95-100
395 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes , both v Aldershot Reserves, 32/3 and 33/34, both have folds. Generally good 70-80
396 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes, both v Brentford Reserves, 31/2 and 33/4, folds. Generally good 70-80
397 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes , both v Crystal Palace Reserves, 32/3 and 33/4, folds. Generally good 70-80
398 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes, both v Fulham Reserves, 32/3 (good) and 33/4 (two inch tear otherwise good). Generally good 70-80
399 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes, both v Leicester Reserves, 31/2 (fold) and 33/4 (paper erosion to bottom corner, team changes). Fair-good 65-75
400 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes v Southend Reserves, 31/2 and 32/3, folds. Generally good 70-80
401 QPR Home issue v West Ham, 8/1/44, slight folds.. Generally good 30-35
402 QPR Handbook, 1935/36, 36 page issue, many photographs. Fair-good 45-50
403 MILLWALL Reserve issue v Crystal Palace, 18/10/1913, Kent League match, single sheet. Very good 120-125
404 MILLWALL Issue v Reading, 27/12/1913, Southern league, 8 page issue, ex bound volume. Good 210-220
405 MILLWALL Home issue v Blackpool, 28/12/1929, small piece missing off top corner, no print affected, small tears to edge and along fold. Fair-good 90-100
406 MILLWALL Home issue v Watford, 26/9/1936, slight ageing. Generally good 90-100
407 MILLWALL Home issue v Newport, 18/9/1937, rusting staple, slight tears. Fair-good 75-80
408 MILLWALL Home issue v Swindon, 15/4/1938, neat pencil score on team page. Generally good 90-100
409 MILLWALL Home issue v Bury, 3/9/1938, score on team page etc., spine split, slight ageing. Fair 65-75
410 CUP-WINNERS CUP Programme for 1976 Cup-Winners Cup Final, Anderlecht v West Ham, 5/5/76 at Heysel Stadium. Very good 80-85
411 TOTTENHAM Home issue 10/11/53 v Amateur International Xi, minor tear along fold. Fair-good 50-55
412 TOTTENHAM Home issue, 24/3/58 v FA Amateur XI, single sheet issue. Very good 35-40
413 WALES Home programme v England, 18/10/47 at Ninian Park, folds, team page slightly grubby. Fair-good 45-50
414 FULHAM Home programme v Plymouth, 12/4/1930, pencil changes, rusting staples. Fair-good 100-120
415 FULHAM Home programme v Brighton, 19/3/32, slight wear, rusting staples. Fair-good 80-90
416 FULHAM Home programme v Bristol Rovers, 30/4/1932, slight fold. Generally good 85-90
417 FULHAM Home programme v Stoke, 26/11/1932, slight creasing. Generally good 75-80
418 FULHAM Home programme v Plymouth, 18/3/1933, slight folds, rusty staples. Fair-good 75-80
419 FULHAM Home programme v Blackpool, 28/8/1933, small holes around rusty staple areas, staples not present. Fair 60-65
420 FULHAM Home programme v Plymouth, 24/3/1934, slight fold, rusty staples removed. Fair 65-70
421 FULHAM Home programme v Plymouth, 25/8/34, rusty staples removed. Fair 65-70
422 FULHAM / QPR Programme for the first wartime Christmas day match , Fulham v QPR, 25/12/1939, QPR won 8-3 a record away win for QPR, eight page issue, slight creasing. Fair-good 125-130
423 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for Wolves v Grimsby, Cup Semi-Final at Old Trafford, 25/3/1939, fold, rusting staples. Fair-good 380-400
424 KILMARNOCK Home issue v Queen of the South, 9/9/1950, fold. Fair-good 40-45
425 WORLD CUP 54 ENGLAND Programme for England v Uruguay, 26/6/54, World Cup in basel Switzerland, team changes. Generally good 210-225
426 BARNET Programme v Golders Green at Finchley, 3/3/1934, Middlesex Senior Cup Semi-Final, rusting staples.fold. Generally good 50-55
427 DONCASTER Home issue v Coventry, 29/8/1936, no staples.slight fold. Generally good 130-140
428 ARSENAL Home issue v Glasgow Rangers, 12/9/1934, friendly challenge match English Champions v Scottish Champions. Slight bleeding to one page, rusty staples. Fair-good 160-180
429 ENGLAND Programme for England v Anglo-Scots, 34/35 at Highbury, 8/5/35, Jubilee Celebration match., slight fold, minor pin-hole. Generally good 125-140
430 ALDERSHOT Home issue v Clapton Orient, 30/9/1933, some creasing, no staples. Fair-good 110-125
431 BRISTOL ROVERS Home issue v Watford, 1/1/1938, no staple, small tear to staple area. Fair-good 220-240
432 BOLTON 8 issues, 45/6 v Middlesbrough and barnsley, 47/8 v Blackpool, 48/9 v Birmingham, Sunderland, 49/50 v Birmingham, Newcastle and Sunderland. Several have minor faults. Fair-good 110-125
433 BOLTON 3 Issues, 50/51 v Derby, Aston Villa and Liverpool. Generally good 30-40
434 BOLTON Home issues, 53/4 v Preston, 54/5 v Cardiff, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Everton and Sheffield United. Fair-good 40-45
435 BOLTON Eight x 55/6 home issues inc Central League Championship match Bolton v Central league Select Xi, Cup v Huddersfield one dated Sat Jan 7th, one Wed Jan 11th, also inc Cup v Sheffield Utd, also in this lot are 5 x 56/7 inc v Sunderland, leeds, Li 70-75
436 BOLTON 18 issues 57/58 season inc Cup v York, Stoke and Wolves, a couple creased overall generally good 50-60
437 BOLTON 17 issues 58/9 + Cup second replay v Preston at Blackburn and pirate issue for Cup v Preston. Fair-good 40-50
438 BOLTON 20 issues 59/60, Generally good 40-50
439 BOLTON Programme v Sheffield Wed, 3/10/59, autographed to team page by the Bolton team inc Hopkinson, Parry, Hartle, Banks, Hill and Holden. Generally good 20-25
440 BURY Home issue v West Brom, 28/9/1929, slight fold. Generally good 125-130
441 BURY Home issue v Stockport, 15/4/1938, slight folds, team change. Fair 85-90
442 BURY Home issue v Swansea, 4/2/1939. Very good 90-100
443 BURY Home issue v Sheffield Utd 3/12/1938. Very good 90-100
444 BURY 7 issues, 44/5 v Huddersfield and 45/6 v Blackburn, Shef Wed, Chesterfield, Preston, Shef Utd, and Grimsby. Fair-good 140-150
445 BURY 5 issues, 46/7 v Chesterfield, Burnley, 47/8 v Shef Wed, 48/9 v Shef Wed and Blackburn. Fair-good 80-90
446 BURY 7 issues, 49/50 v Plymouth, Derby (Cup), 50/51 v Blackburn, 51/2 v Brentford, Rotherham, 52/3 v Brentford, and Fulham. Fair-good 50-55
447 BURY 12 issues, 1 x 53/4, 5 x 54/5 inc v Blackburn, Plymouth, Clyde (Friendly), and Ipswich, 4 x 55/6 inc v Bolton (friendly)and v Burnley (Cup), + 2 others x 50s. Fair-good 60-65
448 BURY 13 issues, 58/9 v Reading, Rochdale and York (Cup) + 1 other, 4 x 59/60, 60/61 v Sheffield Utd (League Cup first season), 61/2 v Norwich and 3 single sheet issues, 62/3 v Norwich, and v Birmingham (FA Cup) and 64/5 v Rochdale (Lancs Senior Cup). 35-40
449 YOUTH CUP SEMI Programme for Bury v Sunderland, 26/4/66, Youth Cup Semi, 8 page issue, slight creasing . Fair-good 12-15
450 FULHAM Home issue v Bury, 24/10/1936, slight fold, rusty staple areas. Fair 55-60
451 1931 CUP FINAL Programme for the 1931 Cup Fional, team changes, scorers etc (neat), fold, small repair to inside cover. Condition is generally good 620-650
452 FA CUP FINAL 1935 Programme for the 1935 Final, Shef Wed v West Brom, usual creases to silver cover otherwise good. Generally good 340-360
453 FA CUP FINAL 1946 Programme for the Final, minor folds, small mark. Generally good 145-150
454 1953 CUP FINAL Official programme, Blackpool v Bolton, very slight ageing marks otherwise very good. Giid 120-125
455 1954 CUP FINAL Official programme, West Bromwich v Preston, folds. Fair-good 40-45
456 1955 CUP FINAL Official programme, Manchester City v Newcastle, slight fold. Good 55-60
457 1956 CUP FINAL Official programme, Birmingham v Manchester City, team changes. Generally good 40-45
458 1957 CUP FINAL Official programme, Aston Villa v Manchester United, Good 45-55
459 1959 CUP FINAL Official programme, Luton v Nottingham Forest, fold. Generally good 15-20
460 1960 CUP FINAL Official programme, Blackburn v Wolves, Good 20-25
461 1961-64 CUP FINALS Official programmes for the four finals, 61 (very good), 62 (slight fold, good), 63 (small indentation), 1964 (minor indentation). Generally good 50-60
462 ARGENTINA v ENGLAND Programme for Argentina v England, 1977 in Buenos Aires. Good 240-250
463 CUP-WINNERS CUP FINAL Greek edition for the 1971 Final, Chelsea v Real Madrid in Athens, 19/5/71. Very good 320-350
464 CUP SEMI Programme for Wolves v Grimsby, 25/3/1939 at Old Trafford, folds, spine partly splitting. Fair 300-350
465 CUP SEMI Programme, Portsmouth v Huddersfield, 25/3/1939 at Highbury, slight folds. Generally good 200-220
466 CUP SEMI Programme for Chelsea v West Ham, League South Cup Semi at Tottenham, 17/3/45, team changes, tears and tape marks along edges. Fair 45-50
467 CUP SEMI Programme for Wolves v Bolton, League Cup North Semi, 5/5/45 at Molyneux, fold. Generally good 80-90
468 CUP SEMI Programme for Bolton v Charlton , 23/3/46 at Villa Park, neat score, scorers on team page, slight fold. Good 80-100
469 CUP SEMI Programme, Derby v Birmingham at Hillsborough, 23/3/46 , slight fold, neat score on team page, neat half-time scores. Good 100-120
470 CUP SEMI Programme, Charlton v Newcastle, 29/3/47 at Leeds, folds, rusty staple holes. Fair 90-100
471 CUP SEMI Programme, Burnley v Liverpool, 29/3/47 at Blackburn, minor creasing. Fair-good 80-90
472 CUP SEMI Programme, 13/3/48, Blackpool v Tottenham at Villa, team changes, slight wear, some fairly minor ink marks. Fair 75-85
473 CUP SEMI Programme, Everton v Liverpool at Maine Road, 25/3/50, creasing along edge, fold. Fair 30-35
474 CUP SEMI Programme, Birmingham v Blackpool, 10/3/51 at Maine Road, Good 50-60
475 CUP SEMI Programme, Arsenal v Chelsea, 29/3/52 at Tottenham, minor folds. Generally good 45-50
476 CUP SEMI Programme, Blackpool v Tottenham at Villa Park, 21/3/53, attendance noted on cover, scuffs to rear cover, fold. Fair 50-60
477 CUP SEMI Programme, Preston v Shef Wed, 27/3/54 at Maine Road, folds, staples replaced. Fair-good 30-35
478 CUP SEMI Programme, West Brom v Port Vale, 27/3/54, at Villa Park, folds, team changes, half-time scores. Fair 30-35
479 CUP SEMI Programme for the replay, 30/3/55, Newcastle v York at Sunderland, hard to obtain issue, rusty staple. Generally good 140-150
480 CUP SEMI Programme, Sunderland v Birmingham, 17/3/56 at Hillsborough, folds. Fair-good 35-45
481 CUP SEMI-FINALS Two programmes for the Semi-Finals between Aston Villa and West Brom, 56/7 at Wolves and Birmingham.very minor faults. Good 50-60
482 CUP SEMI Programme, Birmingham v Man Utd, 23/3/57 at Hillsborough, fold, very small tear. Generally good 40-45
483 CUP SEMI Programme, Manchester United v Fulham, replay at Arsenal, folds. Fair-good 25-30
484 CUP SEMI-FINALS Four Semi-Final programmes, Shef Wed v Blackburn, 59/60, (good), Burnley v Fulham 61/2 at Villa (rusting staples) and at Leicester (replay, good), and 61/2 Spurs v Manchester Utd at Hillsborough (back cover a little grubby). General 30-40
485 1996 FINAL Programme for Liverpool v Manchester United. Regarded as difficult to obtain. Very Good 60-70
486 WORLD CUP 66 Programme for the Final, original edition, teams not completed, very minor folds. Generally good 120-130
487 ENGLAND Programme v Scotland, 1932 at Wembley, slight ageing, neat score on team page. Generally good 200-220
488 ENGLAND Programme v Italy, 14/11/1934 at Highbury, fold, slight creasing, team changes. Fair 150-180
489 SCOTLAND Programme v England at Hampden, 1937, rusting staple. Generally good 150-160
490 ENGLAND Programme v Scotland, at Wembley, 1938, slight fold, score on team page, rusting staples. Fair-good 130-150
491 ENGLAND Programme v Rest of Europe, 26/10/1938, folds, at Highbury. Generally good 120-130
492 ENGLAND Two programmes, both v Scotland, both at Wembley, 4/10/41 (good) and 14/10/44 (team changes, some wear, fold). Fair-good 140-150
493 ENGLAND Three programmes v Scotland , all at Wembley, 1947, 49 and 53. 47 has slight fold, 49 has fold and 53 is good. Generally good 75-80
494 ENGLAND Three programmes v Belgium 45/6 at Wembley, (fold, pencil changes), v Switzerland 45/6 at Chelsea, (slight wear along folds), and v France 46/7 at Highbury (folds, some creasing ). Fair 100-120
495 ENGLAND Four programmes, v Italy 49/50 at Tottenham (good), v Argentina 50/51 at Wembley (rusting staples, score on team page+ticket (very good) and songsheet + match cuttings), v France 51/2 at Highbury (folds, worn , team changes) and v Wales 52/3 at 100-120
496 ENGLAND Programme v Wales at Villa Park, 10/11/48, neat score on cover, neat team change, minor rust mark. Fair-good 85-90
497 ENGLAND Programme v Hungary for the notorious 6-3 defeat at Wembley, 25/11/53, very minor creasing. Generally good 40-45
498 ENGLAND Three programmes, home v Denmark, 5/12/56 at Wolves (World Cup Qualifier) (rusty staple holes) + Two under 23 games v Hungary 23/9/59 at Goodison (fold) and v Scotland 15/1/58 at Goodison (minor fold, name on cover). Fair 15-20
499 WALES Programme v England, 15/10/1949 at Ninian Park, folds. Fair-good 75-90
500 SCOTLAND Two programmes both v England, 1948 and 56, 48 issue has folds, 56 also has fold. Generally good 80-90
501 BOURNEMOUTH Two programmes, 29/3/47 v Reading and 28/11/53 v Newport, minor faults. Generally good 30-35
502 CRYSTAL PALACE Home programme v Newport, 11/2/1939, neat score on team page. Good 110-120
503 SHEFFIELD UTD Home programme v Polish RAF XI, 3/3/45, slight fold. Very good 45-50
504 ENGLAND Programme v Wales, 13/11/46 at Maine Road, slight fold, score/scorers on team page. Generally good 70-80
505 WALES Home programme v Ireland, 4/5/46, Victory International, at Ninian Park, slight folds, minor tears repaired. Good 60-70
506 WALES Home programme v Ireland, 10/3/48 at Wrexham, minor fold. Generally good 40-45
507 WALES / SCOTLAND Three programmes , all Wales v Scotland, 50, 52 and 56, 52 and 56 have songsheets, very minor faults . Generally good 40-50
508 1950 WORLD CUP Programme for the 1950 World Cup in Brazil published by Standard Oil Company of Brazil, fold, minor staple repairs. Fair-good 650-700
509 1954 WORLD CUP Scarce programme for England v Belgium, 17/6/54, Basel, includes cigarette advert insert. Good 280-300
510 ARSENAL Arsenal team -group, 1992-93 signed by the players, approx 19 autostogether with a letter from Arsenal to the recipient of the photograph. Ver ygood 25-30
511 ALAN A'COURT Match worn shirt for Football League v Irish League, 12/11/58 together with a letter of authentication and a signed copy of his autobiography. Alan A'Court played five times for England, scoring on his debut v Northern Ireland and playing 400-450
512 ITINERARY Itinerary for the England tour , May 58 to Yugoslavia and Russia together with a BEA Menu for the flight to Belgrade. Fair-good 55-60
513 FA ITINERARY Itinerary for the England tour to Yugoslavia and Russia, May 58.. Generally good 50-55
514 WORLD CUP 58 FA Itinerary for the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, June 8th to June 29th. Good 80-100
515 WORLD CUP 58 FA Itinerary for the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, signed by Alan A'Court on rear cover. Generally good 90-100
516 FA ITINERARY Official Itinerary for England v Ireland at Wembley , 6/11/57. Very good 45-50
517 FA ITINERARY Official FA Itinerary for FA Xi v RAF at Arsenal, 20/10/54 woth 11 autos inc Atyeo, Langley and Flowers. Good 45-50
518 FA ITINERARY Official FA Itinerary England v Young England, 3/5/57 at Arsenal. Good 45-50
519 ITINERARY Official Itinerary , Irish League v Football League, 30/10/57 at Windsor Park, sl;ight fold. Good 45-50
520 FA ITINERARY Official Itinerary for England World Cup Xi v Young England, 2/5/58 at Chelsea, slight fold, Good 45-50
521 FA ITINERARY Official Itinerary for FA Xi v The Army, 29/10/58 at St James Park, Newcastle. Good 45-50
522 ITINERARY Official itinerary for Football League v Irish League at Anfield, 12/11/58.very small mark. Good 45-50
523 FA ITINERARY Official Itinerary for England v Wales, 26/11/58 at Villa Park. Good 45-50
524 FA ITINERARY Official Itinerary for England Under 23 v France, 17/10/56 at Ashton Gate. Good 35-40
525 FA ITINERARY Official Itinerary for England "B" Tour to Bulgaria, Roumania and Czechoslovakia, May 1957. Good 35-40
526 FA ITINERARY Official Itinerary for England "B" Tour of Rumania, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia, May 57, sold together with three programmes from the tour, two from Czech B game , the other is probably v Bulgaria, Edwards and Pegg played v Czechs.. Gen 50-60
527 FA ITINERARY Official itinerary for England Under 23 v Bulgaria at Chelsea, 25/9/57. Good 35-40
528 FA ITINERARY Official itinerary for England Under 23 v Roumania, 16/10/57 at Wembley, Good 35-40
529 FA ITINERARY Official itinerary for England v Scotland , Under 23 International, 15/1/58 at Goodison. Good 35-40
530 FA ITINERARY Official Itinerary for Wales v England Under 23 International, 23/4/58 at Wrexham. Good 35-40
531 1966 WORLD CUP FINAL Colour photograph of the teams lining up prior to the Final, signed by all the England team, eight of the German team and Alf ramsey. Photo is 8" x 7" Good 720-750
532 1994 CUP-WINNERS CUP FINAL Parma edition of the programme for the Final v Arsenal in Copenhagen. Very good 140-150
533 1970 WORLD CUP Yellow programme for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, English edition, minor mark to spine, slight creasing. Fair-good 120-125
534 WOLVES Team-listing for the match between Southern Rhodesia and Wolves, single sheet, also covers Bulawayo v Gwelo , 1957 ??. Good 80-90
535 GLENTORAN Programme v Royal Antwerp, 6/10/65, Fairs Cup. Good 35-45
536 1976 OLYMPICS Programme for the Football Tournament, Montreal Olympics 1976. Generally good 55-60
537 1981 WORLD YOUTH Programme for the 1981, World Youth Championships, in Australia, England team includes Neil Webb, Kinsey, Gage, Robson, Allen and Wallace. Good 45-50
538 LEAGUE CUP Programme for the Semi-Final, Rotherham v Shrewsbury, 60/61, fold. Fair-good 175-180
539 LEAGUE CUP Pprogramme for the Semi-Final, Bury v Birmingham, 8/4/63, team name on cover, score etc on team page. Generally good 170-180
540 OLYMPICS Programme for Bulgaria v Great Britain, 23/10/55 in Sofia, Qualifying tournament for 1956 Olympics. Fold. Generally good 40-45
541 WALES Programme for Wales v England, 1953, score on cover but picture inside is autographed by Billy Wright.. Generally good 45-50
542 IRELAND Programme for Northern Ireland v France, 12/5/51, Festival of Britain game, difficult issue to obtain, slight fold. Generally good 170-175
543 IRELAND Programme for Northern Ireland v England, 28/9/46, colour cover, large format, tears along folds. Fair 85-90
544 ARSENAL Programme at Bohemians, 17/10/1948, folds, minor ageing. Fair-good 180-200
545 EVERTON Programme for the game at Celtic Park, Belfast, home of the defunct Belfast Celtic FC, 14/5/53, Clyde v Everton, Matthews and taylor both Blackpool played for Clyde, fold, marks to rear cover, slight tears.rare issue. Fair-good 90-100
546 ARDS Home issue v Distillery, 27/8/49,slight fold. Good 28-30
547 BANGOR Home issue v Ballymena, 7/1/50, no staple. Generally good 28-30
548 DERRY Home issue, European Cup, Derry City v FK Lyn (Oslo).9/9/65 slight fold. Good 30-35
549 DERRY Home issue, European Cup-Winners Cup, 16/9/64, Derry City v Steaua, slight fold. Generally good 30-35
550 IRISH LEAGUE Programme for Irish League (North Regional League) v league opf Ireland, 7/4/47 at Windsor park, fold, very small tears to edge. Generally good 45-50
551 CHELSEA Copy of Seattle Sounders v Chelsea, 25/5/77, Kick Magazine, slight ageing. Good 60-70
552 IRELAND Programme, France v Republic of Ireland, 17/11/76, World Cup qualifier, Paris.fold. Fair-good 55-60
553 IRELAND Programme for the Republic v Norway, 7/11/54, slight fold, score on team page. Generally good 25-30
554 CELTIC Programme for FC Basel v Celtic, 17/9/63, Cup-Winners Cup game in Switzerland. Good 120-130
555 SCOTLAND Programme v England, 10/4/48 at Hampden, minor repair. Generally good 65-70
556 1953 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, score on cover, minor marks. Fair-good 75-80
557 1951 CUP FINAL Programme for the 1951 Final, score on team page, no staples, slight rust. Fair-good 80-85
558 1952 CUP FINAL Programme for the 1952 Final, rusty staples, otherwise good 80-85
559 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for the 1963 Charity Shield, Everton v Manchester United at Goodison, slight fold. Generally good 40-50
560 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for the 1966 Charity Shield, Everton v Liverpool, at Goodison, includes token sheet, very small ink mark to cover. Generally good 30-40
561 MANCHESTER UNITED Programme, 12/3/55 for the friendly at Lincoln City, pencil changes, rusty staple area. Fair-good 225-230
562 MANCHESTER UNITED Home issue v Yeovil, 12/2/49, FA Cup, slight wear along fold. Generally good 55-60
563 TOTTENHAM Programme for the away friendly at Hibernian, 17/9/56, rusty paper-clip mark, rusty staple. Generally good 45-50
564 1976 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Copy of French football magazine, "Onze" with supplement covering Bayern v St Etienne European Cup Final in Glasgow. Generally good 30-35
565 AJAX / STOKE Programme for Ajax v Stoke, 2/10/74, UEFA Cup, slight creases. Generally good 40-45
566 MANCHESTER UNITED Fourteen European programmes, 4 x home inc v Bilbao and Borussia Dortmund 56/7, (folds , team changes), 10 x aways inc at Hibernians (Malta) 67/8, Waterford 68/9, Willem 63/4, Ajax 76/7, Sporting Lisbon 63/4, Benfica 65/6, Shamrock Ro 110-120
567 LIVERPOOL Twenty 0ne programmes, all European , 6 x homes, v Inter and both v Koln 64/5, v Standard Liege, Juventus and Celtic 65/6 + 15 aways inc at Monchengladbach 77/8, Anderlecht 78/9 (Anderlecht Sports paper), Widzew 82/3, Lech Poznan 84/5, 100-120
568 LIVERPOOL FINALS Four European Final programmes, 85 European Cup Final, 75/6 home and away UEFA Cup Final v Brugge and 78/9 Super Cup Final at Anderlecht. Fair-good 40-50
569 HANDBOOKS Fifty two handbooks and brochures inc Burnley 61/2, Aston Villa 52/3, North American Soccer Guide 50/51 includes coverage of Manchester United tour to USA 1950, Arsenal Championship brochure 1948, and numerous Liverpool, Everton, Manchester 80-90
570 CUP-WINNERS CUP Programme for the 1961 Final, First Leg, Rangers v Fiorentina at Ibrox, 17/5/61, folds. Generally good 70-80
571 WREXHAM Nine European issues 1 home v Manchester Utd 90/91 and 8 aways inc at Magdeburg 79/80, Anderlecht 75/6, Zurich 72/3, Porto 84/5 (Porto club newspaper)and two different issues at Roma 84/5. Generally good 70-80
572 MANCHESTER CITY Eight European issues, 3 x homes v Schalke 69/70 and v Gornik and Linfield 70/71 plus 5 aways at Linfield 70/71, Widzew Lodz (both editions, English and Polish) 77/8, Twente and Standard Liege 78/9. Good 40-50
573 TOTTENHAM Fourteen European issues, 6 x homes v Man Utd 63/4, Dukla 61/2, Rangers and Slovan 62/3, Lokomotive Leipzig and Barcelona 81/2 + aways at Feijenoord 61/2 (tears along spine), Glentoran 81/2, Brugge 84/5, Memphis Austria 83/4, Dundalk 81/2, 40-50
574 RANGERS Fifteen European issues, eleven homes inc v Anderlecht 59/60 , Red Star 59/60, Eintracht 59/60, Borussia 60/61, Seville 62/3, Real Madrid 63/4, Red Star 64/5, Inter Milan 64/5, Dortmund 66/7, Dynamo Dresden 67/8, and Steaua 69/70 + aways at To 140-150
575 ARDS Programme for Ards v Rheims 17/9/58, European Cup, slight stains, minor tears. Fair-good 25-30
576 IRISH Seven Irish European programmes, Shelbourne v Sporting Lisbon 62/3, Berne Young Boys v Limerick 60/61, Shamrock v Botev Plovdiv 62/3, Limerick v Young Boys 60/61, Drumcondra v Nurnberg 61/2, Shelbourne v Belenenses 64/5, and Coleraine v Kiev D 30-35
577 EUROPEAN Over 50 European issues, mainly involving British clubs, Leeds x 7 homes, Anderlecht v Wrexham 75/6, Benfica v Man Utd 65/6, Everton v Inter 63/4, Eintracht v Berne Young Boys 59/60, Benfica v Ajax 68/9, Nurnberg v Drumcondra 61/2, Feijenoord 180-200
578 FAIRS CUP Final, First Leg, programme, London v Barcelona, 57/8 at Stamford Bridge, first UEFA CUP equivalent Final, fold. Generally good 30-40
579 EVERTON Five European issues, 4 x homes v Zaragoza 66/7, Kilmarnock 64/5, v Inter 63/4 and v Man Utd 64/5 + away at Panathinaikos 70/71 (minor marks to cover). Fair-good 50-60
580 ARSENAL Home issues, 55 programmes, 40s and 50s includes League and Cup, 1 x 47/8, 5 x 48/9 remainder 50s. Some have slight faults but majority are good. Fair-good 120-130
581 ARSENAL Seventeen home issues, all friendlies/European games, several 50s, remainder 60s inc v Rangers 51/2, Hibs 52/3, Potruguesa 53/4, Preston 53/4, Spartak 54/5, Juventus 58/9, Grasshoppers 59/60, Vienna 60/61, Dundee 61/2, Rangers 62/3, and Dunferm 50-60
582 ARSENAL Five programmes, home issues inc v Man Utd 60/61, England v Young England 53/4, Cardiff v Man City 60/61 (Cup second replay), v Liverpool 63/4 (Cup) and v Blackburn 65/6. Generally good 12-15
583 ASTON VILLA Fifty plus home issues, 1 49/50 v Sunderland, 36 x 50s inc card v Portsmouth 56/7, and friendlies, remainder are early 60s inc League Cup single sheet issues v Barnsley and Reading., minor defects to a few. Generally good 100-120
584 ALDERSHOT 26 home issues inc Cup v Chester 48/9 (worn, tears), 55/6 v Leyton Orient (Floodlit Cup), 56/7 v Watford and Torquay, 1 x 58/9, 2 x 59/60, remainder 60s. Mixed condition. Fair-good 30-40
585 BLACKBURN 50 home programmes, vast majority fifties, occasional duplicates, occasional defect.56/7 to 64/5, only 6 are 60s. Generally good 120-130
586 BURNLEY Over 20 home issues, 54/5 to 63/4, majority are 50s inc 7 x 59/60, includes 4 copies of Burnley v Hamburg 60/61 + v Reims 60/61, also includes 54/5 v Cardiff, 55/6 v Shef Utd and 56/7 v Villa (Cup). Minor faults. Generally good 50-60
587 BURY 39 home issues, majority 50s, inc 53/4 v Hull, 54/5 v Plymouth and Port Vale, friendlies v Spandau 55/6, Maccabi 57/8, Viktoria Berlin 59/60 and punch-hole copy 59/60 v Newport which has autos from both sides. Sixties inc v Leeds 61/2, v Liverp 80-90
588 BIRMINGHAM 57 home issues, 30 x 50s, remainder 60/61 to 64/5.some faults , inc 55/6 v Blackpool, 6 x 56/7 , 12 x 57/8. Generally good 90-100
589 BLACKPOOL 34 home issues, 8 x 50s inc v Charlton 54/5, remainder are 60s, some duplicates and faults. Fair-good 30-35
590 BRISTOL CITY 15 issues, 2 x 61/2 v Hamborn and Bristol Rovers (Gloucs Senior Cup Final) remainder are 50s inc 55/6 v Barnsley , 5 x 56/7 inc v Radnicki and 2 copies v Rhyl (Cup).Includes a tatty copy of Bristol City v Nice 55/6. Fair-good 30-40
591 BOLTON 128 home issues, 22 x 60s inc 60/61 League Cup v Grimsby, remainder are 50s, 52/3 onwards, includes some duplicates, some have faults, majority are generally good Fair-good 180-200
592 BRENTFORD 27 home issues, 45/6 onwards inc 45/6 v Arsenal, 7 x 40s remainder mainly 50s inc v Chelsea 55/6 friendly, v Crook 54/5 (Cup), v Accrington 58/9, and v Burnley 60/61 League Cup. Generally good 70-80
593 BRADFORD PA 40 home issues, 8 x 50s, 25 x 60s 7 x 70/71, minor faults to some. Generally good 60-70
594 CHESTER 18 home issues, 53/4 v Hartlepool (torn along spine), York and Darlington, 54/5 v Stockport, and Darlington, 57/8 v Bradford PA, 58/9 v Crewe, 59/60 v Bradford PA, remainder 60s inc 60/61 v Accrington and v Carlisle (Cup) + 61/2 v Morecambe (Cu 30-40
595 CARLISLE 12 Home issues, 9 x 50s inc v Halifax 55/6, Scunthorpe 55/6, York 53/4, Gateshead 56/7, + League Cup v Huddersfield 61/2. Generally good 30-35
596 PROGRAMMES Circa 230 issues, majority 50s, remainder 60s including Barnsley x 22, 24 x Brighton, 26 x Bristol Rovers, 9 x Bradford City,16 x Barrow, 14 x Bournemouth, 43 x Cardiff, 13 x Chesterfield, 16 x Colchester, 15 x Coventry, 24 x Crystal Palace, 250-300
597 CHELSEA 99 Home issues, 10 x 40s, remainder 50s apart from 5 x 60s. Includes 8 x 50/1 inc black and white cover Huddersfield issue, 3 x 51/2, 7 x 53/4, 6 x 54/5 (only fair), 7 x 55/6, 15 x 56/7 inc 4 page Armstrong Testimonial v Leicester, includes fri 120-130
598 HULL 22 Home issue, 6 x 40s inc v Spurs 49/50, v Rochdale and v Halifax 47/8, and v Plymouth and Preston 49/50, 13 x 50s. Fair-good 60-70
599 DARLINGTON 21 home issues, 50s and 60s inc 16 x 50s, Generally good 25-35
600 LEYTON ORIENT 37 home issues, 50s and 60s inc 12 x 62/3, 15 x 50s inc Cup v Port Vale 53/4. Fair-good 50-60
601 CRICKET Large book, "Famous Cricketers and Cricket Grounds", published circa 1895, the book contains plates of all the top players of the day, suitable for framing , including County team groups, and individuals such as J.T.Hearne, Giffen, Hornby, Fry, 120-150
602 ASTON VILLA Baines card with title "Aston Villa", showing two players. Generally good 30-35
603 DON BRADMAN Postcard of Bradman , signed in ink by Bradman and listing his records underneath the photo.slight creasing. Generally good 25-30
604 BRENTFORD Seven programmes, all homes , 47/8 v Doncaster, 48/9 v Middlesborough (Cup) and Nottingham Forest, 49/50 x 4 inc Chelsea., some faults. Generally good 60-70
605 TOTTENHAM Three programmes, 33/4 v Derby, and v Arsenal + 35/6 v Port Vale.minor defects. Generally good 125-140
606 1938 CUP FINAL Programme, Huddersfield v Preston, slight fold. Generally good 300-320
607 1946 CUP FINAL Programme Charlton v Derby, one small repair. Good 150-160
608 1951 CUP FINAL Programme for the 51 Final, rusty staples and rust marks + songsheet. Fair-good 80-90
609 MISCELLANY A real little treasure trove, well worth a look, six programmes, Liverpool v Preston 38/39 (minor folds), Brentford Reserves v Charlton Res, 31/8/1935 (folds, generally good), Fulham v newport, 26/12/46, Birmingham v Sunderland 48/9, Middle 240-250
610 OLYMPICS Ticket for the 1936 Olympics Final in Berlin, 15/8/36, Final between the winners Italy and Austria. Good 55-60
611 BARNSLEY Programme, Barnsley v Aston Villa, 18/12/1937, slight fold. Generally good 135-140
612 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme , Norwich v Blackpool, 11/4/62.League Cup Semi-Final, fold, score on team page. Fair-good 125-130
613 COVENTRY Wartime programme , 20/1/45, for FA XI v RAF at Highfield Road, Coventry, FA XI included Merrick, Franklin, Mercer, Schackleton and lawton, RAF included Hardwick, Matthews and Mortensen, folds. Generally good 45-50
614 MOSCOW DYNAMO Rare programme for cardiff v Moscow Dynamo, 17/11/45, fold, slight wear. Generally good 100-110
615 COVENTRY. Home issue 1924/25 which is a little in need of professional attention, spine is split and there is some paper loss although text is not affected. Game is v Leicester, 20/9/1924. As described. 90-100
616 STOKE Home issue v Aston Villa, 14/10/1933, , very minor cover marks/repair but insides are very good and programme is generally good. Generally good 110-120
617 GRIMSBY Rare home programme v Wolves, 3/9/46 midweek fixture, fold, team changes. Generally good 50-60
618 GRIMSBY Home programme v Huddersfield 3/11/45, slight fold. Generally good 25-30
619 PORTSMOUTH Home issue v Stoke, 15/4/1939, slight wear. Generally good 110-120
620 HOME FOR DISTRESSED PROGRAMMES Once again a selection of programmes looking for some love and attention, the selection comprises Liverpool v Birmingham 1919/20 (FA Cup), Birmingham v Shef Utd 52/3, England v Scotland Schools 37/8 at Sunderland, Engla 180-200
621 MILLWALL 14 Home issues, all 50s inc 54/5 friendlies v Manchester City, and Blackburn + 55/6 friendly v Rotherham. Generally good 60-75
622 WORLD CUP 1970 Programme for the Mexico 1970 World Cup, green edition, taped spine, one page loose and tears to edge,entirely in Spanish. Fair 90-100
623 HOUNSLOW 39 Homes and 3 aways, all between 1964 and 66, inc friendly v Reading 64/5, Amateur Cup and various other Cups. Generally good 35-40
624 BIG MATCH 20 Big match programmes, inc Cup Finals, 61, 62,65,66,68, League Cup Finals, 68, 69 and 71 and Amateur Cup Finals 62, 63, 64, 67 and 68 + European Cup Final 63 and 68. Generally good 90-100
625 BARNSLEY 42 Home issues, mid-late 50s, majority have opposition team written on front, inc Cup v Blackburn 55/6 and v Liverpool 58/9. Fair-good 70-80
626 BURY 8 Reserve issues, 50s inc v Newcastle and v Manchester City 57/8. Season written on cover and notes about the players. Fair 20-25
627 BURY 17 Reserve issues, all 60/61 and 61/2 , includes v Man Utd 60/61, all have season written on the front plus player notes. Fair 25-30
628 BURY 41 Reserve issues, 62/3 - 65/6, team changes, scorers etc. Fair 50-60
629 BURY 25 Reserve issues, 67/8 to early 70s, team changes, scores,scorers etc. Fair 25-30
630 BURY 30 programmes including 11 away reserves, 62/3 League Cup homes v Shef Utd, Lincoln and Bristol Rovers, 61/2 v Brighton (" copies ) and Hull both League Cup., also includes friendlies, Youth Cups and Minor cups. Team changes etc. Fair-good 35-40
631 TICKETS Circa 40 match tickets, 50s, 60s onwards inc Fulham v Huddersfield 56/7 + numerous England games. Fair-good 35-45
632 BUXTON 8 programmes, 40s, all punch-holes but includes Derbyshire Senior Cup 45/6 v Chesterfield Broad Oak, and v Chesterfield "A", also includes 45/6 v Mossley, Hyde and Wellington, 47/8 v Hyde and v Rhyl and 47/8 Stalybridge v Buxton. Some have team 45-50
633 TOTTENHAM Reserve programme v Chelsea Reserves, 3/10/1931, pinch-holes (no print affected). Fair-good 30-40
634 TOTTENHAM Two Reserve programmes, 37/8 v Brentford (team changes) and 38/9 v Millwall, pencil changes etc. Fair-good 50-60
635 BRENTFORD Two home issues v Wolves 37/8 and v Huddersfield 36/7 (folds, ageing). Fair-good 50-60
636 CHELSEA Home issue v Wolves, 18/12/1937, slight wear along fold. Generally good 35-40
637 BRENTFORD 9 x 40s issues, inc 48/9 v Bradford, 6 x 49/50 inc v Chelsea, Tottenham and Leeds, England v Eire 47/8 Schools and Boys Clubs v Air Training Corps Junior Final replay at Griffin Park. Fair-good 70-80
638 BRENTFORD Over 20 fifties issues, 50/51 onwards, some have writing on cover. Fair 35-40
639 WOLVES 13 Home issues, 1950s, includes 8 x 50/1 + 53/4 Wolves Youth v England Youth (torn). Fair 50-55
640 WOLVES 7 away programmes, 48/9 at Everton, 49/50 at Villa, Chelsea, Fulham, Derby, Blackpool and Arsenal. Generally good 60-70
641 WEST HAM 1975/76 European Cup-Winners Cup Final programme at Anderlecht, 5/5/76 (slight folds) + West Ham edition + ticket for the Final. Generally good 90-100
642 WARTIME / 40s Wartime programmes, all punch-holed, inc 7 x Man City, + Derby x 2 46/7, Derby 47/8, Villa 46/7 and 47/8 and Everton v Villa 47/8. All have punch-holes. 13 programmes in total Fair 60-70
643 CHELSEA Two home issues, both v Arsenal, 36/7 and 38/9 seasons, both good condition. Good 90-100
644 SHEFFIELD UTD Home programme v Arsenal, 23/12/1933, ex bound volume, small tear off bottom corner otherwise good. Fair-good 100-120
645 BRENTFORD Home programme v Arsenal, 18/4/1938, no staple. Good 60-70
646 AUTOGRAPHS Thirty signatures on white cards including Doug Ellis, Barry Davis, Gabby Yorath (Logan), Arsene Wenger, both Lampards, Ted Bates, Bobby Robson and Walter Smith. Good 40-50
647 WEST HAM Home programme v Brentford, 6/1/1934, minor tears. Generally good 95-100
648 WEST HAM Home programme v Bradford City, 13/1/1934, FA Cup, minor fold. Good 95-100
649 WEST HAM Home Reserve programme v Tottenham Reserves, 20/1/1934, slight folds. Generally good 40-50
650 WEST HAM Home programme v Oldham, 7/2/1934, slight fold. Generally good 95-100
651 WEST HAM Home programme v Bradford, 10/2/1934, fold, very minor tears to edge. Generally good 95-100
652 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes , both v Portsmouth Reserves, 31/2 (folds, slight wear) and 33/4 (fold, slight tears). Fair 60-70
653 WEST HAM Home programme v Nottingham Forest, 24/2/1934, fold. Generally good 95-100
654 WEST HAM Home programme v Millwall, 3/3/1934, tear along fold, minor tears to edges. Fair-good 90-100
655 WEST HAM Home programme v Bury, 17/3/1934, slight fold, minor tears to edges. Fair-good 95-100
656 WEST HAM Home programme v Fulham, 31/3/1934, tears on back cover, fold. Fair 75-80
657 WEST HAM Home programme v Manchester United, 2/4/1934, slight tears to edge and minor paper erosion to edge, no print loss. Fair 120-130
658 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes v Southampton, 32/3 and 33/4, 32/3 is creased , 33/4 has slight fold. Fair-good 70-80
659 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes, both v Northampton Reserves, 32/3 (slight fold) and 33/4 (two inch tear and signs of ageing). Poor-good 55-60
660 WEST HAM Programme for Practice Match, 18/8/1934, Club colours v Blues, single sheet, slight tears to edge, minor mark. Fair-good 95-100
661 WEST HAM Home programme v Burnley, 27/8/1934, very slight tear along fold. Generally good 95-100
662 WEST HAM Home programme v Nottingham Forest, 1/9/1934, slight folds, cover slightly grubby. Generally good 95-100
663 WEST HAM Home programme v Fulham, 15/9/1934, fold, slight tears to edges. Fair-good 95-100
664 WEST HAM Home programme v Plymouth, 29/9/1934, minor fold. Generally good 95-100
665 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes, both v Reading Reserves, 31/2 (slightly grubby, fold) and 34/5 (one tear at top and a couple of minor tears). Fair 60-65
666 WEST HAM Home programme v Newcastle, 13/10/1934, slight fold. Good 95-100
667 WEST HAM Home programme v Swansea, 20/10/1934, minor fold. Good 95-100
668 WEST HAM Home programme v Port Vale, 3/11/1934, fold, slight wear. Fair-good 95-100
669 WEST HAM Home programme v Sheffield United, 17/11/1934, slight wear along folds. Fair-good 95-100
670 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes, both v QPR Reserves, 32/3 (minor folds) and 34/5 (slight wear along folds). Fair-good 70-80
671 WEST HAM Home programme v Notts County, 1/12/1934, slight fold. Good 95-100
672 WEST HAM Home programme v Bolton, 15/12/1934, minor folds. Generally good 95-100
673 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes, both v Brighton Reserves, 33/4 (fold), 34/5 (slight wear along fold). Generally good 70-80
674 WEST HAM Home programme v Bury, 26/12/1934, slight tears along fold. Fair-good 95-100
675 WEST HAM Home programme v Hull, 29/12/1934, slight wear along fold. Fair-good 95-100
676 WEST HAM Home programme v Stockport, 12/1/1935, FA Cup, minor wear along folds. Fair-good 95-100
677 WEST HAM Home programme v Brentford, 19/1/1935, slight tears along edges, fold. Fair 95-100
678 WEST HAM Home programme v Bradford, 2/2/1935, folds. Generally good 95-100
679 WEST HAM BOYS Programme for West Ham Boys v Acton, Brentford and Chiswick Boys, 16/2/1935, played at Upton Park, standard West Ham issue, Sun Shield Semi-Final, folds, a little creased, slightly grubby. Fair 40-50
680 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes , both v Charlton Reserves, 33/4 (folds) and 34/5 (slight fold). Generally good 70-80
681 WEST HAM Home programme v Barnsley, 23/3/1935, slight folds. Generally good 95-100
682 WEST HAM Home Reserve programme v Chelsea Reserves, 30/3/1935, minor fold. Generally good 45-50
683 WEST HAM Home programme v Bradford City, 6/4/1935, minor folds, pencil marks on team page (easily removeable). Fair-good 95-100
684 WEST HAM BOYS Programme for West Ham Boys v Walthamstow Boys , 13/4/1935 at Upton Park, Essex County Championship Semi-Final, standard West Ham issue., slight folds. Generally good 40-50
685 WEST HAM Home Reserve programme v Tottenham Reserves, 19/4/1935, slight fold. Good 45-50
686 WEST HAM Home programme v Southampton, 20/4/1935, slight fold. Good 95-100
687 PROGRAMMES Circa 300 issues, 40s, 50s and 60s, majority are 50s, selection of clubs inc Charlton x 40, Derby x 13, Doncaster x 23, Everton x 42, Exeter x 16, Fulham x 54, Grimsby x 16, Ipswich x 12, Huddersfield x 31, Halifax x 9, Lincoln x 12, Leicest 350-400
688 LEEDS 27 Home issues, 51/2 v QPR, 3 x 52/3, 54/5 v Ipswich, 3 x 55/6, 4 x 56/7, 4 x 57/8, 2 x 58/9, 2 x 59/60 + 3 x 60/61., minor faults. Generally good 70-80
689 MILLWALL 42 Home programmes, mainly 50s inc 54/5 friendlies v Blackburn and v Simmering, 48/9 v Brighton and 57/8 friendly v Sunderland. Generally good 70-75
690 PETERBOROUGH 29 Home issues, 50s and 60s, 5 pre-League inc 54/5 v West Ham "A" , Norwich "A" and v Hull Reserves and 10 x 60/61 first season in the League. Generally good 45-55
691 QPR 21 home issues from the 50s + 14 x 62/3 issues at the White City.occasional defect. Generally good 50-60
692 ROCHDALE 35 home issues, 33 x 50s, 48/9 v Darlington and 61/2 v Charlton (League Cup).Inc v Gateshead 59/60. Some have defects,generally good condition. Fair-good 90-100
693 NEWCASTLE 32 home issues, 5 are early 60s remainder mainly 50s with occasional late forties issue. Some have defects but most are generally good. Generally good 90-100
694 PRESTON 64 home issues, 48/9 v Blackpool,,9 x 60s, remainder are 50s with numerous issues from first half of the 50s, variable condition, 2 have a piece missing , some are slightly grubby, but majority are generally good. Fair-good 140-150
695 TOTTENHAM Three issues, 50/51 v FC Austria (Festival of Britain, score on team page, minor paper erosion), 58/9 Spurs v FA Amateur XI (single sheet) and 60/61 London Boys v Manchester Boys (four page issue). Fair-good 40-50
696 TOTTENHAM 10 issues, 60/61 season, "Double season", mostly good, some a little creased. Fair-good 60-70
697 TOTTENHAM 56 issues, 12 x early 60s, majority 50s but numerous 40s included, mixed condition, majority are generally good. Fair-good 140-150
698 SCUNTHORPE 17 issues, all 50s except for 60/61 v Bonn and v Leeds, includes 58/9 v East Fife and v Liverpool and 55/6 v Barrow. Fair-good 40-45
699 PROGRAMMES Over 300 issues, 40s, 50s and 60s, majority 50s, , includes programmes from Mansfield, Middlesborough,, 29 x Northampton (inc a number of 65/6 issues), Notts co, 27 x Nottingham Forest, Newport, Norwich, Oldham, Oxford, Port Vale, 19 x Plym 350-340
700 TORQUAY 13 Home issues inc 48/9 v Swindon (marks on cover),47/8 v Walsall, 58/9 v Gateshead,53/4 v Newport, 55/6 v Birmingham (Cup), 56/7 v Plymouth (Cup), 55/6 v Norwich. Fair-good 70-80
701 NEWCASTLE 20 issues, 48/9 v Charlton,51/2 v Liverpool, 52/3 v Charlton, 53/4 v Cardiff (punch-hole at top), 1 x 54/5, 2 x 55/6, 2 x 56/7, 4 x 57/8 and 7 x 59/60 inc v Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal . Fair-good 100-120
702 HUDDERSFIELD 15 issues , 50s, inc 54/5 v Sunderland and Bolton, 55/6 v West Brom and Everton., rusty staples. Fair 40-45
703 SUNDERLAND Fifties programmes, 51/2 v Man City, 53/4 v Liverpool, 54/5 v Bolton, 1 x 55/6, 1 x 56/7 v Arsenal, 4 x 57/8 inc v Wolves, 4 x 58/9 and 11 x 59/60. Fair-good 100-120
704 BRADFORD CITY 35 Home issues, 50s, mostly 58/9 and 59/60 but includes 50/51 and 55/6 v Stockport, 50/51 v Accrington (spine split), Fair-good 60-70
705 GILLINGHAM 13 Gills issues inc 2 x 50/51 (first seaon back in League) v Norwich and Bristol City, 1 x 52/3, 2 x 53/4, 2 x 57/8, 2 x 58/9 and 4 x 59/60. Fair-good 110-120
706 ROTHERHAM 3 home issues, 44/5 v Shef Utd, Bury and Wrexham. Team changes. Generally good 90-100
707 ROTHERHAM 8 home issues, 46/7 v Chester, Tranmere, Hull, Doncaster, and single sheet v Doncaster (prob County Cup), 47/8 v Accrington, Stockport and Lincoln. Fair-good 160-180
708 ROTHERHAM 9 home issues, 51/2 x 5, 52/3 x 3 and 1 x 53/4 v Luton. Generally good 55-60
709 ROTHERHAM 16 issues, 50s, 15 homes inc 59/60 v Arsenal and second replay v Arsenal at Hillsborough, 4 x 55/6, 2 x 56/7, 2 x 57/8 1 x 58/9 and balance 59/60. fair-good 45-50
710 ROTHERHAM 12 x 60/61 homes inc v Leeds and Liverpool, 16 x 61/2 and 5 x 62/3. fair-good 40-50
711 DONCASTER 5 home issues all v Rotherham, 45/6x 2 (different games), 46/7 , 49/50 and 51/2. Generally good 50-60
712 BIRMINGHAM 17 home issues, 50/51 v Bristol City and 16 x 54/5. Generally good 65-75
713 BIRMINGHAM 21 home issues 55/6. Fair-good 70-80
714 BIRMINGHAM 26 home issues, 50s , majority 57/8 season, rusty staples. Fair-good 55-60
715 BARNSLEY 2 pre-war issues, 28/9 v Grimsby 1/1/29 (ex bound volume, trim) and v Sheffield Utd 35/36 (fold). Fair-good 140-150
716 BARNSLEY Home issue 44/5 v Chesterfield and 6 x 45/6 v Preston, Grimsby, Blackpool, Liverpool, Chesterfield and Blackburn. Fair-good 170-175
717 BARNSLEY 10 home issues 46/7 to 49/50, inc 46/7 v Bury and Newport, 47/8 v Fulham and Coventry, 49/50 v Rotherham (County Cup), Bradford PA, Hull and Bury Reserves. Generally good 110-125
718 BARNSLEY 9 home issues, 50/51 v Hull, Doncaster, Swansea, Notts County, Rapid Austria (Festival opf Britain) and 4 x 51/2 inc Cup v Colchester.. Generally good 60-65
719 BARNSLEY 19 home issues 52/3 x5 and 53/4 x 14 inc v Gateshead, Accrington, Barrow and Workington. Generally good 90-100
720 BARNSLEY 8 home reserve issues, 5 x 52/3 inc v Liverpool and Blackpool + 3 x 53/4 inc v West Brom Reserves. Good 50-55
721 BARNSLEY / VILLA 2 Reserve issues both v Villa, 51/2 and 52/3, Good 15-20
722 NOTTINGHAM FOREST 3 x 45/6 home issues, v Luton, Newport (worn, small piece torn off corner) and v West Brom. Fair 60-75
723 NOTTINGHAM FOREST 4 x 46/7 issues v Newport, Leicester, Barnsley (poor) and Coventry (worn), 47/8 v Leicester, 48/9 v Lincoln and Chesterfield and 49/50 v Notts County, Bristol Rovers and Swindon. Fair-Generally good 140-150
724 NOTTM FOREST 7 home issues , 51/2 Generally good 40-50
725 NOTTM FOREST 7 home issues, 52/3 v Plymouth and Lincoln (grubby), 2 x 53/4, 3 x 55/6 inc v Liverpool. Fair-good 30-35
726 NOTTM FOREST 14 home issues, 56/7 inc 2 x Cup. Fair-good 45-50
727 NOTTM FOREST 16 home issues, 57/8 to 59/60 inc 3 x Reserves. Fair-good 40-50
728 DERBY Home programme v Huddersfield, 18/4/1938, slight wear. Generally good 125-130
729 DERBY 7 x Wartime home issues, 44/5 v Leicester, 45/6 v Newport, Wolves, Southampton, Swansea, Coventry and Aston Villa. Fair-good 150-160
730 DERBY 3 Issues 46/7 v Grimsby, Sunderland and Everton, 3 x 47/8 v Burnley, Huddersfield and Chesterfield (Cup) and 4 x 48/9 v Bolton, Cardiff (Cup), Southport (Cup) and Everton. Fair-good 130-140
731 DERBY 16 Home issues, 49/50, rusty staples. Fair-good 140-150
732 DERBY 2 Reserve issues, 49/50 v Sheffield Utd Res and v Bury Res. Fair 18-20
733 DERBY 7 Issues, 50/51 Generally good 50-60
734 DERBY 5 Home issues, 51/2. fair-good 40-45
735 DERBY 11 Home issues mid -50s, inc 5 x 53/4, 1 x 54/5 , 55/6 v Accrington, and 4 x 57/8. Fair-good 45-50
736 DERBY 19 Home issues, 58/9 season, rusting staples. Fair 50-60
737 DERBY 20 Home issues, 59/60. Generally good 45-50
738 DERBY 13 Home issues, 60/61 season. Generally good 25-30
739 LIVERPOOL 70 programmes, 55/6 to 79/80, 5 x 50s, 20 x 60s and 45 x 70s, includes 57/8 v Fulham and Blackburn and second replay v West Brom 67/8 at Maine Rd (Cup). Fair-good 70-80
740 NORTHAMPTON 20 homes from 53/4 to 68/9 includes 4 x 50s and 16 x 60s, includes 53/4 v Coventry, 54/5 v Palace reserves and 4 from 65/6 v West Ham, Leeds (Desc), Chelsea and Blackburn.. Fair-good 40-45
741 LEYTON ORIENT 66 Homes, 53/4 to 70/71, 13 x 50s, 49 x 60s, includes 5 from 62/3 season and four page issue v Millwall 66/7 (London Challenge Cup). Fair-good 60-70
742 MILLWALL 24 issues, all friendly games, 54/5 to 78/9, 9 x 50s and 7 x 60s. Includes v Dundee, Simmering, Blackburn 54/5, and 55/6 Blue v Red, v West Ham and All Star Xi v Ex Millwall players. Good 60-70
743 TICKETS Four unused England tickets with counterfoils v Belgium 52, v Ireland 55, v East Germany 70 and v Northern Ireland 79. Good 30-40
744 FIFTIES 30 programmes from 52/3 to 59/60 inc 52/3 Blackburn v Huddersfield, Crewe v Halifax, 55/6 Brighton v Norwich (Cup), Villa v Chelsea 56/7, Blackburn v Man Utd 59/60 and Bolton v Leeds 59/60, various clubs. Fair-good 90-100
745 LUTON 28 Luton programmes, 52/3 to 71/2 , 11 x 50s, 16 x 60s inc v Leicester 52/3, Wolves 59/60 (Cup) and v Colchester 71/2 (Watney Cup). Fair-good 60-70
746 MANSFIELD 22 issues, 52/3 to 69/70, 7 x 50s and 15 x 60s, inc 52/3 v Rochdale and 55/6 v Scunthorpe. Fair-good 40-45
747 IPSWICH 45 programmes, 52/3 to 73/4, 8 x 50s and 23 x 60s. Includes 52/3 v Gillingham, 53/4 v Exeter, 55/6 v Southend, 56/7 v Swindon and 4 x 57/8. Generally good. 50-60
748 HUDDERSFIELD 29 programmes 54/5 to 74/5, 8 x 50s, 14 x 60s and includes 54/5 v Preston. Good 30-35
749 HALIFAX 20 programmes, 56/7 to 69/70, 2 x 50s inc 56/7 v Workington and 58/9 v Colchester.. Fair-good 15-20
750 GRIMSBY 20 programmes, 55/6 to 67/8, 8 x 50s inc 55/6 v Workington, 56/7 v Swansea and v Forest.. Good 30-40
751 GILLINGHAM 23 programmes, 58/9 to 73/4 inc 3 x 50s, 9x 60s.Includes 59/60 v Swansea (FA Cup).and v Tamworth 69/70 (Cup). Good 15-20
752 EXETER 23 issues, 55/6 to 69/70, inc 4 x 50s v Leyton Orient 55/6, and v Southampton 56/7. Generally good 25-30
753 EVERTON 30 issues, 57/8 to 68/9, 6 x 50s, includes Everton championship brochure 69/70. Generally good 30-35
754 NEWCASTLE 25 issues 54/5 to 74/5, 10 x 50s, 9 x 60s, includes v Hereford 71/2 (Cup) and Texaco Cup Semi 74/5 v Birmingham. Also includes 54/5 v Preston and v Shef Utd. Fair-good 55-65
755 LINCOLN 20 programmes 53/4 to 70/71, 8 x 50s, 9 x 60s inc v Brentford 53/4, Ipswich 54/5, Burnley 59/60 (Cup) and Lincoln City Old Stars 63/4 and 64/5. Generally good 40-45
756 AUTOGRAPHS 13 autographed programmes, 54/5 to 94/5, 35 autographs in total , 54/5 issue is Port Vale v Notts County, autographs include Keegan, Andy Cole, Stepney, Gabriel, Paine, Channon, Ray Wilkins, Chris Coleman, Ted Bates and others from 50s, 60s a 30-40
757 MILLWALL 80 programmes, 60/61 to 70/71 inc v Tottenham 66/7 (Cup). Good 40-50
758 MILLWALL 36 Reserve issues, 54/5 to 91/2, 3 x50s, 3 x 60s, 3 x 70s, 26 x 80s, 33 are single sheets, inc v Fulham 54/5, Swindon 55/6 and v Aldershot 59/60, also includes v Walthamstow 68/9 (London Challenge Cup) . Issue v Norwich 91/2 has 5 autographs.. 25-30
759 MILLWALL 10 issues 45/6 to 49/50, includes 45/6 v Aston Villa, v Swansea 46/7 v Palace Reserves 47/8 and 3 x 48/9 and 4 x 49/50. Good 100-120
760 MILLWALL 50 issues, 50/51 to 59/60, inc v Norwich 50/51, v Ipswich 51/2 and 53/4, v Charlton 55/6 (Kent Cup), v Margate 56/7 (Cup), 7 x 54/5, 7 x 55/6 , 13 x 56/7, 10 x 57/8. Generally good 150-160
761 NORWICH 20 issues, 57/8 to 70/71, 4 x 50s, 14 x 60s inc 57/8 v Brentford. Fair-good 15-20
762 LEEDS 32 issues, 50/51 to 68/9, 11 x 50s, inc v Hull 50/51, Falkirk 53/4, Charlton 56/7, Banik 56/7, Juventus 57/8, various Fairs Cup issues, all have tokens. Fair-good 120-140
763 NOTTINGHAM FOREST 40 issues, 53/4 to 67/8, 22 x 50s inc v Derby 53/4, Doncaster 54/5, Reading 59/60 (Cup) + 62/3 Cup 2nd replay at Spurs v Southampton. Generally good 90-100
764 LEICESTER 33 issues, 55/6 to 70/71, 7 x 50s, 23 x 60s inc 55/6 v Swansea, 56/7 v Shef Utd and v Port Vale. Fair-good 40-50
765 NOTTS COUNTY 25 issues, 51/2 to 65/6, 15 x 50s inc v Coventry 51/2, v Blackburn 53/4, v Hull 53/4 and v England XI 61/2. Generally good 65-75
766 SOUTHAMPTON 170 programmes, 60/61 to 71/2, 139 x 60s inc v Liverpool 61/2, Leeds 63/4 and Cup replay 70/71 v York. Generally good 120-130
767 AUTOGRAPHS 40 autographs in presentation binder 70s onwards , they include , with photos, Carragher, Hansen, Venables, Lynam, Wise, Seaman, Thomas, Salako, Mariner, Coppell, Clive Allen, Gregory and others.. Good 30-35
768 SONGSHEETS 10 Wembley songsheets inc 65 Cup Final signed by Norman Hunter and 8 England v Scotland, 57 to 71.. Fair-good 20-25
769 PRESS PHOTOGRAPHS 75 Press photos/ photographs, 1900s to 1990s, includes photos of Croydon Common 1900s, Crystal Palace 1920s, Team groups 1949/50, West Ham 60s (inc Moore, Hurst), Chelsea v Leeds Cup Final 69/70, Liverpool 70s/80s (17 photos inc Dalg 80-100
770 MANCHESTER UNITED 6 Programmes, friendlies, with tokens, 4 homes v Real Madrid 59/60 and 60/61, Bayern 60/61, Italian Olympic XI 67/8, and away at Stuttgart 79/80 and Piirijoukkue 81/2. Fair-good 35-40
771 MANCHESTER UNITED 12 Programmes, 53/4 to 59/60 with tokens, 53/4 v Shef Wed, 56/7 v Arsenal, 57/8 v Tottenham and 58/9 v Blackburn with token sheet, 6 are pre-Munich. Fair 80-90
772 MANCHESTER UNITED 10 European tie programmes with tokens, 64/5 v Borussia and Everton, 65/6 v Benfica, 67/8 v Real Madrid (home and away), + Final at Wembley, 68/9 v Estudiantes, also 77/8 v St.Etienne at Plymouth and v Porto + 82/3 v Valencia, there 25-30
773 MANCHESTER UNITED 2 European Cup homes, 56/7 v Athletico Bilbao and 57/8 v Red Star, team changes in Bilbao issue, tokens in. Fair-good 60-70
774 MANCHESTER UNITED 75 programmes, 60/61 to 98/9. 52 x 60s, 17 x 70s and 2 x 80s, includes 62/3 v Leyton (last Division 1 match for Orient), 72/3 away at Chelsea (final Charlton appearance), 78/9 Semi v Liverpool at Maine Rd, 94/5 Semi v Palace at Villa ( 80-90
775 MANCHESTER CITY 35 programmes, 56/7 to 68/9, 15 x 50s and 20 x 60s. All tokens intact , includes 57/8 v Birmingham (abandoned), and 65/6 single sheet at Wolves 2nd replay v Everton (Cup).Includes 4 x 67/8 Championship season. Fair-good 60-70
776 MIDDLESBROUGH 22 programmes, 57/8 to 69/70, 4 x 50s, 18 x 60s, includes postponed issue v Leyton Orient 57/8. Fair-good 20-30
777 1960s PROGRAMMES 210 programmes, 60/61 to 69/70, no duplicates, wide selection of programmes including Carlisle, Oxford, Southampton, Newport, Bradford PA, Southport, Peterborough, Chelsea, Portsmouth, Stockport, Barrow, Workington, Blackpool and othe 100-120
778 TOTTENHAM A collection of programmes, magazines and newspapers , 59 to 73.includes Cup Final programmes 61, 62 and 67 with cuttings, 67 Cup Final, Special Wembley Souvenir edition, Greaves photgraph (framed), various magazines with Spurs connections, 60-70
779 FA CUP A collection of Final and Semi-Final programmes and Souvenir newspapers from the 70s, 80s and 90s. 11 papers, 6 Programmes inc 81 and 82 Finals + 2 Spurs records 45rpm, 81/2 and 86/7. Fair-good 20-25
780 MANCHESTER UNITED A collection of United newspapers and magazines, 50s and 60s, including 56/7 16 page Cup souvenir, report in Eastern Daily Press, 20/2/58, Man Utd v Shef Wed (first post-Munich game), Manchester Evening news 68/9 Souvenir Salute to Busb 60-70
781 BARNSLEY 20 programmes, 54/5 to 68/9, 9 x 50sinc 55/6 v Blackburn (Cup). Fair-good 20-25
782 BIRMINGHAM 39 issues, 54/5 to 68/9, 13 x 50s inc 54/5 v Bolton (Cup) and 55/6 v West Brom. Fair-good 25-30
783 BLACKPOOL 31 issues, 53/4 to 72/3, 14 x 50s, 13 x 60s inc 53/4 v Huddersfield. Fair-good 20-25
784 BRISTOL CITY 32 programmes, 56/7 to 70/71, 11 x 50s and 19 x 60s inc 56/7 v Nottm Forest and 59/60 v Ipswich. Generally good 25-30
785 FA YEAR BOOKS 17 Yearbooks, 50/51 to 77/8, 5 x 50s, 9 x 60s + setof Football league Reviews 66/7 (38 ), + 55/6 Football League handbook and 47/8 Amateur Football year-book + others. Good 35-40
786 ARSENAL Single sheet programme, 13/8/49, for practice matches, Reds v Blues, minor fold. Good 40-45
787 WEST HAM BOYS Programme for West Ham Boys v Clissold Boys, 19/1/46, English Shield,folds. Fair-good 15-20
788 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for Blackpool v Tottenham, 13/3/48 at Aston Villa, slight fold. Good 90-100
789 LUTON Programme, 26/8/44 v Arsenal, neat scores written etc, single sheet issue. Good 45-50
790 LUTON Programme, 2/9/44, v Millwall, neat score, scorers etc. Good 40-45
791 WEST HAM Two home programmes, both v Spurs, 8/9/45 and 19/10/46, single sheet issues. Good 50-60
792 WEST HAM Home issue v Arsenal, 5/1/46, FA Cup, single sheet. Good 30-35
793 RANGERS Programme, 27/12/47, v Partick Thistle, number 18, fold, rusty staple. Generally good 30-40
794 CHELSEA Two home programmes, 45/6 v Tottenham 17/11/45 and v West Ham 26/1/46, folds, pencil changes. Fair-good 40-50
795 BARNET Home issue, special edition v Sing Tao (Hong Kong), 20/9/47, slight fold. Good 20-25
796 FORTIES Eight programmes, all 40s, 47/8 Walsall v Swansea (creases), Brentford v Chesterfield, Brighton v Leyton Orient, 46/7 Orient Reserves v Palace Reserves, 48/9 Harrow v Met Police and v Burnham, + Rookes Xi v Lawtons Xi at Selhurst Park, 49/50 70-80
797 AMATEUR CUP FINAL 1946 Programme for Bishop Auckland v Barnet, 20/4/46 at Stamford Bridge. Folds. Generally good 110-125
798 PRESS PHOTOS 20 Press photographs, 40s, mainly involving Arsenal and England, all 8" x 6", black and white. Good 90-100
799 TOTTENHAM 16 Home single sheet issues, 43/4 season, a few have punch-holes at the top (minimal print effect) but mostly good to very good. Fair-good 350-400
800 ARSENAL 16 Home single sheets, 43/4 season, a few have punch-holes, minimal print effect but overall good. Generally good 350-400
801 EUROPEAN Circa 70 modern European programmes many Dutch but also includes Celtic. Some duplication. Generally good 10-20
802 FIFTIES Over 65 issues , all 50s, inc Man City v Burnley 59/60 Championship clincher for Burnley, variety of clubs, some have tape marks, 50/51 to 59/60. Fair-good 120-150
803 PORT VALE Over 20 home issues, 55/6 to 59/60, condition generally good but some have minor defects. Fair-good 55-60
804 NON-LEAGUE Box containing over 100 Non-League issues, majority 80s and 90s but also contains Ilkeston v Kimberley 59/60 and Chelmsford v Wisbech 59/60, wide selection of clubs includes 74 FA Sunday Competition Final Tie, and 6 Vase and Trophy Finals. 20-25
805 MIXED PROGRAMMES A box containing over 110 programmes, League Clubs , 60s onwards but mainly 70s, some 80s, wide variety of clubs inc Bradford PA v Port Vale 69/70 and v Palace 61/2. Also includes European games, Big Match issues inc Chile v England Ju 40-50
806 SCOTTISH A box containing approximately 170 Scottish programmes inc Stirling v Cowdenbeath 57/8 but majority are 70s and 80s. Includes some Big Match issues, Cup Semi-Finals, Clydebank issues, Internationals and a wide variety of clubs. Generall 60-70
807 WAR CUP SEMI Programme for Chelsea v Reading at Tottenham, 1/4/44, single sheet, neat score. Good 110-120
808 TOTTENHAM 12 caricatures in colour , artist is John Gay, 6" x 9", circa 1932-35, rare items, inc Hunt, Colquhoun, Hall, O'Callaghan, Felton and Rowe. Very good 180-200
809 ARSENAL A small collection of Arsenal memorabilia includes Boreham Wood v Arsenal 1998 programme, signed Charlie George Cup Final photograph, Soccer magazine Jan 49 (Arsenal team group on cover). Generally good 12-15
810 TOPICAL TIMES Two large colour portraits, Nieuwenhuys (Liverpool) and Fred Tilson (Man City), 7" x 10". Very good 5-10
811 PORTSMOUTH Reserve issue v QPR, 7/12/46. Very good 20-25
812 BRIGHTON Reserve issue v QPR, 29/3/48, single sheet. Good 20-25
813 QPR Home programme v Bournemouth, 5/9/1931, first match at the White City Stadium, special official souvenir programme, slight fold, spine splitting, no staple. Fair 220-230
814 QPR Home programme v Watford, 22/4/1939, no staple.fold. Generally good 120-130
815 QPR / ARSENAL Two QPR home issues, both v Arsenal, 26/2/44 and 6/1/45, pencil team changes. Generally good 70-75
816 QPR Home issue v Tottenham, 24/2/45, slight fold, neat changes. Good 35-40
817 CLAPTON ORIENT Single sheet issue v QPR, 20/3/43, Cup (South).slight folds. Good 40-50
818 TOTTENHAM Wartime issue v QPR, 3/2/45, League South Cup. Good 25-30
819 SOUTHAMPTON Wartime issue v QPR, 9/12/44. Very good 30-35
820 BRENTFORD Two issues both against QPR, 2/1/43 and 21/10/44, neat changes to 42/3 issue. Good-very good 40-50
821 QPR Home issue v Bournemouth 1/5/46, Third Division Cup Semi-Final replay, score on team page. Fair-good 30-35
822 QPR Home issue v Ipswich, 8/12/45, FA Cup, includes formation of QPR development association leaflet. Generally good 25-30
823 QPR Home issue v Brentford, 26/9/42, pencil team changes. Generally good 35-40
824 QPR Home issue v Crystal Palace, 2/12/44, slight fold, neat change. Good 30-35
825 CHELMSFORD 3 home issues , 46/7 , all Reserves, v Norwich Res, Dartford Res and Harwich and Parkeston. Generally good 30-40
826 CHELMSFORD 3 home issues 47/8 v Cheltenham, Barry and Exeter Res + 10 Reserve issues inc v Colchester Res. Generally good 100-120
827 CHELMSFORD Home issue v Exeter Res 48/9 + 8 Reserve issues inc v Colchester Res and 2 different issues v Norwich "A". Generally good 70-80
828 CHELMSFORD 2 home issues 49/50 v Gloucester and Dartford + 7 x 50/51 home issues and 3 x 50/51 Reserve issues inc v Gillingham Res and v Norwich "A". Generally good 70-80
829 CHELMSFORD 10 home issues 51/52 season + 8 Reserve issues + Plunkett Benefit v Ex-City players. Generally good 70-80
830 CHELMSFORD 10 home issues 52/3 + 6 home Reserve issues. Generally good 70-80
831 CHELMSFORD 11 home issues 53/4 + Reserve issue v Crittall Ath + benefit match v All Star XI (Gowers, Folkard and Tiffin). Generally good 40-50
832 CHELMSFORD 15 home issues 54/5 + 8 Reserve games. Generally good 90-100
833 CHELMSFORD 11 home issues + 5 Reserve games, 55/56 season. Generally good 60-70
834 CHELMSFORD 9 home issues + 7 Reserve games, 56/57 season. Generally good 50-60
835 CHELMSFORD 10 home issues 57/58 + 11 Reserve games, some rusty staples. Generally good 60-70
836 CHELMSFORD 11 home issues + 6 Reserve issues, 58/59, rusty staples. Generally good 60-70
837 CHELMSFORD 6 Home issues, 59/60 season + 6 Reserve issues. Generally good 25-30
838 CHELMSFORD 5 Home issues 60/61 season + 1 Reserve issue, + 6 issues 61/2 season and 5 Reserve issues + 12 home issues 63/4 to 65/6. Generally good 25-30
839 LIVERPOOL Programme for the away match at F.C.Koln, 10/2/65, Westdeutsche Sonder Vorschau, Fussball-Stadion -Blatt issue, rare issue, European Cup, fold. Good 180-200
840 LIVERPOOL Away programme 17/8/64 at Reykjavik, European Cup, first Liverpool tie in the European Cup. Good 100-120
841 LIVERPOOL Away issue at Inter-Milan, 64/5, European Cup Semi at San Siro, score on team page and on cover, slight tears to edges. Fair-good 150-175
842 LIVERPOOL Away programme at Anderlecht, 16/12/64, European Cup, covers stained and this has also slightly affected other pages, still in quite accetable condition as this is a hard to locate issue. Fair 90-100
843 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for the 1964 match at Anfield, Liverpool v West Ham. Good 140-150
844 PORT VALE / QPR Exceedingly difficult issue to obtain, single card, 19/10/60, League Cup replay, first season of League Cup.Score on team listings. Generally good 180-200
845 MANCHESTER JUNIOR CUP Programme for the 1949 Final at Ashton United, 10/5/49, Glossop v Goslings, tear along fold, four page issue. Fair-good 40-50
846 CHELSEA Away programme at Huddersfield, 9/10/54, Chelsea Championship season. Good 70-80
847 EVERTON Home programme v Portsmouth, 10/11/34, minor tears. Generally good 80-90
848 EVERTON Home programme v Middlesbrough, 1/2/36, worn, split spine, tears to edge. Poor-fair 55-60
849 EVERTON Three home programmes 36/37 v Liverpool, Huddersfield and West Bromwich, slight folds. Generally good 230-250
850 EVERTON Three home programmes, 36/37 season v Portsmouth, Arsenal (punch-hole to top of programme) and v Bournemouth (Cup). Generally good 230-250
851 EVERTON Three programmes 1937/38 season, v Man City (tape on spine, ex bound volume), Brentford and Huddersfield, slight defects. Generally good 230-250
852 EVERTON Three home programmes 1937/38 season v Preston, (tape on spine, ex bound volume), Chelsea and Stoke, minor faults. Generally good 250-260
853 EVERTON Three home programmes, 1937/38 season v Blackpool (tape on spine, creased), Wolves (poor-fair) and Middlesbrough (good). As described 190-200
854 EVERTON Home programme v Sunderland, 15/4/1938, one punch-hole to top of pages, tape on one page, minor creases. Fair 65-70
855 EVERTON Three wartime home issues, v Liverpool 9/10/43 (heavy tape but perfectly legible, tear), and v Wrexham 30/10/43 and 5/2/44 (both have folds, one has team changes). Fair-good 90-100
856 EVERTON Three wartime single-sheet issues, v Tranmere 6/11/43 and 26/2/44 (both have folds) and v Liverpool 29/1/44 (team changes). Fair-good 90-100
857 EVERTON Single sheet issue v Liverpool, 19/8/44, Lord Mayor of Liverpool War Fund, team changes, folds. Generally good 35-40
858 EVERTON Single sheet issue, Everton v Man United 26/8/44, score noted. Generally good 40-50
859 EVERTON Three issues , all v Liverpool, 21/10/44 (heavy tape), 3/2/45 (team changes) and 31/3/45 (War Cup, minor tears). Fair-good 80-90
860 EVERTON Six wartime issues, 2 v Chester 23/9/44 and 3/3/45, 2 v Southport, 17/2/45 and 28/4/45 (Lancs Cup) and 2 v Wrexham, 9/12/44 and and 14/4/45, slight folds, team changes. Generally good 180-200
861 EVERTON Four wartime issues, 2 v Stockport, 16/12/44 and 27/1/45, v Man City, 11/11/44and v Preston 17/3/45. Generally good 125-140
862 EVERTON Four friendlies , homes 54/5 v Sodingen, 55/6 v Vasco Da Gama, 56/7 v Banik Ostrava and 61/2 v Dynamo Kiev Generally good 18-20
863 EVERTON 20 home friendlies between 1972 and 2004, includes Testimonials. Generally good 20-25
864 EVERTON 9 away friendlies, 1970s inc at Newport, Rangers, Linfield, Hertha and Lillestrom. Good 20-25
865 EVERTON 109 Away friendlies, 1990s onwards includes tournsments, benefits and tours to USA and Thailand. Good 110-120
866 EVERTON Brochure for 1985 tour to Canada and programme for 1987 tour to New Zealand. Generally good 25-30
867 EVERTON Home issue v Leeds, 22/9/45, slight fold, team changes. Generally good 50-60
868 EVERTON 8 issues, 45/46 season, v Liverpool, Shef Utd, Shef Wed, Huddersfield, Bury, Blackburn, Bradford PA and Man City, team changes etc. Generally good 220-230
869 EVERTON Two issues, 46/7 v Liverpool (slight wear) and Huddersfield. Fair-good 55-60
870 EVERTON Four homes, 47/8 season v Blackpool, Burnley, Preston and Sheffield Utd. Generally good 80-90
871 EVERTON 2 programmes, both legs of the Liverpool Senior Cup Semi-Finals v Liverpool 44/5, folds, team changes. Fair 70-75
872 EVERTON Programme v Southport 43/4 Liverpool Cup Final, team changes. Fair 40-45
873 EVERTON Programme v Accrington Stanley, 12/10/60, league Cup, score on cover, four page issue, fold. Fair-good 80-90
874 EVERTON Programme v Walsall, 31/10/60, League Cup, four page issue. Good 80-90
875 EVERTON Programme v Bury, 23/11/60, League Cup, four page issue, slight fold. Good 80-90
876 EVERTON 5 Homes, 49/50 inc v Liverpool, Blackpool, Burnley and man City. Generally good 100-110
877 EUROPEAN CUP 1959/60 A rare opportunity to purchase 28 programmes from the Competition of 59/60. The programmes include, Rangers v Anderlecht, Shamrock Rovers v Nice (both legs), Linfield v Kamraterna (both legs), Nice v fenerbache, Rangers v Red Star, 630-650
878 WORLD CUP BID 2006 A calendar produced by the FA and sent to FIFA and other dignatories by the FA as part of the England 2006 World Cup bid. Still in the original packing, it was never on sale in this country. Good 25-30
879 READING Home issue v Bristol City , 29/11/1930, minor repairs. Generally good 140-150
880 MIDDLESBROUGH Home programme v Portsmouth, 1/10/1932, slight fold. Generally good 110-120
881 LIVERPOOL An excellent opportunity to buy a Liverpool homes collection. Every home League, league Cup, FA Cup and European home match is here from 1962/3 to 20/2/1999, 36 complete seasons +98/9 to February, the only home not here is the 1964 Charity Shi 900-1000
882 WEST HAM Home programme v Blackpool, 22/4/1935, slight fold. Good 95-100
883 WEST HAM Two home Reserve programmes , both v Swansea Reserves, 31/2 (slight fold) and 34/5 (fold). Generally good 70-80
884 WEST HAM Home programme v Oldham, 4/5/1935, fold, slight ageing. Fair-good 95-100
885 WEST HAM Single sheet programme for Practice Match, 17/8/1935, Club Colours v Blues, slight folds, very minor tears. Generally good 90-100
886 WEST HAM Single sheet programme for Practice Match, 24/8/1935, Club Colours v Blues, slight folds. Generally good 90-100
887 WEST HAM Two home Reserve issues, both v Clapton Orient Reserves, 32/3 (minor tears) and 35/6 (fold, slight tears). Fair-good 70-80
888 WEST HAM Home programme v Nottingham Forest, 7/9/1935, slight folds. Generally good 95-100
889 WEST HAM Home programme v Bradford, 9/9/1935, minor folds, slight tears. Fair-good 95-100
890 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Chelsea Reserves, 14/9/1935, slight fold. Good 45-50
891 WEST HAM Home programme v Sheffield United, 16/9/1935, slight folds. Good 95-100
892 WEST HAM Home programme v Doncaster, 21/9/1935, minor folds. Generally good 95-100
893 WEST HAM Two home Reserve issues, both v Bristol City Reserves, 32/3 (slight folds and tears), 35/6 ( fold, minor mark). Fair-good 70-80
894 WEST HAM Home programme v Barnsley, 5/10/1935, swlight folds. Good 95-100
895 WEST HAM Home programme v Swansea, 12/10/1935, slight fold, very minor tear. Generally good 95-100
896 WEST HAM Two home Reserve issues , both v Brentford Reserves, 34/5 (folds) and 35/6 ( slight wear along folds). Generally good 70-80
897 WEST HAM Home programme v Hull, 23/11/1935, fold, slight tears to edge. Generally good 95-100
898 WEST HAM Home programme v Port Vale , 21/12/1935, tears to edge, fold. Fair-good 95-100
899 WEST HAM Home programme v Southampton, 25/12/1935, minor folds. Generally good 95-100
900 WEST HAM Home programme v Norwich, 28/12/1935, slight folds. Generally good 95-100
901 NORTHERN 1950s 34 programmes from the 50s inc Man Utd, Man City, Blackburn, Preston and Sunderland, also includes a few Midlands clubs, some have faults. Fair-good 50-60
902 MIXED SIXTIES 63 programmes, all League clubs , 60s issues with Luton, Gillingham, Coventry, Wolves and Colchester prominent, minor defects. Fair-good 25-30
903 EX-LEAGUE 20 programmes involving ex-Football League clubs, mostly good, some have minor faults mostly 60s. Fair-good 20-25
904 SOUTHERN 1950s 31 programmes from the 50s , variety of clubs, some have faults. Fair-good 40-50
905 NORTHERN 1960s 81 programmes from Northern clubs, generally good condition, includes Liverpool v Northampton 65/6. Generally good 30-40
906 LONDON 85 programmes , all 60s, various London clubs although majority are Palace, Fulham and Orient, inc West Ham v Liverpool 65/6. Fair-good 30-40
907 IPSWICH Bound volume of football programmes for Ipswich, 1938/39 season, Towns first season in the Football League, the volume includes 21 programmes inc Hospitals Cup v Aston Villa,and Cup games against Street, Torquay and Aston Villa. A reserve mat 800-1000
908 IPSWICH Programme v Tunbridge Wells Rangers, 29/8/1936, Southern League, first Professional match for Ipswich, fold. 260-280
909 IPSWICH Programme v Colchester United, 6/5/1939, Southern League, Ipswich Reserve team, Colchester first team, full programme. Good 120-130
910 IPSWICH Programme v dartford, 9/4/1938, Southern League, splits along spine, slight wear, minor tear, last Ipswich Non-League season. Fair-good 190-200
911 HIBERNIAN 9 Home issues, 2 x 51/2, 4 x 52/3, 1 x 53/4 and 2 x 54/5, 3 are League Cup, remainder League, occasional rusty staple. Fair-good 110-125
912 CAMBRIDGE UTD Programme v West Ham "A", 4/12/54, slight fold, score on cover. Generally good 30-40
913 CAMBRIDGE UTD Programme v Charlton, friendly, 30/4/56, Good 40-50
914 CAMBRIDGE UTD Programme v Arsenal "A", 9/10/54. Generally good 30-40
915 CAMBRIDGE UTD Programme v West Ham "A", 1/10/55, score on cover. Generally good 30-40
916 CAMBRIDGE UTD Programme v Tottenham "A", 4/9/54, Good 30-40
917 ACCRINGTON Programme v Bradford City, 3/2/62 (programme says 61 due to printer error). This was the last programme issued by Stanley before they resigned from the Football League. Although they played two further home games , no programmes were issue 120-130
918 ENGLAND Thre orogrammes , v Yugoslavia 50 at Highbury, v Argentina 51 (Festival of Britain) and v Wales 52., minor faults. Fair-good 40-45
919 CAMBRIDGE UTD Nine home issues, 69/70, last non-league season for Cambridge, includes last home v Margate. Generally good 15-20
920 CAMBRIDGE UTD Five homes x 58/9 inc Cup v Holbeach, + 67/8 Cup v Lowestoft and 10 away issues, 4 x 58/9 at Yiewsley, Bedford, Gravesend and Dartford , and 6 x 59/60 at Corby, Sittingbourne, Kidderminster, Holbeach, Rugby and Gloucester. Good 35-45
921 CAMBRIDGE / MANNION Benefit match for Wilf Mannion (Cambridge Utd manager) 19/3/58 v International Xi (loose page) + Topical Times card (30s) of Mannion in Middlesbrough kit+ 10 other benefit/pre-season games involving Cambridge United inc v Man Utd 85 25-30
922 CAMBRIDGE UTD Programme for Cambridgeshire FA Youth XI v West Ham Youth Xi, 1/10/58, West Ham team includes Bobby Moore, Cripps, Burkett, Keetch, Bovington and Brown, 5 Cambridge United and 3 City players in Cambridgeshire team. Good 40-50
923 CAMBRIDGE UTD 12 sundry United programmes, 10 homes inc v Invitation League Xi 57/8 (Saward benefit), 58/9 v Cambridge City (FA Cup), v Pegasus 56/7 (a few small stains), v Wisbech 57/8, v Hapoel 63/4 , v Watford 62/3, v Cambridge University 63/4 and 60-65
924 CAMBRIDGE UTD Programme for Final Trial match 58/9 (Whites v Colours) + Wisbech v Cambridge Utd 57/8 (Invitation Cup Final replay) and Yiewsley v Cambridge Utd 59/60. Generally good 18-20
925 CAMBRIDGE UTD Two complete editions of the Sports edition of the Cambridge Evening News, dated 2/5/70 and 15/8/70 with reports covering last non-league v Margate and first Football League v Lincoln. Good 15-20
926 CHELSEA Postcard , team-group, 1907/08 season, photo by Dorrett and Martin, includes club officials and 24 players. Good 70-75
927 ASTON VILLA Postcard, team-group, 1912/13, very slight creases. Generally good 45-50
928 ASTON VILLA Postcard, team-group 1925/26, Wilkes. Very good 45-50
929 STOCKPORT Postcard, team-group, 1921/22, players named on reverse. Good 35-40
930 BECKENHAM Postcard team-group of Beckenham Wanderers strangely titled 1921/23, slight creases at corners. Generally good 12-15
931 NORWICH Rare colour postcard of the Canaries, 1906/07, second season for the Canaries , the players in this team-group are wearing blue and white halves shirts and white shorts, players names are on the reverse. Good 45-50
932 WOLVES Postcard, team-group, 1925/26, Arcade Studios, copyright A.H.Paulton. Good 35-45
933 BLACKBURN Postcardf, team group 1908/09. Good 35-45
934 B.B. SERIES Set of 5 postcards in colour, BB London Series E41, colour action postcards including Charity Shield between Manchester United and QPR. Very good 40-50
935 TUCKS POSTCARDS Set of 6 colour postcards, (595B series), Raphael Tuck and Sons, Oilette Serie Fussballspielers. Issued in 1910. Very good 30-40
936 POSTCARDS A set of 6 cards, series 2546, Davidson Bros Pictorial Postcards from originals by Tom Browne. Full colour with humour content. Good 30-40
937 POSTCARDS A set of 6 cards, series 2633, Davidson Bros Pictorial postcards from originals by Tom Browne. Colour crads with humour content. Good 30-40
938 AUTOGRAPHS Programme, 31/8/54, Arsenal v Everton with Everton team group photo signed by 9 players, Britton (manager) + Moore who does not appear on the photo. Good 30-35
939 AUTOGRAPHS A quantity of facsimile autograph sheets/teamgroups including 4 x Manchester United (3 of which have Busby Babes autographs, the other is late 50s/early 60s). Others include Shef Wed, Sunderland 54/5, Rangers, Forest (Clough era x 4), Ports 50-60
940 ARSENAL Leather football signed by the 1970/71 Double team , at least 16 signatures in ink on old style lace-up football. Good 220-240
941 WORLD CUP 58 Programme for the Final, Brazil v Sweden in Stockholm, 29/6/58., slight ageing. Generally good 220-240
942 BOBBY MOORE Action photo v Arsenal at Highbury 65/6 signed by Bobby Moore and Joe Baker + Skirton and Armstrong. Press photo, 10" x 8". Good 60-70
943 BOBBY MOORE Action press photo of Arsenal v West Ham 65/6, signed by Bobby Moore, Baker and Sammels. Good 55-60
944 ARSENAL Press photo Arsenal team-group 69/70, 10" x 8", most players + Don Howe have signed although some signatures are faint. Fair-good 30-40
945 ARSENAL Ten Press photos, all signed, mainly action photod, signatories include Jim Furnell, Bob McNab, Jon Sammels, Skirton, George Graham, Neill, Baker, Radford, and Baldwin. Good 60-75
946 WORLD CUP 66 SCRAPBOOKS There are scrapbooks and then there are scrapbooks but seldom are they of the quality of these four scrapbooks which cover the 1966 World Cup from January 66 when the draw was made, they commence with a pennant for the World 220-250
947 GOODISON PARK Programme for the Presentation of Colours to two local regiments at Everton, 19/5/1938. It is possible that there should be a cover although the booklet seems to be complete and is signed on the inside cover in pencil by Dean, Sagar, Brit 50-60
948 CUP FINAL TICKET Ticket for the 1950 Cup Final. Very good 45-50
949 FERNDALE Programme for a match between Ferndale FC and Bromley Gas FC at the Gas Light and Coke Company Ground, Bromley By Bow, 4/5/1935. The game was for the Carrington Electric Bakeries Grand Challenge Cup, four page issue with tape across the middle 20-25
950 MANCHESTER CITY A season ticket for 1949/50 for the Grand Stand ( owner was a Mr C Williams- nothing to do with the Sportingold owner who was minus three at the time). The book contains numerous unused tickets and fixtures etc are also included in the b 40-50
951 EVERTON Eight programmes 45/6 season, all homes and all in good condition, v Chesterfield, Preston, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Stoke (minor marks), Grimsby, Newcastle and Barnsley. Generally good 250-275
952 WORLD CUP 66 Broadcasting pass issued to Simon Smith for the 66 World Cup in a yellow official World Cup 66 wallet, Smith represented the BBC. Good 25-30
953 BOXING British Boxing Board of Control licence issued to Simon Smith 1964 as MC together with documentation issued to Smith for the 1961 European Boxing Championships in Belgrade and 1960 Olympic Games booklet. Good 20-25
954 HULL CITY Ten Hull 50 away programmes, 49/50 at Preston, Swansea,QPR, Barnsley, and Shef Wed + 50/51 at Chesterfield, and Bristol Rovers (Cup), + QPR 54/5 friendly, Fulham 55/6 and Villa 59/60. Generally good 80-90
955 LINCOLN Four home programmes, 47/8 v Mansfield, v Shrewsbury (Midland League), v Hull and 48/9 v Cardiff (grubby). Generally good 65-70
956 LINCOLN Ten home programmes, 50s, inc v Everton and Leicester 53/4, v Newcastle 56/7 (friendly), v Hull and v Doncaster 54/5, v Notts County and v Nottm Forest 55/6 and v Wolves 57/8 (Cup). Fair-good 60-70
957 BIRMINGHAM Eight home issues + 53/4 Stourbridge v Dudley.Homes are v Wolves 49/50, Hull 50/51, Leicester 51/2, Sheffield Utd 52/3, Fulham and Swansea 53/4, Sunderland 55/6 (3 autos) and v Union St Gilloise 59/60, mixture of minor faults. Fair-good 45-55
958 WORLD CUP 66 Two Tournament programmes, (one has teams entered), + information guide, ticket wallet and ticket information. Fair-good 25-30
959 MANCHESTER UNITED A miscellany of items including a few home reserve programmes , mainly without tokens, mid 60s, Cup Semi-Finals, 27/3/65 and 23/4/66, a number of home and away programmes (six) 50s/60s inc 59/60 at Everton and Blackburn + Reserves at W 80-90
960 NOTTINGHAM FOREST A selection of items including 92 League Cup Final programme v Man Utd, Simod Cup Final v Everton 89, Youth Cup Semi v Arsenal 88, single sheet County Cup Final v Mansfield 79, 6 tickets inc European Cup Semi v Koln, League Cup Semi 40-50
961 BARKING 25 home issues, majority 59/60 season. Generally good 30-35
962 NON-LEAGUE 45 issues, early 60s , variety of clubs, mainly Southern but includes Fleetwood v Rochdale 65/6 and Yeovil v Swindon 62/3 both FA Cup, various other Cup games included. Generally good 40-50
963 NON-LEAGUE 28 issues mostly late 50s, variety of clubs inc Stratford v Gresley 58/9, Redhill v Sutton 57/8, Sheppey v Sittingbourne 56/7, Dorking v Erith 56/7. Generally good 40-50
964 NON-LEAGUE 16 issues, late 50s mainly inc Banbury Spencer v Nuneaton 57/8, Kingstonian v Erith 56/7, Finchley v Hayes 56/7 and Uxbridge v Horsham 57/8 also includes Cheltenham v Hastings 59/60 and several Leyton issues. Generally good 25-30
965 NON-LEAGUE 18 issues, majority late 50s, various clubs inc Corinthian Casuals v Hitchin 55/6 Amateur Cup, Chippenham Town v Swindon "A" 56/7 (two tape marks), Hayes v Finchley 57/8and Leytonstone v Bromley 55/6. Fair-good 30-40
966 DAGENHAM 12 issues, majority 59/60. Generally good 20-25
967 ILFORD 14 issues, 60/61 season. Generally good 20-25
968 ILFORD 18 issues , early 60s. Generally good 25-35
969 LARGE FORMAT 13 issues, all large format includes 7 x Leyton Orient inc 55/6 v Ipswich, Brighton, QPR and Northampton + 4 x Watford inc 55/6 v Coventry, Northampton, Norwich and Southampton + Walsall and Mansfield issues. Generally good 30-40
970 LEAGUE CLUBS Over 50 late 50s issues, all League clubs , many different clubs, mostly 59/60. Generally good 60-80
971 FIFTIES 53 league club issues,mainly mid-late 50s, Chelsea (mixed condition), Arsenal and Fulham prevalent, includes Newcastle v Burnley 57/8, Leeds v Cardiff 57/8, Chester v York 8/2/58 (Munich tribute), QPR v Crystal Palace 56/7. Fair-good 60-70
972 LEICESTER 7 issues, 6 x homes, 50/51 v Preston, 52/3 v Huddersfield, 53/4 v Everton, 54/5 v Blackpool and Sunderland + 55/6 v Shef Wed (creased) also includes 52/3 away at Leicester. Fair-good 30-35
973 SCOTTISH Over 20 Scottish issues, all 50s inc Dundee v Celtic 57/8, other clubs inc Berwick, Brechin, Falkirk, Clyde, Rangers, Kilmarnock and Aberdeen, mainly 59/60. Generally good 40-50
974 SPECIALS 45 issues, 1960s, includes, ex-League clubs, friendlies, Internationals, Pirate issues, 1967 League Cup Final, Shamrock Rovers v Valencia 62/3, Gateshead v Scunthorpe 63/4, Everton v Spurs 60/61, Brentford v Bradford PA 69/70, Carlisle v Gate 75-80
975 BURY Box containing 160 homes, all 60s, name of opposition and season written on cover for approx half of them, all have team changes etc. Also included are 56 away issues inc 62/3 at Leeds., these also have team changes etc. Fair 35-40
976 1960'S Box containing over 180 sixties issues, variety of clubs etc inc Wales, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd aways, England. Fair-good 150-180
977 FORTIES Mixed selection of 16 x 40s programmes, various clubs, 11 x generally good condition other 5 have faults (not too serious).. Programmes include Coventry v Blackburn 49/50, Shef Utd v Coventry 49/50, Bury v Chesterfield 49/50, Cardiff v Preston 100-110
978 FIFTIES Folder of 35+ fifties programmes includes Blackpool v Man Utd 58/9, Charlton v Sunderland 50/51, Southend Res v Aldershot Res 53/4, Southampton v Colchester 55/6, Man Utd v Everton 56/7 (Cup), , Brighton v Norwich 55/6, Bolton v Liverpool 56/7 70-75
979 FIFTIES Folder contining over 70 issues from the 50s including Arsenal v Wolves and Stoke 50/51, London v Lausanne at Arsenal 57/8 (Fairs Cup), Chelsea v Bilbao 59/60, QPR v Southampton 58/9 (Cup), Nottm Forest v Man Utd 59/60, Chelsea v Wolves 53/4, En 90-100
980 LEICESTER Home issue v Aston Villa, 2/1/1932, rusty staple, slight tears to bottom edge. Fair-good 140-150
981 WEST HAM 20 x Home issues 58/59 does not include v Man Utd but does include v All-Star XI (Allison Testimonial).Occasional team change. Generally good 60-75
982 WEST HAM 16 x 59/60 issues inc 3 friendlies + 13 x 60 /61 inc Gregory Testimonial, 4 x 61/2, 5 x 62/3 and 2 x 63/4 issues, all homes, occasional team change. Generally good 50-60
983 WEST HAM 11 programmes inc Reserves 58/9 v Birminghmand v Brighton, Minor Cups v Arsenal 58/9, and v Colchester 58/9, Youth Cup v Birmingham 66/7, friendlies v St Mirren 52/3, Milan 54/5, Lodz 57/8, Sparta 57/8,(punch-holes) and Floodlight Cup v Leyton 65-75
984 WEST HAM 21 issues, 51/2 to 56/7 inc v Bury 51/2, Fulham 54/5, Middlesbrough 54/5, Bury 54/5, Blackburn 55/6 (Cup), Luton 54/5, Doncaster 56/7, Fulham 56/7( folds), Liverpool 56/7 (burn-hole), + 3 x 54/5 with punch-holes, 2 x 55/6 with punch-holes and 100-110
985 WEST HAM 26 issues 57/8 season inc 2 x friendlies, 3 x Cup and set of 21 x league, Hammers promotion season, eight have punch-holes and a few have tape-marks. Fair-good 90-100
986 TOTTENHAM 30 home issues, 50s, majority 57/8 and 58/9, inc 52/3 v Bolton and 53/4 v Wolves, also includes 58/9 v Everton (Nicholson first as manager, 10-4 to Spurs), half of the programmes are creased/tatty but remainder are generally good. Poor-g 50-60
987 TOTTENHAM 15 home issues 59/60 season inc 13-2 v Crewe (Cup replay), occasional fault. Generally good 40-50
988 TOTTENHAM 16 Home issues, 60/61 Double Season inc v Dynamo Tbilisi and souvenir issue v West Brom, occasional team change but majority are good. Generally good 100-120
989 TOTTENHAM 26 x 61/2 issues, 20 x 62/3 issues, 12x 63/4 issues, 4 x 64/5 and 5 other issues. All home issues, some have team changes. Fair-good 60-70
990 FIFTIES 17 issues , majority fifties, inc Port Vale v Barnsley, 55/6, Barnsley v Barnsley and District FA 57/8, Shef Utd v Arsenal 58/9 (Cup), variety of clubs inc Carshalton v Wealdstone 58/9. mixed condition. Fair-good 30-35
991 FORTIES Programmes for West Ham v Tottenham 48/9, Tottenham v Brentford 45/6 (FA Cup), QPR v Leicester 48/9 (tape along spine), + booklet Lets Talk about Arsenal 32 pages (1946). Fair-good 35-40
992 BRENTFORD Eight home issues, 49/50 inc v Plymouth, Swansea and Hull. Fair-good 40-50
993 BRENTFORD Eight home issues, 51/2 season, one has punch-holes, one cover has stains, remainder generally good. Fair-good 25-35
994 QPR 7 issues, homes, 48/9 v Brentford, 49/50 v Shef Wed (tape marks), 51/2 v Rotherham (tear to corner), 52/3 v Shrewsbury (Cup), and v Torquay , 54/5 v Torquay, and 55/6 v Southampton. Fair-good 45-50
995 SOUTHEND 11 issues, 47/8 v Reading, ( minor tears to edge) 51/2 v Ipswich, Port Vale and Brighton,, 50/51 v Birmingham Res (worn), 52/3 v Aldershot Res, 53/4 v Chesterfield and 54/5 v Plymouth Res, QPR, Swindon and v Brentford Res. Fair-good 50-60
996 SOUTHEND / ARSENAL Three Southend Reserve issues, all v Arsenal Reserves, 51/2, 53/4 and 54/5. Fair 30-40
997 INTERNATIONALS 13 programmes all Internationals, 1 Schools International, remainder full Internationals including North Europe v Western Europe, 20/5/64 in Denmark, Wilson,Baxter,Law and Charlton were in the Western Europe team, also includes England a 90-100
998 SPECIALS Selection of 35 programmes,includes Cup Finals 60, 63, 66, 67, League Cup Finals 67 and 68, pirate programmes, friendlies, testimonials, schools and Cup games inc Ipswich v Swansea League Cup 61/2, Rotherham v Wolves, 64/5 Cup replay, Man Utd Y 40-50
999 QPR 10 home issues inc v Arbroath 68/9, League Cup 66/7 v Leicester and Carlisle, v Norwich 66/7 friendly, v Hinckley 62/3 (FA Cup at White City), v Glasgow Rangers 69/70, Les Allen Testimonial, Sibley Testimonial v Man City 72/3 and friendlies v West 15-20
1000 SCOTTISH 14 Scottish programmes inc Kilmarnock v Hibs 57/8, Aberdeen v Hearts 59/60 League Cup, Celtic v St Mirren 58/9 League Cup, Morton v West Brom 70/71 (Texaco), Celtic v Racing 67 World Club, Rangers v Arsenal 68/9, 4 x Celtic home European inc 50-60
1001 CLOSED-CIRCUIT TV Two programmes, Workington v Millwall, 28/1/66 (first in London, Millwall issue) and Barcelona v Chel;sea 65/6 (first European closed -circuit match, Chelsea issue). Good 5-10
1002 1948 FINAL Programme for Final, slight damage to rear cover, + match cuttings. Fair 55-60
1003 1949 FINAL Programme for the Final (tape along part of spine), team change, match cuttings. Fair 45-50
1004 1950 FINAL Programme for the Final, replacement staples, match cuttings. Fair-good 45-50
1005 1951 FINAL Programme for the Final, slightly rusting staples, match cuttings. Generally good 45-50
1006 1953 FINAL Programme + match cuttings. Generally good 65-70
1007 CUP FINALS Six programmes for FA Cup Finals, 54-59 inclusive, 54 and 58 have score on team page, + match cuttings. Generally good 110-120
1008 CHARLTON 100 programmes, 60/61 to 76/7, 59 x 60s, some early 60s have punch-holes. Fair-good 25-30
1009 GAMES Seven games including 1930s Daily Mail Footer-Pool in original box, complete 1950 Race Record game, 1958 Wembley game, contents complete but no board. Also includes late 50s Blow Football, 1961 Top Dividend card game in original box + 1978 Kental 25-30
1010 ARSENAL / BRENTFORD Two 15" x 10" photographs, 1935/36 issued by Newspapers, team groups. Good 5-10
1011 ENGLAND Programme and ticket for match v Scotland 19/2/44 at Wembley. Generally good 40-45
1012 ENGLAND Programme and ticket for England v Wales 25/9/43, ticket has small piece off corner. Fair-good 40-45
1013 ENGLAND Programme + ticket for England v Belgium, 19/1/46, programme has folds, ticket is goopd. Fair-good 40-45
1014 ENGLAND Fifty programmes, 1958-94, 1 x 50s, 16 x 60s, 6 x 70s and 17 x 80s. Generally good 15-20
1015 ALF RAMSEY Autograph of Alf Ramsey on paper together with a wartime glossy photo of an army regimental team with notes by Ramsey confirmingwho the players are. Six of the players , including Ramsey were League club players. Good 50-60
1016 CIGARETTE CARDS Six sets of cricket cigarette cards, all in very good condition, Wills 1928 and 1929 second series, Players 1934 and 38, Ogdens 1938 and rare Morris Australian cricketers 1925. Also included is the Wills New Zealand 1926 set of 25 Engla 130-140
1017 BOXING Various boxing items ephemera, 1910s-1950s, includes British Boxing Records Annual 1939, Boxing magazine 1919 and 1920, Williams v Touzard programme 1955 Cardiff, National Sporting Club Annual Report 1910. Also includes book "Jack Johnson and hi 50-60
1018 ENGLAND Home programme v Scotland, 1938, slight fold, slightly rusting staples. Generally good 135-140
1019 ENGLAND Home programme v Scotland, 1932, annotations on team page, score on team page , no staples. Fair-good 135-140
1020 CUP SEMI Programme, Wolves v Manchester United, 26/3/49, at Hillsborough, , slight wear, folds. Fair-good 50-55
1021 RUGBY UNION Programme , England v New Zealand, 4/1/1936, England won 13-0 and the match was named Obolensky's match after the young Russian Prince and Oxford University student who scored two famous tries running the length of the pitch. Sadly Obolensk 50-60
1022 NORTHAMPTON Programme v Newport County, 23/2/1935, slight fold, no staples. Generally good 160-175
1023 WAR CUP FINAL Programme for 1945 League (South) Cup Final at Wembley, Chelsea v Millwall, fold, minor repairs. Fair 140-150
1024 RUGBY LEAGUE Programme, Bradford Northern v Castleford, 30/10/1937, fold, no staple. Fair-good 40-50
1025 RUGBY LEAGUE Programme, Wigan v Oldham, 23/11/1935, slight wear along fold, score on team page. Fair 35-40
1026 MANCHESTER UNITED Eight home programmes, 52/3 season, v Bolton, Chelsea, Villa, Charlton, Stoke, Burnley, Portsmouth and Preston, minor faults to covers but inside pages are clear and do not have scores or team changes. Fair-good 150-160
1027 NEWSPAPER An interesting copy of the "Football Mail", 22/10/1938, (Portsmouth sports paper) with classified results and many detailed match reports. Wales beat England 4-2 (report on the game0 and other results included Brentford 1-0 v Chelsea , Derby 15-20
1028 EVERTON Programme for Panathinaikos v Everton, 70/71 season, European Cup. Slight fold, slight scuffs. Fair-good 40-45
1029 ENGLAND Home programme v Irish Republic, 5/11/47 at Goodison. Very good 125-140
1030 1960 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL programme for the famous Real Madrid 7-3 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt, 1960 Final of the European Cup at Hampden Park, Glasgow. No staple. Good 70-75
1031 HIBERNIAN Programme, 26/4/52 for the Challenge match v Bolton, neat score on team page, slight fold. Generally good 70-75
1032 ARSENAL Programme for the game played in Dusseldorf, 12/8/45, Combined Services XI (B.L.A) v Arsenal, Galley and Westcott in BLA Xi, Mortensen played for Arsenal., fold. Good 120-125
1033 BRENTFORD Home issue v QPR, 8/4/44, friendly match, fold, small tape marks. Generally good 30-35
1034 SOUTH CUP FINAL Programme for the Third Division South Cup Final, 4/5/46 Bournemouth v Walsall at Stamford Bridge, neat score on team page otherwise excellent. Very good 100-120
1035 HIBERNIAN Very rare issue, Irish FA XI v Hibernian, 4/5/49 at Windsor Park. Good 380-400
1036 ARSENAL Home issue v Swiss Wanderers, slight creases, fold, 21/9/1938. Fair-good 160-180
1037 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme for Birmingham v Aston Villa, 23/5/63, League Cup Final Good 75-80
1038 BLACKBURN / LUTON Programme for the match played at the Mardyke stadium, Cork, 2/5/54 between Blackburn Rovers and Luton. The team page has been signed by most of the players, slight fold. Fair-good 300-320
1039 ARSENAL Programme for Glentoran v Arsenal, 19/5/50,, team page has several Artsenal autographs inc Mercer, Logie and Smith. Good 240-250
1040 ASTON VILLA Programme for Waterford Select v Aston Villa, 17/5/53 at Waterford, 3 x Everton, 2 x Arsenal and 2 x Man Utd in Waterford team, fold, rare issue. Fair-good 160-175
1041 QPR Programme for the Festival of Britain match v La Gantoise, 10/5/51, slight fold. Good 80-90
1042 ENGLAND Programme for England v Hungary, 2/12/1936 at Highbury, midweek afternoon game and one of the rarer England issues.rusting staples. Good 180-200
1043 QPR Programme for the Festival of Britain match v S.V.V.Schiedam, 7/5/51.slight fold. Generally good 80-85
1044 LINFIELD Programme for Linfield v Third Lanark, 17/4/48, pencil score on team page. Generally good 240-250
1045 BRISTOL CITY Programme for the Festival of Britain game v Hamborn 07, 9/5/51, slight creasing. Fair 75-80
1046 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for the 1954 Charity Shield, Wolves v West Brom at Molyneux, team changes, slight fold Fair-good 175-180
1047 ENGLAND Programme for the match v Rest of Europe, 26/10/1938 at Highbury, slight creases, small split to spine. Fair 170-175
1048 ENGLAND Programme for England v Wales, 15/11/50 at Roker Park, Sunderland. One of the harder England post-war homes, fold, team changes. Fair-good 260-275
1049 1970 CUP-WINNERS CUP Programme for Manchester City v Gornik Zabzre, 29/4/70 in Vienna, Cup-Winners Cup Final, Very good 270-280
1050 GLENTORAN Prpogramme for Anderlecht v Glentoran, 18/9/68, European Cup, fold.neat score on team page. Fair-good 60-65
1051 WAR CUP PLAY-OFF Programme for the unofficial play-off beyween the War Cup North and War Cup South winners , 20/5/44 at Chelsea , Aston Villa v Charlton, single sheet Chelsea issue., fold. Generally good 125-130
1052 1949 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 49 Final,rusty staples, slight marks to team page. Fair-good 100-110
1053 1946 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 46 Final, Charlton v Derby, slight fold, minor scuffs. Fair-good 140-150
1054 WEST HAM Programme for Leyton v West Ham, 4/10/54, London Challenge Cup, neat score, scorers, Cantwell and Allison played for West Ham. Generally good 20-25
1055 MAN UTD Programme for Sheffield Wednesday v Manchester United, 29/3/58, no staple. Generally good 22-25
1056 IRISH LEAGUE Programme for Irish Intermediate League v Yorkshire League, 7/3/1926 at Cliftonville., two Leeds City players in Yorkshire League side. Generally good 160-170
1057 TOTTENHAM Programme for the away match at York, 19/2/55, FA Cup, slight creasing to top corner. Generally good 40-45
1058 ARSENAL / MAN UTD Programme for Arsenal v Manchester United, 30/1/1937, FA Cup. Good 180-185
1059 SPURS / ARSENAL Programme for the Football League Jubilee Benevolent Fund match, 19/8/1939, Tottenham v Arsenal. Good 140-145
1060 ARSENAL Home programme v Manchester United 15/4/1939, slight folds. Fair-good 165-170
1061 DUKLA / MAN UTD Programme for the European Cup tie , 57/8, Dukla Prague v Manchester United, very slight wear along fold. Fair-good 380-400
1062 READING / COVENTRY Single sheet issue at Chelsea for Cup replay between Reading and Coventry, 19/12/1932, folds. Fair-good 180-190
1063 COLCHESTER Rare programme from the FA Cup run of Colchester 47/8 season, this issue is v Reading, Cup first round, 27/11/48, slight wear along fold. Generally good 40-45
1064 FA IRELAND CUP SEMI Programme, 26/3/44, FA Ireland Cup Semi at Bohemians, Shelbourne v Dundalk., minor tears to edges, rear cover a little grubby. Fair 75-80
1065 MANCHESTER UNITED Programme for the Europac Tournament in Seattle, May 1982, covers Manchester United v Seattle 20/5/82 and Hajduk Split v Seattle 17/5/82. Good 40-50
1066 HAMBURG Programme for Hamburg v St Johnstone, 15/9/1971, UEFA Cup, rare issue, ink marks on one page. Fair-good 80-90
1067 ARSENAL Home programme v Manchester United, 6/2/1937. Good 170-175
1068 MILLWALL Programme for FA Cup tie v Manchester United, 10/1/53, slight fold. Generally good 80-90
1069 ASTON VILLA Programme for Villa v Portsmouth, 13/5/44, Charity Friendly match, ex bound volume. Generally good 35-40
1070 SCHOOLS Programme for Irish Schools v Scotland Schools, 29/5/1937 at Grosvenor Park, Distillery, slight fold, G. Young and T.Walker played for Scotland, minor mark to rear cover. Generally good 130-140
1071 ASTON VILLA Handbook for 1937/38, 44 page issue, scores completed in pencil. Generally good 40-45
1072 WALES Home programme v England, 22/10/1938, folds, rusty staple. Fair-good 190-200
1073 EVERTON 9 Homes 51/2 season inc v Leeds, some have minor defects. Fair-good 95-100
1074 EVERTON 10 Homes , 52/3 season, second division, inc v Leeds( a few ink marks) and West Ham, some have team changes, folds. Generally good 100-120
1075 EVERTON 10 Homes , 54/5 season inc v Arsenal. Liverpool (Cup), West Brom and Villa, one or two have scores on team page. Generally good 50-60
1076 EVERTON Home issue v Chelsea 54/5, slight creasing otherwise good 30-40
1077 EVERTON 11 homes, 55/6 inc v Arsenal, Wolves and Chelsea (Cup). Generally good 50-60
1078 EVERTON 11 homes, 56/7 inc v Chelsea, Leeds and Wolves. Fair-good 40-45
1079 EVERTON 28 away issues, 10 x 54/5,10 x 55/6 inc Cup at Port Vale and Man City and 8x 56/7. Fair-good 90-100
1080 EVERTON Away issue at Tranmere + supplement, League Cup 60/61 (December ). Good 80-90
1081 EVERTON 6 issues, 5 x Liverpool Senior Cup, v Tranmere 13/3/46, at Liverpool 14/6/47 Final, (Liverpool won the Championship the same day by default as Stoke lost ar Bramall Lane), at Liverpool 29/4/53, v Tranmere 9/5/53 Final, v Liverpool 3/5/54 Final 200-220
1082 WORLD CUP 66 Two programmes, the Tournament brochure and the Final , England v West Germany, both copies have teams entered, includes information booklet and application form. Fair-good 100-110
1083 CHELSEA Home programme v Plymouth, 25/1/1936, FA Cup, pencil score, scorers on team page. Good 45-50
1084 CHELSEA / MAN UTD Programme for Chelsea v Manchester United, 6/9/1930, rusty staple extracted, pencil score, scorers, fold. Generally good. 120-125
1085 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Norwich, 9/4/1938, rusting staples. Generally good 300-320
1086 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Preston, 4/2/1939. Very good 300-320
1087 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Sunderland 15/12/45, single sheet, very slight ageing. Generally good 100-110
1088 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Sunderland 26/10/46, no staples, pencil changes, clear tape along spine, quarter og inside page missing. Fair 30-40
1089 MANCHESTER UNITED Five home programmes 48/9 season v Birmingham, Liverpool, Arsenal, Bournemouth (Cup) and Manchester City. None of the programmes have ink marks and apart from rusting staples , they are generally in good condition. Good 300-330
1090 MANCHESTER UNITED Five home programmes, 48/9 season, v Blackpool, Huddersfield, Wolves, Charlton and Burnley. One has pencil team changes, staples are slightly rusting, otherwise good Good 300-330
1091 MANCHESTER UNITED Five home programmes 48/9 season, v Bolton, Preston, Middlesborough, Sheffield Utd, and Portsmouth.The Preston programme has a fold but there are no ink marks etc. Generally good 300-330
1092 MANCHESTER UNITED Two home programmes, 48/9 season, both FA Cup, v Bradford PA 29/1/49 and v Yeovil, 12/2/49, minor folds, no writing. Generally good 120-130
1093 MANCHESTER UNITED Four home programmes , 48/9 season, v Preston, Bolton, Charlton and Burnley, game v Burnley has ink score on team page, most have rusting staples. Generally good 225-250
1094 MANCHESTER UNITED Six home programmes, 49/50 season v Manchester City, Weymouth (Cup, fold, ink team change), Chelsea , Burnley (fold) , Blackpool (folds, creased , tears) and Everton (fold). Fair-good 150-180
1095 MANCHESTER UNITED Four home programmes, 3 x 51/2 v Aston Villa, Wolves, and Arsenal + 52/3 v Blackpool.. Arsenal issue has part of one page missing, ink score and half-times in Villa issue, others have folds. Fair 80-100
1096 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Reading, 12/1/55, Cup replay, four page issue, slight folds. Good 140-150
1097 MANCHESTER UNITED Away programme at Arsenal, 1/2/58 last appearance of the Babes in England prior to Munich Air Disaster, United won 5-4, slight fold. Good-very good 120-130
1098 MANCHESTER UNITED Two home programmes, 56/7 v West Brom 29.4.57 (folds) and v Nottingham Forest, 22/2/58 (first League match post disaster, creased, token intact). Fair 30-40
1099 MANCHESTER UNITED Two home issues, Youth Cup v Doncaster and v Wolves, both 57/8, , both have tokens, but also have rust marks and have some wear. Fair 15-20
1100 MANCHESTER UNITED Home programme v Sheffield Wednesday, 19/2/58, FA Cup, first post-Munich issue. This copy has the token and the United teamsheet is blank. It has been subject to repair, especially where there has been wear along folds and at the corn 100-120
1101 1926 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 1926 Final,,minor cover and staple repairs, match report included. Fair-good 750-800
1102 1932 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 32 Final, slight fold, rusty staple area, included separately are autographs of bastin and male (Arsenal). Fair-good 650-700
1103 1935 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 1935 Final, silver cover only has slight creases, no fold + separate autograph of match-winner Ellis Rimmer. Good 420-450
1104 1937 FA CUP FINAL Programme for 37 Final, slight fold, rusty staples, separate autograph of Carter, captain of Sunderland. Fair-good 340-350
1105 1938 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 38 Final, no staples+ separate signatures of Beattie and 3 Huddersfield players. Fair-good 280-300
1106 1946 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, slight fold + separate autograph of Leuty (Derby). Good 140-150
1107 1951 CUP FINAL Programme for the 51 Cup Final, slight fold, rusting staples, also separate autographs of Milburn and Crowe. Generally good 70-75
1108 1952 CUP FINAL Programme for the 52 Cup Final, slight fold, slightly rusting staples + separate Ronnie Simpson autograph. Generally good 60-65
1109 1954 CUP FINAL Programme for the 54 Cup Final+ separate autograph of Ronnie Allen. Generally good 40-50
1110 CADBURYS LIDS A set of twelve jar lids each with a top player of the 60s photo on the lid, includes Moore, Best , Bremner, Peters, Banks, B.Charlton, Hurst, Bell, Johnstone and Ron Davies. Good 50-60
1111 FIRST DAY COVERS 100 First Day Covers, 1966 World Cup, with England Winners Stamp and postmark 18/8/1966, Harrow and Wembley, First Day of Issue. Very good 220-240
1112 TRADING SETS Set of 46 A&BC, 1959 cards, Top Football League players. Good-very good 50-60
1113 SCOTLAND Six programmes, all v England, 52-62 inclusive, 52 has tape on cover, 54 has scorers. Fair-good 55-60
1114 CHELSEA Programmes for both 1970 Cup Finals + Wembley songsheet + 2002 Final programme with two tickets. Generally good 50-55
1115 ENGLAND Five away programmes , Greece 71, Holland 64, Finland, Norway and Denmark (all 66), a couple have price stamped on cover. Fair-good 35-40
1116 ENGLAND Two programmes, 60/61 for England v Luxembourg, home and away issues + programme for 1963 FA Youth Tournament (scores inserted). Generally good 12-15
1117 ENGLAND Three away programmes, Mexico Tournament 1985 and at Spain 80 and 87. Good 50-55
1118 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL 1975 Programme for the Final, Bayern v Leeds. Generally good 40-45
1119 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL 1967 Programme for the Final between Celtic and Inter-Milan in Lisbon, price on cover. Generally good 150-160
1120 1962 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL. Programme for the Final, Benfica v Real Madrid, score on team page, fold. Fair-good 50-60
1121 1958 INTER-CITIES FAIRS CUP Programme for London v Barcelona, Final 5/3/58, first leg, at Stamford Bridge, pencil score, changes. Generally good 30-35
1122 FULHAM Home programme v Millwall, 8/10/1938, slight fold, score on team page, Record Craven Cottage attendance which still stands. Generally good 90-100
1123 FULHAM Two Reserve programmes, v Northampton 34/5 and v West Ham 32/3, both London Combination, folds, slight wear, rusty staple area. Fair-good 60-70
1124 SHREWSBURY 20 home issues inc 47/8 v Doncaster, 46/7 v Rotherham (punch-holes), 53/4 v Watford (punch-hole), 55/6 v Reading, 9 other 50s, 61/2 v Brierley Hill (Cup), 66/7 v West Ham (friendly). Fair-good 65-75
1125 SOUTHEND 25 Home issues, almost all are 50s inc opening of Roots Hall v Norwich 55/6., minor faults. Fair-good 60-70
1126 SUNDERLAND Over 40 home issues, majority 50s inc 54/5 v Portsmouth, twelve x 60s, 30 x 50s, some have faults, 9 x 55/6 issues. Fair-Generally good 70-80
1127 YORK 11 issues, 55/6 season, minor duplication, some have defects. Fair-good 40-50
1128 WEST BROM 37 issues, 34 x 50s, 49/50 v Sunderland and 52/3 v Middlesbrough + 60/61 v Fulham, many have rusty staples, some have faults. Fair-good 50-60
1129 SOUTHAMPTON Over 50 home issues, over 40 are fifties + 5 x 60s inc v Burnley 60/61 League Cup. Quite a few have game details written on cover and there are a few duplicates. Includes 54/5 v Southend and v Torquay, mixed condition. Fair-good 70-80
1130 LIVERPOOL 9 home issues, 51/2 v Villa, 3 x 52/3, 3 x 54/5 and 2 x 55/6., occasional defects. Fair-good 60-70
1131 LIVERPOOL 11 issues, 56/7 season, some have score on cover. Fair-good 50-60
1132 LIVERPOOL 14 issues, 57/8 season, occasional faults. Generally good 40-50
1133 LIVERPOOL 23 issues, 8 x 58/9 season, 7 x 59/60 season and 8 x 60/61 season, occasional fault. Fair-good 50-55
1134 LIVERPOOL Almost 80 issues, 62/3 to 69/70, some have minor faults or score on cover but most are generally good. Fair-good 40-50
1135 PROGRAMMES Circa 230 issues, Stoke,Sheffield Utd, Swindon, Shef Wed, Southport, Tranmere, York, Workington and Wolves, 40s (a few), 50s (majority) and 60s, variety of faults but mostly generally good. Fair-good 280-300
1136 BRITISH IN EUROPE Approximately 150 programmes, British against European clubs, homes and aways, large Manchester United influence., sixties onwards. Generally good 200-250
1137 BRITISH IN EUROPE Circa 380 programmes, British against European, sixties onwards, British and foreign issues, strong Liverpool influence and Irish, Leeds, Ipswich, Rangers, Celtic, Man City and Everton well represented amongst others. Generall 400-500
1138 EVERTON Mounted team group photo on board, 1949/50, approx 12" x 10", ideal for framing. Good 50-60
1139 FA CUP 1981 Boxed plate presented to all the Captains present at a dinner held by the FA to celebrate the 100th FA Cup competition, all the winners are named arounf the edge of the platewith the Cup itself in the centre. This plate, in the original box 150-180
1140 NORTHAMPTON TOWN Hallmarked Gold medal awarded to H.Brown, Northampton Town, winners of the Northants Senior Cup 1903/04. Good 140-150
1141 CHESTER Programme v Tranmere Rovers, 26/12/1908, although several similar programmes have circulated in recent years, this copy has been verified as being "original" by a senior Chester collector and historian. Good 120-150
1142 LIVERPOOL Single sheet issue 18/8/45, Reds v Whites practice match. Ink team changes, tears to edges. Fair 30-40
1143 LIVERPOOL Two single sheet issues, 44/5 v Bolton and v Oldham, ink team changes, score on team sheet, slight creasing, slightly grubby. Fair 40-50
1144 LIVERPOOL Two single sheet issues v Blackpool, 19/5/45 ( team changes) and 27/4/46 (fold). Fair-good 50-60
1145 LIVERPOOL Six single sheet issues, 45/6 season v Bury, Bradford, Shef Wed, Shef Utd, Stoke and Grimsby, team changes, some are slightly creased. Fair 140-150
1146 LIVERPOOL Single sheet FA Cup issue, v Bolton, 30/1/46, score on team page, folds. Fair 25-30
1147 LIVERPOOL Two single sheet issues v Stoke, 13/4/46 and v Sheffield Utd 16/3/46, scores on team page, half-time scores pencilled in. Fair 45-50
1148 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Shrewsbury v Rotherham, 29/3/61, Semi-Final, creased, ink-marks to team page. Fair 55-60
1149 WALES Programme v Ireland, 10/3/48 at Wrexham, folds, spine split. Fair 40-50
1150 CUP SEMI-FINALS Two Semi-Final issues, Liverpool v Burnley 12/4/47 at Maine Road, tears to top corner + Everton v Liverpool, 25/3/50 at Maine Road (good). Fair-good 100-110
1151 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for Arsenal v Chelsea, 29/3/52 includes insert, fold. Generally good 40-50
1152 AMATEUR CUP FINAL Programme, 1947 Final at Arsenal, Wimbledon v Leytonstone (slight ink marks on cover) Very hard to obtain Final Generally good 180-200
1153 AMATEUR CUP FINAL Programme for the 1948 Amateur Cup Final, 17/4/48, at Stamford Bridge between Leytonstone and Barnet., slight folds. Generally good 40-50
1154 ANNUALS A selection of Annuals, 18 x FA Tear books, 53/4 to 78/9 ( generally good), book Wembley presents, Playfair Annual 59/60, Littlewoods 36/7, Empire news 36/7and 47/8, Daily Worker 48/9 and others + a few magazines World Sports etc 57-62. F 35-40
1155 WREXHAM Box containing 178 Wrexham away programmes, 33 x 50s and 145 x 60s, oldest is 52/3 at Grimsby. Fair-good 200-250
1156 LIVERPOOL Original share certificate for Liverpool FC, issued in May 1945 and signedby two directors and club secretary, also has official club seal stamped on it. Good 40-50
1157 LEAGUE CUP FINAL (NORTH) 1945 Programme for Bolton v Man Utd, 19/5/45 at Burnden Park, Final tie for the War Cup North. Score on cover, folds, minor cover defect. Fair 180-200
1158 SOUTH LIVERPOOL FC Share certificate issued in December 1914 includes signatures of Director and Club Secretary and official seal, folds. Generally good 25-30
1159 LEAGUE CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for the Replay at Old Trafford, 2/5/61 between Aston Villa and Burnley, folds, minor marks to internal page. Fair 50-60
1160 WEST BROM Handkerchief commemorating Albions appearance in the 1931 Cup Final, handkerchief shows the West Brom team-group with players named below, folds and some aging to the edges. Fair 40-45
1161 EVERTON Postcard, team-group 1904-05, names below. Good 45-50
1162 NOTTS COUNTY Postcard, team-group, 1905-06, players named. Good 40-50
1163 NOTTM FOREST Postcard, team-group, 1905-06, players named. Generally good 40-50
1164 BARNSLEY Head and shoulders team-group, postcard, 1907. Good 35-40
1165 TEAM-GROUPS Twenty-three coloured team-group cards issued by Sport, 1949/50 includes Arsenal, Aston Villa, Leeds, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Tottenham, Sunderland and West Ham. Generally good 60-70
1166 SHERMAN TEAM-GROUPS 35 team-groups from the Shermans Searchlight series, colour, includes Chelsea, Aberdeen, Hearts, Leeds, Newport and Aston Villa, some duplicates.these date from the 1938 season. Good 50-60
1167 TEAM COLOURS Three BDV silks featuring Reading, Swansea and Swindon. Generally good 12-15
1168 SCOTLAND Programme v England, 15/4 1939 at Hampden, slight fold. Good 130-140
1169 CARDS A selection of trade cards, postcards etc inc Ely City team-group postcard 1912, B.B.London series E40 card (Half-back), Leicester team group 1954, Bert Trautmann action postcard, postcards of Eastham and Baker, also includes several European te 12-15
1170 TEAM-GROUPS Over 50 black and white team-groups 58/9 season, slight duplication, Fleetway series. Good 50-60
1171 TEAM-GROUPS Binder containing Star Teams of 1961, Famous Teams In Football History, International Cup Teams, Top Cup teams , 7 x Searchlights Famous players, postcards of Meadowlands, New Jersey stadium. Good 15-20
1172 SCOTTISH Box containing 300 Scottish programmes from 50s and 60s, includes 40+ x 50s, remainder early to mid-sixties.Various teams including Rangers, Celtic, Hearts, Hibs, St Mirren, Raith, Stirling, Airdrie, East Fife etc. Generally good 300-350
1173 JOE JOBLING / CHARLTON A delight for Charlton collectors, 60+ press photographs of Joe Jobling and other Charlton stars of the 30s, some are signed including Jobling, Bartram and Allen, some action photos are included including Charlton v Chelsea wartim 180-200
1174 PRESS PHOTOGRAPHS 39 Press photographs covering International games 1950s to 80s, mainly England and Scotland. Generally good 80-90
1175 PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM Excellent collection in album of photographs and postcards from the late fifties. Mainly team groups but some individual players also included, some are signed, 65 items , teams mainly from Germany, Holland, Spain and Italy. Good 80-100
1176 CHRISTMAS CARDS 18 cards from various clubs, mid 50s inc Plymouth, Oldham, Nottm Forest, FA , Notts County etc. Good 30-40
1177 AUTOGRAPHS Autograph book containing Chelsea players inc Hollins,Boyle, Hudson, Kember, Bonetti, Osgood, Houseman, Webb and Harris + others. Fair 20-25
1178 AUTOGRAPHS Notebook containing autographs of golfers and celebrities inc Jacklin, Coles, Huggett, Charles, O'Connor, Newton. Celebrities inc Sean Connery, Eric Sykes, Kenneth Wolstenholme, , Tarbuck, Fair-good 15-20
1179 LIVERPOOL Autograph book including Liverpool players from the 70s inc Kennedy (Ray), Hughes, Clemence, Alan Kennedy, Thompson, Neal, Johnson, Hansen, Case, Lee, Bob Paisley, Dalglish and others inc Billy Liddell. Good 25-30
1180 SCOTTISH Small autograph book containing Scottish signatures from the 70s inc Lennox, Dalglish, Fair 25-30
1181 IRISH A collection of 45+ programmes from Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, 50s and 60s but includes 46/7 Shamrock v Drumcondra, 18x League of Ireland 50s and at least 8 Irish League 50s. Also includes Republic v Austria 61/2 and v Scotland 60/ 130-140
1182 CHELSEA Nine glossy photographs , all signed, early 70s inc Harris, Dempsey,Hutchinson, Kember, Hudson, and Garland. Good 25-30
1183 66 WORLD CUP Commemorative medal from the 66 World Cup in original box. Good 25-30
1184 MENUS Nineteen menu cards, some signed, includes Footballer of Year 1975 signed by Clarke, Summerbee, Stock, other items include signatures of Ian Rush, Steve Coppell, Tommy Wright and Hollins, Kember, Hay,Harris,Hinton, McCreadie and Suart from Chel 25-30
1185 1906 TEAM GROUPS 13 team-groups given away by the Sunday Chronicle in 1906 inc Blackpool, Bolton, Bury, Gainsborough Trinity, Glossop, Hull< Newcastle, Preston, Shef Wed, Burton Uitd, Derby, Notts County and Wolves + a number of 40s team groups and Ar 90-100
1186 NEW BRIGHTON Home issue v Bradford City, 23/8/47, fold. Good 140-150
1187 NEW BRIGHTON Home issue for Reserve match v Rochdale Reserves, 7/2/48, full eight page issue, folds. Generally good 50-60
1188 LANCASTER Programme for Lancaster City v New Brighton, 26/3/48, Lancs Combination, folds, slight tears. Fair 15-20
1189 RAF v NORTH WALES Programme for game held at Llandudno FC between RAF 22 Group and North Wales, RAF team comprised players fron League clubs and is autographed by the RAF players, ink mark to cover, fold, believed to be circa 1946. Fair 20-25
1190 BRADFORD CITY Programme v Doncaster Rovers, 6/10/45, slight fold. Good 30-40
1191 BRADFORD CITY Programme v Halifax 1/9/45, slight wear along folds. Generally good 30-40
1192 CRYSTAL PALACE Autographed programme, 12/11/1949 v Northampton, approximately 30 Palace autographs on the team page, first team and Reserves in ink, fold. Generally good 35-45
1193 CRYSTAL PALACE Two programmes, home v Bournemouth 51/2 and away at Norwich 49/50, slight folds. Generally good 25-35
1194 BRADFORD CITY Two distressed Bradford City programmes looking for someone to be kind to them, v Sunderland 23/10/1920, in pieces with half of one page of cover missing, + v Lincoln, 8/9/45 also in pieces but all parts present. As described 40-50
1195 AUTOGRAPHS A certificate from the cruise ship Canberra relating to the playing of football on board the ship and signed by Gordon Banks, Alan Mullery and Ronnie Glavin who ran the course. Good 15-20
1196 OXFORD Twenty home issues, 60/61 season, first season as Oxford United includes friendly v Scunthorpe and FA Cup v Hendon. Generally good 90-100
1197 OXFORD Four away issues , 60/61 at Folkestone, Bath, Hendon (FA Cup) and Leicester (FA Cup).minor defects. Fair-good 20-25
1198 OXFORD Twenty six home issues 61/2 inc friendlies v Millwall and v Bury which was the last Oxford full issue before becoming a League Club in 62/3 when they replaced Accrington Stanley. Generally good 90-100
1199 OXFORD Six away issues 61/2 including two different games at Cambridge City, Brentford (FA Cup), Chelmsford, Gravesend, Bath. Generally good 25-30
1200 OXFORD Home issues 62/3 v Southend (Trial, first as a Football League Club) and v Crere, + 4 x 63/4 issues, + 12 other Oxford 60s issues ( some faults). Also includes a couple of away issues. Fair-good 15-20
1201 GEORGE BEST Signed and mounted action photo, black and white, of Best in a Manchester United shirt, photo is 7" x 10"… Good 70-75
1202 WORLD CUP 66 Six tickets inc Quarter Final and Semi-Final at Goodison + July 11th, Quarter Final, 3/4 place at Wembley and a ticket with part missing for the Semi-Final at Wembley. Fair-good 210-220
1203 CHESTERFIELD Home programme v Bradford City, 21/11/1931, repair to corner otherwise very good. Generally good 180-200
1204 LIVERPOOL SENIOR CUP FINAL Programme for the Final , played 7/1/50 at Tranmere between Tranmere and New Brighton, slight ageing and minor tears to edge. Fair-good 75-80
1205 WORLD CUP 66 Red England shirt (Leisure shirt), signed with nine signatures includes Peters, Hunt, both Charltons, Ball, Stiles, Wilson and Greaves, also signed by Howard Kendall. Good 200-220
1206 EURO 96 Fullset of programmes for the Tournament in England, 11 in total. Good 65-70
1207 HALIFAX Four books relating to the Shay men, Halifax from Ball to Lillis, Review 88/89 and 89/90, Shaymen 'till we die, From Sandhall to the Shay. Generally good 65-70
1208 STANLEY MATTHEWS Programme for the match between Southern Rhodesia and Portuguese East Africa 5/6/55, the match held to honour the visit of Stanley Matthews to Salisbury (now called Harare).The 52 page programme is signed on the cover"Good wishes Stan 80-90
1209 WORLD CUP 66 Photographs of the World Cup trophy in colour signed by Ball, Bobby Charlton, Jack Charlton, Stiles, Hunt, Wilson, Banks and Hurst. Good 110-125
1210 IRISH LEAGUE / SCOTTISH LEAGUE Programme for the game between the two teams in Belfast, 6/11/48, signed by both teams including 3 Belfast Celtic players (Lawlor, Ahearne and Jones) . The Scottish signatories include Mitchell and Mason (Third Lanark), W 130-140
1211 HILLSBOROUGH Magazine devoted to the Hillsborough Disaster signed by Bobby Moore, Alan Ball, Wilson, Labone, Hunt, Dalglish, Summerbee and Hansen amongst many others. Good 180-200
1212 ENGLAND Three of the more difficult England programmes to collect, v Nigeria 94, v Bulgaria 96 and v Switzerland, (Euro 96). The Nigeria programme is signed by the England team and also includes a teamsheet for the game). Good 100-110
1213 NEWCASTLE A Newcastle home shirt signed by 24 players and management inc Beardsley, McDermott, Cox, Albert. Good 70-80
1214 ASTON VILLA 70+ homes, mainly 70s and 80s. Generally good. 12-15
1215 SWINDON 30 home issues , 28 x 95/6, 2 x 94/5. Generally good 8-10
1216 PELE Two Bobby Charlton annuals, one includes a good autograph of Pele on a picture of Pekle. Good 15-20
1217 HEREFORD Programme for the Memorial match v Sheffield Wednesday 1969 which was in memory of Roy Evans and Brian Purcell, two Hereford players who were killed in an accident en-route to play for Hereford. Good 10-12
1218 HEREFORD Set of home League programmes, 72/3, first League season for Hereford also includes friendlies v Villa and York + Welsh Cup v Merthyr and herefordshire Cup v Shrewsbury. Also includes aways at Aldershotand Torquay (Cup). Good 25-30
1219 HEREFORD 28 Home issues 71/2 season, last Hereford non-league season prior to joining the Football League, includes all Southern league homes, + 2 x Trophy, 4 x Southern League Cup and Herefordshire Senior Cup v Wigan. Good 12-15
1220 HEREFORD 7 issues from the famous Cup run of 71/2 inc 2 copies home v Newcastle (different colour covers), + Cup homes v Northampton, Cheltenham and Kings Lynn and aways at Kings Lynn and 2nd Replay v Northampton at West Brom. Good 25-30
1221 ASTON VILLA Sheet of autographs , 1950s, 9 signatures including Pace, Crowther and Lynn. Generally good 12-15
1222 HEREFORD Four programmes, 2 are autographed, includes John Charles autograph, other two programmes are friendlies v Ghana 70/71 and Timms Benefit v Fulham 71. Good 12-15
1223 INTER-MILAN Fifteen Inter autographs on a photocopied and feint team-group 71/2 season. Fair 12-15
1224 NORTHWICH Seventy homes for Northwich Victoria (almost all 90s) and 36 aways (80s and 90s) for the Vics. Generally good 12-15
1225 WORLD CUP Two programmes, 1966 Tournament brochure and 1970 Official programme.(teams written in)+ 1970 League Cup Final programme, 69 Cup Final ticket and 13 other big match issues inc Burnley v Reims 60/61 European Cup, 4 x Cup Semi-Finals, League Cu 25-30
1226 ASTON VILLA Four European homes 2 x 81/2 , 1 x 82/3 + European Cup souvenir issue v Swansea 21/5/82, also includes Stromgodset v Villa 98/9 and Villa v Dynamo Kiev 61/2. Generally good 12-15
1227 1978 CUP FINAL Programme for the Final signed to team page by 4 Arsenal players, Jennings, Rice, Rix and Brady + 9 Ipswich players inc Mills, Osborne, Beattie, Burley, Hunter and Talbot. Good 30-35
1228 CUP FINALS 13 Cup Final issues, 68, 69, 70 (both issues), 71-74, 76, 78, 80, 83 and 84. The 71 and 74 issues have both been signed by Tommy Smith (Liverpool). Generally good 80-90
1229 INTERNATIONALS Six Irish internationals inc v Scotland 67, Spain 63, Switzerland 64, Spain 72 (at Hull), at Wales 72, + Irish Cup Finals 64 and 67 also includes Old England v Old Scotland 1970 at Birmingham, also includes 9 England International 30-35
1230 SIXTIES Box containing circa 130 Sixties programmes, majority are London clubs with Watford also well represented.Condition varies , a few poor-fair but majority are generally good. As described 80-90
1231 EUROPEAN 16 programmes, largely Britain v Europe inc Wolves v Rangers 60/61(good), Dundee Utd v Newcastle 69/70, Newcastle v Inter Milan 70/71, Everton v Valerengens 64/5 and v Nurnberg 65/6, 67 Cup-Winners Cup Final ( not Stadium issue), Dundee Utd v 90-100
1232 BRENTFORD 170 Home issues , all 60s , 60/61 onwards+ handbook 62/3, some have score on cover. A good collection. Fair-good 90-100
1233 MANCHESTER UNITED 76 away issues, all 60s and approx 130 homes all 60s. Hopmes are 7 x 60/1, 3 x 61/2, 6 x 62/3, 11 x 63/4, 15 x 64/5. All these have tokens but some have scores on cover, h-t scores etc, also included , mainly without tokens are 24 x 6 120-150
1234 MANCHESTER UNITED FA Cup Finals 76, 77 and 79, 6 x European homes 98/9 treble season, + 22 other United homes 71/2 onwards inc v Chelsea 04/05. Fair-good 40-50
1235 MAN UTD Four page home issue , v Reading, 12/1/55, FA Cup, low attendance, 24,578 due to afternoon kick-off mid-week, comes along with several match cuttings, fold. Fair-good 180-200
1236 YOUTH CUP FINAL Programme for Manchester United v Chesterfield, 30/4/56, Youth Cup Final, slight tears along folds. Fair-good 55-60
1237 WAR CUP SEMI Programme, Chelsea v Reading, 1/4/44 at Tottenham, War Cup South Semi-Final.slight fold. Good 140-150
1238 BURNLEY Programme, VfB Stuttgart v Burnley, 20/9/66, Fussballtips newspaper issue, Fairs Cup., fold Generally good 80-90
1239 DERBY Programme for Zeljeznicar (Sarajevo) v Derby, 27/9/72, European Cup. Good 45-50
1240 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme, Bolton v Charlton, 23/3/46 at Villa Park, ex bound volume. Good 130-140
1241 HULL Programme for FA Cup tie v Manchester United, 26/2/49, Generally good 90-100
1242 1950 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 1950 Final, rusty staples otherwise very good. Good 110-120
1243 1948 CUP FINAL Programme for the 48 Final, Blackpool v Manchester United, some rusting to staple area, not quite as bad as usual, otherwise good. Generally good 140-145
1244 BARNSLEY Festival of Britain programme, Barnsley v Rapid Austria, 16/5/51, , slight tears along folds. Generally good 80-85
1245 1977 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL French magazine, "Onze" issue covering the 77 European Cup Final between Liverpool and Monchengladbach, many colour pictures of the Final. Generally good 40-45
1246 YOUTH CUP FINAL Programme for 57/8 Youth Cup Final, Wolves v Chelsea, Wolves won 6-1 to overturn a 5-1 first leg deficit.creases, minor marks. Fair 30-35
1247 WAR CUP PLAY-OFF Programme for the match at Stamford Bridge, Arsenal v Blackpool, 15/5/43, Arsenal won the War Cup South and Blackpool the War Cup North. Single sheet Chelsea issue, this unofficial Final was a charity fundraiser for wartime charities.s 140-150
1248 WAR CUP SEMI Programme for Charlton v Tottenham, 1/4/44 , single sheet issue at Chelsea., minor tears. Fair-good 115-125
1249 CUP SEMI Programme for Derby v Manchester United, 13/3/48 at Hillsborough, score, scorers on team page. Fair-good 100-120
1250 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Norwich v Blackpool, 11/4/62, small number on cover. Good 145-150
1251 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Shrewsbury v Rotherham, 29/3/61. Good 145-150
1252 WAR CUP SEMI Programme for Arsenal v QPR, 24/4/43, single sheet Chelsea issue, League South Cup Competition, Semi-Final.slight fold. Good 125-130
1253 HEARTS Home programme v Chelsea, 27/4/49, minor repairs. Fair-good 80-90
1254 CLIFTONVILLE Home programme v Distillery, 23/10/48, slight folds. Good 20-25
1255 CLIFTONVILLE Home issue v Distillery, 19/8/50. Good 18-20
1256 IRISH LEAGUE Programme for Irish League v Football League, 26/4/50 at Windsor Park. Good 22-25
1257 IRISH LEAGUE Programme for Irish League v Scottish League, 27/9/49 at Windsor Park. Good 22-25
1258 BRISTOL ROVERS Programme for the friendly v Chelsea, 28/1/61, fold. Generally good 30-40
1259 WEST HAM Programme for Nurnberg v West Ham, August 64, Very good 35-40
1260 ARSENAL Programme for Reading v Arsenal, 16/2/1935, FA Cup, the programme has been expertly repaired but unfortunately part of the rear page, (approx 25%), has been replaced with blank paper although the repair matches the colour of the remainder of th 170-180
1261 WEST HAM Programme for Karlsruher SC v West Ham, 13/8/66, Good 35-40
1262 CUP-WINNERS CUP SEMI Programme for FC Magdeburg v Sporting Lisbon, Cup-Winners Cup Semi, 24/4/74. Good 55-60
1263 HEARTS Home issue v Manchester City, 10/3/51, very slight defects. Good 50-55
1264 MAN UTD Programme for the friendly away to Amsterdam XI v Man Utd, May 62, 8 x Ajax players in Dutch side., slight ageing. Good 25-30
1265 EVERTON Programme for AaB v Everton, 28/9/66, European Cup. Very good 35-40
1266 NOTTINGHAM FOREST Programme for Toronto Blizzard v Nottingham Forest, Kick magazine, 31/7/1980. Good 25-30
1267 OXFORD Two programmes 63/4 v Oxford City (Oxon Benevolent Cup) and v Banbury Spencer (Oxon Professional Cup). Folds. Fair-good 12-15
1268 OXFORD Three issues 63/4, all FA Cup, homes v Blackburn and Preston and away at Brentford. Fair-good 12-15
1269 OXFORD Fifteen Reserve issues, homes all 64/5 season + 68/9 away issue at Tottenham Reserves. Good 20-25
1270 MANCHESTER UNITED Autographson pictures of Denis Law (twice), George Best and a 66/7 United colour team group signed by Sadler, Crerand, Best. Generally good 20-25
1271 AUTOGRAPHS 20+ newspaper and magazine cuttings which have been autographed, signatories include Labone, Yeats, Jim Baxter, Shilton, Jennings, St John, + Ball, Hunt, J.Charlton on World Cup cutting, Lee, Haynes, Cohen, Robson, Wilson , Hurst, Lofthouse, 30-40
1272 TICKETS Three tickets, League Cup Final 68+ England v Sweden 59 and v Italy 59. Fair-good 5-10
1273 SPEEDWAY Small Metal badge for Oxford Speedway dated 1951, Good 12-15
1274 CRICKET Autographs including Hampshire 68, Brian Close, Gibbs, Stewart (M), Parks, Grig, Tom Graveney, Kanhai, D'Oliveira, Barrington, Boycott, Titmus, Laker, these autographs are mainly on newspaper cuttings and there are further autographs of Close, P 40-50
1275 LEAGUE CUP FINALS Programmes for both legs of the 65/6 League Cup Final between West Ham and West Brom. Slight wear to both issues. Fair-good 90-100
1276 1952 CUP FINAL Programme for the 52 Final, Arsenal v Newcastle, fold, slight stain + pirate programme for the 51 Final , Victor, tear along fold. Fair-good 65-80
1277 AMATEUR CUP FINALS Programme for 5 Finals , 51, 52,53, 56 and 59.slight folds. Generally good 40-50
1278 1954 AMATEUR CUP FINAL Programme for the Final between Bishop Auckland and Crook at Wembley (team change), a ticket for the Final, and a rosette for each club. Good 25-30
1279 GUILDFORD Programme v Worthing, 10/11/1934, FA Cup, no staples.slight folds and slight tears to edges. Generally good 40-50
1280 NEWSPAPERS A small collectionof newspapers covering Fulham games, including Liverpool Evening Express , Liverpool Echo and Lancashire Daily Post covering Everton v Fulham (Cup), 14/2/48, Evening Standard 7/5/49 (Fulham gain promotion by defeating West H 10-15
1281 WORLD CUP 66 Two programmes , one for the Final and one for the Tournament, no writing of any kind in either issue. Very good 140-150
1282 SCOTTISH CUP FINAL Programme for the 1958 Scottish Cup Final, Clyde v Hibernian. Very good 30-40
1283 BIG MATCH An interesting selection of 18 programmes in good condition includes 62, 64, 66, 67 and 71 FA Cup Finals, Forest v Spurs 67 Semi-Final, 57 Amateur Cup Final, 1971 League Cup Final, 63 Cup-Winners Cup Final (Athletico v Spurs- good), Matthews 130-135
1284 WALES Home programme v England, 20/10/51, slight tears to edge of one page. Generally good 20-25
1285 SCOTLAND Seven big match programme, includes, Scotland v England 1950 and 58, v Ireland 58, v Yugoslavia 56, v Austria 56, v Switzerland 57 and Scottish League v English League 57. Generally good 90-100
1286 SIXTIES Fifty programmes, all League clubs, variety of clubs and includes Preston v Tottenham 65/6 (FA Cup) and Shrewsbury v Burnley 66/7 (League Cup). In addition there is a Tottenham handbook 66/7 in this lot. Good 20-25
1287 WEST HAM 13 home issues, 60s , 8 x 63/4 inc v Spurs, Arsenal , Liverpool, Man Utd and Burnley (Cup), 1 x 64/5, 65/6 v Leeds, and 3 x 66/7. Good 15-20
1288 WEST HAM League Cup Semi-Final programme v Leicester 23/3/64. Very good 25-30
1289 TOTTENHAM 50+ home issues, 61/2 v Dukla, 62/3 v Burnley, 8 x 63/4 inc 3 v Man Utd (both Cup-Winners Cup and League), 5 x 64/5 inc John White Memorial match, 9 x 65/6, 15 x 66/7, and 12 x 67/8.. Occasional defects but majority are good. Generally 40-50
1290 SUB-STANDARD A collection of 38 programmes, largely London clubs, 40s onwards majority 50s and 60s includes 62 Charity Shield, various faults, all are complete. As described 40-50
1291 SCOTLAND 3 programmes, v Hungary 54 (pencil marks), v England 64, and Rangers v Dinamo circa 56 (split spine). As described 18-20
1292 FOOTBALL MONTHLY Fifteen editions of Charles Buchans Football Monthly from volume 1 (Sept 51 ) to issue 16 (December 52), March 52 (issue 7) is missing, issue 1 has partly split spline. Generally good 40-50
1293 BOOKS Seven books inc Charles Buchan "A lifetime in football", FA Year books 61/2 and 62/3, History of the Amateur Cup, World Soccer Digest 62/3 and Sport Football yearbook 1950. Fair-good 20-25
1294 WORLD CUP 66 Framed, glazed photograph (black/white) of the England squad for the 66 World Cyup together with signatures of all of the suad plus Ramsey with the exception of Paine and Eastham. The signatures appear to be genuine but as always with these 500-600
1295 MANCHESTER UNITED 14 books about Manchester United and their players, excellent condition and a very good selection including Breedon Complete Record, Hamlyn History 1878-1997, MUFC book number 4, Duncan Edwards -The Full Report and (auto)biographies o 40-50
1296 FIRST DAY COVER 1980 First Day Cover with House of Lords postmark, Sport issue and stamps and signed by Bobby Moore, Hurst, Peters, Greaves, Venables, Brooking, Brian Robson and Joe Mercer. Good 120-150
1297 WEST HAM Programme for the match at Rotherham, 65/6 League Cup, nine autographs on West Ham teamgroup inc Moore, Hurst and Peters. Fair-good 80-90
1298 MEDALS A medal presented by the Central League for the match at Molyneux, 3/10/53, Wolves Champions v The Rest, sold together with a medal for the 32nd Football Tournament in Bellinzona , Italy 1972. Generally good 80-100
1299 LIVERPOOL Farewell Dinner Menu on board RMS Queen Elizabeth (Cunard White Star), 21/6/53 in honour of Liverpool FC following their tour of USA and Canada. Complete with two copies of the List of Passengers and a guide to accomodation. Generally 80-100
1300 POSTCARDS Five humourous colour postcards, 1907-09. Good 55-60
1301 IRELAND Programme for Irish Republic v Sweden, 13/11/49 at Dublin, slight repair to rear cover. Minor cover mark. Generally good 70-75
1302 DUNDALK Programme for Dundalk v PSV Eindhoven, 15/9/76, European Cup, Generally good 25-30
1303 IRELAND Programme for Northern Ireland v USA (Olympic Team), 11/8/48 at Windsor Park, Ireland team all played for Irish teams, slight fold. Generally good 110-120
1304 IRELAND Programme for Northern Ireland v Scotland, 2/2/46 at Windsor Park, slight tear along fold. Generally good 180-190
1305 IRELAND Programme, Northern Ireland v Scotland, 3/10/53, slight fold, score on team page. Generally good 35-40
1306 ENGLAND Programme for Amateur International away in Finland, 15/9/58, England team included Warren Bradley (Man United). Score on team page. Generally good 35-40
1307 BELFAST CELTIC Programme for Clapton Orient v Belfast Celtic, 13/9/1934, full Orient issue, neat team changes. Good 280-300
1308 STOKE Programme for Home Farm v Stoke, 1/8/65 at Dalymount Park, Dublin., minor fold. Good 50-55
1309 SCOTLAND Away programme, 19/5/57, Switzerland v Scotland in Basel.. Good 140-150
1310 1983 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Greek newspaper with colour team groups relating to the 83 European Cup Final between Hamburg and Juventus in Athens., fold. Generally good 100-120
1311 PIRATE Pirate programme, Manchester United v Derby, 13/3/48, Cup Semi-Final at Hillsborough, printed by Ross, slight folds. Fair-good 40-50
1312 MANCHESTER UNITED Programme v Chesterfield, 5/5/45, War Cup North Semi-Final, single sheet issue, slight fold. Good 240-250
1313 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for 1948 Charity Shield, Arsenal v Manchester United, Generally good 380-400
1314 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for 1962 Charity Shield, Ipswich v Tottenham, Generally good 80-90
1315 SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Programme for FC Koln v Wednesday, 6/11/63, Sport Beobachter Issue (stadium issue). Fairs Cup. Fold. Generally good 120-130
1316 MAN UTD Programme for the League Cup game v Exeter, 26/10/60, United's first home game in this competition, includes token, no team changes. Good 80-90
1317 MAN UTD Programme away at Hamburg, 31/7/68, Lipphardts issue. Good 110-120
1318 TOTTENHAM Single sheet wartime issue v Arsenal, 19/5/45, friendly match, score, scorers.small tape mark. Generally good 75-80
1319 WORLD CUP FINAL 74 Programme for the 1974 World Cup Final, Holland v Germany, rare issue, , slight scuffing. Generally good 275-300
1320 WEST BROMWICH Programme, 10/5/53, Waterford Select v West Brom at Waterford, Matthews and taylor in Waterford side + 2 Man Utd players, slight fold. Generally good 170-180
1321 ENGLAND Home issue v Italy, 14/11/1934, team changes + a couple of cuttings. Fair-good 175-180
1322 TOTTENHAM Programme, "Het Stadion News", Black and white original issue, Feyenoord v Tottenham, UEFA Cup Final programme,1974. Good 250-280
1323 COVENTRY Away issue at Bayern Munchen, 20/10/70, UEFA Cup, Die neue Stadiopn Zeitung, folds , small tear. Generally good 110-125
1324 MIDDLESBROUGH Programme for Bohemians v Middlesbrough, 28/4/48, , fold. Generally good 160-180
1325 COMBINED SERVICES Programme for Natal v British Combined Services, 15/6/1935 at Kingsmead, Durban, the Britsih RAF, Navy, Army team won 6-2. Good 60-70
1326 BURNLEY Programme, 28/5/60, Bayern Munchen v Burnley. International Soccer league, Polo Grounds , New York Very good 45-50
1327 IRELAND Programme, Denmark v Republic of Ireland, 2/10/57, World Cup qualifier , Very good 65-70
1328 HUDDERSFIELD Programme, Drumcondra v Huddersfield, 4/5/53 at Tolka Park, Dublin, minor ink marks. Fair 75-80
1329 FA XI Programme, Border v FA Xi, 23/5/56, East London, South Africa, Generally good 35-40
1330 WEST HAM Programme, VfB Stuttgart v West Ham, 3/8/65, fold, friendly, pencil score. Generally good 35-40
1331 WEST HAM Programme for Youth Cup Semi-Final, Sheffield Wed v West Ham, 2/4/57. Very good 35-45
1332 ARSENAL Programme for the friendly at Hull, 23/3/54, slight fold. Good 45-50
1333 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for the Semi-Final, Leicester v West Ham, 5/2/64, slight folds. Generally good 90-100
1334 YOUTH CUP SEMI Programme for Manchester United v Southampton, 8/4/57, slight fold. Good 30-35
1335 BLANCHFLOWER Programme for Wales v Ireland, 11/4/62 autographed by Danny Blanchflower, team name on cover. Fair-good 25-30
1336 LIVERPOOL Programme, Dynamo Dresden v Liverpool, 2/11/77, European Cup, slight fold, minor creases, no staple. Fair-good 35-40
1337 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for the replay, York v Newcastle, 30/3/55 at Sunderland. Good 130-150
1338 TICKETS Three tickets, England v Rest of the World 53/4 , some stains, v Scotland 52/3 both at Wembley + ticket for the 1967 Rugby League Cup Final. Minor ageing. Fair 20-25
1339 FA CUP FINAL 1956 Programme for the Final. Good 40-45
1340 MANCHESTER UNITED Ten home issues 58/9, mixed condition, some duplication, six have tokens. Fair 25-30
1341 MANCHESTER UNITED Twenty four home issues, 7 x 59/60, 4 x 60/61 , 7 x 61/2, 4 x 62/3 and 2 x 63/4, includes 60/1 Cup v Middlesborough and 61/2 Cup v Bolton, + four page issues 62/3 v Villa (Cup) and v Blackpool + Cup-Winners Cup v Spurs and 63/4 Cup v 40-50
1342 MANCHESTER UNITED Forty one issues, 64/5 season, all homes, includes Cups and European, some duplication, nineteen have tokens.. Fair-good 50-60
1343 MANCHESTER UNITED Forty five home issues, 65/6 season, some duplicates, includes Charity Shiled (no token), some have tokens. Fair 60-70
1344 MANCHESTER UNITED Over 150 United homes, 66/7 to 73/4, some duplicates, 66/7 x 29, 67/8 x 30, 68/9 x 35 , 69/70 x 38, 70/1 x 2, 71/2 x 11, 72/3 x 4 and 73/4 x 3, a few have tokens removed, includes Cup, European etc. Fair-good 140-150
1345 SIXTIES Over 240 programmes from the 60s , wide range of League clubs, also includes Burnley v Blackpool 54/5. Generally good 150-180
1346 SELECTION 23 programmes, all types of games inc Sunderland v Everton 64/5 Youth Cup Semi, Leeds v Zagreb brochure (Fairs Cup Final), 5 x Testimonials, 1963 and 64 Amateur Cup Finals, Welsh Cup Final 66,League Cup Final 67 , 68 European Cup Final. Also 25-30
1347 CUP FINALS Five FA Cup Final programmes, 54 (pencil score, scorers), 58 (good), 63 (good), 66 (rusting staple) and 70 (good). Generally good 80-90
1348 WALES Eight home issues inc v Portugal 12/5/51 (Festival of Britain), v England 51/2, v Scotland 52/3 (tape marks, tear), v England 61 and 67 and v USSR 65.. Also includes pirate v Scotland 66 and pirate v England 67. Fair-good 60-70
1349 BADGES 15 Metal badges covering Football League clubs, 60s designs includes Man Utd, Man City, Spurs, West Ham, Bradford PA and others. Good 40-50
1350 FOOTBALL LEAGUE REVIEW Over 40 issues of the Review which was the official journal of the Football League, late 60s. Generally good 10-15
1351 HANDBOOKS Seven handbooks, Bristol Rovers 58/9,Cardiff 63/4 and 67/8, Nottm Forest 62/3, Swindon 62/3, Bolton 62/3 and Walsall 65/6. Good 12-15
1352 BRISTOL ROVERS 56 Home issues , 1960s inc v Bristol Rugby, charity match 60/61, v Brighton 62/3 four page issue and friendly v Southampton 67/8 also includes 2 x 50s and the lot also includes 38 away programmes, majority 60s but also includes Cup at 25-30
1353 BRISTOL CITY 100 + home issues, vast majority 60s but also includes 58/9 Cup v Blackpool, 65/6 GFA Cup v Rovers and friendlies v Chelsea 69/70.Wolves 69/70 and Man Utd 89/90 + League Cup Semi 70/71 v Spurs and 2 x Fright Rover Finals. Generally goo 20-25
1354 WEST HAM 26 Home issues, majority 63/4 inc League Cup v Workington, v Blackburn (2-8) , a few 66/7 inc v Man Utd, League Cup Semi v West Brom and friendly v Kilmarnock. Good 30-40
1355 SCOTTISH Nine programmes, mostly 60s but includes St Mirren v Dundee 23/11/57 and 3 League Cup Semi-Finals Hearts v Cowdenbeath 59/60, Kilmarnock v Hamilton 60/61, and Hearts v Stirling 61/2. Generally good 25-30
1356 METAL BADGES 17 European badges, 1950s + a few other items. Fair-good 20-25
1357 LIVERPOOL Two metal badges 1950s + two medals from Prescot & District AFA 50/51. One of the badges is Liverpool FC and one is Liverpool Football Association. Good 12-15
1358 WORLD CUP 58 Programme for England v Russia, 8/6/58, slight ageing. Generally good 70-80
1359 WORLD CUP 58 Programme for Brazil v England, 11/6/58, minor fold, slight ageing. Generally good 70-80
1360 WORLD CUP 58 Programme for England v Austria, 15/6/58, slight ageing. Generally good 70-80
1361 WORLD CUP 58 Programme for England v Russia, 8/6/58, Generally good 70-80
1362 ENGLAND Booklet issued in Rumania for "B" International v England, 26/5/57 sold together with a Swedish leaflet showing the groups and squads for the 58 World Cup. Generally good 30-40
1363 PIRATE Pirate programme for England v Wales, 27/2/43 at Wembley. Good 25-30
1364 PROGRAMMES Five issues, Football League v Irish League 12/11/58 at Anfield, England v New Zealand 63/4 (Amateur), , England World Cup Xi v Under 23 XI, 57/8 at Chelsea, England v Roumania 57/8 Under 23 and Under 23 v Scotland 55/6. Good 30-35
1365 REPRESENTATIVE Four programmes, British Army of Rhine v RAF (Germany), 78/9, FA XI v Army 58/9 at Newcastle, FA XI v RAF 60/61 at Old Trafford, and FA Xi v RAF 54/5 at Highbury. Occasional slight faults. Fair-good 20-30
1366 FULHAM Programme for Festival of Britain match v Dinamo, 10/5/51. Good 30-40
1367 EVERTON Four home issues, 57/8 v Liverpool (opening of lights), v Liverpool (Liverpool Cup Semi-Final), 53/4 v Swansea and 55/6 v Preston. Generally good 25-30
1368 LIVERPOOL 12 press photos, all colour many signed including sixties team group with three trophies signed by Callaghan, Hunt, Lawrence, Byrne, Smith, Yeats and Lawler., also excellent signed photo of Yeats with League Championship and others, top qual 70-80
1369 WORLD CUP 66 A photo album embossed with gilt World Cup 1966, World Cup Willie and Jules Rimet Trophy, inside various World Cup press cuttings and photos have been laid down. Good 55-60
1370 DENIS COMPTON Signed large black and white book print of Denis Compton (Arsenal, England and England cricket). Good 40-50
1371 CHROMO BOOK PLATES Two colour chromo bookplates, mounted, Danny Clapton (Arsenal) and Bud Aherne (Luton). Good 25-30
1372 MANCHESTER UNITED Two framed, mounted and glazed colour photographs, both signed , of Rio Ferdinand and Diego Forlan, both in United kit. Good 40-50
1373 ARSENAL Two framed, mounted, glazed colour photographs, both signed, of Dennis Bergkamp and Robert Pires, both in Arsenal strip. Very good 50-60
1374 ARSENAL Large colour photograph of Frank McLintock in Arsenal 71 away strip , holding the FA Cup and League Championship trophies and signed below by McLintock. Ideal for framing, photo is 18" x12". Good 30-40
1375 MAGAZINES 26 football magazines, 1960s, including 6 x Manchester United Supporters Club magazines+ Hills Football Weekly and Football Monthly. Generally good 15-20
1376 BOOKS 5 signed books, Arsenal (signed by Adams), Saint and Greavsie (both signed), Fry, Graham and Hoddle. Generally good 12-15
1377 BOOKS 5 signed books, Platt, McClair, Neill, Docherty and McMenemy. Generally good 12-15
1378 1950s Fifteen programmes,all 50s, Southern clubs inc Arsenal v Man Utd 58/9, Maidstone v Erith 55/6, Reading v Watford 52/3, Palace v Caribbean XI 59/60 and Fulham v Everton 50/51, mixed condition but majority quite good. Fair-good 60-70
1379 BRISTOL CITY Home issue v Bristol Rovers, 30/3/46, single sheet, slight folds. Generally good 35-40
1380 MISCELLANY An interesting collection of 14 programmes, inc Rotherham v Portsmouth 60/61 League Cup + League Cup v Coventry 63/4 and v Millwall 63/4. Also includes Villa v Wrexham League Cup 60/61 single sheet, England v France 62 at Hillsborough, 3 Cup 55-65
1381 FA CUP FINAL 22 Cup Final programmes, 1964-85, some duplication, 14 different Finals, 64, 68, 69,70, 72, 73 and 75 duplicated, some have faults such as score, team changes.. Generally good 80-90
1382 CARDS Fourteen Typhoo Tea Football cards + 17 A&BC Sheets + "Rover" Football Club Colours " booklet, Typhoo cards inc Banks, Moore, B.Charlton and two different Best. Good 40-50
1383 PHOTOS 30 black/white press photos of Italian players, some duplicates inc Berti, Vialli, Donadoni,Giannini, Pagliuca, Battistini, Matthaus. 14 different photos. Good 25-30
1384 DERBY 94 black/white press photos of Derby players, a couple colour, majority late 80s , early 90s, duplication, inc Shilton, Wright, Kuhl and Johnson 30-40
1385 PHOTOS 48 Colour/black and white press photos, mixed clubs inc Fowler, Redknapp, Wright. McManaman, Wise, Di Matteo, Hughes, Kharine, Cascarino , Batty, Le Saux, Juninho, Aldridge, Irwin and others. Good 70-80
1386 NEWCASTLE 10 photos, black and white (rather appropriate) of the 1951 FA Cup Final , most feature Newcastle, inc with trophy.10" x 7" Good 40-50
1387 BLACKPOOL 5 photos, four feature Blackpool players, usually Matthews, one includes a one-armed referee, 10" x 7". Good 20-25
1388 PHOTOS 51 photos, approx 12 colour of England players, 80s onwards, some duplication.. Good 65-75
1389 AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOS 27 various signed photos, colour and black and white, autographs include Pat Jennings, Ray Wilkins, Gates, Mick Mills, Hoddle, Narey, Adams, Gascoigne and Strachan. Generally good 40-50
1390 WORLD CUP 70 Green Mexican edition of the programme for World Cup 70 in Mexico, Printed in Spanish, 242 pages. Very good 220-250
1391 WORLD CUP 70 Yellow English language edition of the programme for the World Cup 70 in Mexico .130 pages. Very good 120-140
1392 WORLD CUP 70 Magazine from Mexico, June 14 1970 containing photos and pen-pictures of the England squad together with articles about the World Cup. Good 50-60
1393 WORLD CUP 70 Tickets for the three England group games v Rumania, Brazil and Czechoslovakia. Generally good 190-200
1394 WORLD CUP 70 Tickets for the three games in the England group not involving England, ie Brazil v Rumania, v Czechoslovakia and Czechoslovakia v Rumania. Generally good 130-150
1395 WORLD CUP 70 Ticket for the infamous quarter final England v West Germany , Germany winning 3-2 after being 2-0 behind.slight fold. Good 80-90
1396 WORLD CUP 70 Ticket, complete with counterfoil, for the Semi-Final in the Aztec Stadium, West Germany v Italy. Good 110-120
1397 WORLD CUP 70 Ticket for the Final, Brazil v Italy at the Aztec Stadium, Mexico City.slight fold. Good 200-220
1398 BOBBY MOORE Programme for West Ham v Manchester United, 8/9/58, first team debut for Bobby Moore, fold, a little worn. Fair 20-25
1399 WEST HAM Big match programmes involving West Ham, both FA Cup Semis + Final 74/5 and all four League Cup Semi issues v Stoke, 71/2. This lot also includes the 1971 Cup Final issue, Arsenal v Liverpool. Generally good 35-40
1400 WEST HAM 19 issues, 50s and 60s, 50s are generally in only fair condition, due to folds, tears, creasing etc, 4 x 55/6 , 2 x 57/8 inc Cup v Fulham which includes a tribute to Manchester United and the Busby Babes. The 60s programmes are also fair an 35-40
1401 WATFORD 180 home issues, 1967-89. generally good 12-15
1402 FRIENDLIES 50 Testimonial and friendly issues. Generally good 25-30
1403 NON-LEAGUE 100 Non-League issues inc 26 Wycombe 90/91 season Generally good 15-20
1404 SPEEDWAY 200 Cradley Heath speedway programmes. Generally good 15-20
1405 NORTHAMPTON Ten away programmes from the 65/66 season, the Cobblers only top level season, games are at Liverpool, Shef Wed, Forest, Leicester, Man Utd, Villa,Newcastle, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea. Generally good 40-50
1406 NORTHAMPTON Players promotion handbook, 64/5 + promotion souvenir programme v Portsmouth 24/4/65, + 18 home issues from 67/8. Good 25-30
1407 ASTON VILLA Three programmes 56/7 Cup run, quarter final replay v Burnley,( team changes, no staple), Semi-Final v West Brom at Wolves and Final v Man Utd. (slight folds otherwise good). Fair-good 40-50
1408 PLAY-OFF Single sheet programme for the 1945 Cup-Winners play-off, North v South, 2/6/45, Chelsea v Bolton at Stamford Bridge, fold, slight creasing, very minor repair to corner. Fair-good 90-100
1409 RUGBY UNION 23 Programmes from International and other Big Match games inc Barbarians v All Blacks 1974 (+ ticket), many England games72-83 and several All Blacks and Wallabies games in the West Country 72-83. Generally good 30-40
1410 RUGBY UNION 25 County games , programmes for County games, majority Gloucestershire, 1973-82 and several other representative games. Fair-good 20-25
1411 RUGBY UNION Over 220 Bristol Rugby Union programmes, 1968-1984, over 175 homes and 40+ aways including USA tour 1979, also includes Annual Reports for 77/8 and 79/80.. Fair-good 55-60
1412 FIXTURE CARDS / GUIDES Over a dozen fixture lists and guides starting in 1936/37 with Murphys Football Fixtures (stains to edges of pages) although majority of these fixture lists and guides/annuals are 60s and 70s, all are Scotland based and mainly i 20-25
1413 TICKETS 55 tickets from European games mainly European Cup, UEFA Cup and Inter-Toto Cup, 90s onwards inc Real Madrid and Bayern Munchen. Good 30-40
1414 TICKETS Circa 30 tickets from European games involving British clubs , includes several Liverpool away games, also includes Arsenal, Welsh and Irish. 80s onwards. Good 30-40
1415 TICKETS Circa 50 Scottish club tickets in European games, majority homes, Celtic, Rangers well represented + Hearts, Hibs etc. Generally good 40-50
1416 TICKETS Circa 60 tickets for Scotland International games, homes and aways, mainly 70s onwards, one or two earlier. Generally good 50-60
1417 TICKETS 60 tickets for International games includes 11 for Euro 96 complete with counterfoil, also includes 11 for Euro 2000 and other sundry International match tickets. Generally good 50-60
1418 TICKETS Over 100 tickets for European matches in European Leagues, mainly 90s onwards. Generally good 20-30
1419 TICKETS Over 100 English club tickets, mainly 70s onwards, a couple earlier, Manchester City well represented but many other clubs as well. Good 20-30
1420 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for Luton v Norwich, FA Cup Semi-Final at Tottenham, 14/3/59. Good 12-15
1421 JOE MERCER Signed photograph of Joe Mercer wearing Arsenal shirt 49/50 season. Good 20-25
1422 PRESS PHOTOS Four photos, all 8" x 6", 2 Arsenal v Manchester City, 1 x Arsenal v Manchester United 57/8 (last pre-Munich game in England and one other photo Tottenham v unknown opponents, possibly Manchester United.. All games in 50s. Generally goo 55-60
1423 BILLY McNEILL Programme for Billy McNeill Testimonial game v Liverpool, 12/8/74, autographed to front cover by McNeill. Fair-good 12-15
1424 MOTOR RACING Programme for the 1966 British Grand Prox at Brands Hatch together with London Evening News covering the race and Daily Express Souvenir issue for the 1967 race at Silverstone. Good 20-25
1425 1933 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the 1933 Final, team changes, staples rusting, very small piece off top right -hand corner, spine partly splitting also includes separate autograph of Ted Sagar. Fair-good 450-460
1426 1955 FA CUP FINAL Programme for the Final. Generally good 45-50
1427 POSTER Poster for Valencia v An English Selection, 15/4/1929, superb print featuring two players airborne and vividly coloured, excellent for framing. Good 80-100
1428 POSTER Poster for Valencia v Real Madrid, 20/12/1931, super print featuring two players, airborne and highly coloured, suitable for framing. Good 80-100
1429 BOXING Five programmes/magazines inc Graham v Tshinza 1983, Bruno v Santemore 83, Hagler v Sibson 83 (CCTY issue) and Mercedes v Magri 83.Magri autograph included. Generally good 15-20
1430 ARSENAL Ticket for Cup-Winners Cup Final v Parma, 1994 Copenhagen Very good 30-40
1431 ARSENAL Ticket for Arsenal v Galatasaray, UEFA Cup Final 2000 in Copenhagen with counterfoil. Good 60-80
1432 ARSENAL Ticket for 1993 FA Cup Final Replay, Arsenal v Shef Wed.slight folds. Generally good 15-20
1433 ARSENAL Ticket for 1993 FA Cup Final Good 15-20
1434 ARSENAL Ticket for Community Shield 2002 v Liverpool at Cardiff. Good 12-15
1435 ARSENAL Ticket for the 1993 Coca Cola Cup Final at Wembley.. Good 12-15
1436 1998 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1998 FA Cup Final. Good 12-15
1437 2001 FA CUP FINAL Ticket for the 2001 Cup Final at Cardiff., fold, Generally good 10-15
1438 1998 CHARITY SHIELD Ticket for Arsenal v Manchester United, 1998 at Wembley. A little creased. Fair 12-15
1439 1993 CHARITY SHIELD Ticket for Arsenal v Manchester United, 1993. slight fold 10-15
1440 CUP-WINNERS CUP Ticket for 1995 Cup-Winners Cup Final, Arsenal v Real Zaragoza, Paris, 10/5/1995, slight fold. Generally good 25-30
1441 ARSENAL Ticket for Milan v Arsenal, 8/2/95, European Super Cup. Generally good 25-30
1442 ARSENAL Excellent Arsenal present to the Media celebrating the final match at Highbury, 7/5/2006, Arsenal v Wigan. This is an Acquascutum silver notepad inscribed with the details of the occasion and in the original cloth bag and box. Very good 50-60
1443 WORLD CUP TICKETS Set of 10 tickets for the London games, World Cup 66, in a wallet with Gillette advert, 6 Group games , Quarter Final, Semi-Final and Final + 3rd/4th Place match, 9 at Wembley, 1 at White City, one ticket, 19/7/66 has counterfoil.+ 420-450
1444 WORLD CUP WILLIE Small World Cup Willie "Rolykins" mascot in original box. Very good 20-25
1445 WORLD CUP 66 Two Tournament programmes, one completed with teams , the other as new + some cuttings. Fair-good 20-25
1446 SPORTS MISCELLANY An interesting collection of Sports programmes, 6 x snooker, 11 x Tennis, 12 x Motor Sports, 6 x Football and 2 Olympics magazines , includes 73 and 85 league Cup Finals, World Speedway Final 1975, and 78 (+tickets), 5 Wimbledon Tenni 25-30
1447 CYCLING 12 Framed cycling prints by the famous 1930s artist Frank Patterson, each print features a cycle in a countryside location usually with narrative. The frames have seen better days but the prints are generally in good condition. Fair-good 400-450
1448 AUTOGRAPHS England badged shirt, childs size, with message "Pacesetters don't smoke", signed by 13 England players including Lineker, Bobby Robson, Don Howe, Steve Hodge etc. Good 30-40
1449 SUN 3 D CARDS 13 cards in 3D from the Sun, includes, Mullery, Channon, Jennings, Cooke, Shilton. Good 12-15
1450 SCOTLAND / IRELAND 9 Programmes between Scotland and Northern Ireland 4 Scotland homes 60-66 and 5 Ireland homes 61, 63, 67, 76 and 80. Fair-good 15-20
1451 SCOTLAND Around 17 Internationals, between 1972 -1990, includes send-off to 1978 World Cup and 9 Scotland/England games. Generally good 20-25
1452 SCOTTISH JUNIORS Five programmes for Scottish Junior Cup Finals, 1971, 72, 77, 78 and 80. Generally good 12-15
1453 WORLD CUP Folder containing 2 Programmes for france 98 including ticket for Brazil v Scotland and several World Cup magazines. Also contains 2 Group D programmes from Euro 96 and ticket for Portugal v Turkey complete with hospitality menu Generally go 20-25
1454 BIG MATCH 8 Programmes, Simod Final 89, Forest v Liverpool Semi 87/8, Forest v Luton 89 League Cup Final, Forest v Oldham 90 league Cup Final, 91 FA Cup Final Forest v Spurs, Zenith Final 92 , Forest v Southampton (two copies0 and 92 League Cup Final, 55-60
1455 BIG MATCH 10 Programmes inc 1960 European Cup Final, Dortmund v Liverpool 66 Final autos of St John, Yeats and Stevenson, Celtic v Liverpool 65/6 autograhed by Ian St John, Scottish League Cup Final 71 autographed by Rough, 78 Scottish Cup Final, 74 Sc 50-60
1456 EUROPEAN FINALS Three Finals, 2 x European Cup 83 and 85, + 1965 Cup-Winners Cup. Generally good 12-15