lot descriptions: july 2009

The following lots were available in our July 2009 auction, held at Northampton RFC - columns shown are lot number, description, and estimate.

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1 WEST HAM Home programme v Burnley, 8/10/1927, minor fold, team change. Generally good 110-120
2 WEST HAM Home issue v Middlesbrough, 26/11/1927, slight fold. Good 110-120
3 WEST HAM Home issue v Bolton, 10/12/1927, slight fold. Good 110-120
4 WEST HAM Home issue v Arsenal, 11/2/1928, folds, team changes, slight wear. Fair-generally good 110-120
5 WEST HAM Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 18/4/1930, slight fold. Good 110-120
6 WEST HAM Home issue v Bolton, 19/4/1930, fold, slight wear. Generally good 110-120
7 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Swansea Reserves, 8/11/1930, piece torn off bottom front cover and several other tears, only a little print affected by the removed piece. Fair at best 35-40
8 WEST HAM Home issue v Birmingham, 16/3/1931, fold two inch tear to back cover but complete, pencil changes. Fair 95-100
9 WEST HAM Home issue v Bolton, 3/4/1931, slight fold, pencil changes. Generally good 95-100
10 WEST HAM Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 21/9/1931, slight fold. Good 95-100
11 WEST HAM Home issue v Leicester, 3/10/1931, fold. Generally good 95-100
12 WEST HAM Home issue v Portsmouth, 24/10/1931, fold Generally good 95-100
13 WEST HAM Home issue v Grimsby, 26/12/1931, slight fold, pencil changes. Generally good 95-100
14 WEST HAM Home issue v Bolton, 2/1/1932, fold, pencil changes. Fair-generally good 95-100
15 WEST HAM Home issue v Bury, 1/10/1932, Autographed inside across photograph by Wally St Pier, fold, minor creases. Fair 120-125
16 WEST HAM Home issue v Grimsby, 12/11/1932, slight folds. Generally good 95-100
17 WEST HAM Home issue v Charlton, 26/11/1932, minor fold, team changes. Generally good 95-100
18 WEST HAM Home issue v Fulham, 27/12/1932, minor fold, team changes. Generally good 95-100
19 WEST HAM Home issue v Swansea, 31/12/1932, slight fold, team change. Generally good 95-100
20 WEST HAM Home issue v Port Vale, 21/1/1933, slight fold, team change. Generally good 95-100
21 WEST HAM Home issue v Burnley, 9/9/1933, taped along inside pages (all along centre vertically and horizontally), pencil changes, probably trimmed as a little smaller than standard issue - approx half an inch vertically. As described 50-60
22 WEST HAM Home issue v Grimsby, 7/10/1933, very small tear otherwise good. Generally good 90-100
23 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Arsenal Reserves, 16/12/1933, fold, small tears to edge. Fair 40-45
24 WEST HAM Home issue v Millwall, 3/3/1934, small tears along fold. Fair 85-90
25 WEST HAM Home issue v Burnley, 27/8/1934, slight wear along fold, two newspaper cartoon (Webster) cuttings. Fair 90-100
26 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Reading Reserves, 6/10/1934, folds, slight wear. Fair 40-50
27 WEST HAM Home issue v Stockport, 12/1/1935, Cup, minor fold, minor rust marks to rear cover. Fair-generally good 90-100
28 WEST HAM Home issue v Southampton, 20/4/1935, pencil team changes, slight fold. Generally good 90-100
29 WEST HAM Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 16/9/1935, folds, pencil half-time scores. Fair-generally good 90-100
30 WEST HAM Home issue v Tottenham, 9/11/1935, neat score on team page, slight folds. Fair-generally good 90-100
31 WEST HAM Home issue v Leicester, 10/4/1936, tape mark along part of centre fold, small tears along centre fold. Fair 80-90
32 WEST HAM Home issue v Tottenham, 29/8/1936, slight fold, neat score on team page. Generally good 90-100
33 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Leicester Reserves, 3/10/1936, slight folds. Generally good 40-50
34 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v QPR Reserves, 19/9/1936, slight folds. Generally good 40-50
35 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Northampton Reserves, 19/12/1936, slight folds. Generally good 40-50
36 WEST HAM Home issue v Blackpool, 2/1/1937, slight creasing, pencil changes. Generally good 90-100
37 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Chelsea Reserves, 9/1/1937, slight fold. Generally good 50-55
38 WEST HAM Home issue v Bury, 23/1/1937, pencil changes, slight fold. Generally good 90-100
39 WEST HAM Home issue v Chesterfield, 24/4/1937, oil type stain to top part of the four pages although this is reasonably light and all pages are completely legible, slight fold, team changes. Fair 75-80
40 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Leicester Reserves, 28/8/1937, slight fold. Generally good 40-50
41 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Millwall Reserves, 19/2/1938, slight wear along folds. Fair-generally good 40-50
42 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Chelsea Reserves, 26/2/1938, slight fold. Good 45-55
43 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Brighton Reserves, 26/3/1938, slight fold. Good 40-50
44 WEST HAM Home issue v Tottenham, 2/4/1938, slight fold, neat changes. Generally good 90-100
45 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Luton Reserves, 23/4/1938, slight fold. Good 40-50
46 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Portsmouth Reserves, 7/5/1938, minor fold. Good 40-50
47 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Southend Reserves, 12/11/1938, slight fold. Good 40-50
48 WEST HAM Home issue v Millwall, 27/12/1938, minor fold. Good 80-90
49 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Arsenal Reserves, 31/12/1938, slight folds. Generally good 45-50
50 WEST HAM Home issue v Tottenham, 21/1/1939, Cup, neat score and team changes, slight fold. Generally good 80-90
51 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Coventry Reserves, 28/1/1939, slight fold. Good 40-45
52 WEST HAM Home single sheet Reserve issue, 6/2/1939, minor fold. Generally good 40-50
53 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Bristol City Reserves, 11/2/1939, slight fold. Good 40-45
54 WEST HAM Home issue v Tottenham, 4/3/1939, neat scorers and changes, slight fold. Generally good 80-90
55 WEST HAM Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 1/4/1939, slight tear along fold. Generally good 80-90
56 WEST HAM Home issue v West Bromwich Albion, 15/4/1939, slight folds. Good 80-90
57 WEST HAM Home single sheet issue for the Practice match, Colours v Whites, 22/8/1936 at Upton Park.slight folds. Good 100-120
58 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Fulham Reserves, 6/2/1926, full 12 page issue, spine partly split, minor fold, rusty staple removed. Fair 100-110
59 WEST HAM Home issue v Luton, 11/2/1936, Cup, White issue, ex bound volume. Good 100-110
60 WEST HAM Home Reserve issue v Bournemouth Reserves, 20/11/1937, white issue, ex bound volume. Good 40-45
61 WEST HAM Programme for West Ham Boys v Walthamstow Boys, 13/4/1935, standard West Ham issue, Essex County Championship Semi-Final, minor folds. Generally good 50-60
62 WEST HAM Programme for West Ham Boys v Barking Boys, 10/12/1938, single sheet issue, played at Upton Park, English Shield, slight fold. Generally good 45-50
63 FULHAM Home issue v West Ham, 13/4/1914, South Eastern League, full 12 page issue but ex bound volume and without cover. Generally good 80-100
64 ARSENAL Four page home white issue v West Ham, 21/1/1925, FA Cup replay, five small holes along margin (approx pencil tip size) no print affected. The programme is a little worn with some creasing but is in our opinion likely to be acceptable to most co 140-150
65 TOTTENHAM Home issue v West Ham, 5/11/1927, minor fold and slight marks along fold on back cover. Fair-generally good 80-90
66 ASTON VILLA Home issue v West Ham, 9/4/1928, no staple but includes individual head and shoulders photos of all the West Ham players. Slight rust mark. Generally good 80-90
67 MANCHESTER CITY Home double issue v West Ham, 19/10/1929 and v Southport 21/10/1929 (Lancs Senior Cup), slight fold, minor rusting to staples. Generally good 120-130
68 SHEFFIELD UTD Home issue v West Ham, 1/1/1930, ex bound volume. Good 80-90
69 TOTTENHAM Home issue v West Ham, 17/12/1932, slight fold. Good 65-75
70 BRIGHTON Home issue v West Ham, 18/2/1933, FA Cup, pages 1 to 8 of this programme which is missing the souvenir cover, front page is entitled "Albion Budget" with date and price showing and League tables and printers are shown on back cover. The progr 120-125
71 LUTON Home Reserve issue v West Ham, 26/3/1937, full programme, rusty staples. Generally good 50-60
72 COVENTRY Home Reserve issue v West Ham, 24/9/1938, full 24 page issue, minor writing on cover. Generally good 50-60
73 WEST BROM Home issue v West Ham, 10/12/1938, two punch-holes in margin (no print affected), otherwise good. As described 50-60
74 TOTTENHAM / WEST HAM / ARSENAL Arsenal standard issue programme for Tottenham v West Ham, Cup second replay, 2/2/1939 at Highbury, neat score, scorers to team page. Generally good 60-70
75 TOTTENHAM Two home issues, 29/10/1938 v West Ham (fold, small tear, small tape mark) and 4/4/1936 Reserve issue v West Ham Reserves (pencil score, several small tears), A third programme dated 14/3/1936 v West Ham is also included but this is in poor c 50-60
76 CHELSEA Single sheet Reserve issue v West Ham, 17/11/1934, ex bound volume. Generally good 25-30
77 CLAPTON ORIENT Two home Reserve issues, both v West Ham Reserves, 27/11/1937 and 14/1/1939, both are slightly grubby along folds with slight wear. Fair 60-70
78 ARSENAL Home single sheet issue v West Ham, 2/12/1939, League South "A", pencil changes and score. Generally good 50-55
79 ARSENAL Home single sheet issue v West Ham, 18/10/41, London War League, folds. Generally good 45-50
80 TOTTENHAM Two single sheet home issues v West Ham, 1/1/44 and 3/3/45 (neat team change). Generally good 35-40
81 CHELSEA Home issue v West Ham, 27/4/40, three inch tear, four page issue, fold, score on team page. Fair 35-40
82 CHELSEA Two home issues v West Ham, 13/10/45 and 26/1/46, both have team changes and scorers on team page. Also included is a poor condition single sheet, Orient v West Ham, 4/11/44 which has tears, holes, folds and is a little grubby- no value attached 25-30
83 WEST HAM Five away issues, 45/46 season, at Brentford 22/9/45, Millwall 20/10/45 ( a couple of marks to covers), Arsenal 9/1/46 (Cup), Derby 17/11/45 (tear) and Charlton 12/1/46 (piece torn off part of top of single sheet issue). + some minor faults. 45-50
84 LONDON FA CUP FINAL West Ham home issue v Arsenal, 7/3/55, London FA Cup Final. Good 20-25
85 WEST HAM / CHELSEA West Ham home issue v Chelsea, 3/1/56, Southern Junior Floodlight Cup Final, minor folds, slight marks. Fair 20-25
86 COLCHESTER Home issue v West Ham Reserves, 21/9/46, friendly match, team changes, 12 page issue, front cover signed by Ted Fenton, slight marks and slight creases. Fair 35-45
87 CHELSEA Home issue, v West Ham, 2/11/53, London FA Cup Semi, four page issue, minor folds. Fair 25-30
88 CHELSEA Home issue v West Ham, 29/1/55, Youth Cup, four page issue, pencil scorer, minor fold. Generally good 20-25
89 YOUTH CUP FINAL Programme for Manchester United v West Ham, 7/5/57, Youth Cup Final, team changes, slight fold. Fair-generally good 45-50
90 LONDON CHARITY CUP Programme for the Final, played at Upton Park, 28/2/55, between Hounslow Town and Ilford, four page issue. Very good 20-25
91 RAINHAM TOWN Two Rainham issues , both v West Ham, 20/5/63 (good) and 7/5/64 (team changes). Both games were for the Deri Stephens Memorial Trophy. Generally good 20-25
92 GUILDFORD Home issue v West Ham, 26/4/54, George Sadler Benefit, neat changes, full 12 page issue. Generally good 30-40
93 WEST HAM YOUTH Programme for Cambridgeshire FA Youth XI v West Ham Youth XI, 1/10/58, at Cambridge Utd, Bobby Moore in Hammers Line-up. Good 15-20
94 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN Rare Festival of Britain Issue, Clapton v West Ham, 16/5/51, four page issue, fold, pencil changes. Generally good 60-70
95 CHESTERFIELD Rare "Spire-Ites" programme for Chesterfield v West Ham, 21/2/48, four page issue published by Chesterfield Supporters Club, score on cover and on team page. This issue has an insert as the original game was postponed, the Hammers contriv 55-60
96 CHELSEA / BRENTFORD / WEST HAM Programme for the London FA Cup Final at Stamford Bridge, 8/12/52, Brentford v West Ham, four page Chelsea issue, score etc on team page, slight fold. Generally good 30-40
97 EDGWARE Home issue v West Ham, 2/10/48, rare friendly, eight page issue, creased, some wear and small tear along fold, but complete and a rare issue. As described. 35-40
98 NOTTINGHAM FOREST Scarce eight page home issue v West Ham, 2/5/55, last game of season and played on a Monday, rusty staple. Fair-generally good 30-35
99 CHELSEA Pirate issue (Ross) for Chelsea v West Ham, 26/1/46, neat changes and score, minor fold. Fair 15-20
100 WESSEX YOUTH Single sheet issue for Wessex Youth XI v West Ham Youth, 17/4/61 at Swindon, Peters, Dear and Charles in West Ham team, score on team page. Fair-generally good 20-25
101 CHELSEA Home single sheet issue v West Ham "A" , 26/10/55 , London Mid-week League, fold, score on team line-ups. Fair-generally good 20-25
102 WATFORD Home issue v West Ham Juniors, 5/12/55, Southern Floodlight Cup Semi-Final, Hammers won 5-3 and a match report is included, scorers on team page. Generally good 18-20
103 CLAPTON Single sheet home issue v West Ham Juniors, 14/4/56, pencil score etc, small tear along fold. Fair 18-20
104 BRISTOL ROVERS Home issue v West Ham, 12/9/53, team page is signed by the Rovers side in pencil, eleven autographs. Generally good 25-30
105 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Cardiff v West Ham, 2/2/66, quite difficult issue to find, fold, small ink mark, Fair 120-140
106 LEAGUE SOUTH CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for Chelsea v West Ham, 17/3/45 at Tottenham, single sheet issue, score etc. Generally good 50-60
107 WEST HAM BOYS Programme for game at Upton Park, 19/4/46 v Leicester Boys, Schools Cup Semi-Final, Good 35-40
108 WEST HAM Scarce single sheet issue, West Ham "B" v Southwick, Metropolitan League, 4/10/52, played at Glebe Road ground, Dagenham. Good 35-40
109 ANDREWS CUP Programme for the Andrews Cup Final between West Ham Utd Juniors and Leyton Youth Juniors, 21/4/58 at Upton Park, small four page issue, slight fold. Generally good 20-25
110 ESSEX PROFESSIONAL CUP West Ham programme for the Final, 19/4/50, Leyton Orient v Southend, four page issue, first holding of the Essex Professional Cup, score, changes etc. Generally good 40-45
111 LONDON COMBINATION CUP FINAL West Ham programme for the Final between Clapton Orient and Fulham, 4/5/46 at Upton Park, single sheet issue, small tear along fold, score written. Fair-generally good 35-40
112 WEST HAM BOYS Two programmes for games played at Upton Park, both West Ham Boys games, 18/4/53 v Chelmsford Boys (Clark Cup Final) and 13/11/54 v East Ham Boys (Corinthian Shield), slight folds. Generally good 18-20
113 WEST HAM BOYS Programme for East Ham Boys v West Ham Boys, 6/5/46 at Upton Park, Final of the Corinthian Shield, slight fold, pencil change, neat score. Generally good 30-40
114 PRINTERS CUP FINALS Two issues for games played at Upton Park, both are Printers "Charity Cup" Finals, 17/5/47 Amalgamated Press v Lamson Paragon and 10/4/48, Fleetway v Sprague, both are in very good condition. Very good 50-60
115 WEST HAM Single sheet issue, London District v Eastern Command, 18/10/48 at Upton Park, two punch-holes, score, scorers etc. Fair 20-25
116 CHELMSFORD CITY Two issues for games between the Clubs, West Ham v Chelmsford, 26/11/56, Essex Professional Cup (4 page issue, team changes) and Chelmsford v West Ham, 2/5/58 Essex Professional Cup Final, score on cover. Generally good 35-40
117 LONDON v GLASGOW Three programmes for games between London Schools and Glasgow Schools , all played at Upton Park, 20/11/48, 25/11/50 and 14/4/52, also includes a ticket for 14/4/52, 16 page issues, a couple have scores written in. Fair-generally g 35-45
118 WOLVES Scarce four page issue v West Ham, 17/2/64. Generally good 15-20
119 CHELSEA Home issue v West Ham, 14/10/59, Final of the 58/59 Southern Junior Floodlight Cup, four page issue, team changes, Venables, Bridges and Tambling in Chelsea team, Cripps, Moore and Hurst in Hammers team.folds. Fair 15-20
120 COLCHESTER Single sheet issue v West Ham, 23/4/59, Pearson Charity Cup, Bond, Moore and Cantwell in WHU line-up.small number written in. Generally good 18-20
121 QPR Home issue v West Ham, 2/11/53, Floodlight friendly, four page issue, small tear. Fair 25-30
122 FENTON TROPHY Programme for Bexleyheath Colts v West Ham Juniors, 22/8/56, minor rust marks, fold. Fair 18-20
123 COVENTRY Programme for Southern Floodlight Cup Final, Coventry v West Ham, 27/4/60, Bond, Cantwell and Moore in Hammers line-up, minor fold. Generally good 18-20
124 SOUTHEND Two home issues v West Ham, 2/5/60 Testimonial (McCrory, Willaimson and Anderson) and single sheet 15/5/63 (Threadgold). Good 25-30
125 WEST HAM BOYS Programme for Southampton Boys v West Ham Boys, 12/4/54 at The Dell, English Schools Semi, folds. Fair 12-15
126 WEST HAM Six away programmes , all friendlies, at Norwich 29/10/58 ( some creasing), at Ipswich 2/5/61 (Berry Testimonial- fold , slioght creasing), Cambridge City 25/2/59 (friendly), Ashford 6/11/63 (friendly, minor marks), Romford 17/4/70 (Gibbs/Tapp 25-30
127 ARSENAL Home issue, single sheet v West Ham, 29/3/41, League War Cup, score, scorers listed. Generally good 50-60
128 ARSENAL Home issue, single sheet v West Ham, 17/5/41, London War Cup, neat score, scorers and neat changes. Good 50-60
129 ARSENAL Two home issues v West Ham, single sheets, 10/4/43, Football League South Cup (good) and 4/5/46 (slight wear along folds, small tear, pencil score). Fair-good 40-50
130 TOTTENHAM Reserve home issue v West Ham, 28/3/1938, single sheet. Very good 35-40
131 ARSENAL Three home League issues v West Ham, 1/10/1927 (score . scorers in ink on team page, slight fold), 13/10/1928, (pencil score, scorers, rusty staple areas) and 2/11/1929, (slight fold, score on team page -ink, and rusting staples). As described 160-180
132 ARSENAL Two home League issues v West Ham, 25/10/1930 (ink score, scorers) and 14/11/1931 (slight fold, score, scorers and minor staining from the red covers). Fair 65-70
133 ARSENAL Four home Reserve issues v West Ham Reserves, 27/8, 28/9, 29/30 and 30/31, score, scorers on team pages , rusting staples but condition is otherwise generally good. Fair 130-150
134 ARSENAL Six home Reserve issues v West Ham Reserves, 31/32, 32/3, 35/6, 36/7 (slight creasing) , 37/8 (slight creasing) and 38/9. Most havfe score, scorers, some have rusting staples but overall condition is generally good. Fair-generally good 160-180
135 TOTTENHAM / WEST HAM Programme for the game at Highbury, 2/2/1939, Cup third replay between Tottenham and West Ham. Standard Arsenal issue, score, scorers on team page and slightly rusting staples. Fair-generally good 60-70
136 FULHAM Home issue v West Ham, 18/11/1933, pencil score, rusty staples, rust marks. Fair 60-70
137 FULHAM Home issue v West Ham, 26/1/1935, rusty staples, rust marks. Fair 50-60
138 FULHAM Home issue v West Ham, 30/11/1935, rusty staples, slight fold. Fair-generally good 50-60
139 FULHAM Two home issues v West Ham, 19/2/38 (slight fold, generally good), and 27/8/38, (fold), both have pencil scores. Generally good 90-100
140 FULHAM Two wartime home single sheet issues v West Ham , 30/10/43 ( minor tears to edge, minor tears) and 11/11/44 ( score on team-listing, Hammers won 7-4), slightly grubby. Fair 45-50
141 FULHAM Wartime single sheet home issue v West Ham, 29/11/1941, neat score, slight fold. Generally good 40-45
142 FULHAM Wartime single sheet home issue v West Ham, 31/10/42, minor tears, score indicated. Fair 30-35
143 FULHAM Four home issues , all v West Ham, 2/2/46 (changes, scorers), 9/9/46 (neat score, scorers), 1/5/48 (fold) and 7/5/49 (good). Fair-generally good 40-50
144 BARNSLEY Seven home issues , all v West Ham, 46/7, 47/8, 49/50, 50/51, 51/2, 52/3 and 55/6, occasional minor fault such as fold , a couple have scorers etc. Generally good 80-90
145 BIRMINGHAM Eight home issues v West Ham, 45/6 (punch-holes), 46/7 (punch-holes), 47/8 (gen good), 50/51, 51/2, 52/3 , 53/4 and 54/5(some creasing). Some minor faults. Fair 65-75
146 BLACKBURN Ten home issues v West Ham, 47/8, (Cup), 48/9, 50/51, 52/3, 53/4, 54/5( small tear to inside page), 55/6 (Cup and League), 56/7 and 57/8. A couple have slight faults but the majority are "good". Generally good 125-130
147 BLACKPOOL Home issue v West Ham, 3/2/54 Cup replay, four page issue, slight folds, scarce issue. Generally good 40-50
148 BRADFORD PA Three home issues v West Ham, 47/8 (pencil changes, slight ageing, minor tears), 48/9 (good) and 49/50 (good). Fair-good 60-65
149 BRISTOL CITY Three home issues v West Ham, 55/6, 56/7 and 57/8, slight folds otherwise good. Generally good 22-25
150 WEST HAM Press photograph of Archie Macaulay in West Ham colours showing Archie talking to chairman Cearns and manager Paynter. Good 18-20
151 WEST HAM Rare VIP issue programme West Ham v Prvog Gradjanskog Sportskog Kluba, 25/11/1936. This issue was the copy of the referee and is a little worn with tears to edges, however it is very rare having a strengthened paper cover with match details on 320-350
152 WEST HAM 1980 F.A Cup squad signed shirt, mounted, framed and glazed, 25" x 25", in club colours, includes 2 photos and plaque. Signed by Sir Trevor Brooking, Billy Bonds (Captain), Frank Lampard, Phil Parkes, Ray Stewart, Paul Allen, Stuart Pearson, 180-220
153 WEST HAM 1980 F.A Cup squad signed Limited Edition montage, mounted, framed and glazed, 30" x 24", in club colours. Signed by the 11 players, including Trevor Brooking, Frank Lampard, Stuart Pearson, Alan Devonshire etc. Certificate of authenticity 160-200
154 TREVOR BROOKING Signed photo, celebrating scoring the winning goal (unusually a diving header from Trevor) in the 1980 F.A Cup Final, double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-45
155 BRISTOL ROVERS Four home issues v West Ham, 53/4, 54/5, ( minor faults), 55/6 and 56/7. Fair-generally good 25-30
156 BURY Six home issues v West Ham, 48/9 (punch-holes - minor print affected, fold), 49/50, 50/51, 51/2, 52/3 and 55/6, some minor faults. Fair-generally good 50-60
157 CARDIFF Six home issues v West Ham, 47/8 (small tear along fold), 48/9 (fold, creasing), 49/50, 50/51, 51/2 and 57/8. Fair 50-60
158 COVENTRY Six home issues v West Ham, 46/7 ( slight creasing, back cover slightly damaged), 47/8, 48/9, 49/50 (slight wear) , 50/51 and 51/2 (minor creases). Fair 70-80
159 DARLINGTON Scarce League Cup issue v West Ham, 24/10/60, first season of League Cup, fold. Fair-generally good 30-35
160 DERBY Three home issues v West Ham, 53/4, 54/5 (Christmas Issue) and 57/8. Minor faults. Fair-generally good 20-25
161 DONCASTER Eight home issues v West Ham, 47/8, 49/50, 51/2, 52/3 (piece missing off back page- left bottom corner), 53/4 (slightly worn), 54/5 (League table amended), 55/6 (good) and 56/7. Some faults. Fair-generally good 75-80
162 EVERTON Five home issues v West Ham, 51/2, 52/3, 56/7 (Cup), 58/9 (score on cover) and 59/60, minor faults. Fair-generally good 35-40
163 GRIMSBY Four home issues v West Ham, 49/50, 50/51, 56/7 and 57/8, the latter two copies have rusty staples and team changes , the other two are good. Fair-generally good 40-50
164 HUDDERSFIELD Four home issues v West Ham, 52/3, 56/7, 57/8 (Munich tribute ) and 59/60 (Cup). Minor fold 52/3. Generally good 25-30
165 HULL Six home issues v West Ham, 49/50, 50/51, 51/2 (rusty staple), 52/3, 53/4 and 54/5. Generally good 50-60
166 LEEDS Two home issues v West Ham, 48/9 and 50/51. Generally good 50-60
167 LEICESTER Seven home issues v West Ham, 47/8, 48/9, 49/50, 50/51, 51/2 , 53/4 (several faults-fair at best) and 55/6, a couple have team changes, one or two minor faults but 53/4 apart , they are generally good. As described 60-70
168 LINCOLN Home issue v West Ham, 1/5/53, four page issue played on a Friday night, scarce issue, minor fold. Fair-generally good 40-45
169 LINCOLN Six home issues v West Ham, 48/9, 53/4 (creased), 54/5, 55/6 (tape on spine), 56/7 and 57/8, occasional minor fault. Fair-good 45-50
170 LIVERPOOL - CHARITY SHIELD Home issue v West Ham, 15/8/64, Charity Shield, score on team page otherwise good. Generally good 120-130
171 LIVERPOOL Six home issues v West Ham, 54/5, 55/6, 56/7, 57/8, 62/3 and 62/3 (Cup), some minor faults. Generally good 30-35
172 LUTON Eleven home issues v West Ham, 46/7, (grubby), 47/8, 48/9 (Cup-punch-holes), 48/9, 50/51, 51/2,(score etc on cover), 52/3, 53/4, 54/5, 58/9 and 59/60, major faults noted and several minor faults. Fair 75-80
173 MAN CITY Four home issues v West Ham, 46/7, 50/51 (staple hole), 58/9 and 59/60, minor faults. Generally good 35-40
174 MIDDLESBROUGH Two home issues v West Brom, 55/6 (slightly creased) and 56/7. Fair-generally good 25-30
175 MILLWALL Two home issues v West Ham, 46/7 and 47/8 (team changes-four page issue). Generally good 35-40
176 NOTTM FOREST Three home issues v West Ham, 46/7 , 47/8 and 48/9, team changes etc otherwise generally good. Generally good 65-70
177 NOTTM FOREST Six home issues v West Ham, 51/2, 52/3, 53/4 (slight wear), 55/6 , 56/7 (four page issue) and 58/9. Some faults but most are generally good. Fair-generally good 40-45
178 NOTTS COUNTY Eight home issues v West Ham, 50/51(fold), 51/2, 52/3, 53/4 (fold), 54/5, 55/6, 56/7 (slight wear) and 57/8. Some minor faults. Fair-generally good 55-60
179 PLYMOUTH Two home issues v West Ham, 53/4 and 54/5 (folds). Fair-generally good 20-25
180 PORTSMOUTH Two home issues v West Ham, 2/3/46 (two small punch-holes) and 50/51 (Combination Cup). Fair-good 25-30
181 PRESTON Two home issues v West Ham, 49/50 (slight wear) and 50/51( some creasing). Fair 40-45
182 QPR Three home issues v West Ham, 49/50, 50/51 and 51/2 ( fold, small tear, minor annotations). First two generally good, last one only fair. As described. 30-35
183 ROTHERHAM Six home issues v West Ham, 52/3, 53/4, 54/5 (score on cover), 55/6, 56/7 and 57/8. Generally good 50-55
184 SHEFFIELD UTD Seven home issues v West Ham, 49/50 (tape along spine), 50/51, 51/2, 51/2 (Cup, tape marks, creased, no staple), 52/3, 56/7 and 57/8, some minor faults. Fair-generally good 45-50
185 SHEFFIELD WED Seven home issues v West Ham, 46/7, 47/8, 48/9, 49/50, 51/2(Wednesday Champions souvenir issue), 55/6 and 59/60. Some faults such as team changes , scores , slight folds etc. Fair-generally good 55-60
186 SOUTHAMPTON Seven home issues v West Ham, 46/7 (single sheet, minor marks, small tear), 47/8 (single sheet), 48/9, 49/50 (small tape mark), 50/51 (fold, small tear along spine), 51/2 and 52/3 (score on cover), some other minor faults but all issues are 75-80
187 STOKE Home issue v West Ham, 27/1/51, FA Cup, neat score, scorers. Generally good 18-20
188 TOTTENHAM Four home issues v West Ham, 46/7 ( some ageing), 47/8 (fold, pencil changes), 48/9 ( minor fold) and 49/50 (score, fold, minor marks). As described 40-45
189 TOTTENHAM Six home issues v West Ham, 55/6 (Cup-folds), 58/9 (Final of London Challenge Cup, 1/12/58-minor fold), 58/9 (fold), 58/9 (FA Cup-fold, slight wear) , 59/60 and 60/61 ( minor tears along fold, minor mark). As described. 25-30
190 TOTTENHAM Five home issues v West Ham, 46/7 Reserves friendly 12/4/47, team changes, 50/51 ("A" team, Eastern Counties League- pencil changes/h-t scores etc), 51/2 Reserves (fold, minor mark), 53/4 Reserves, (slight mark), and 58/9 Reserves ( several t 50-60
191 WEST HAM Six away issues, 48/9 at West Brom, 47/8 at Newcastle, 51/2 at Brentford, 53/4 at Oldham (score, scorers-scarce) , 54/5 at Ipswich and 57/8 at Swansea (score on cover). Minor faults. Generally good 70-75
192 UPTON PARK Four page Clapton programme for Isthmian League game v Ilford , 31/3/58 , played at Upton Park. This was the first Isthmian League game to be played under floodlights, score, team changes. Fair-generally good 22-25
193 WOLVES Home issue v West Ham, 31/3/54, Youth Cup Semi-Final, tape along spine of pages, eight page issue, score on team page. Fair 22-25
194 READING Three home Reserve issues v West Ham, 13/3/48, 4/9/54 and 5/4/58. Fair-generally good 20-25
195 READING Three home issues v West Ham, 4/4/56 (Semi-Final Southern Floodlight Cup-creased, eight page issue), 29/1/58 (Southern Cup replay- eight page issue, score,) and 4/3/59 (Southern Junior Floodlight Cup Semi, Moore, Hurst in Hammers line-up). 30-35
196 WEST HAM Home issue v Tottenham, 14/3/42, neat score, scorers. Generally good 40-50
197 WEST HAM Home issue v Tottenham, 19/9/42, neat score, scorers, slight fold. Generally good 35-40
198 WEST HAM Two home issues, 43/4 season, v QPR 6/11/43, ( tears, score on team page-print complete) and v Crystal Palace 22/1/44, (two tape marks, slight wear). As described 35-40
199 WEST HAM Two home issues 44/5 season, both v Tottenham, 2/12/44 (number 1 as the Hammers played 14 consecutive away games to start the season due to Upton Park being out of action- neat score , scorers) and 10/2/45 also with neat score , scorers. G 50-60
200 WEST HAM Three home issues, 44/5, v Charlton 9/12/44, v Aldershot 24/2/45 and v QPR 10/3/45, minor faults but generally good. Generally good 60-65
201 WEST HAM UNITED Two 12x8 photographs depicting captain Billy Bonds holding aloft the FA Cup after victories in the 1975 final v Fulham and the 1980 final v Arsenal. Both signed. Very good 40-50
202 WEST HAM UNITED 12x8 photograph depicting players celebrating their victory in the 1980 FA Cup Final, signed by all 11 players using fine black marker - Brooking, Bonds, Devonshire, Allen, Parkes, Pearson, Pike, Stewart, Lampard, Cross and Martin. 50-60
203 WEST HAM UNITED Nine 12x8 photographs, each depicting an image of individual players from the 1980 FA Cup Final, mostly images of players celebrating with the Cup - all signed. Brooking, Bonds, Devonshire, Allen, Parkes, Pearson, Pike, Lampard and Cro 50-60
204 WEST HAM UNITED Three 12x8 photographs, each depicting an image of Alan Taylor either scoring or celebrating his goals in the 1975 FA Cup Final. All three signed in fine blue marker. 40-50
205 WEST HAM UNITED Three 12x8 photographs, each depicting an image of Trevor Brooking celebrating victories in the 1975 and 1980 FA Cup Finals. All three signed in fine blue marker. 40-50
206 WEST HAM UNITED 12x8 photograph depicting Ray Stewart scoring the equalising goal from the penalty spot in the 1981 League Cup Final. Signed using black marker. Good 15-20
207 WEST HAM UNITED 12x8 photograph depicting Frank Lampard and Trevor Brooking holding aloft the FA Cup after victory in 1980. Signed by both players in fine blue marker. Very good 20-25
208 WEST HAM UNITED 12x8 photograph depicting Billy Bonds, David Cross and Trevor Brooking holding aloft the FA Cup after victory in 1980. Signed by all three players using fine blue marker. Very good 30-40
209 WEST HAM UNITED 12x8 photograph depicting Geoff Pike and Paul Allen holding aloft the FA Cup after victory in 1980. Signed by both players using fine blue marker. Very good 20-25
210 WEST HAM UNITED 12x8 photograph depicting Trevor Brooking scoring the winning goal in the 1980 FA Cup Final. Signed with the inscription 'The Winner'. Very good 20-25
211 WEST HAM UNITED Programme for the 1980 FA Cup Final v Arsenal, signed on the front cover by the complete team - Brooking, Bonds, Devonshire, Allen, Parkes, Pearson, Pike, Lampard, Stewart, Cross and Martin. Good 50-60
212 WEST HAM UNITED Eleven commemorative covers depicting the 1980 FA Cup Final. Individually signed by the full team. Good 50-60
213 WEST HAM An excellent framed, glazed limited autographed edition West Ham team colour photograph showing the team at Wembley after their 1980 Cup Final victory. Mounted in claret and blue, the picture is autographed by the eleven Hammers as they pose i 150-160
214 WEST HAM MEDAL Nine carat gold and enamel medal presented to Frank Piercy in 1923 by West Ham. Piercy was the assistant trainer under Charlie Paynter and the medal was awarded to him in 1923 by the Club to commemorate their appearance in the First We 500-600
215 WEST HAM Three home issues, 44/5 season, v Millwall 24/3/45 (two punch-holes, no print affected), v Southampton 21/4/45 (one punch-hole, no print affected) and v Brentford 26/5/45 ( small piece off corner), two have team changes etc. Fair 45-50
216 WEST HAM Home issue v Arsenal, 5/5/45, white issue, single sheet, creased. Fair 25-30
217 WEST HAM Home issue v Chelsea, 19/5/45, neat score, changes etc. Fair-generally good 20-25
218 WEST HAM Four home issues, 45/6 season, v Arsenal 27/8/45, v Birmingham 1/9/45, v Tottenham 8/9/45 and v Aston Villa 10/9/45 (small piece off top corner), minor faults. Fair-generally good 50-55
219 WEST HAM Programme for Clapton v Grays Athletic, 13/9/45 at Upton Park, Essex Senior Cup Final 44/45 season, standard West Ham single sheet issue, two punch-holes, no print affected, neat score. Fair-generally good 25-30
220 WEST HAM Four home issues, 45/6 season, v Chelsea 6/10/45, v Millwall 27/10/45, v Southampton 3/11/45 (small piece off top corner, fold), and v Derby 24/11/45. Fair-generally good 50-55
221 WEST HAM Four home issues, 45/6 season, v Leicester, Coventry, Luton (white issue) and Charlton, most have score, scorers and a couple have slight wear. Fair 45-50
222 WEST HAM Two home issues, 45/6 season, both FA Cup, v Arsenal 5/1/46 and v Chelsea 30/1/46 (small piece of newspaper attached to top), neat score, scorers. Fair-generally good 25-30
223 WEST HAM Four home issues , 45/6 season, v Plymouth, Portsmouth ( slight wear), Nottingham Forest and Newport. Generally good 50-60
224 WEST HAM Three home Reserve issues 45/6 , v Clapton Orient 30/3/46, Charlton 26/1/46,( punch-holes and slight wear) and QPR 29/12/45,( punch-holes) all single sheeet issues, also included is a poor condition home issue v Watford Reserves, 17/11/45 whi 40-50
225 UPTON PARK Programme for East Ham Boys v West Ham Boys, 2/2/46, English Shield Area Semi-Final., played at Upton Park, minor folds. Fair-generally good 25-30
226 WEST HAM Four home issues 45/46 season, v West Brom (white issue), v Swansea and v Fulham plus a Reserve issue v Brentford Res 27/4/46, all are in generally good condition with no team changes etc. Generally good 50-55
227 WEST HAM Two home single sheet issues, both 46/7 season Practice Matches, 17/8/46 and 24/8/46, Club Colours v Blues, 24/8/46 is in very good condition, 17/8/46 is a little creased and slightly worn but is free from writing. Fair-good 65-70
228 WEST HAM Home issue v Fulham, 2/9/46, first post-war home League issue, changes and score. Generally good 25-30
229 WEST HAM Five home issues 46/7 season, v Leicester, Millwall, Manchester City, Tottenham and Newcastle, occasional minor fault but generally good. Generally good 125-130
230 WEST HAM Five home issues 46/7 season , v Birmingham, (white issue), Nottingham Forest, (punch-holes), Luton, Plymouth (tear along fold), and Leicester (Cup). Fair-generally good 110-120
231 WEST HAM Five home issues , 46/7 season, v Chesterfield, (small piece off top and also off bottom corner), v Bradford PA, v West Brom, Coventry and Bury (punch-holes). Fair 90-100
232 WEST HAM Two home issues both v Newport County, 14/12/46 (White issue), postponed due to fog and the re-arranged game 8/2/47 ( slight folds). Generally good 80-100
233 WEST HAM Scarce home "small" single sheet issue v Swansea, 1/3/47,(Printers strike) slight fold. Good 60-80
234 WEST HAM Four home issues, 46/7 season, v Southampton, Barnsley, (tear along fold, scuffs, a little worn), Sheffield Wed (tears to edges) and v Burnley (score on team page, Burnley gained promotion by winning this game). As described 50-60
235 WEST HAM Third Annual handbook, 1902-03, tape along spine but otherwise good, 56 pages. Good 400-500
236 WEST HAM Official handbook, 1914-15, spine split and cover marked but 64 pages all complete. Fair 280-300
237 WEST HAM Handbook, 1922-23, excellent condition. Very good 160-180
238 WEST HAM Official Handbook, 1924-25, 72 pages, slight marks, rusty staples. Includes separate autograph of player Tom Hodgson. Fair 120-130
239 WEST HAM Handbook, 1925-26, 72 pages, slight fold. Very good 110-120
240 WEST HAM Handbook, 1926-27, 72 pages. Good 110-120
241 WEST HAM Handbook, 1927-28, slight fold. Good 110-120
242 WEST HAM Handbook, 1928-29, 76 pages. Good 110-120
243 WEST HAM Handbook, 1929-30, 64 pages. Good 110-120
244 WEST HAM Handbook, 1930-32, slight stain, rusty staples. Generally good 110-120
245 WEST HAM Handbook, 1932-33, 56 pages. Very good 90-100
246 WEST HAM Handbook, 1933-34, 56 pages, slightly rusting. Generally good 80-90
247 WEST HAM Handbook, 1934-35, rusty staples, 60 pages. Generally good 70-75
248 WEST HAM Handbook, 1935-36. 60 pages, rusty staples. Good 65-75
249 WEST HAM Handbook, 1936-37, 60 pages, rusty staples. Good 60-70
250 WEST HAM Handbook, 1937-38, 60 pages, slightly, rusty staples. Good 60-70
251 WEST HAM Handbook, 1938-39, 60 pages, slight rusting to staples. Good 50-60
252 WEST HAM Handbook, 1939-40, Wartime season, 64 pages. Generally good 70-80
253 WEST HAM Two Handbooks, 55/6 and 56/7, both are 48 page issues. Good 25-30
254 WEST HAM Five Handbooks, 60-61 to 64-65 inclusive, some have folds. Fair-good 25-30
255 WEST HAM Five Handbooks, 65-66 to 69-70 inclusive. Good 22-25
256 WEST HAM Ten Handbooks, 70-71 to 81-82, (missing 72/3 and 74/5). Good 20-25
257 WEST HAM 12 Handbooks, 91/2, 94/5 x 2 95/6, 96/7, 97/8, 99/00, 00/01, 01/02 0/2/03, 03/04 and 04/05, all have many autographs except 91/2. Good 160-180
258 WEST HAM Three Handbooks type booklets, 82/3, 83/4 and 84/5, 84/5 contains a note to state that it was not issued to the public, only to the media. Also included is a 93/4 mechandise catalogue with a fully signed team-group. Good 20-25
259 WEST HAM A very rare 1923 Cup Final Souvenir Match Box holder with team-group of the 23 Hammers, an advert in the name of a Cigar Merchant and "A Souvenir of West Ham United - Cup Finalists 1923" printed on it. Excellent 180-200
260 BOBBY MOORE A very rare item , the single sheet Reserve programme, West Ham v Plymouth 9/3/74. This was the last appearance by Bobby as a West Ham player and the programme is signed by Bobby Moore. Generally good 220-250
261 LAMPARD / BEST Programme for Frank Lampard Senior Testimonial 2/11/76, signed to cover by Frank Lampard and team page signed by George Best and others inc Ted Drake, 18 autorgraphs in total. Good 60-70
262 MOORE,HURST,PETERS 3 Individual items, Hurst and Peters photos in W.H.U colours and Postcard Portorait of Moore in West Ham colours. All signed. Good 80-100
263 BOBBY MOORE Colour postcard size photo of Bobby in WHU colours and signed by him. Good 70-75
264 BOBBY MOORE Signed action photo, b/w if Bobby in England strip postcard size. Good 70-75
265 LEN GOULDEN Four pieces, all signed by Len Goulden, includes West Ham Team Group 1938, England Team Group 1938. Individiual photo and team celebrating with trophy. Good 50-60
266 BOBBY MOORE Seven postcard size photos of Bobby, one in colour (signed), all in WHIU strip including several of a very young Bobby. Good 90-100
267 MARTIN PETERS Three postcard size photos of Martin, all signed, one colour all WHU kit. Good 35-40
268 GEOFF HURST Five photos of Geoff all signed, postcard size, all in WHU kit. Good 60-80
269 WEST HAM Circa 60 magazine photos, autographed, inc Allison, Burkett, Brabrook, Woosnam Hirst, Sissons, Hooper, Peters, Dick, Brown, Redknapp, Musgrove, Lampard (Snr) and many others. Generally good 90-100
270 WEST HAM 11 Handbooks, 84/5 to 92/3 and 2005/06 to 06/07, 88/89 onwards have many autographs. Generally good 100-120
271 WEST HAM 53 Caricature drawings on card of West Ham players by Stephen Marsh, some autographed (usually personalised), signatories inc Hurs, Brooking, Gregory, Holmes and Keen. Good 30-40
272 WEST HAM 80 Tickets, mainly homes but includes Semi-Finals and Finals and Charity Shield and Anglo-Italian Cup-Winners Cup Final and Bobby Moore Memorial game (folds). Fair-Good 60-70
273 WEST HAM 1975 Cup Final Tickets (2) + 2 coach Tickets + Invitation to East Ham Town Hall for 1964 Cup Final Reception, signed on reverse by Brown, Brabrook, Bovington, Bond and Burkett, + Invite to 1975 Final Banquet. Good 75-80
274 BOBBY MOORE Page from a book showing England in training signed by Moore, Ramsey, Shepherdson and 4 players. Reverse side photo signed by Ramsey and Shepherdson. Ink signatures. Good 100-120
275 THE QUEEN Menu for the West Ham Golden Jubilee Luncheon, 9/5/02, attended by the Queen together with programme v Bolton 11/5/02 with pictures of her visit to Upton Park. Good 50-60
276 WEST HAM Players Promotion Handbook, 58/9, West Ham 1964, Cup publication and "Youth Soccer With The Hammers" signed by Eddie Baily 1988. Good 40-45
277 WEST HAM Album containing over 50 photos, many of them press and many signed (some personalised) inc Hurs, Peters, Lewis (Wartime), Lungberg, Pike and Lampard (Sne). Photos include Greaves making debut at Man City. Generally Good 80-100
278 WEST HAM 12 Match pin badges presented to the vendor by Eddie Bovington in 1993. Pins include Dukla Praha, Munich 1860, Olympiakos, Austria, Vienna. Sparta Phaha and Borussia Dortmund. Generally good 70-80
279 BAINES 3 West Ham Cards, 2 x Baines, 1 depicting a player taking a throw-in the other "Well Played West Ham Utd". The third card is in the shape of a trophy with an action scene on it and "West Ham United" printed in red on a yellow background. 60-70
280 BALLS Two footballs in West Ham colours, each multiple signed, first ball includes Butler, Potts, Brown, Gale, and Allen etc, second ball is more recent and also included is a training top with small number 5 above "Pony" insignia, signed "Best wishes 30-40
281 WEST HAM Two binders which are similar to scrapbooks containing match details, reports, programmes from 67/68 to 71/2 and 76/7 to 79/80, most items are taped down but programmes could be removed . Fair-generally good 15-20
282 NORMAN CORBETT F.A.Coaching Cart, The Throw In, illustrated by Norman Corbett, West Ham, Circa 1951 with signature. Good 45-50
283 WEST HAM BOYS Two issues at Upton Park, 27/3/54 v Hull Boys (Schools Cup Replay) and 26/4/54 v Walthamstow Boys, Corinthian Shield Final (a few Marks). Fair-Generally good 25-30
284 BOYS OF 86 Menu/ Programme for a Re-Union Dinner held 31/5/01 in Essex for the 1986 Promotion Team. Eight pages with photos of all the players and signed on the back cover by 14 players. Good 80-100
285 BOBBY MOORE Programme for the Service of Thanksgiving, 28/6/93, Westminster Abbey, for the Life of Bobby Moore OBE, 1941-93. Includes a ticket to admit to the service. Very Good 140-150
286 WEST HAM Letter sent to Bury, 11/5/49, signed by two Directors, seeking support for W.J.Cearns to be elected President of the Footblall League. Good 30-40
287 WEST HAM Letter on Official Club notepaper 8/11/43 with signature of Chas Paynter. Folds. Generally Good 30-40
288 WEST HAM Colour photograph, mounted showing all the West Ham teams, inc Juniors together with the F.A. Cup and Charity Shield, 1964. Good 25-30
289 ENGLAND Newspaper photograph of England team, signed. Including Moor,Stiles, Banks, Hunt, B.Charlton,Peters, Cohen, Wilson, Paine, J.Charlton. Generally good 90-100
290 WEST HAM Menu for Centenary dinner, 15/2/96 at Woodford Bridge, signed by 52 Hammers, inc Brookin, Dear, Brabrook, Peters, Leslie, Dick, Cottee, Redknapp, Chapman, Gregory, Hurst, Dicks, Bonds and O'Farrell. Good 120-150
291 WEST HAM Menu for Youth Section Presentation Dinner, 17/6/60 includes pictures and stats of the Junior teams, with claret / blue cord attached. Good 40-50
292 1964 CUP FINAL Programme for the Final (Slight fold) together with a picture showing the teams walding out picture signed by Bobby Moore. Generally good 75-80
293 WEST HAM Newspaper team-group b/w, 60's signed by the complete team inc Moore, Hurst, Peters, Brabrook, Brown, Byrne, Standen, Boyce. Good 70-75
294 WEST HAM Signed programme, Man City v West Ham 21/3/70, Greaves debut for West Ham needless to say he scored. Signed on front cover inc Moore, Greaves, Lampard, Holland, Hurst and Bonds. Generally good 100-120
295 WEST HAM Menu for the Borough of Newham Civic Reception given to West Ham in 1965 for Winning the Cup-Winners Cup Numerous autographs inc Moore, Chapman, Gregory, Boyce, Standen, Sissons, Bovington Byrne, Hurst, Dear, Burkett, Seeley, Kirkup. Menu a li 180-200
296 WEST HAM 1948 Excellent mounted team-group in presentation folder, 1948 team, Circa 8"x6". Good 25-30
297 BUBBLES Sheet music for "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" the Hammers tune. Written and Composed by Kenbrovin and Kellette and said to be sung at West Ham after a schoolboy played nicknamed Bubbles and sung through the decades. Composed in 1919. This she 40-50
298 WEST HAM Black and White magazine photo, team-group, with F.A.Cup and Charity Shield 1964. Signed in ink by the team inc Moore, Brabrook, Byrn, Hurs, Bond, Brown, Standen etc. Good 90-100
299 KIRIN CUP Programme for Kirin Cup, 85 together with note from Kirin Brewery, Teams include West Ham, Japan, Malaysia, Santos and Uruguay. Very Good 100-120
300 WEST HAM Two large pages of autographs, around 20 signatures inc Brooking, Parkes, Devonshire, Pike, Lampard (Snr), Martin, Bonds and Stewart. Generally good 30-40
301 WEST HAM A published poem 12/12/1903, referring to Cup-Tie v Fulham, probably page from Lloyds Weekly News, also covers Brentfrod v Plymouth. Tears to edges. Fair 30-40
302 WEST HAM Four verse published poem. Circa 1900's titled May "West Ham" still remain "United", folds, tears to edge. Fair 25-30
303 BOBBY MOORE Completed colour jigsaw of Bobby Moore in West Hame colours. 96 pieces. Good 20-25
304 CLYDE BEST Completed 96 piece, colour jigsaw, Clyde Best in WHU colours. Good 15-20
305 WEST HAM 1995/96 colour newspaper team group, most players autographed. Generally good 35-40
306 GEOFF HURST 3 Photos signed by Geoff, 2x colour, 1 x b/w. (postcard size) 2 in Hammers colours. 1 in suit signing World Cup 66 Banner (modern). Good 30-40
307 DANNY SHEA Programme for WHU v Doncaster 5/4/52 which has had part of team-list cut out. However it is signed by Danny Shea who was and early hero of the Hammers and became a cult figure before he was sold to Blackburn. Born in 1887 he scored 111 goal 80-90
308 WEST HAM Player contract, 13/5/49 between Jack Yeomanson and West Ham, signed by F.H.Cearns (Sec'y) and Yeomanson sho made 111 appearances, scoring once between 1947 and 1951. Folds. Fair-Generally good 70-80
309 WEST HAM Large sheet entitled West Ham United signed by the 1946 team inc Joe Payne, Dick Walker, Chapman, Woodgate, Gregory, Hall, Cater, Bainbridge, Wright, Bickinell - 14 signatures. Mark to corner. Generally good 35-40
310 WALLY ST PIER Programme for 1975 St Pier Testimonial signed by Ruffel, Hurst, Brooking, Greenwood and 3 others. Generally good 25-30
311 TADDY CARDS 11 West Ham "Taddy" cards, from the early 1900's + a Danny Shea card presented with The Champion in 1923. The Taddy cards show Ashton, Blackburn, Alison, Featherstone, Clark, Burton, Lee, Grassam, Harwood, Wildman and Taylor. A rare coll 180-200
312 WEST HAM Signed team-group, 40s/early 50s, newpaper cutting laid-down. 11 ink signatures inc Corbett, Bainbridge, Parsons, Robinson, Gregory etc. Good 25-30
313 WEST HAM Laid-down Album sheet containing 12 good pencil signatures, inc Corbett,m Gregory, Woodgate, Travis, Parsons, Walker etc. + Eddie Chapman. Other side contains partly signed Leeds team-group. Good 35-40
314 WEST HAM Album sheet containing 9 autographs, 50's inc Malcolm Allison, Frank O'Farrell, Gregory Parker etc. Good 25-30
315 WEST HAM Sheet for blue paper containg ink auto of West Ham 1938-39, 15 signatures inc Bicknell, Goulden, Fenton, Macaulayt, Chapman and Bob John (Assistant Manager). Good signatures 40-45
316 WEST HAM Album page containing 12 ink signatures, early 30s Combination side inc Puddefoot, Watson, Collins, Phillips, Dixon, Chalkley etc. Good 35-40
317 WEST HAM Two sheets containing a team-group, early 50s, signatures inc Parker, Devlin, Walker, Gregory, Woodgate, Parsons, McGowan, Gazzard, Bainbridge and Corbett. Fair-Generally good 30-40
318 WEST HAM Sheet of autographs from ablum, 1930-31, all neatly written in pencil, 26 signatures inc Charlie Paynter (Trainer), Watson (Vic) Ruffell, St Pier and others. Good 70-75
319 WEST HAM Album page containing 10 autographs 59/60 inc Bobby Moore, Ted Fenton, Brown, Musgrove, Grice etc. Generally good 70-75
320 WEST HAM Album sheet containing 13 West Ham autographs, 1936-37, in pencil but very clear. Generally good 40-50
321 WEST HAM The West Ham Story in caricature strips from the Evening standard 1959 and in original album. Generally good 18-20
322 CIGARETTE / TRADE CARDS Card Album containing Circa 410 Cigarette and Trade cards + stickers of West Ham players a number of rare cards, plus others from 20s, 30s onwards some are signed inc Len Goulden. All the Hammers throught the ages are here, 450-500
323 WEST HAM 19 Postcard size colour photos of WHU players, early 90s, 12 signed inc Dicks, Banks, Parris, Foster, Martin, Bishop, Breaker, Brown, Potts and Keen. Good 20--25
324 WEST HAM Another delightful box of Hammers Ephemera, includes small rosette, and old-fashioned Subbuteo / Newfooty player in WH colours 4 metal pin badges, 64 Cup Final Coin (Esso), dozens of WH Stickers (70's onwards) and a number of trade cards (60's 35-40
325 WEST HAM A Hammers box of delights containing 3 small plastic busts of Moore, Hurst and Peters, 3 Cadburys colour lids of some players, Bryant and May matchvox showing Moore holding the World Cup aloft, Over 30 trade cards etc, 50's onwards inc Moore, 50-60
326 WEST HAM A small collection of West Ham memorabilia, includes action press photo, Newcastle v WHU 1929/30, 3 Lipton cards with Devonshire, Brooking and Martin in England strip, complete West Ham Subbuteo team, 2 photos taken in 1991 of Len Goulden and 40-50
327 WEST HAM West Ham number 10, Tony Gale shirt 91/92, presented to the vendor and signed by 19 players. White top, short sleeves, size 42, BAC Logo over claret/blue, Football league flashes. Autos inc Gale, Miklosko, McAvennie, Allen, Martin and Dicks. 120-150
328 WEST HAM West Ham top presented to the vendor, 14/5/95 game v Man Utd, by Matty Holmes, signed by 16 inc Holmes, martin, Hutchison, Cottee, Morley and Les Sealey. Light blue, short sleeve top with Pony insignia. Good 70-80
329 WEST HAM White West Ham shirt signed by 90/91 Promotion squad inc Brooking, Gale and a few players from the 91/2 season. Shirt is size 42, has BAC as shirt sponsors with Bukta and WHU Club badge. Short sleeves, Approx 49 ink signatures. Go 70-80
330 WEST HAM Single sheet War-time Regional Competition issue v Arsenal, 8/4/1940, small tears, pencil score, scorers. Fair-generally good 70-75
331 WEST HAM Two West Ham home issues, both 47/48 season Practice match issues, 9/8/47 ( score, etc) and 16/8/47 (White issue-good condition). Generally good 70-80
332 WEST HAM Seven home issues, 47/8 season, v Millwall, Nottm Forest, Tottenham (punch-holes), Southampton, Coventry, Chesterfield and Birmingham, some have score, scorers but are otherwise generally good. Fair-generally good 100-120
333 WEST HAM Seven home issues, 47/8 season, v Barnsley, Luton, Leicester, Fulham, Bradford PA, Sheffield Wed, and Blackburn (Cup). Occasional minor fault. Generally good 120-140
334 WEST HAM Eight home issues, 47/8 season, v Doncaster, Bury, Newcastle, (scuffs and small tears), West Brom, Plymouth, Cardiff, Brentford and Leeds (punch-holes). Occasional minor fault. Fair-generally good 120-130
335 WEST HAM Two home issues, both London FA Cup issues, 13/10/47 v Kingstonian ( score, scorers, punch-holes) and v Millwall 27/10/47 ( slight fold). Rfair-generally good 50-60
336 WEST HAM Nineteen Reserve team home issues, four have punch-holes but the others are generally good. Fair-generally good 230-250
337 WEST HAM Two Home 48/9 season Practice Match Issues, 12/8/48 (punch-holes) and 14/8/48 ( neat score, scorers). Fair-generally good 60-70
338 WEST HAM Seven home issues, 48/9, v Lincoln, Shef Wed, West Brom, Coventry, Plymouth, Tottenham and Cardiff. Occasional minor fault. Generally good 130-150
339 WEST HAM Seven home issues, 48/9 , v Luton (punch-holes), Southampton, Grimsby (abandoned), Fulham ( previously laid down and therefore small paper sections missing from corners), Leeds, Chesterfield and Bury. Apart from faults noted, generally good 110-125
340 WEST HAM Eight home issues, 48/9 v Grimsby (Re-arranged game), Blackburn, QPR, Bradford (white issue), Leicester (punch-holes), Barnsley, Brentford (punch-holes) and Nottingham Forest (punch-holes), generally in good condition. As described 110-120
341 WEST HAM Two home issues, 48/9 both friendlies, v Millwall 29/1/49 (score on cover) and v Huddersfield 26/2/49. Fair-generally good 35-40
342 WEST HAM Home issue v Dulwich Hamlet, 8/11/48, London FA Cup Semi, four page issue, score on team page. Generally good 25-30
343 WEST HAM Three home issues, 48/9, all single sheet issues, all "A" team games, v Chelsea 2/9/48, v Ipswich 16/9/48 and v Norwich 23/9/48, all Eastern Counties League, all have punch-holes, no team changes. Fair-generally good 60-75
344 WEST HAM Twenty home Reserve issues, 48/9 season, twelve have either punch-holes or small pencil-type holes, but otherwise are all generally good with occasional team-changes etc. Fair-generally good 220-240
345 WEST HAM Practice match issue 11/8/49, minor folds. Fair 25-30
346 WEST HAM Eight home issues 49/50, v Leeds (punch-holes) Barnsley, Southampton, Grimsby, Preston, (tears to corners), Chesterfield, Leicester (ph) and Tottenham, (minor tears), some have team changes. Fair 70-75
347 WEST HAM Eight home issues, 49/50, v Blackburn, Hull, Luton, Swansea, Plymouth, Ipswich, (Cup-score on cover), Shef Utd and Everton (Cup), some have scores. Generally good 100-120
348 WEST HAM Eight home issues, 49/50 v QPR, Charlton (Friendly), Bradford PA (tears to top, team change, minor paper loss-no print) Bury (punch--holes), Brentford, Coventry (p-h), Cardiff (p-h) and Shef Wed (score on cover). Fair 60-70
349 WEST HAM Home issue v Bromley 24/10/49, London F.A.Cup, four page issue, scuffs to back cover corners where previously laid down. Fair 25-30
350 WEST HAM 16 Reserve Home issues 49/50, 8 have punch-holes, occasional other minor faults. Fair 130-150
351 WEST HAM BOYS Two programmes for games at Upton Park 49/50, v Swansea Boys (Schools Trophy - some creasing) and v Edmonton Boys (Corintian Shield - minor tears). Fair 25-30
352 WEST HAM Two Practice Match issues 50/51, 10/8/50 and 12/8/50, minor faults. Fair-Generally good 25-30
353 WEST HAM Eight Home League issues, 50/51, v Hull, Luton, Brentford (p-holes-slight trim), Southampton, Shef Utd, WPR, Leicester and Coventry. Most are fair-generally good. Four have previously been laid down with slight rear cover damage. 70-75
354 WEST HAM Eight Home issues 50/51 v Preston, Grimsby, Doncaster, Leeds (Xmas Day), Cardiff (Cup), Blackburn, Barnsley and Bury. A few minor faults, most have previously been laid down with minor rear-cover faults. Fair 60-70
355 WEST HAM Seven Home issues 50/51 v Chesterfield, Swansea, Man City, Notts County (slight weat). Birmingham (poon-fair), Cardiff and Charlton (friendly, 10/2/51). Occasional minor faults, usually after being laid down. Fair 50-60
356 WEST HAM 25 Home Reserve issues, 50/51, includes Combinationand Combination Cup, 4 issues are single sheets, some faults, some have been laid down previoously. Fair 220-250
357 WEST HAM Nine Single Sheet "A" team issues 50/51 all played at Upton Park, all London Mid-Week league. Includes v Tottenham "A". Some faults. Fair 80-90
358 WEST HAM Three "A" team issues at Upton Park, 50/51all Eastern Counties League, v Tottenham (a few tears), Chelsea and Ipswich. Fair-Generally good 30-40
359 WEST HAM Eight Single Sheets 50/51 West Ham home issues, all played at "Spotted Dog" Ground (Clapton FC). 6 x London Mid-Week league inc v Arsenal "A" Charlton "A" Fulham "A". Plus 2 x Eastern Counties league v Ipswich "A" and Norwich "A". Occasional 70-80
360 WEST HAM Four Home issues 50/51, 3 in Essex Professional Cup, 28/9/50 v Colchester, 12/3/51 (s.s) v Leyton Orient and 7/5/51, Final v Southend, + 30/10/50 London Cup v Charlton. Some faults. Fair 40-50
361 WEST HAM Festival of Britain home programme 12/5/51 v Royal Standard Club Liegeois, white issue, team changes and several tears. Fair 35-40
362 WEST HAM Festival of Britain programme v Royal Standard Club Liegeois 12/5/51, red issue, minor tear. Generally good 50-60
363 WEST HAM Programme for West Ham v Arsenal, 18/9/50, Charles Paynter Testimonial. Probably ex-bound volume. Generally good 40-50
364 WEST HAM Two Practice Match issues, 9/8/51 and 11/8/51. Generally good-good 30-40
365 WEST HAM Eight Home issues, 51/2 v Bury, Blackburn, Swansea, Barnsley, Leeds, Coventry, Cardiff and Leicester (small hammer photo attached to cover). Minor faults such as team changes. Fair-Generally good. 65-75
366 WEST HAM Eight Home issues, 51/2, v Brentford, Everton, Shef Wed, QPR, Luton, Hull, Blackpool (Cup) and Shef Utd. Minor faults such as score, scorers etc. Fair-Generally good 75-85
367 WEST HAM Eight Home issuex, 51/2 v Shef Utd (Cup), Rotherham, Charlton (friendly), Birmingham, Notm Forest, Doncaster, Notts County and Southampton, Some have scorers etc. Generally good 75-85
368 WEST HAM 23 Home Reserve issues, 51/2, includes single sheet issue. Occasional faults. Fair-Generally good 190-200
369 WEST HAM Nine "A" team home issues, 51/2, all London mid-week league single sheets. Inc v Arsenal "A" and Spurs "A". Generally good 65-75
370 WEST HAM Four "A" team single sheet home issues 51/2, all Eastern Countries league inc v Chelsea "A" Spurs "A" and Arsenal "A" Outer gamd is v Norwich "A". Generally good 35-40
371 WEST HAM Single sheet home issue, West Ham Juniors v Canvey Boys, 1/9/51. Good 20-25
372 WEST HAM Four Home issues 51/2, 2 Essex Cup v Southend and Chelsmsford City (Semi-Final), and 2 London F.A Cup v Hendon and v Chelsea. (Spine partly split). Generally good 40-50
373 WEST HAM Practice Match 9/8/52, some creasing and worn. Fair 15-20
374 WEST HAM Practice Match 16/8/52, slight fold. Generally good 20-25
375 WEST HAM Eight Home issues, 52/3 v Southampton, Hull, Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Rotherham, Nottm Forest and Brentford. Occasional minor fault. Fai-Generally good 60-70
376 WEST HAM Eight Home issues 52/3 v Swansea, Shef Utd, Lincoln, Notts County, Bury, West Brom (Cup), Luton and Blackburn (Friendly). Minor faults. Fair-Generally good 60-70
377 WEST HAM Seven Home issues 52/3, v Plymouth (Scarce), Blackburn Everton, Doncaster, Fulham, Huddersfield and Barnsley. Minot faults. Fair-Generally good 55-60
378 WEST HAM Programme for the first floodlight match at Upton Park v Tottenham, 16/4/53, minor staines, small tears to edge. Fair 25-30
379 WEST HAM Two Home issues 52/3, both floodlight games, v St Mirren 20/4/53 (team changes) and v Leyton Orient 23/4/53, Essex Cup Semi-Final (team Changes). Fair-Generally good 25-30
380 WEST HAM 22 Home Reserve issues 52/3, some faults, usually minor, nothing too serious. Fair-Generally good 170-180
381 WEST HAM 3 Home issues, all London F.A.Cup 52/3, single sheet issues, v Leyton Orient, Tottenham and Chelsea (Semi). Minor faults. Fair-Generally good 30-40
382 WEST HAM 8 Home issues, 55 all London mid-week "A" team issues, some ex-bound volume, inc v Tottenham, 52/3 season. Fair 55-65
383 WEST HAM 4 Eastern Counties league 52/3, single sheet home issues v Norwich "A" Arsenal "A" Chelsea "A" and Tottenham "A". Two are ex-bound volume. Fair 30-40
384 WEST HAM Programme for practice games 8/8/53 and 15/8/53 (team changes). Generally good 25-30
385 WEST HAM Eight Home programmes 53/4 v Lincoln, Leicester, Rotherham, Fulham, Swansea, Birmingham, Brentford and Blackburn, occasional small fault. Generally good 80-100
386 WEST HAM Eight Home issues, 53/4 v Bury, Everton, Notts County, Luton, Stoke. Huddersfield (Cup), Bristol Rovers and Blackpool (Cup-worn). Some minor faults. Fai-Generally good 75-85
387 WEST HAM Eight Home issues 53/4 v Leeds, Nottm Forest, Derby (worn), Doncaster, Hull, Stoke, Plymouth and Oldham. Minor faults. Fair-Good 80-90
388 WEST HAM Five Home issues, 53/4 Friendlies v Sunderland, Hearts, St Mirren, Servette and Olaria. Generally good 40-50
389 WEST HAM Two Home issues, 53/4 both Youth Cup, v Fulham and Semi v Wolves, (both ex-bound volume). Minor perforations to spine. Generally good 40-50
390 WEST HAM Two Home issues, 53/4 v Tottenham (Comb Cup Final) and v Millwall 27/10/53 London F.A.Cup (slight creasing). Generally good 25-30
391 WEST HAM 23 Home Reserve issues, 53/4. Some minor faults. Fair-Generally good 200-220
392 WEST HAM Two "A" Team single sheet issues, 53/4 plyaed at Upton Park, v Spurs "A" (ECL Cup) and v Arsenal "A" (ECL). Fair-Generally good 25-30
393 UPTON PARK Two programmes for games played at Upton Park, West Ham Boys v Edmonton Boys 19/5/47 (Sun Shield) and Essex v Durham, 24/5/47, FA County Youth Final ,small pencil hole to both issues. Both are West Ham coloured single sheet issues. Fair 35-40
394 WEST HAM Eight home issues, 54/5 v Notts County, Blackburn, Hull, Bristol Rovers, Port-Vale (punch-holes to top - no print loss), Nottm Forest, Stoke and Birmingham. Some minor faults. Fair-goog 60-70
395 WEST HAM Eight home issues 54/5, v Luton, Bury, Swansea, Derby, Port Vale (Cup), Portsmouth (Friendly), Plymouth and Doncaster. Most are very good one or two minor faults. Fair-Good 60-70
396 WEST HAM Seven Home issues, 54/5, v Leeds, Middlesbrough, Ipswich, Fulham, Rotherham, Liverpool and Lincoln. Some minor faults. Fair-Generally good 50-55
397 WEST HAM 21 Reserve issues, 54/5, some have faults, but condition is usually generally good. Fair-Generally good 160-180
398 WEST HAM Two Practice Match programmes, 7/8/54 (slight creasing) and 14/8/54. Fair 25-30
399 WEST HAM Five Home issues, 54/5, all friendlies, v Stuttgart, Wacker, A.C.Milan, Simmering and Holland Sports Club. Minor faults. Fair-Generally good 50-60
400 WEST HAM Two Home issues, 54/5 both London F.A.Cup, Semi-Final v Fulham and Final v Arsenal, 7/3/55. Generally good 25-30
401 WEST HAM Two single sheet, 54/5, "A" team issues, v Spurs "A", 18/9/54 (smll ink stain) and v Arsenal "A", 4/9/54, (creased). ECL. Fair 25-30
402 WEST HAM Two 54/5, West Ham 4 page issue, WH v F.A. Amateur x 1 4/4/55 and London Boys v Germany Boys 18/4/55 (Greaves in London team) - Folds. Fair 30-40
403 WEST HAM Single Sheet Youth Cup home issue v Civil Service Juniors, 20/12/54. Good 25-30
404 WEST HAM Eight Home issues, 55/6, v Rotherham, Port Vale, Notts Cty, Fulham, Barnsley, Plymouth, Doncaster and Blackburn. Most very good. Fair 50-60
405 WEST HAM Eight Home issues, 55/6, v Nottm Forest, Leicester, Swansea, Middlesbrough, (a few tears), Preston (Cup), Leeds, Cardiff (Cup) and Blackburn (Cup). Some faults but most are good. Fair-good 50-60
406 WEST HAM Nine Home issues, 55/6, v Liverpool (creased), Spurs (Cup), Bristol Rovers, Bury (first league gone under lights), Hull, Stoke, Shef Wed, Lincoln and Bristol City. Some faults. Fair 55-65
407 WEST HAM Rare Home issue for postponed league game v Bury, 4/2/56, Ex-bound volume, spine slightly creased otherwise very good. Good 80-100
408 WEST HAM 21 Home Reserve issues, 55/6, v Millwall (poo), v Swansea (creased/tears) the others are generally good. As described 140-150
409 WEST HAM Two Practice Match issues, 55/6, 6/8/55 and 13/8/55. Very good 22-25
410 WEST HAM Three Home issues, 55/6, all Friendlies, v Distillery (very good) Rapid (team changes, slight wear) and Kaiserslautern (generally good). Fair-good 25-30
411 WEST HAM Four Home issues, 55/6, 2 x Southern Floodlight Cup v Aldershot (Final) and v Crystal Palace, London F.A. Cup v Brentford and Essex Professional Cup v Southend. Generally good 40-50
412 WEST HAM Two West Ham issues 55/6, W.H v F.A Amateur X1 (worn) and West Ham Boys v Salford Boys (Schools Cup). Fair-Generally good 20-25
413 WEST HAM Home Youth Cup issue v Chelsea, 8/2/56, small rust mark. Fair 18-20
414 WEST HAM 22 Home issues 56/7, 21 League, 1 Cup, game v Blackburn has punch-holes and trim, some of others have minor faults, but majority are good. Fair-good 130-140
415 WEST HAM 23 Home Reserve issues, 56/7, a few have faults but majority are good. Generally good 140-160
416 WEST HAM Two Practice Match issues, 9/8/56 and 11/8/56. Fair-Generally good 20-25
417 WEST HAM Seven West Ham issues, 56/7, West Ham v All Star X1 (Halles/Moore Testimonial), v Sparta, v Orient and V Arsenal (creased) both Southern Floodlight Cup, v Orient (essex Cup), v Tottenham (London F.A.Cup Semi) and v Arsenal (Southern Junior F 40-50
418 WEST HAM Two West Ham issues, 56/7, London Challenge Cup Final v Millwall, 1/4/57 and Essex Professional Cup 55/6 Final, Leyton Orient v Southend. Generally good 25-30
419 WEST HAM Five Youth Cup Home issues 56/7, v Dagenham Colts, Briggs Minors, Crystal Palace, Arsenal and Semi v Shef Wed (Bobby Moore played v Briggs and Palace), + London Boys v W.Germany Boys and West Ham "A" v Brighton "A". Minor faults. 100-120
420 WEST HAM Handbook,1922-23, front and back cover missing but internally complete, West Ham appeared in first wembley Final this season, 64 pages, minor marks and tears. As described 75-85
421 WEST HAM Hardbook, 1924-25, 72 pages, with covers. Good 135-145
422 WEST HAM Handbook, 1926-27, 72 pages, tape along spine but generally good. Generally good 135-145
423 WEST HAM Handbook, 1927-28, 72 pages, minor scuff to cover. Generally good 125-135
424 WEST HAM Handbook, 1929-30, 64 pages, tape along spine otherwise generally good. Generally good 100-110
425 WEST HAM Handbook, 1930-31, 64 pages, spine split hence covers loose but otherwise good. As described 50-55
426 WEST HAM Handbook, 1932-33, 56 pages, spine taped, slight marks. Fair-good 50-55
427 WEST HAM Handbook, 1937-38, 60 pages, spine split, covers loose, otherwise good. Fair 40-45
428 WEST HAM Away issue at FC Den Haag, 3/3/76, Cup-Winners Cup. Good 20-25
429 WEST HAM Cup-Winners Cup Final 1976, two programmes, official programme Anderlect v West Ham in Brussels, 5/5/76 signed by Billy Bonds on cover + ticket for the game (good) + West Ham edition of the trip (for supporters). A nice lot. Go 95-100
430 WEST HAM Ticket for the 1976 Cup-Winners Cup Final, Anderlecht v West Ham. Good 45-50
431 WEST HAM Programme for West Ham v Manchester Utd, 2/5/57, Youth Cup Final. Fold. Minor marks. Fair-Generally good 40-50
432 WEST HAM Set of 24 Home issues, 57/8, 21 x league - promotion season and 3 x Cup. A few have faults. Fair-good 170-180
433 WEST HAM 21 Home Reserve issues, 57/8, a few are ex-bound volume, majority are good. Fair-generally good 140-150
434 WEST HAM Two Practice Match issues, 10/8/57 and 17/8/57. Very good 22-25
435 WEST HAM Three Home issues,. 57/8, all London Challenge Cup v Spurs (scorers etc), v Fulham (worn, 2 pencil holes) and Final v Arsenal, 17/3/58 (slight wear along fold). Fair-Generally good 35-40
436 WEST HAM Five Home issues, 57/8, includes v Southend (Essex Cup - worn, edges , tatty), V Reading and Leytonj Orient (both Souther Floodlingt Cup) Orient issue has punch-holes + home Friendlies v Lodz and v Sparta Rotterdam (Walker Testimonial) 40-45
437 WEST HAM Four Home issues 57/8, Youth Cup v Clapton Colts and v Luton (slight wear) and Southern Junior Floodlit Cup v Millwall (ex-bound) and Final v Arsenal (score, Slight tears, a few markds). Fair-Generally good 40-45
438 WEST HAM / CHELSEA Twe West Ham Home issues 57/8 v Chelsea Colts 16/12/57 Youth Cup and 1/4/58 Southern Junior Floodlight Cup Semi (score). Fair 20-25
439 WEST HAM Home issue 29/4/58, "A" v Guildford City Res Metropolitan League Challenge Cup Final. Slight ageing, minor tears. Fair 18-20
440 WEST HAM Set of 24 Home issues 61/2 inc 2 x League Cup and friendly v malmo. Some faults. Fair 35-45
441 WEST HAM 17 Home Reserve issues 61/2, some minor faults. Fair 50-60
442 WEST HAM Two Home issues 61/2, Practice Match 10/8/61 and Practice v Charlton 14/8/61. Good 22-25
443 WEST HAM Six Home single sheet Youth Cup issues 61/2, v Tottenham, Fulham, Eton Manor, Leyton Orient (4/12/61 post-poned), Leyton Orient (15/1/62), and Watford, West Ham beat both Fulham and Eton Manor 9-0. Fair 50-60
444 WEST HAM Two Home single sheet issues 61/2 v Chelsea (London Cup) and v Portsmouth - Southern Junior Floodlit Cup. Fair 12-15
445 WEST HAM UNITED / ARSENAL Two West Ham s.s issues, v Arsenal, 11/12/61, Southern Junior Floodlight Cup and 19/2/62 London Minor Cup (score, slightly mottled). Fair-good 15-20
446 WEST HAM UNITED Two Home single sheet issues, 61/2, "A" team v Rainham Town 14/4/62, (Worn, folds) and Colts v T.S..V Marl-Huls, 27/4/62. Fair 25-30
447 WEST HAM 26 Home issues 62/3, 21 league 3 x Cup 1 x League Cup and Friendly v First Vienna. Some faults. Fair 35-40
448 WEST HAM Very rare postponed home issue v Nottingham Forest, 26/12/62. Good 60-70
449 WEST HAM 18 Home Reserve s.s issues, 62/3, Spurs issue has punchy-holes, some have minor faults. Fair-Generally good 35-40
450 WEST HAM Two Home issues 62/3, Practice Match 13/8/62, v Charlton and Colours v Whites 9/8/62. Generally good

WEST HAM Tow Home issues 62/3, Practice Match 13/8/62, v Charlton and Colours v Whites, 9/8/62.
451 WEST HAM Three Home Youth Cup issues 62/3, v Brighton, Swindon and Aston Villa. Fair-Generally good 18-20
452 YOUTH CUP Programme for West Ham v Wolves. Semi-Final Replay 21/5/63, fold, score on cover, four page issue. Fair-Generally good 15-20
453 YOUTH CUP FINAL Programme for West Ham v Liverpool, 25/5/63 Youth Cup Final. Eight page issue. Good 18-20
454 WEST HAM Eight issue 62/3, London Challeng Cup v QPR, 4 x London Minor Cup issues v Millwall, Tottenham, Fulham and final v Chelsea Colts, 2 Southern Junior Floodlit Cup v Southampton and Tottenham, + Schools issue, London v Glasgow. Minor Faults. 40-50
455 WEST HAM 30 Hame issues 63/4, 21 x League, 4 x League Cup, 3 x F.A.Cup Practice Match and Lyall Testimonial. Includes League Cup Semi v Leicester. Minor faults. Fair-Generally good 65-75
456 WEST HAM 17 Home Reserve issues, 63/4, a few faults. Fair-Generally good 35-45
457 WEST HAM Two Home single sheet issues, both Finals, v Leyton Orient (London Youth Cup) and v Chelsea (Souther Junior Flootlit Cup). Fair-Generally good 20-25
458 WEST HAM 7 Home issues 63/4, Minor games, inc Youth Cup v Fulham, London Youth Cup v Arsenal and v Spurs, Southern Junior Floodlight Cup v QPR and Southampton, London Cup v Charlton and eight page issue v England Youth. Fair-Genera 35-40
459 WEST HAM 28 Home issues, 64/5, 22 League (2 v Birmingham 28/12/64 with different Covers). 4 x Cup-Winners Cup and 2 x F.A. Cup. Fair-Good 50-60
460 WEST HAM 19 Home Reserve issues, 64/5, all single sheet. Minor faults. Generally good 40-50
461 WEST HAM Three Home single sheet issues 64/5, Youth Cup v Arsenal (Gunners won 7-0) and Southern Junior Floodlight Cup v Tottenham and Crystal Palace. Fair-Generally good 12-15
462 WEST HAM 23 home games 65/6, 21 x League, 2 x FA Cup, minor faults. Fair to good 30-40
463 WEST HAM Five League Cup home issues 65/6 v Bristol Rovers, Mansfield, Grimsby, Cardiff (semi - team changes) and West Brom (final - team changes). Fair to generally good 50-60
464 WEST HAM Three home Cup-Winners' Cup issues 65/6 v Olympiakos, Magdeburg and Borussia Dortmund. Also includes home issues for away games at Madgeburg and Olympiakos (given to fans who travelled to the away games) and photocopy of West Ham issue for g 120-150
465 WEST HAM Home issue for postponed game v Aston Villa 28/12/65, slight stain to top corner. Fair to generally good 40-50
466 WEST HAM Set of 17 home reserve issues 65/6. Occasional minor faults. Generally good 35-40
467 WEST HAM AND CHELSEA Three postponed home reserve issues 65/6 - two v Chelsea 18/12/65 and 22/1/66, plus postponed issue v Cardiff 26/2/66 (ex-bound volume). Good 30-40
468 WEST HAM AND SPURS Three single-sheet issues 65/6 v Spurs - London Youth Cup 25/10/65 and 2 x Youth Cup 3/1/66 (postponed) and 12/1/66. Good 35-40
469 WEST HAM Eight 65/6 home issues, London Challenge Cup v Brentford and Dagenham, Youth Cup v QPR, Jon Bond testimonial 'A' team v Bury Town 4/5/66, and 3 x Southern Junior Floodlit Cup v Brighton, Reading and Arsenal (Final). Generally good 40-50
470 WEST HAM 27 home issues 66/7 - 21 x League, 1 x Cup, Friendly v Kilmarnock, Ken Brown (Testimonial) and 3 x League Cup including semi v West Brom. Generally good 40-50
471 WEST HAM Set of 17 home reserve issues 66/7. Generally good 30-35
472 WEST HAM 12 hopme issues 66/7 - Met League Prop Cup v Spurs 'A' and Arsenal 'A', Met League Pro Cup Final v Bedford, Southern Junior Floodlit Cup v Spurs, Chelsea, and Final v Ipswich. SE Counties Div 1 Cup v Millwall and Final v Charlton, Youth Cup 40-50
473 LONDON AMATEUR CUP Programme - West Ham issue - for 66/7 London Amateur Cup Final 17/5/67, Enfield v Walthamstow Avenue. Four-page issue. Score marked. Generally good 12-15
474 WEST HAM Set of 23 home issues 67/8, 21 x League, 1 x Cup and 1 x League Cup. Good 35-40
475 WEST HAM Home postponed issue 13/1/68 v Sunderland, number on cover, folds. Generally good 25-30
476 WEST HAM Set of 13 home reserve issues 67/8 and five Combination Cup home issues, plus postponed issue v Plymouth reserves 9/12/67 (Cup). Good 40-50
477 WEST HAM Eleven West Ham issues 67/8, Junior Cups etcs, includes Dagenham (London Cup Final), Spurs and Hendon (London Cup), Chelmsford (Met League Shield Final), London Youth Cup v Orient, Bexley, Crystal Palace, Millwall, Southern Junior Floodlit C 40-50
478 WEST HAM Set of 24 home issues 68/9, 21 x League, 1 x FA Cup, 2 x League Cup. Generally good 35-40
479 WEST HAM Two home postponed league programmes 68/9, v Arsenal 28/12/68 and Wolves 18/1/69. Generally good 50-60
480 WEST HAM 12 home Combination issues 68/9, plus seven Combination Cup issues including final v Southampton 68/9. Generally good 30-40
481 WEST HAM 10 single sheet home Junior issues 68/9, including Youth Cup v Fulham, London Youth Cup Final v Chelsea and LYFA Challenge Cup v Chelsea. Also includes SE Counties League Cup Final v Millwall. Generally good 30-35
482 WEST HAM Four home London Challenge Cup issues 68/9 including final v Tottenham, two games v Chelsea and tie v Barnet. Generally good 20-25
483 WEST HAM 23 home issues 69/70 - 21 x League, 1 x League Cup and friendly v Slovan Bratislava, plus fixture list. Generally good 30-40
484 WEST HAM Postponed home issue v Coventry 7/2/70. Good 15-20
485 WEST HAM 12 home reserve issues 69/70 plus six Combination Cup issues. Generally good 25-30
486 WEST HAM 10 single sheet Junior home issues 69/70 - including London Challenge Cup v Bexley and Sutton Utd, London FA Cup Semi v Arsenal, Southern Junior Floodlit Cup Final v Ipswich (68/9), Met League Pro Cup Final v Bletchley, and London Youth Cup 30-40
487 WEST HAM 23 home issues 70/71 - 21 League plus league postponed v Nottingham Forest 26/12/70 and League Cup v Hull. Generally good 40-50
488 WEST HAM 21 home reserve issues 70/71 plus postponed reserve issue v Swansea 21/11/70. Generally good 30-35
489 WEST HAM Eight Junior home issues 70/71 including London Cup v Chelsea, Youth Cup v Wolves and Southern Junior Floodlit Cup v Bristol City and Aston Villa. Minor faults. Fair to generally good 20-25
490 WEST HAM Home programmes for four finals 70/71 - Met League Final v Bedford Town, Southern Junior Floodlit Cup v Coventry, London Youth Cup (Senior) v Tottenham and delayed 69/70 Combination Cup Final v Arsenal. Generally good 25-30
491 WEST HAM 28 home issues 71/2 - 21 x League, 5 x League Cup and 2 x Cup including v Hereford, plus fixture card. Generally good 35-40
492 WEST HAM 21 home reserve issues 71/2 - 20 x Combination and postponed issue v Norwich reserves 8/1/72. Also includes London Cup v QPR and Chelsea, and Junior Floodlit Cup v Spurs. Minor faults. Generally good 40-45
493 LEEDS Four home issues v West Ham 52/3, 53/4 (back cover scuffs), 58/9 (fold) and 59/60 (small stain, slight creasing). As described 35-40
494 BRENTFORD Seven home issues, all v West Ham - 47/8, 48/9, 49/50, 50/51, 51/2, 52/3 and 53/4. Some team changes. Generally good 55-60
495 WEST HAM BOYS Programme v Barking Boys 25/10/1930, played at Spotted Dog, Forest Gate, Corinthian Shield. Folds. Fair-Generally Good 30-35
496 WEST HAM BOYS Two issues for Upton Park Games, 3/11/51 v East Hame Boys (Schools Cup) and 2/5/51 v Ilford Boys (Sun Shield Final). Slight folds. Fair-Generally good 25-30
497 WEST HAM Programme for West Ham Boys v Dagenham Boys 20/2/54 at Spotted Dog, Forest Gate, J.T.Clark Cup. Greaves in Dagenham side. Fold. Generally good 25-30
500 ARSENAL Home issue v Aston Villa, 4/9/1920, slight wear, small tears along fold, four page white issue. Fair 210-230
501 CARLISLE / WOLVES Programme for Carlisle United v Wolves, 8/1/1927, FA Cup, at the time Carlisle were a Non-League Club, small spine split, slight fold, rusting staple, 20 page issue. Generally good 500-600
502 BLACKBURN Home issue v Preston, 23/3/1935, ink "X" mark next to Shankly name otherwise good. Generally good 220-240
503 BLACKBURN Home issue v Accrington Stanley, 16/1/1937, FA Cup, a rare competitive meeting between these local rivals, spine of cover has been excellently repaired and remainder of programme is in very good condition. Good 380-400
504 FULHAM Four page issue, includes cover v Wolves, 19/2/1921, FA Cup, folds, small tears and slight ageing but in quite acceptable condition. As described 180-200
505 MILLWALL Home issue v Wolves, 19/3/1932, a little creased. Fair 110-125
506 WOLVES Home programme for Wolves v Leicester, 15/4/1938, a bad day for the Foxes when they were mangled by Wolves. Wolves won 10-1, their record League victory, Westcott 4, Dorsett 4, Maguire and Jones scored the goals. The programme is much sought aft 320-350
507 MAN UTD Home programme v Charlton, 7/11/1936, staples removed, slight fold. Generally good 260-275
508 ARSENAL Home issue v Glasgow Rangers, 23/9/1936, rusty staples removed, neat score on team page. Fair-generally good 120-130
509 ARSENAL VIP copy , colour, for Moscow Dynamo v Arsenal, November 54, fold. Generally good 180-200
510 SUNDERLAND Home issue v Chatham, 10/1/1914, English (FA) Cup, full 16 page issue, very scarce Sunderland pre First World War official programme, spine has split , tear to cover ( both easily repairable), rear cover is a little worn along fold and ther 600-700
511 BOLTON Home issue v Wolves, 22/4/1939, tears along folds, spine split (easily repairable) but complete and no writing. Fair 160-180
512 LEICESTER Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 30/3/1937, excellent repairs to edge and spine, internally good. Generally good 120-140
513 BLACKPOOL Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 12/10/1935, minor fold, rusting staple and slight tears to cover (not significant), h-t scores. Fair 160-180
514 SHEFFIELD WED Home issue v Tottenham, 6/4/1935, rusty staples replaced. Generally good 100-110
515 SHEFFIELD WED Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 4/3/1939, Steel City derby, score, half-time scores and fold. Fair 90-95
516 FULHAM / SHEFFIELD WED Tournament programme for tour of Malaysia and Singapore by Fulham and Sheffield Wednesday in June1966. The programme is autographed by 15 Fulham players including Haynes, Macedo, Robson and Allan Clarke, slight marks to cover . 160-180
517 STOCKPORT Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 5/2/1938, staple removed. Fair-generally good 110-120
518 DONCASTER Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 5/12/1936, slightly rusting staple, slight fold. Generally good 90-100
519 HUDDERSFIELD Home issue v Arsenal, 5/9/1936, fold, slight wear. Fair 130-140
520 NEWPORT Home issue v QPR, 3/12/1938, staple removed, slightly grubby, slight wear. Fair 200-210
521 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for Grimsby v Arsenal, Cup Semi-Final, 21/3/1936 at Huddersfield, slight rusting to staple otherwise a good clean copy. Good 400-425
522 ASTON VILLA Home issue v Arsenal, 7/4/1923, fold, neat team changes. Generally good 90-100
523 ASTON VILLA Home issue v Arsenal, 2 and 3/4/1926, also covers League match v Everton, fold, rusty staple removed. Fair 80-90
524 ASTON VILLA Two home issues, both v Arsenal, 19/11/1932 (several tape marks/ tear, slight wear, only "Fair" condition) and v Arsenal 28/10/1933 (good). Fair-good 100-120
525 BOLTON Home issue v Arsenal, 29/10/1938, slight mottled cover, neat score, scorers. Fair-generally good 160-170
526 BIRMINGHAM Home issue v Arsenal, 4/12/1937, attendance only 18,440, fold, slight ageing and rusting staple but still generally good. Generally good 100-120
527 BRENTFORD Home issue v Arsenal, 8/9/1938, neat pencil scores. Generally good 40-45
528 SHEFFIELD WED Home issue v Arsenal, 25/10/1928, slight ageing but generally very good and not ex bound volume. Good 180-200
529 CHELSEA Three Chelsea home issues, all v Arsenal, 29/11/30 (fold, rusty staple), 24/1/1931 (FA Cup-slight fold) and 22/4/1933 ( a few small tears and slight ageing). As described 100-120
530 EVERTON Home issue v Arsenal, 16/12/1936, slight creasing, minor marks to back cover. Fair-generally good 90-100
531 HUDDERSFIELD Home issue v Arsenal, 8/9/1937, no staple, slight fold. Generally good 140-150
532 HUDDERSFIELD Home issue v Arsenal, 3/9/1938, pencil score on team page. Good 140-150
533 MIDDLESBROUGH Home issue v Arsenal, 26/11/1938, slight fold, pencil score. Good 100-120
534 PRESTON Home issue v Arsenal, 26/12/1934, creased, score on team page. Fair 200-220
535 BURNLEY Home issue v Arsenal, 20/2/1937, cover a little grubby, also a little worn but a complete 16 page issue. Various other more minor faults. Fair 140-150
536 LIVERPOOL Home issue v Arsenal, 7/5/1921, also covers Everton Res v Stockport Res, ex bound volume , tape marks along spine, minor ageing. Fair-generally good 220-240
537 LIVERPOOL Home issue v Arsenal, 21/12/1929, also covers Everton Reserves v Blackburn Reserves., rusty staple, neat score on cover. Good 180-200
538 LIVERPOOL Home issue v Arsenal, 18/12/1937, slight fold. Good 130-150
539 LUTON Home issue v Arsenal, 13/1/1934, FA Cup, slight fold, slight ageing to edges. Generally good 175-200
540 LEICESTER Home issue v Arsenal, 26/1/1935, FA Cup, spine attached by tape, pencil score. Fair 180-200
541 MAN CITY Home issue v Arsenal, 10/9/1932, name written on cover, rusty staples, team changes, slight fold. Generally good 140-150
542 1932 CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1932 Cup Final, Arsenal v Newcastle, fold, staples rusting, no writing. Generally good 600-650
543 NEWCASTLE Home issue v Arsenal, 15/2/1936 , FA Cup, worn and a couple of tears. Fair 160-180
544 NORWICH Home issue v Arsenal, 6/5/1935, Hospital Charity Cup, full 32 page issue, rusty staples but otherwise good. Generally good 250-300
545 PORTSMOUTH Home issue v Arsenal, 12/12/1936, two pencil Arsenal autographs on team page, (Bastin and Kirchen), slight fold. Generally good 110-125
546 SHEFFIELD WED Home issue v Arsenal, 2/9/1933, tape along spine , some creasing, does not seem to be ex bound volume. Fair 100-110
547 READING Home issue v Arsenal, 16/2/1935, FA Cup, 12 page issue, minor folds. Generally good 180-200
548 SUNDERLAND Home issue v Arsenal, 1/10/1938, pencil score on team page, slight fold. Good 180-200
549 SHEFFIELD UTD Home issue v Arsenal, 24/10/1925, minor fold and slight ageing. Generally good 120-140
550 MAN UTD / SPURS Away issue at Tottenham, 10/9/1932, pencil score, scorers, slight fold. Generally good 130-140
551 DONCASTER Scarce home issue v Man Utd, 4/4/1936, tape along spine. Fair-generally good 160-180
552 BRENTFORD Home issue v Man Utd, 10/10/1936, slight fold. Good 80-90
553 ARSENAL Home issue v Man Utd, 21/1/1931, worn, folds, a little grubby, rusting staples. As described 80-90
554 ARSENAL Home issue v Manchester United, 6/2/1937, rusting staples, slight fold. Fair-generally good 70-75
555 WOLVES Home issue v Man Utd, 18/4/1942, League Cup, score, slight wear along fold, seems to be an original rather than a reprint. As described 80-90
556 BLACKPOOL Home issue v Man Utd, 19/10/46, fold, team changes, minor marks. Fair-generally good 90-100
557 PRESTON Home issue v Man Utd, 10/5/47, fold, rusty staples. Fair 60-70
558 PORTSMOUTH Home issue v Man Utd, 27/12/47, very slight creasing. Generally good 100-120
559 HULL Home issue v Man Utd, 26/2/49, slight fold, pencil changes. Generally good 60-75
560 BURNLEY Home issue v Man Utd, 16/4/49, . Good-very good 80-90
561 SUNDERLAND Home issue v Man Utd, 18/2/50, neat team change, no staple. Good 130-150
562 STOKE Home issue v Man Utd, 21/1/50, rusty staple removed and some staining to staple area. Fair 60-70
563 MIDDLESBROUGH Home issue v Man Utd, 11/3/50, neat team changes. Generally good 130-150
564 NEWCASTLE Home issue v Man Utd, 22/4/50, slight fold, score on team page and neat score on cover. Fair-generally good 60-70
565 MIDDLESBROUGH Home issue v Man Utd, 23/9/50, no staple. Good 100-120
566 PORTSMOUTH Home issue v Man Utd, 15/2/50, Cup replay, pin-hole to corner otherwise good 100-120
567 1948 CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, slight fold and slight rusting to staples but definitely one of the better copies . Generally good 140-150
568 EVERTON Scarce home issue v Man Utd, 4/9/57, Very good 80-90
569 ST LOUIS CYC ALL STARS Programme for St Louis C.Y.C All-Stars v Man Utd, 25/5/1960, rusty staples. Good 100-120
570 MAN UTD TICKETS Tickets for Cup Semi-Final v Southampton 1963, Cup at Barnsley 15/2/64 and Home Cup Winners Cup v Sporting, 26/2/64. Good 25-30
571 MAN UTD Home issue v Tottenham, 13/1/51, Spurs Championship season, fold, team changes and scorers. Fair-generally good 45-50
572 MAN UTD Home issue v Nottingham Forest, 24/11/1934, pencil score on team page, slight fold. Generally good 300-320
573 MAN UTD Three home issues, 46/47 season v Huddersfield, Nottm Forest (Cup) and Charlton (scuffs to front cover). Several minor faults. Fair 180-200
574 MAN UTD Three home issues, 46/47 season, v Everton, Wolves ( no staples, score on cover) and v Blackburn (neat, pencil changes). Generally good 200-220
575 LEEDS Two scrapbooks , both have signed photographs including Bremner (8 autos), John Charles (4), team groups etc. Generally good 130-150
576 1936 CUP FINAL Programme and ticket for the 1936 Cup Final, ticket has minor folds to corner otherwise good, programme has tape along spine and over the staples on the team page and there are several scuffs/marks inside the programme. Fair 260-275
577 MAN UTD Programme for Chelsea v Man Utd, 4/9/46, slight fold, neat changes. Generally good 60-65
578 MOOR GREEN 15 Programmes, 14 home issues and away issue at Boldmere St Michaels, 28/2/48 (Amateur Cup). Homes are 45/6 v Boldmere St Michaels, 2 x 46/7 inc v Banbury Spencer, 6 x 47/8 inc v Tamworth, 2 x 48/9 inc v Walsall Res and 3 x 49/50 inc v Pega 180-200
579 WOLVES Away issue at Moor Green , Wolves "A" team, Birmingham Combination, 29/10/49. Generally Good 45-50
580 ASTON VILLA Programme for Goteborg Alliance v Aston Villa, 10/5/1960. Good 30-40
581 HEARTS Programme for Natal v Hearts, 29/5/54, Durban, 24 page issue. Generally good 75-80
582 SWINDON Seven Swindon away issues, 46/7 at QPR, 47/8 at Southend, Burnley (Cup), and Swansea, 48/9 at Exeter, and Swansea, and 49/50 at Newport. There are faults but they are minor and condition is generally good. Fair-generally good 90-100
583 ARSENAL 34 match tickets , all Arsenal home games against European opposition, all different, modern, some folds. Generally good 15-20
584 ARSENAL Ticket for Red Star Belgrade v Arsenal, 22/11/78, UEFA Cup, fold, piece torn off corner upon entry. Fair-generally good 35-40
585 ARSENAL Ticket for IFK Goteborg v Arsenal, 19/3/80, Cup-Winners Cup, slight creases, small tear. Generally good 60-70
586 ARSENAL Ticket for Liverpool v Arsenal, 26/5/89, actually dated 23/4/89. The ticket is for the Arsenal End on the historic evening when yhe Gunners scored in the last minute to snatch the Championship from Liverpool. Minor folds. Fair 40-50
587 ARSENAL Ticket for Thailand v Arsenal, 1999, minor creases. Fair 35-40
588 ARSENAL Ticket for Malaysia v Arsenal, 1999, unused, fold. Generally good 35-40
589 ARSENAL Ticket for Brondby v Arsenal, 20/10/94, Cup-Winners Cup, slight creasing. Fair 30-35
590 ARSENAL Ticket for PAOK v Arsenal, in Salonika, 97/8 UEFA Cup, unused, slight fold. Good 30-35
591 ARSENAL Ticket for Fenerbache v Arsenal, 3/10/79, Cup-Winners Cup. Good 35-40
592 ARSENAL Rare Seat ticket for Winterslag v Arsenal, 20/10/81, UEFA Cup.fold Generally Good 110-125
593 ARSENAL Ticket for Lokomotive Leipzig v Arsenal, 27/9/78, UEFA Cup, minor folds. Signed on front by manager, Terry Neill. Fair-generally good 45-50
594 ARSENAL Complete, unused ticket for Magdeburg v Arsenal, 7/11/79, Cup-Winners Cup.Fold. Generally good 30-35
595 ARSENAL Two tickets, 91/2 European Cup, complete run, away at Benfica and at Austria Memphis, minor folds. Generally good 25-30
596 ARSENAL Six European Final tickets, Cup Winners Cup 1980, 94 and 95, Champions League 2006, UEFA Cup 2000 and Sper Cup at Milan 95. Some have folds. Generally good 55-60
597 ARSENAL Ticket for Majorca v Arsenal, 2001/02, Champions League., fold. Generally good 18-20
598 ARSENAL Three tickets 93/4 season, Cup-Winners Cup at Torino, PSG and Standard Liege. Slight creasing. Generally good 20-25
599 ARSENAL Rare ticket for Odense v Arsenal, 15/9/93 Cup-Winners Cup, slight fold. Generally good 30-40
600 ARSENAL 13 Cup Semi-Final tickets, all FA Cup, 1970s onwards, some have folds. Fair-generally good 30-35
601 TEAMSHEETS A large collection of first team and reserve teamsheets, between 325 and 350 issues, no duplicates, , a few 80s but vast majority 90s onwards, many clubs covered and includes Youth games, Academies, testimonials and foreign, teams of signifi 320-350
602 AUTOGRAPH SHEETS A small collection of facsimile autograph sheets issued by clubs between 61/2 and 65/6 seasons. 16 sheets inc 61/2 Villa and Forest, 62/3 Everton, ManUtd and West Brom, 63/4 Leicester, Man City and Stoke, 64/5 Burnley and Newcastle and 55-60
603 MAN UTD 19 Home issues 57/58 "Munich disaster" season, games with token are v Dukla, Preston and Birmingham (score on front-small), most of the others have token removed but are otherwise good, only a smallnumber having team changes. Included in this 180-200
604 MAN UTD 24 Home issues and 16 away issues from the 73/74 season when United were relegated for the only time since the war, Issues include Testimonials for Law and Dunne + 72/3 Charlton Testimonial v Celtic, aways include Banks Testimonial at Stoke. Th 90-100
605 SPORT AND PLAY Copy of the September 12th 1904 issue of Sport and Play, the official programme/magazine for Villa, Small Heath and West Brom. This issue in good condition covers just Aston Villa v Everton as this issue was published especially for this 120-130
606 TOTTENHAM Rather uncommon Tottenham issue for Football League v Scottish League, 5/11/1930, a little grubby, pencil score, scorers, 7-3 to the Football League, slight wear and a couple of small tears. Fair 70-75
607 IRISH Seven programmes from the Irish Republic, Shamrock v Brideville 8/1/42 (FAI Cup), Drumcondra v Shamrock, 2/4/44 (Cup Semi at Bohemians-p.hole reps), Shelbourne v Shamrock 51/2, Shamrock v Transport (Leinster Cup Semi 8/11/52, ) 2 copies of Shamro 55-65
608 PRESTON Away issue at Shamrock Rovers, 13/5/59 at Dalymount Park.no staples. Good 12-15
609 BLACKBURN Four home issues 55/6, v Middlesbrough, Barnsley, Doncaster and Fulham, minor faults. Fair 15-20
610 WARTIME CHELSEA Chelsea issue, 26/4/43 for British Army v Royal Air Force at Stamford Bridge, Army included Swift, Cullis both Comptons, Westcott , Britton and Mercer, RAF had Hardwick, Burgess, Joy, Matthews, Carter, Drake and Doherty. Services Cup Fi 20-25
611 ARSENAL Away issue at Glentoran, 19/5/50, Challenge match, slight fold. Generally good 120-140
612 WORLD CUP 58 Programme for Hungary v Wales , 8/6/58 at Sandviken, World Cup Finals in Sweden. Good 65-70
613 COLCHESTER Home reserves issue v Clacton, 25/12/50, ECL, single sheet, small tears. Fair 20-25
614 ENGLAND A small but interesting selection, 7 issues, inc pirate issue at Hampden v Scotland 1950 (tears along folds), West Germany v England 65 (Die Mannschaft edition), v Wales 58 (at Villa), v Belgium 52, (score on team page), FA guide for the 85 Tour 50-60
615 NORTHAMPTON Four home issues 65/6 , the Cobblers season in the Top Division, v Blackburn, Chelsea, Leeds and Spurs (score on cover) and away issues at Arsenal (score on cover) and at Everton (punch-holes, first ever Cobblers top Division game). Fair- 22-25
616 MISCELLANY A collection of 19 programmes and 3 tickets. The programmes include Blackburn v Man Utd 94 Charity Shield, Portugal v Greece Euro 04 Final, Dorchester v Chelsea 1990 (stadium opening), Wycombe v Nottm Forest 90 (New stadium opening), Hibs v 90-100
617 BELFAST CELTIC Programme for Bohemians v Belfast Celtic, 2/6/45, Dublin and Belfast Inter-City Cup Final second leg, folds, small tears. Fair 160-175
618 BLACKPOOL Rare single sheet issue v Burnley, 21/3/61, very slight fold, no writing. Good 50-60
619 SHREWSBURY Home issue from first League season v Oldham, 4/11/50, rusty staple area hole, fold. Fair-generally good 40-50
620 ASTON VILLA Programme The Army v Aston Villa, 10/11/47, at Aldershot Army ground, four page issue, tears along folds, a little worn. Ted Bates played for the Army. Fair 25-30
621 GEORGE BEST Handwritten and signed letter from George to a Reverend together with a caricature of George in Ireland colours and a large black and white photo of George in United colours Good 120-150
622 RUGBY UNION Framed and mounted England team sheet on RFU notepaper for Ireland v England 1989 and signed by all the players above their names on the teamsheet. Includes Webb, Underwood, Andrew, Moore, Probyn, Teague, Dooley, Ackford, Richards, Barnes 50-60
623 MANCHESTER UTD United framed , glazed and signed shirt together with Certificate from Ferguson Testimonial and signed by Ferguson, Cantona, Scholes, Beckham, Barthez and Sherringham + others. Good 260-280
624 JOHN CHARLES Four items, three signed, relating to John Charles, includes Boys Own Feb 54 issue with colour picture of John in Leeds colours on cover (not signed), , copy of October 62 Football Monthly with cover signed , a laminated page from a magaz 100-120
625 ALAN BALL A large mounted print of Alan Ball in Southampton colours, 56/750, signed by the artist and by Alan Ball. Ideal for framing . Good 60-70
626 SUBBUTEO Large box of Subbuteo teams and accessories. Modern boxed teams are Argentina, Man Utd, Tottenham, Leeds (Second-blue/yellow), Chelsea (707-blue /white stripes), Italy, Holland, Norwich, Liverpool (2nd-green) and Brazil. Older boxed teams are 110-120
627 ATHERTON Colour portrait of Mike Atherton signed by the artist (Stallard) and by Atherton together with Hardback copy of Mike Atherton autobiography, also signed by him. Generally good 45-50
628 1970 CUP-WINNERS CUP Programme for the Final , Manchester City v Gornik, 29/4/70 in Vienna, signed on the cover by Tony Book (City captain), Colin Bell, Francis Lee and Mike Summerbee, slight mark, slight fold. Generally good 180-200
629 TOTTENHAM Programme for the 1974 UEFA Cup Final, Feijenoord v Tottenham, scarce original black /white issue, sold out on the day.Neat score, scorers. Generally good 140-150
630 TOTTENHAM Programme for the 1974 UEFA Cup Final, Feijenoord v Tottenham, colour issue reprinted by Tottenham shortly after the Final and otherwise identical to the original black and white issue. Very good 40-50
631 1939 CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, Portsmouth v Wolves, cover a little mottled, slight fold, staples rusty. Fair 240-260
632 AMATEUR CUP FINAL Programme for the 1937 Amateur Cup Final, 3/4/1937, Dulwich Hamlet v Leyton at Upton Park., slight fold. Generally good 240-260
633 AMATEUR CUP FINAL REPLAY Programme for the replay at Middlesbrough, 14/4/56, Bishop Auckland v Corinthian Casuals, very slight fold, condition good + programme for the original game at Wembley, slight fold. Generally good 130-150
634 1959 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, Real Madrid v Reims at Stuttgart, 3/6/59. Generally good 110-120
635 WIMBLEDON Home single sheet issue, South London Charity Cup v Orpington, 1/5/1922, Semi-Final. Good 150-170
636 PRESTON Home issue v Birmingham, 24/11/1934, minor fold, rusty staples, small split to bottom of spine. Fair 180-200
637 STAMFORD BRIDGE Programme for the AAA Annual Championships at Stamford Bridge, July 1929, 84 pages, minor rust marks and staple removed , pencil results but generally good. As described 40-50
638 RUGBY UNION Programme for England v The Rest, 1/1/1938 at Twickenham, Obolensky in The Rest team, fold, official four page issue. Fair-generally good 35-40
639 SWINDON Home issue v Chelsea, 8/5/46, Harris Benefit match, , minor fold, neat team changes. Fair-generally good 80-90
640 ELLAND ROAD Four page issue, Northern Command v Western Command, 31/10/45,played at Elland Road, Leeds, 6 x Wolves players listed inc Wright and Mullen + Lawton, Swift, Rowley etc. Neat score on team page., slight fold. Generally good 90-100
641 CHELSEA Single sheet issue dated 23/4/1914, Lady Henry Cup Final between "X" Division and "R" Division, game played at Stamford Bridge, ex bound volume. Generally good 130-140
642 STAMFORD BRIDGE / SPEEDWAY Programme for Stamford Bridge Speedway dated June 6th 1931. This four page issue covers the World Speedway Championship between Vic Huxley and Colin Watson and also covers the match between Stamford Bridge and High Beech, res 120-130
643 WEST BROM Rare wartime home issue v Aston Villa dated 14/4/41 and is ex-bound volume. The programme is in good condition with only very slight spinal defects due to the binding. Good 100-110
644 SPORT AND PLAY Very good condition issue of the Sport and Play Journal dated 28/1/1905. The Journal was regarded as the Official Programme of the Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion and Small Heath (Birmingham City) clubs and this eight page issue has th 130-140
645 CHARITY SHIELD Rare Charity Shield issue for the game played at Stamford Bridge, 8/10/1923 between Amateurs and Professionals. Official FA Charity Shield game, David Jack (Bolton) and Cresswell (Sunderland) were included amongst the Professionals line- 2400-2600
646 FULHAM / LEEDS CITY Programme for Fulham v Leeds City, 22/10/1910, ex bound volume, therefore no cover, but otherwise in very good condition, and priced accordingly. Against a club, Leeds City, who folded within ten years. 12 page issue. Generally 400-500
647 MOST POPULAR DAY A very interesting collection of 25 programmes , all dated 27/12/1949. This date is significant because the attendances for the day broke all previous records, 1,272,185 spectators attended the League games on that day and this has no 300-325
648 FAIRS CUP FINAL 1968 Rare programme, Ferencvaros v Leeds United, Fairs Cup Final 1968, Leeds won 1-0 on aggregate, 11/9/68 in Hungary, 16 page issue in good condition. Good 580-600
649 1948 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for Arsenal v Man Utd at Highbury, 6/10/48, minor fold, staple removed but a clean copy with no writing. Generally good 320-350
650 1971 FAIRS CUP FINAL Juventus v Leeds "Forza Juve" black and white issue match programme produced for the replayed first leg fixture which was originally abandoned after 51 minutes due to torrential rain. Good 420-440
651 EUROPEAN CUP Juventus v Rangers "Forza Juve" black and white edition, dated 13 Sept 1978, European Cup First Round First Leg. Very good 50-60
652 1938 WORLD CUP FINAL Rare Italian paper entitled "La Finale della 111 Coppa del Mondo Calciatori Italia-Ungheria" released on the morning of the World Cup Final day 19 June 1938, with previews for the Final - Italy v Hungary - in Paris. Includes full 320-340
653 1990 WORLD CUP Italian brochure by Guida Al Mondiale, 194-pages, released before the World Cup in Italy. Full colour cover with the flags of the competing nations round official World Cup logo poster. Includes history of previous World Cups, full sq 80-90
654 1931-1934 ITALIAN INTERNATIONALS Brochure report printed by "Il Calcio Illustrato" entitled "Storia Illustrata Nazionale di Calcio" with some 1934 World Cup previews. This 32-page brochure has reports, pictures and full team line-ups for all 22 of It 220-240
655 1934-1936 ITALIAN INTERNATIONALS Brochure report printed by "Il Calcio Illustrato" entitled "Storia Illustrata Nazionale di Calcio". This 32-page brochure has reports, pictures and full team line-ups for all 9 of Italy's full International matches pl 220-240
656 1936-1937 ITALIAN INTERNATIONALS Brochure report of the 1936 Olympic Football issued to celebrate Italy's victory, printed by "Il Calcio Illustrato", this 32 page brochure has reports, pictures and full team-line ups for all 12 of Italy's Internationa 180-200
657 1938 WORLD CUP Scarce 1938 World Cup Italian brochure report, printed by "Il Calcio Illustrato" entitled Copa Del Mondo 1938, in Italian language, issued to celebrate Italy's victory after the World Cup, detailing how the 1938 World Cup was organised 480-500
658 1958 WORLD CUP Swedish review Booklet printed after the World Cup 1958 in Sweden, entitled Fotbolls-VM 1958, 68 pages, colour with the flags of the competing nations and host stadium details, information on the tournament with many pictures, excellent 180-190
659 1934 WORLD CUP French sports magazines Le Miroir des Sports dated 12th and 29th May 1934, the issue dated 29th May has results and pictures from the 1st round matches, includes full reports from the France v Austria match with team line-ups, the issue 180-190
660 1934 WORLD CUP FINAL Italy v Czechoslovakia preview edition French sports magazine Le Miroir des Sports dated 5th June 1934, with full pre-views for the Final match which was to be played 10th June 1934, there are also reports for the 1/4 final replay 300-320
661 1934 WORLD CUP FINAL Italy v Czechoslovakia review edition French sports magazine Le Mirior des Sports dated 12th June 1934, with full match reports and central page pictures, includes full team line-ups for the Match which Italy won 2-1. Also include 380-400
662 1938 WORLD CUP French Tournament paper/programme titled "Football - La 3 Coupe du Monde 4-19 Juin 1938" dated 1st June 1938, available to buy in France only in the days leading up to the start of the 1938 World Cup, which began 4th June, French langu 680-700
663 CHELSEA 1965 Barcelona v Chelsea Fairs Cup Semi-Final rare official match poster for the 1st leg played in Spain on 27th April 1966, there was no programme at the match, 65cm x 44cm. Good 220-240
664 BURNLEY 1949 Real Madrid v Burnley (printed as Burnely) rare El Balon match programme for the friendly played on the 14th May 1949 in Madrid, very rare issue. Very good 570-580
665 MADRID X1 1949 Madrid X1 (Real/ Atletico) v Pair Select (Stade Francais/Racing Club de Paris) rare E1 Balon match programme for the friendly played on 11th June 1949 in Madrid. Good 170-180
666 WORLD CUP 1930/34/38 3 x World Cup Brochure/magazines La Storia Nel Pallone. Three Italian magazines in colour, each reviewing and telling the store of the pre-war World Cup Tournaments and Finals in detail, the front covers for each show the officia 120-140
667 WORLD CUP 1934/36 Olympic Football / 1938 World Cup Report Book. A superb Italian report book "Tre Volte Campioni Del Mondo" (Three times Champions of the World), published in January 1939 by Italian Football Journalist Emilio Martini, 192 pages in I 220-240
668 ENGLAND 1934 England v Italy, Italian magazine/paper La Tribuna Illustrata with a fine front cover depicting the match with Giuseppe Meazza heading at goal, inside there are further actual photos from the match which was played at Highbury, with Engla 120-140
669 ENGLAND 1934 England v Italy magazine/paper Pro Familia with a fine front cover showing the Captains Ferraris and Hapgood shaking hands prior to kick off, inside there are further photos of the crowd celebrating after the match and the Italian team li 120-140
670 SCOTLAND Italy/Scotland "Il Giorno" 8 page colour special souvenir dated the day of the match, 7/12/65. This was a crucial qualifier for the 1966 World Cup Finals. Scotland needing to win, lost 3-0. Includes pictorial team line-ups for the match pla 120-140
671 1957 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Real Madrid 82 page, Souvenir Celebration Brochure in Spanish, produced in Madrid title "Campeon de Campeones! - La Temporada Cumbre Del Real Madrid"' translates as (Champion of Champions - The season Summit of Real Madrid). Th 620-640
672 1962 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Real Madrid v Benfica, this is the Real Madrid official Revista dated May 1962 "El Real Madrid Finalista", inside there are previews for the Final held in Amsterdam and reviews of the semi-final against Barcelona. Good 100-120
673 1962 EUROPEAN UCP FINAL Real Madrid v Benfica, this is the Real Madrid official Revista dated June 1962, inside there are full reviews for the Final which was played in Amsterdam, photos include Puskas hat-trick, team photos prior to kick off and the 80-100
674 1964 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Real Madrid v Inter Milan, this is the Real Madrid official Revista dated June 1964, inside there are comprehensive reviews of the Final played in Vienna, this was the only Real Madrid Revista edition to cover the Final as the 140-150
675 1966 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Real Madrid v Partizan Belgrade, this is the Real Madrid official Revista dated 1966 with a glorious front cover stating "El Read Madrid - Sexta ' 6 ' Campeon De La Copa De Europa De Campeones, celebration issue for winning the 150-160
676 INTERCONTINENTAL CUP 1966 Intercontinental Cup Real Madrid v Penarol 3 x Real Madrid official Revista's dated July, October and November 1966 "Para El Penarol La Copa Europea-SudAmericana", the July edition has previews for the matches with full wri 220-240
677 GLASGOW CELTIC "Alfredo Di Stefano" Tribute Testimonial match v Real Madrid. This is the Real Madrid monthly magazine dated June 1967 which was devoted to this fixture with previews for the match and details the career of the great Di Stefano. The F 170-180
678 GLASGOW CELTIC "Alfredo Di Stefano" Tribute Testimonial match v Real Madrid. This is the Real Madrid official Revista dated July 1967 which has reviews for the match, including photos and team line-ups. There was no official programme and the Real M 170-180
679 REAL MADRID Official Real Madrid Revista dated March 1971, E.C.W.C Quarter Final, Real Madrid v Cardiff City. Previews for the match played on 24 March in Madrid. Good 60-70
680 1971 E.C.W.C FINAL Real Madrid v Chelsea, official Read Madrid Revista dated May 1971, front page titled "Finalista De La Recopa". Inside are previews for the Final which was to be played in Athens on 19 May and also full reviews for the semi-final. 120-140
681 1977 U.E.F.A CUP FINAL Juventus v Atletico Bilbao. Very rare orange cover edition "Juve", produced for the 1st Leg in Turin, 32-page programme. Includes Road to the Final for both teams, history of Juventus in European Cup Competition, previews for 170-180
682 ENGLAND France v England, single sheet issued due to the war paper shortage, Friendly match played 19 May 1946 at Colombes Stadium Paris (folds). This was the first England match to be played on foreign soil after the war. Good 420-440
683 ENGLAND France v England, original match photo from the first ever full International match between the two countries, held at Pershing Stadium Paris on 10 May 1923. England won the match 4-1, Pershing stadium was closed. Good 60-70
684 ENGLAND France v England 17 May 1924. Double sided single sheet programme for the International Friendly match organised by the F.F.F.A, played at Pershing Stadium Paris. England won the match 3-1. This was only the second ever recognised full Inte 2200-2500
685 ENGLAND France v England 21 May 1925. Double sided single sheet programme for the match played at Colombes Stadium Paris. England won the match 3-2, this was the third recognised full International match against France. Programme measures 12" x 9.5 2200-2500
686 MANCHESTER UTD Real Madrid v Manchester Utd, European Cup semi-final, 15 May 1968. This is the Real Madrid monthly magazine dated June 1968 which contains the previews for the second leg played in Madrid with photos of the match and Real's 3 goals pl 50-60
687 1950's/1960's 58 Bristol Rovers homes, 18 Bristol City homes and 5 Swansea Town homes. Some F.A Cup matches from the 50's and F.A Cup, League Cup and Replays from the 60's for Bristol Rovers and Bristol City. The Swansea Town programmes are from 195 120-140
688 ENGLAND Rare official Tournament programme for the 1964 Brazil Four Nations Tournament, 16-pages, held in Rio de Janeiro, featuring Brazil, England, Argentina and Portugal. The competition was staged in celebration of the (CBD) Brazilian Football Ass 870-900
689 ENGLAND 1954 Yugoslavia v England, official JNA stadium programme and ticket. The programme is 60-pages and is the rarer of the two programmes available for the match, the other was produced by the Yugoslav Football Federation (score has been added o 470-480
690 ENGLAND Italy v England 1952, superb edition of "Lo Sport" magazine - Italia-Inghilterra "Exceptional Number Edition". Inside there are 40 pages dedicated to the match with full team line-ups and with full colour covers. There was no official progra 120-140
691 1954 WORLD CUP FINAL West Germany v Hungary. The Italian magazine "Sport Illustrato" with colour covers depicting the Final, 32 pages, dated 08 July 1954. Inside there are many reviews and pictures from the Final and the Tournament. Includes semi-f 120-140
692 1934 WORLD CUP FINAL Italy v Czechoslovakia. Spanish sport paper/magazine "Campeon - De La Final de Roma" printed in Madrid, dated 17 June 1934. The front page has match action from the Final in Rome played on 10 June and inside there are many pictu 320-340
693 1921 F.C BARCELONA BOUND VOLUME Very rare complete run of 50 issues of the 1921 "Catalunya Sportiva", 12-page issues. These were the early programme type issues printed for the Catalan clubs Barcelona and Espanyol. Includes 15 Friendly matches playe 620-640
694 LIVERPOOL E.C.W.C 2nd round, 05 November 1974, Ferencvaros v Liverpool, played at the Ulloi ut Stadium. This issue is from the Ferencvaros Supporters Club with a print run of only 50 copies - they were given out to the members of the Hajra Fradi Fere 320-340
695 1965 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Inter Milan v Benfica, rare "Lo Sport Illustrato" edition printed in Milan dated 03 June 1965. No official programme at the match. Inside details include how Inter reached the Final, with full reviews and pictures from the Fi 160-170
696 LIVERPOOL E.C.W.C 1965 1st round issues of Hurra Juventus - September, October and November. There was no programme at the match and the September edition is often regarded as the official programme was this was produced before the match and contains 100-120
697 1967 U.E.F.A CUP Juventus v Dundee United, 3rd round, issue of Hurra Juventus, March 1967 edition. No official programme was produced, this is the only edition which covers the away leg in Italy and includes full team line-ups. Good 50-60
698 1965 FAIRS CUP FINAL Juventus v Ferencvaros issue of Jurra Juventus, July 1965 edition. No official programme was produced but this is widely regarded as the programmme. This season the Final was contested over a single match. Good 220-240
699 1965 FAIRS CUP FINAL Juventus v Ferencvaros issues of Hurra Juventus. The July edition covers the Fairs Cup Final played in Turin on 23 June, no official programme was produced so this is regarded as the programme. This season the final was conteste 320-340
700 MANCHESTER UTD Programme dated Sunday 11 May 1952, USA Philadelphia Stars v Man Utd, played at Lighthouse Field Stadium. Fold, slight staple rust, no writing. As described 370-380
701 WALSALL Match card v Chesterfield 1900/01. Sub-standard restoration. Viewing essential. As described 60-70
702 MIDDLESBROUGH Home programme v Blackpool 1945/46 F.A Cup. Very good 55-60
703 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Leicester City v Chelsea 1964/65. Very good 180-200
704 STOKE CITY Home programme 1949/50 v Manchester Utd. Good 110-120
705 PORTSMOUTH Home programme v Manchester Utd 1949/50 FAC. Good 150-160
706 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL 1984 V.I.P edition. Scarce 120-page issue. Excellent 240-260
707 1950's Box of approx 188 programmes. Various clubs. Viewing recommended. Fair 200-220
708 1960's Box of over 400 programmes, Southern clubs. Good mix. Fair/good 120-140
709 1960's Box of approx 700 programmes, London clubs. Good mix. Fair/good 180-200
710 1960's Box of approx 700 programmes, Northern clubs. Good mix. Fair/good 180-200
711 NON LEAGUE Approx 260 1950's programmes. Various clubs, mainly Southern. Condition varies 130-150
712 NON LEAGUE Bag of 1960's x 83. Heavy Romford content. Fair/good 25-30
713 WIMBLEDON Box of 280 programmes, mainly pre-League home and away. Fair/good 60-80
714 VARSITY FOOTBALL Oxford University v Cambridge University 1938 at Dulwich. Good 25-30
715 1940's 15 Assorted programmes inc Reading v Watford 47/48, Swindon Res v Northampton Res 46/47, Man City v Preston 47/48 FAC, Arsenal v Derby 1946/47 (pirate), Sheff Utd v Blackpool 48/49 etc. Fair to good 140-160
716 RESERVE/YOUTH Approx 90 programmes 1950's/1960's. Good selection. Fair to good 80-100
717 AMATEUR CUP 27 Programmes from Finals, 1949-1974 including 1967 replay. Generally good 100-120
718 1960's Approx 470 programmes from Midlands clubs. Good mix. Fair/good 140-160
719 EUROPEAN Box containing approx 180 progammes from European Club Competitions. Fair/good 100-120
720 HARTLEPOOLS UNITED Match programme v Manchester Utd 1956/57 F.A Cup. This is an original and note one of the numerous reprints which have recently appeared. Good 60-70
721 MANCHESTER UTD Scarce postponed home programme v WBA 22 December 1956. Excellent 200-250
722 ENGLAND v SCOTLAND Single sheet "pirate" issue, 1924 at Wembley. Good 160-180
723 BADGES Approx 65 badges, Foreign. Good mix. Very good 60-80
724 A & B.C CARDS Yellow-backed series no. 1 x 72. Generally good 50-60
725 CHIX BUBBLE GUM 1940's album, set of 48 cards (3 missing). Good 25-30
726 CHURCHMANS Set of 50 cigarette cards, 1930's. Association Footballers. Good 20-30
727 POSTAL COVERS 27 First day covers from 1970 World Cup in binder. Good 30-40
728 BIG MATCH Approx 70 big match programmes. Generally good 30-40
729 FRIENDLY MATCHES Approx 70 programmes, includes many 60's issues. Good selection. Generally good 40-50
730 WAR CUP FINAL Programme for 1945 War Cup Final, Chelsea v Millwall, team change and comments on performance of each player, folds. Fair 30-40
731 NELSON FC Two medals. Rare medal for the Third Division North awarded to Nelson player J.E. Broadhead after Nelson won the Division 3 North Championship in 1922-23. The medal comes together with the official case and also included in this lot is a seco 2100-2200
732 ACCRINGTON Home issue v Gateshead, 20/8/1955, a meeting between two clubs who were shortly afterwards to be ex-League clubs.slight cover marks. Generally good 20-25
733 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE Home issue v New Brighton, 16/12/1925, rare eight page issue for a game played on a December Wednesday afternoon, very slight ageing. Generally good 300-320
734 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE Home issue v Doncaster, Christmas Day 1926, full eight page issue. Good 280-300
735 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE Home issue v Wrexham, 18/4/1927, small staple area hole but otherwise very good. Good 280-300
736 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 7/9/1935, staples removed. Generally good 260-275
737 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE Home issue v Workington, 11/1/1936, Cup Third round, probably ex bound colume but in very good condition. Good 280-300
738 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE Home issue v West Brom, 25/1/1936, programme with special cover due to death of the King, vertical fold and rusty staples removed. Fair-generally good 310-320
739 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE Eight away issues, includes 62/3 at Halifax (Cup) and Peterborough, 63/4 at Bradford City (West Riding Cup Semi), 64/5 at York and four 69/70 aways, final League season for Park Avenue, at Hartlepool, Oldham, Crewe and Northampton, 25-30
740 NORWICH Home issue v Chesterfield, 9/9/1936, slightly mottled cover, rusty staples removed. Fair 120-130
741 ARSENAL A sheet of autographs of the 1930 Arsenal team, 20 signatures including Chapman, James, Bastin, Jack, Lambert, John, Lewis, Hapgood and Whittaker. Tape to edges of the sheet but good ink signatures. Fair 80-100
742 1946 CUP FINAL Signed programme for the Final, team page is signed by the complete Charlton team , six of the Derby team and two other Derby signatories. Derby signatures include Duncan, Leuty, Woodley, Stamps, Bullions and Nicholas (Capt). Programme 250-260
743 GRIMSBY First home post-war League issue, v Wolves, 3/9/46, slight fold. Good 60-70
744 WALSALL Home issue v Bristol City, 6/2/1937, ex bound volume. Generally good 95-100
745 WALSALL Home issue v Gateshead, 15/10/1932, fold. Generally good 110-120
746 ARSENAL Small four page issue, Arsenal v B.L.A. Combined Services XI, 12/8/45 in Dusseldorf, Hagen, Westcott and Galley in Services XI, folds. Fair 40-45
747 CHELSEA Home issue v Huddersfield, 10/12/1938, staple replaced, slight fold. Fair 35-40
748 NOTTINGHAM FOREST Home issue v Coventry, 24/9/1938, very minor repairs including replacement staple, otherwise generally good. Fair-generally good 180-200
749 FAMOUS FOOTBALL CLUBS Four books in this well-known forties series. The Clubs are Aston Villa, (ageing to edges of paper), West Bromwich (slight ageing), Stoke (cover mottled) and Southampton (slight mottling). Fair 65-70
750 RUGBY LEAGUE Wakefield Trinity home programme v Hunslet, 30/9/1936, 16 page issue, slight fold. Generally good 50-60
751 SOUTH CUP FINAL Programme at Stamford Bridge for the League South Cup Final, Bournemouth v Walsall, 4/5/46. Standard Chelsea issue, very slight markings to team page. Good 65-70
752 SHEFFIELD WED Home programme, souvenir issue, 4/5/1935 v Grimsby, glossy cover together with still attached four page insert to celebrate Wednesday winning the FA Cup, not usually seen in condition as good as this. Good 65-70
753 SUB-STANDARD A small collection of ten programmes which are not at their best although there are no serious faults such as punch-holes or tape. The programmes are all collectable and consist of : QPR v Leeds 48/9, Wolves v Villa 46/7, Walsall v West Br 190-200
754 MISCELLANY BOX One of our favourite types of "Treasure Trove" boxes, this one contains Football and Cricket memorabilia etc including Newspapers, Programmes, Cricket Books, Annuals, Autographs, Rugby League programmes and various other items. Includes 70-80
755 NEWSPAPERS A good collection of Lancs Evening Post Football Final editions, full newspapers, 43 issues , all 50s, evenly spread between 1950 and 59 with in depth coverage of Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn and surrounding area clubs + Rugby League, some a 150-160
756 FORTIES Collection of seven forties programmes, Swansea v Barnsley 46/7, Stockport v Rochdale 45/6, QPR v Watford 45/6, Bradford PA v Barnsley 45/6, Bolton v Huddersfield and v Chesterfield both 45/6 and Wolves v Charlton 45/6 (Cup). Occasional minor 200-220
757 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN Programme for Barrow v Shamrock Rovers, 17/5/51, minor folds. Generally good 125-130
758 CUP FINALS Seven FA Cup Final programmes, 50 (gen good), 56 , 59, 61 (x 2- good), 62 (fold, scorers) and 63. Occasional minor faults. Generally good 115-120
759 DARLINGTON Five Cup issues, 57/8 v Chelsea (Cup replay-good), 60/61 v Bolton (League Cup-fold, name on back cover), 57/8 away at Wolves (Cup-folds), 66/7 v Stockport (Cup second replay at Leeds) and 67/8 at Derby (League Cup). Fair 45-50
760 1949 CUP FINAL Selection of 49 Cup Final items including Programme (staples replaced), Ticket -Seat (good), Wembley Wolves brochure (autographed by the Crook brothers and Bert Williams), The Leicester brochure (slight damage) and programme Wolves v Ches 150-160
761 RUGBY LEAGUE Programme Huddersfield v Australia, 20/11/1937, slight fold. Good 55-60
762 WORLD CUP 66 First Day Cover , franked 18/8/66, Harrow and Wembley, England Winners Stamp , cover has "England - World Champions " printed on it and it has been autographed by the England goalscorers Martin Peters and Geoff Hurst, excellent piece of mem 30-40
763 WORLD CUP 66 Ticket for the Final, West Standing Enclosure. Very good 110-120
764 1953 CUP FINAL Official programme for the Matthews Final, minor restoration but no writing and an opportunity to get the programme , in acceptable condition at a cheaper price than usual.Slightly worn, minor fold and occasional marks (small). Fair 40-50
765 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme for the 60/61 First season Final, Rotherham v Aston Villa, 22/8/61, a couple of slight scuffs to cover (minor), no writing, slight fold. Generally good 210-220
766 WORLD CUP 1966 Official, original programme for the Final, teamsheet blank, slight crease to top of rear cover, (very slight stain). Good 85-90
767 WORLD CUP 66 Official, original programme for the Final, , teams have been completed and scores, scorers noted but of more importance, this copy has been signed on the cover by nine of the England team, (missing Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton), good clea 120-150
768 BOXING A scrapbook largely devoted to Peter Kane who won the World Flyweight Title at Anfield in 1938. Also included are two tickets for boxing at Belle Vue Manchester (16/4/48) together with four press photographs and a postcard, scrapbook has around 25-30
769 FORTIES Twelve forties programmes, 44/5 Aston Villa v West Brom and v Walsall, West Brom v Stoke, 46/7 Aldershot v Bournemouth, Birmingham v Burnley, Huddersfield v Preston, Man City v Fulham and Wolves v Preston. 47/8 Bolton v Blackpool, Burnley v S 220-240
770 WORLD CUP 66 A collection of ephemera and memorabilia from the 66 World Cup, includes 4 tickets (all Wembley group games), cover signed by Geoff Hurst, 2 large metal shields (one is World Cup Willie), cloth badges, Tournament programme, FA book and 2 co 90-100
771 1940s A selection of 17 programmes, 1945/46 to 1949/50, inc Bromley v Barking 45/46, Birmingham v Everton 48/49, Newquay v Mousehole 48/49 (single sheet), Chelmsford v Gorleston 48/49, Portsmouth v Derby 48/49 (punch holes), C Palace v Ipswich 48/49 ( 140-150
772 1950s 50 Programmes covering 1950/51 to 1959/60, inc Bromley Res v Hitchin Res 50/51, Reading Res v Aldershot Res 51/52, Horsham v Skyways 51/52, Witton v Mossley 52/53, Peterboro v Wellingboro 53/54, Finchley v Southall 53/54, Tottenham v Bolton 54/5 175-200
773 TRADE CARDS A complete set of 50 3D Gallery of Football Stars issued in 1972 by The Sun Newspaper. In colour and postcard size, players include George Best, Denis Law, Bobby Charlton, Charlie George, Trevor Francis, Peter Osgood, Billy Bremner, Kevin 75-80
774 TYPHOO CARDS A complete set of 24 Football Stars, A4 size issued in 1973 by Typhoo Tea. Players include George Best, Bobby Charlton, Alan Ball, Jimmy Johnstone, Johnny Giles, Billy Bremner, George Graham, Emlyn Hughes, Gordon Banks, Bobby Moore etc. 60-70
775 TRADE CARDS Complete set of 85 A & B.C orange back cards, 3rd series issued in 1970 (+ 2 spare). Players include Trevor Brooking, Derek Dougan, Denis Law, Joe Kinnear, Jimmy Greaves, Jimmy Armfield, Martin Peters and Bobby Moore. Very good 150-160
776 TRADE CARDS Two complete sets of Fleetway Football Teams, 1958/59 and 1959/60 postcard size, originally issued in strips in boys comics. Each set comprises of 28 cards, all have been neatly trimmed. Good 100-120
777 TRADE CARDS Two complete sets of trade cards. World Cup 1970 - a complete set of 48 cards issued by Anglo Confectionery Ltd, Halifax. "Did You Know?" - a complete set of trade cards, issued by The Master Vending Co Ltd of London 1959, each featuring 60-70
778 CIGARETTE CARDS Two complete sets of 50: Famous Footballers issued with Ardath Cork and State Express 333 cigarettes 1934; Association Footballers 2nd Series issued by W.A & A.C Churchman 1939. Very good 50-55
779 CIGARETTE CARDS Two pre-war Wills cigarette card sets, 50 in each set, Association Footballers 1935 and 1939. Very good 45-50
780 MANCHESTER PINK FINAL 87 copies of the Football Pink Final between 1970-75, Best at his prime, just behind Bell !!. Also includes 3 copies of newspaper Inside Football (1970), including the first two issues.All are complete anf folded in half. Fair 30-40
781 ARSENAL Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 27/8/1921, four page white issue, minor fold. Good 210-230
782 ARSENAL Home issue v Middlesbrough, 1/4/1922, fold, slight ly grubby, neat change. Fair-generally good 190-200
783 ARSENAL Home issue v Blackburn, 13/11/1920, fold. Generally good 210-230
784 ARSENAL Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 26/3/1921, minor folds. Generally good 210-230
785 ARSENAL Home issue v Newcastle , 4/2/1922, slightly mottled, minor fold. Fair-generally good 190-200
786 ARSENAL Home issue v Everton, 11/11/1922, paper cleaned, a little worn along folds. Fair 170-180
787 ARSENAL Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 28/4/1923, minor folds. Generally good 170-180
788 ARSENAL Home issue v West Brom, 15/9/1923, fold, cleaned and tear repaired (good repair), score on team page. Fair 160-170
789 ARSENAL Home issue v Sheffield United, 25/2/1924, fold, played on a Monday afternoon. Fair-generally good 160-170
790 ARSENAL Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 20/9/1924, slight fold, very slightly grubby. Fair-good 140-150
791 ARSENAL Home issue v Notts County, 8/11/1924, paper cleaned, very small repair. Fair-generally good 140-150
792 ARSENAL Home issue v Sunderland, 22/11/1924, minor fold, slight marks. Fair-generally good 140-150
793 ARSENAL Home issue v Birmingham, 26/12/1924, slight wear, slight ageing. Fair-generally good 140-150
794 ARSENAL Home issue v Nottingham Forest, 27/12/1924, slight fold. Generally good 140-150
795 ARSENAL Home issue v Newcastle, 17/1/1925, rather an unusual issue as it is printed in "Chelsea Blue", a couple of small tears, fold. Fair 140-150
796 ARSENAL Home issue v Cardiff City, 4/4/1925, neat team changes, small rust mark. Generally good 140-150
797 ARSENAL Home issue v Bolton, 10/10/1925, first season of "Red Issue" programmes, rusty staples and a few folds. Fair 110-120
798 ARSENAL Home issue v Cardiff, 17/10/1925, rusty staples , otherwise good. Generally good 130-150
799 ARSENAL Home issue v Everton, 31/10/1925, slight fold, one neat team change, staples slightly rusty. Generally good 130-150
800 ARSENAL Home issue v West Brom, 12/12/1925, very slight fold, neat score, rusting staples. Generally good 130-150
801 NEW BRIGHTON Home issue v Chester, 22/9/1934, minor creasing, slight wear to spine. This is the smaller, narrow format and has a small repair to the top right hand corner. Fair-Generally good 210-220
802 MERTHYR TOWN Home issue v Reading, 13/2/1926, a rare issue from the days when Merthyr were members of the Football League. Merthyr having previously been members of the Southern League, were founder members of the Football League Division Three and Div 2800-3000
803 ABERDARE ATHLETIC Home issue v Millwall, 7/9/1925, Third Division South, Aberdare were elected to the Third Division South for the 1921/22 season and were re-elected at the end of the 1922-23 season. After three more relatively uneventful seasons, the 2800-3000
804 ABERDARE Two rare postcards of Aberdare during their League career, one is a team group in kit, the other being a team group in their normal clothing, indeed one player is wearing a bow-tie which is somewhat unusual for a team-group. Both are early 2 85-90
805 ABERDARE A rare handbook from the Football League days of Aberdare. This is the first Annual Official Supporters Handbook, 1923-24 with over 100 pages. It is just possible that a page has been removed opposite the front cover although this may be the 180-200
806 NEW BRIGHTON Rare first and last issue, New Brighton v Shrewsbury, 10/2/51, first League season for Shrewsbury and Last League season for New Brighton (the reverse fixture was the final League game for New Brighton). This eight page issue has a slight 180-200
807 WIGAN BOROUGH Home issue v Stoke City, 9/1/1926, FA Cup. Members of the third Division North, this programme is a rar issue of Wigan Borough during their short League career. Borough were founder members of the Third Division North in 1921/22 and their 1400-1500
808 WOOLWICH ARSENAL Home issue v Blackpool, 28/2/1914, volume 1 number 32, first season at Highbury. The programme has been cleaned and is now in very good condition and is a very good example of a rare Woolwich Arsenal issue, slight fold. Good 1600-1800
809 NEW BRIGHTON Home issue v Rochdale, 11/9/48, slight fold. Generally good 130-140
810 TOTTENHAM Home issue v Grimsby, 22/4/1950, Special Promotion souvenir issue, eight page issue with photographs, slight fold otherwise very good. Good 18-20
811 TOTTENHAM Home issue v Liverpool 5/5/51, slight fold, score on team page, final League issue of Spurs first Championship season. Generally good 20-25
812 TOTTENHAM Home issue v Everton, 11/10/58, a momentous day for Tottenham as this was their first game under their newly appointed manager, Bill Nicholson, indeed J.Anderson is still shown as manager under "Officials". The game was pretty decent as well a 12-15
813 WORLD CUP FINAL 1938 Superb French "Miroir des Sports" edition, dated 21 June 1938, with the review of the Final - Italy v Hungary - played in Paris on 19 June. Many pictures inside with reports and full team line-ups. The front cover shows action 380-400
814 WORLD CUP 1938 French "Miroir des Sports" dated 31 May 1938 - France v England (Friendly) - played 26 May in Paris at the Colombes Stadium. The front cover has action from the match and inside there is a full review together with fixture list and sta 220-240
815 WORLD CUP 1938 Two French "Miroir des Sports" dated 08 and 14 June. The front covers have action from the France v Belgium & Italy group matches and the other quarter final matches. Inside are reviews and previews for the twelve first round and quar 280-300
816 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL 1972 Official Ajax glossy 38-page souvenir review brochure issued in the days after the Final against Inter Milan in Rotterdam. Good 120-140
817 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL 1973 Official Ajax glossy 40-page souvenir review brochure issued in the days after the Final against Juventus in Belgrade. A cheaper alternative to the official programme. Good 120-140
818 WORLD CUP 1966 July 66 special souvenir edition of France Football Magazine, Tournament Brochure for the Finals produced before the star of the World Cup with a superb front cover of the official Tournament logo with a list of venues and the flags of 100-120
819 WORLD CUP 1970 Rare Mexican Tournament Brochure/Paper, 8-page supplement "El Heraldo Mexico", released at the start of the World Cup. The front cover depicts the official poster of the 1966 World Cup and inside there are introductions to the 16 part 170-180
820 WORLD CUP 1970 Rare Mexican Tournament Brochure/Paper, 16-page supplement "El Heraldo Mexico". The front cover depicts the official posters of the 1934, 1950 and 1954 World Cups. Inside there are articles on the tactics used for the competing nation 170-180
821 WORLD CUP 1970 Black/white/red lithograph poster, 34" x 23.5", part of the series of official posters, featuring beautiful graphics of soccer ball with "World Cup" written in Spanish/French/English to the background and a small depiction of the Jules 280-300
822 WORLD CUP 1934 Original official postcard by Grafiche, Rome. Art work by Martinati, the designer of the official poster. The written details of the postcard: Italia 27 Maggio - 10 Giugno - 1934 XII FIFA Campionati Mondiali Di Cacio FIGC. Go 120-140
823 WORLD CUP FINAL 1930 Superb 42-page souvenir brochure produced in Uruguay in early July, a few days after the Final to celebrate winning the World Cup. The front cover is entitled "Campeones del Mundo" and has a photo of the Jules Rimet Trophy with t 220-240
824 WORLD CUP FINAL 1934 Special Italian single sheet souvenir "L'Italia Conquista Campionato Mondiale Di Calcio". Released the morning after the Final - Italy v Czechoslovakia - in Rome, dated 11 June 1934. Produced to celebrate the Italian victory, th 380-400
825 WORLD CUP FINAL 1966 Special French magazine "Miroir Sprint" dated 01 Aug with reviews of the Final and third place play-off matches. Includes team line-ups and many pictures. Very good 80-90
826 WORLD CUP 1958 French brochure "Special Coupe du Monde" 1958 by Sport Mondial, 68-pages with colour covers. Inside articles include the history of F.I.F.A and the previous World Cup Tournaments, the complete history of the competing nations at previo 120-140
827 FOOTBALL LEAGUE REVIEWS 235 different issues, Vol. 1 No. 17 onwards. Excellent 35-40
828 NON LEAGUE IN F.A.C 135 programmes, mainly modern. Very Good 30-40
829 FOOTBALL MONTHLY Approx 87, 1952-1978 inc 17 pre-1955 issues. Fair/good 50-60
830 AUTOGRAPHS Approx 120 auto's on white card with trade card, 1970's, minor duplication inc Rix, Townsend, Dublin, Staunton, McAlister, Kendall, Yorke, Keller, Flowers, Boateng, Guppey, De Bilde, Hutchison, Huckerby, Whiteside etc. Excellent 25-30
831 NON LEAGUE Box of approx 400 programmes. Good assortment of clubs, mainly modern. Good 30-40
832 NON LEAGUE 80 programmes, mainly 1960's, but a few 50's, inc Andover v Gillingham 62/63 FAC, Colchester v Clacton 54/55, Bath v Bexley 63/64, Ramsgate v Gloucester 62/63 etc. Fair/Good 50-60
833 NON LEAGUE 80 programmes, mainly 1960's, but a few 50's, inc Cheltenham v Rugby 55/56, Chelmsford v Colchester 61/62 EPC semi, Ilford v Wimbledon 59/60, Gravesend v Leyton Orient 'A 60/61, Amateur Cup Finals 1955 and 1957, Colchester v Spalding 57/58, 50-60
834 FRIENDLY 53 programmes from Friendly matches. All pre-1970, inc A Villa v Raith 59/60, Exeter v Slovan 65/66, Hamburg v Man Utd 68/69, Hull v Liverpool 68/69, Kettering v Swansea 62/63, Norwich v Peterboro 61/62, Oldham v St Mirren 63/64, Scunthorpe 60-80
835 FRIENDLY Approx 115 different. Good spread of clubs. Very good 50-60
836 WORLD CUP 1966 Official F.A scrapbook, full of cuttings from the tournament and including some match tickets (laid down). Very good 40-50
837 EVERTON v CHELSEA Scarce 1961 F.A Youth Cup Final programme, 4-page issue. Excellent 40-50
838 1950's 55 Issues. All different clubs, inc Accrington v Bury 59/60 (taped edge); Aldershot v Millwall 59/60, Birmingham v Middlesbro 54/55, Brentford v C Palace 56/57 FAC, Bristol Rov v Doncaster 55/56 FAC, Charlton v Fulham 52/53, Chelsea v Wolves 5 120-140
839 1950's 60 Programmes. Good spread of clubs, inc Accrington v Wrexham 58/59 (marked), Arsenal v Liverpool 52/53, A Villa v Leicester 54/55, Barnsley v Blackburn 55/56 FAC, Blackburn v Stoke 54/55 (staple rust), Brentford v Bury 51/52, Charlton v Black 120-140
840 1950's 60 Programmes. Good spread of clubs, inc Aldershot v Gateshead 58/59, Arsenal v Charlton 52/53, A Villa v Wolves 54/55, Barnsley v Hull 55/56, Bolton v Everton 54/55, Brentford v Rotherham 51/52, Charlton v Liverpool 51/52, Chelsea v Man City 120-140
841 1950's 60 Programmes. Good spread of clubs, inc Arsenal v Portuguesa 53/54, A Villa v Everton 52/53 FAC, A Villa v Huddersfield 53/54, Barnsley v P Vale 55/56, Brentford v Sheff Wed 51/52, Charlton v A Villa and v Fulham 51/52, Chelsea v Arsenal and 120-140
842 COVENTRY CITY A quantity of newspapers, brochures etc, many relating to the 1987 F.A Cup Final, inc Players brochure "The Road to Wembley"; 100 Years Centenary Magazine (Evening Telegraph); 1964 "All Set for Division Two"; May 1967 Division Two Champi 20-25
843 NON LEAGUE Selection from 1940's. 11 Programmes: Leytonstone v Walthamstow 48/49; Weymouth v Poole 48/49; Ilford v Walthamstow 49/50 ETT semi-final; Oxford City v Osberton Radiators 47/48; Cheshunt v Hitchin 49/50 HSC; Merthyr v Cwmparc 49/50; Eastbo 90-100
844 EUROPEANS COMPETITIONS Approx 100 issues covering all European Club Competitions. Mainly modern but includes 60's issues from Cardiff, Chelsea, Nottm Forest and Tottenham. Very good 80-100
845 MEMORABILIA Two boxes of assorted football memorabilia, inc Newspapers, Handbooks, Magazines, Team Sheets, Annuals, Typhoo Cards etc. Worth a look. Good 50-60
846 1960's 128 Programmes covering most 1960's League Clubs, inc Hull v Torquay 1960/61; Rotherham v Brighton 60/61; Grimsby v Southend 61/62; Southport v Oxford 64/65; Swindon v Southend 60/61; Torquay v Crewe 62/63; Hartlepools v P Vale 65/66; West Ham 80-100
847 1960's 170 Programmes covering most 1960's League Clubs, in the following 60/61 issues: Swindon v Shrewsbury FAC; WBA v Everton; Grimsby v Colchester; Sheff Wed v Leicester; Shrewsbury v Coventry; Darlington v Hartlepools; Hull v Barnsley; P Vale v Re 100-120
848 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 1938/39 v Newport Co. Good 70-80
849 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 1937/38 v Cardiff City. Good 70-80
850 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 1937/38 v York City FAC. Good 70-80
851 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 1936/37 v Bristol City. Good 70-80
852 SWINDON Home programme v Clapton Orient 1933/34. Good 80-100
853 CLAPTON ORIENT Handbook 1932/33. Very good 40-50
854 ORIENT Scarce single sheet 1946/47 v Exeter City. Match notes on face. Good 40-50
855 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 1929/30 v Plymouth. Match notes on cover, punch holes. Fair/good 60-70
856 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme v Wolves 1920/21. Very good 140-160
857 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme v Newcastle Utd 1925/26 F.A Cup. Good 120-140
858 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme v Tottenham 1928/29. Minor notes on face. Very good 120-140
859 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Home programme v Chelsea 1943/44, single sheet, team changes. Good 40-50
860 ORIENT Numbers 1-11 Spotlight Chronicle, Feb 1947-May 1948. Very good 40-50
861 ILFORD Two home programmes: 1938/39 v Ilford Sports Council (Friendly) and v Dulwich Hamlet. Good 30-40
862 BLACKPOOL Home programme v Tottenham 1936/37. Good 200-250
863 TORQUAY UTD Home prgramme v Aldershot 1938/39. Scarce pre-war issue. Very good 280-300
864 ILFORD Three home programmes: 1935/36 v The Casuals; 1938/39 v Leytonstone and v Oxford City. Very good 55-60
865 OLYMPIC GAMES Wembley 1948. Great Britain v Yugoslavia semi-final. Notes on cover. Good 25-30
866 OLYMPIC GAMES 1948 at Arsenal, Great Britain v Holland. Notes on cover. Good 25-30
867 OLYMPIC GAMES 1948 at Tottenham, Sweden v Austria. Notes on cover. Good 25-30
868 OLYMPIC GAMES 1948 at Arsenal, Italy v Denmark. Notes on cover. Good 25-30
869 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 1943/44 v QPR (19 Feb). Match notes. Good 40-50
870 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 1943/44 v Arsenal. Team changes. Very good 40-50
871 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 1943/44 v Tottenham. Match notes. Very good 40-50
872 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 1943/44 v QPR (11 Sept). Team changes, tear. Generally good 40-50
873 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 13 Feb 1943 v Chelsea. Team changes. Very good 40-50
874 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 10 Oct 1942 v Arsenal. Team changes. Very good 40-50
875 BARNET Programme v Leytonstone 1937/38, LSC semi-final at Ilford. Good 25-30
876 CLAPTON ORIENT Programme 04 April 1942 v Arsenal, London Cup. Team changes. Very good 40-50
877 ARSENAL Home programme 21 March 1942 v Clapton Orient, London Cup. Team changes. Good 40-50
878 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 14 March 1942 v Chelsea, team changes. Very good 40-50
879 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 21 Feb 1942 v Arsenal, team changes. Very good 40-50
880 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme v Tottenham, 14 Feb 1942. Team changes. Very good 40-50
881 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 06 April 1940 v Norwich City. Notes on cover. Very good 50-60
882 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 1939/40 v Ipswich played on 26 Aug 1939. Scarce item. Very good 100-120
883 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme 27 April 1940 v Leicester City. Notes on cover. Very good 50-60
884 CLAPTON ORIENT Red & White v Whites, 13 August 1938 Practice match. Very good 70-80
885 WOLVES Single sheet programme, 3/4/46, Combined Services (Germany) v Wolves in Dusseldorf, 2" tear, no paper loss, team changes. Also included is a photo of the Combined Services team. Fair 60-80
886 ENGLAND Home issue v Republic of Ireland, 21/9/49, at Everton, quite a historic day as the Republic won 2-0 to inflict the first home defeat on England by a non-British team. The programme has had a rusty staple removed but is in good condition. Go 60-75
887 ENGLAND Home issue v Scotland, Wembley 1934, fold, rusting staples, and small piece torn off edge of back cover. Fair 110-120
888 ENGLAND Home issue v Scotland, Wembley 1936, slight fold, rusty staples. Fair-generally good 85-90
889 ENGLAND Home issue v Scotland, Wembley 1938, punch-holes, minimal print affected, rusty staples, slight ageing to edge. As described 45-50
890 BRISTOL CITY Away issue at Kingstonian, 25/11/1933 (FA Cup), one edge has a few tears and is a little tatty but the majority of the four page programme is in at least "Fair" condition. Bristol City defeated their amateur opponents 7-1. Generally 270-300
891 IRELAND v ENGLAND Three Irish home issues all played at Windsor Park, 1954, 56 and 58. Generally good 55-60
892 FOOTBALL LEAGUE Two League of Ireland programmes, both against Football League, 52/3 and 54/5 , both at Dalymount Park, minor faults but fair-generally good. Fair 25-30
893 FOOTBALL LEAGUE Two programmes, Irish League v Football League, 26/3/52 (Windsor Park), a few minor tears and slight foxing, + Football League v Irish League, 31/10/56 (Newcastle), small blemish but generally good. Fair 18-20
894 WALES Three home Wales programmes v Scotland 48 (name on cover, score/scorers), v Rest of UK 51(slight tears to edge), v Yugoslavia 54 (good). Fair-good 40-50
895 ENGLAND Home programme v Switzerland, 1/12/48 at Arsenal, staples removed, pencil changes. Generally good 50-60
896 ENGLAND Home programme v Ireland, 11/11/53 at Everton, World Cup Qualifier, fold. Generally good 50-60
897 ENGLAND / SCOTLAND Six England home issues, v Scotland, 49 (cover slightly split), 53 (fold), 55, 57 (rusty staples), 59 and 61 . All have minor faults. Fair 30-40
898 SCOTLAND / ENGLAND Six Scotland home issues v England, 50 (slight fold-good), 52 (fold, no staple), 54 (slight fold), 56 ( small tears), 58 (slight fold) + match ticket (good) and 60 (small piece off back cover). As described 70-75
899 WOLVES / REPRESENTATIVE Three standard Wolves issues , all Representative games , 49/50 Football League v League of Ireland (punch-holes, ink marks to rear cover, no staples), 52/3 Football League v Irish League (fold, small tears to edge) and Engl 25-30
900 SUNDRY Two programmes, United Kingdom v Europe (no change there !!), 13/8/55 at Windsor Park, Belfast, 13/8/55 (good, Irish FA 75th Anniversary), and League of Ireland v Scottish League, 17/3/54, Dublin. Generally good 20-25
901 CUP-WINNERS CUP FINAL Official programme, Real Madrid v Chelsea, 19/5/71 , Athens, Final, horizontal fold otherwise good. Generally good 200-220
902 CHELSEA Two away friendlies 54/5 Championship season, at Shamrock Rovers 2/5/55 and at Brentford 5/10/54, both have punch-holes, Brentford issue has score, scorers . Fair 35-40
903 CHELSEA Two away FA Cup games, 54/5 Championship season, at Bristol Rovers and Notts County (rusty staple). Generally good 40-45
904 CHELSEA Four away League issues 54/5 Championship season, at Portsmouth (minor fold), Tottenham ( a few small tears to edge), Charlton and Arsenal. Fair-generally good 45-50
905 CHELSEA Away issue at Everton, 54/5, slight fold. Generally good 35-40
906 CHELSEA Away issue at Blackpool, 23/10/54, very slight ageing. Generally good 60-70
907 CHELSEA Away issue at Huddersfield, 9/10/54, Generally good 70-75
908 CHELSEA Away issue at Leicester, 21/8/54, first League match for the first Chelsea Championship season., slight fold, small score on team page. Generally good 120-140
909 CHELSEA Away issue at Manchester United, 30/4/55, last League match of the 54/5 Chelsea Championship season. Generally good 50-60
910 SPIRIT OF CHELSEA Blue cloth bound book in case, "Spirit of Chelsea", Limited edition book with certificates signed by Osgood, Bonetti and Harris, 328 pages. Very good 80-100
911 WEST BROMWICH A cloth bound, bound volume covering two seasons of Albion home programmes, 1926/27 and 1927/28, 26/27 has 258 pages of programmes, 43 issues, number 43 being dated May 1927 and being a summary of the season with all the results. Albion w 3100-3200
912 WORLD CUP COVERS A binder containing First Day covers from 1966, 1970, 1978 and 1982 World Cups. 20 covers from 66 including 18 franked with specific match and venue stamp. There are 20 from the mexico 70 World Cup including individual games, 2 from Wo 150-180
913 FA JUBILEE A superb Menu and Programme for the 50th Jubilee of the FA in 1913, bound in leather with gilt inscription 1863-1913 and named as belonging to A.J.L.White, Chairman of Swindon Town., the 30 page Banquet Menu has a full programme of events, li 120-150
914 BRADFORD CITY Home issue v Notts County, 15/1/1910, FA Cup, ex bound volume. Good 550-600
915 EVERTON Home issue v Aston Villa, 19/9/1923, slightly rusting staple. Very good 160-180
916 EVERTON Home issue v Bolton, 18/2/1939, ex bound volume , Everton Championship season. Good 85-90
917 EVERTON Home issue v Sunderland , 48/9 (worn) + 4 home issues 62/3. Fair-Generally good 15-20
918 OLYMPICS Four issues, Semi-Final 10/8/48 at Wembley (Sweden v Denmark), plus 3 GB issues v Bulgaria 56, West Germany 67 and Bulgaria 71. Also includes FA XI v Army PTC, 6/4/46 at Wembley, FA XI inc Williams, Franklin, Pye and Shackleton, Army PTC inc W 22-25
919 FOREIGN 25 Issues , mainly Czech 60s issues but also 2 x Danish, Ajax v G.V.A.V 63/4, Lokomotive Stendal 68/9, Coleraine v Spurs 82/3 and Bohemians (Dublin) v Man Utd 81/2. Generally good 22-25
920 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for FA Cup Semi-Final, 26/3/1938, Preston v Aston Villa at Bramall Lane, slight fold. Very good 160-180
921 HUDDERSFIELD / ABERDEEN Scarce Charity Cup Match v Aberdeen, 29/9/1930, folds, slightly grubby and name written on back cover. Fair 150-160
922 LEEDS Single sheet issue , 9/5/60, West Riding Senior Cup Final, Leeds v Bradford, fold, slight creasing. Generally good 40-50
923 LEEDS Scarce wartime issue, v Bradford Park Avenue, 18/10/1941, single card, fold. Generally good 150-160
924 DULWICH HAMLET Four pre-war home issues, 1929/30 v The Casuals, 1932/33 v Oxford City, 33/34 v Ilford and 34/35 v Oxford City, all Isthmian League, minor faults. Generally good 60-75
925 DULWICH HAMLET Four issues, three pre-war, 36/37 and 37/38 v London Caledonians and 38/39 v Oxford City, all Isthmian League and 48/9 v Ilford also Isthmian League, occasional minor fault. Good 55-60
926 STOKE Home issue v Wolves, 26/10/46, small score on fixture list, slight fold. Good 50-60
927 STOKE Two home issues v Hull 48/9 (Cup-slight fold, team change) and v Huddersfield 49/50.(Good) As described 45-50
928 WALES Two home issues , both v England, 1949 (slight fold) and 55 (slight ageing). Generally good 45-50
929 SCOTLAND Three home issues , all v England, 1948 (slight fold-good), 58 (good0 and 60 (rusty staple areas). Fair-good 32-35
930 IRELAND Home issue v England 56 at Belfast, (very good) and 61 Irish League v Football League ( tears). Fair-good 12-15
931 ENGLAND Away issue at Sweden , May 56. Very good. 45-50
932 ENGLAND Away issue at Hungary, 22/5/60. Very good 40-50
933 PROGRAMMES Selection of 26 issues includes Sheffield Utd v Esbjerg 30/11/54 (folds), Everton v Charlton 48/9 (tape along back cover), Orient v Barnsley 64/5 (League Cup), 3 x Bradford PA 68/9, 2 x 67/8, Stoke v Aldershot single sheet, 6/2/62 Cup 2nd re 30-35
934 MAN UTD Framed sketch of Ferguson and his players, 92/93 Champions, signed by artist 150/500, in black light plastic frame. Good 45-50
935 ENGLAND / SUBBUTEO Framed , mounted picture of five England Internationals at a Subbuteo table watching a youngster play. All the players are wearing England caps and also included are five autographs (personalised to "Gary" who may be the boy in the p 45-50
936 OLDHAM / ROCHDALE A large fixture card with cord attached to hang up with fixtures for the 1926-27 season for the Oldham Athletic and Rochdale Football Clubs together with fixtures for Oldham and Rochdale Hornets Rugby League clubs. This is the type o 28-30
937 OLDHAM / ALL BLACKS A large fixture card with cord attached, of the type found hanging up from shop walls etc. This fixture card is for the 1926-27 season and shows the fixtures for Oldham Athletic, Oldham Rugby League Club, Oldham Rugby Union Club and 25-30
938 ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL Set of four books "Association Football and the Men Who Made It, published by Gibson and pritchard in 1905, these books are in excellent condition with many plates, completely intact and in very good condition, this set of books s 350-400
939 NEWCASTLE -1932 CUP FINAL Two passes for the Celebration Dinner following the 1932 Cup Final v Arsenal and a small booklet inscribed Newcastle United Final Tie v Arsenal at The Stadium, Wembley April 23rd 1932 ", which cobtains tickets for breakfast at 180-200
940 1930 CUP FINAL Rather an unusual menu for the post match Dinner and Dance, Saturday 26th April 1930 at The Hotel Great Central, London. It is unusual because the Dinner and dance was given by both the competing clubs, Arsenal and Huddersfield. This me 280-300
941 MEDAL A nine carat gold , hall-marked and shaped circular medallion, Staffordshire FA Junior Cup Winners Medal 1898-99, awarded to A.F.Whitehouse of Darlaston FC. Whitehouse had previously played for Walsall Town Swifts in 1892-93, their first season i 180-200
942 HANDBOOK Football League handbook 1950-51, 160 pages including details of the clubs, match officials, winners of honours, fixtures and League regulations etc. Small name on cover. Generally good 15-20
943 RUGBY FOOTBALL ANNUAL Hard-backed copy of The Rugby Football Annual 1937-38 with drawing of a player in action on the cover.352 pages, this book contains full records of the game, rules of the game, fixtures, reports on the previous season, lists of Int 20-25
944 1950 CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, fold, small score on team page, staples just starting to rust, slight scuffs. Fair 65-70
945 BOLTON DISASTER Programme for Bolton v Stoke, 9/3/46, Cup Sixth Round, over 30 people were killed at this game due to over-crowding at The Embankment End of Burnden Park. Programme has pencil details of the disaster on the cover and a slight fold but is 65-70
946 BOLTON Programme for Bolton v Liverpool, 26/1/46, FA Cup,neat score on cover, a little creasing. Fair 30-35
947 SCRAPBOOK Old fashioned album containing newspaper cuttings of action shots from newspapers prior to World War One up to 1919-20. Also contains cricket cuttings including Hobb's 100th Century etc.Circa 60 pages, some loose , usually good condition but 40-50
948 OLYMPICS 1936 German album complete with all picture cards correctly inserted, relating to the 1936 Olympics and complete with dust-jacket. 168 page hard back book covering the Summer Olympics in Berlin. Generally good 30-35
949 HEARTS / CHELSEA Hearts home issue v Chelsea, 21/4/47, very slight fold. Good 75-80
950 LIVERPOOL Home issue v Chelsea, 27/8/1938, staple removed, team page slightly grubby, minor cover scuff. Fair 140-150
951 LEICESTER / F of B Leicester home issue v F.C.Austria, May 1951 , single sheet issue and one of the rarer Festival of Britain issues, minor folds. Generally good 110-120
952 NEWCASTLE / FOOTBALL LEAGUE Twenty page, full size Newcastle issue, 17/2/1923, Football League v Scottish League, cover professionally cleaned and this issue is now in good-very good condition. Good 180-200
953 ARSENAL Home issue v Notts County, 25/12/1925, creased, rusty staple. Fair 110-120
954 ARSENAL Home issue v Aston Villa, 24/2/1926, (FA Cup), fold, team page a little grubby, small tear to one page ( no print affected). Fair 110-120
955 ARSENAL Home issue v Blackburn, 3/4/1926, fold, staples removed and ink annotation to team page . Fair 120-130
956 ARSENAL Home issue v Aston Villa, 5/4/1926, slight fold, rusty staples, pencil changes. Fair-generally good 130-150
957 ARSENAL Home issue v Huddersfield, 17/4/1926, Huddersfield had just completed their third Championship in a row, Arsenal , now managed by ex-Huddersfield manager Herbert Chapman , being their closest challengers.rusty staple damage otherwise good. F 130-140
958 ARSENAL Home issue v Leicester, 11/9/1926, fold, slightly rusty staples, score on team page. Generally good 110-120
959 ARSENAL Home issue v Newcastle, 2/10/1926, , rusty staples otherwise good. Generally good 110-120
960 ARSENAL Home issue v West Ham, 16/10/1926, neat score on team page. Generally good 110-120
961 ARSENAL Home issue v Blackburn, 6/11/1926, slight fold, slightly rusting staple. Good 110-120
962 ARSENAL Home issue v Manchester United, 28/12/1926, score, team changes and slightly rusting staples. Generally good 140-150
963 ARSENAL Home issue v Liverpool, 19/2/1927, (FA Cup), slight fold, score on team page. Good 120-130
964 ARSENAL Home issue v Burnley, 26/2/1927, folds, slight creasing. Fair 110-120
965 ARSENAL Home issue v Wolves, 5/3/1927, FA Cup, folds, slightly worn, staples removed. Fair 110-120
966 ARSENAL Home issue v Everton, 19/3/1927, slight fold. Good 110-120
967 ARSENAL Home issue v West Brom, 16/4/1927, rusty staples, pencil score, scorers, note, a little wear. Fair 90-100
968 ARSENAL Home issue v Sunderland, 17/9/1927, rusty staples, slight folds. Fair-generally good 100-110
969 ARSENAL Home issue v Bolton, 29/10/1927, slightly rusting staples. Good 100-110
970 ARSENAL Home issue v Newcastle, 10/12/1927, worn, a little mottled, rusty staples. Fair 80-90
971 ARSENAL Home issue v Everton, 28/1/1928, FA Cup, rusty staples, slightly worn. Fair 90-100
972 ARSENAL Home issue v Derby, 4/2/1928, low attendance , only 21,405 spectators. Folds, rusty staples. Fair 90-100
973 ARSENAL Home issue v Aston Villa, 18/2/1928, FA Cup, rusty staples, folds. Fair 90-100
974 ARSENAL Home issue v Stoke, 3/3/1928, Cup, fold, score on team page. Fair 90-100
975 ARSENAL Home issue v Blackburn, 17/3/1928, rusty staple holes. Fair 85-90
976 ARSENAL Home issue v Bolton, 1/9/1928, slight fold, rusty staples. Generally good 75-80
977 ARSENAL Home issue v Huddersfield, 29/9/1928, slight fold, staples replaced. Good 75-80
978 ARSENAL Home issue v West Ham, 13/10/1928, some creasing, staples removed, score on team page. Fair 75-80
979 ARSENAL Home issue v Liverpool, 27/10/1928, minor fold, rusty staples. Good 80-90
980 ARSENAL Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 10/11/1928, rusty staples. Generally good 75-80
981 MANCHESTER UTD Approximately 50 metal pin badges, all with Utd relevance, mainly moder, all types of badges, including specific players, European matches etc. Good 35-40
982 HIBERNIAN Home issue v Rot-Weiss Essen, 12/10/55, European Cup, the first match played in the UK in the European Cup, Hibs being the first British entrants. The programme is worn and has a few tears, tape marks and has had punch-holes repaired. Only 60-70
983 TOTTENHAM Away programme at Bolton, 7/9/60, probably the most difficult Spurs away issue for the "Double Season", minor vertical fold but no writing. Generally good 200-220
984 SUNDERLAND / CLOUGH Programme for Walsall v Sunderland , 19/8/61, Brian Clough made his debut for Sunderland after his transfer from Middlesbrough.scorers indicated and slight rusting staples. Fair-generally good 12-15
985 PRESTON Home issue v Wolves, 11/2/53, Preston finished runners up on goal average from Champions , Arsenal and opponents Wolves finished third, 3 points behind. At the time of this game , Preston were second , one point behind Wolves with two games in 18-20
986 LEEDS Two issues, Leeds v Nottm Forest, 22/4/53 and a scarce away issue, Bury v Leeds 27/8/52 ( no staple). Generally good 40-45
987 MAN UTD / MAN CITY Two issues, both Manchester derbies, Man United v City, 23/2/52, friendly ( 12 page issue in good condition) and City v United 29/1/55 (FA Cup), (slightly rusty staples, very small tear-generally good). As described 50-60
988 NORWICH Three home programmes 50/51 season, , v Walsall 13/9/50, Brighton 27/12/50 and v Nottm Forest 23/12/50, apart from rusty staples condition is good. Fair 30-40
989 NORWICH Home issue v Colchester, 3/2/51, first League season for Colchester, rusty staple. Fair-generally good 30-35
990 NORWICH Three home issues , 49/50, v Leyton Orient, Hartlepools Utd (midweek Cup replay) and Crystal Palace, rusty staples otherwise good 40-50
991 SCOTTISH CUP FINAL Programme for the 56 Final, Celtic v Hearts, folds, team changes , slightly worn. Fair 50-60
992 PORTSMOUTH Home programme v Grimsby, 18/4/1938, pencil changes, rusting staple. Fair-generally good 75-80
993 OFK / TOTTENHAM Very scarce issue, OFK Belgrade v Tottenham, 24/4/63, Cup-Winners Cup. rusting staples Good 220-250
994 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Programme for Rochdale v Blackburn, 5/3/62, League cup Semi, date over stamped to 19/3/62, team changes. Fair-generally good 160-180
995 NORWICH / TOTTENHAM Programme for Norwich v Tottenham, 18/4/1936, rusty staples otherwise good. Fair-generally good 140-150
996 MANCHESTER UNITED Menu for celebration luncheon at Town Hall, Stretford, 4/8/67, to celebrate United winning the 66/67 League Championship. Signed on inside cover by 14 players and manager, signatories include Busby, Best, Law, Charlton, Crerand, Sadl 250-300
997 ROCHDALE / EVERTON Rochdale issue v Everton, 25/10/61, full programme, Lancs Senior Cup, small annotation. Good 15-20
998 CHESTER Three home friendly issues, v Man Utd 1/3/61, (score, fold), v Third Lanark 14/4/61 (good) and v Hamborn 11/4/62 ( score). Generally good 35-40
999 ARSENAL Away single sheet issue at Gravesend, 12/8/61 , (Charles, D.Clapton and Broomfield in team). Generally good 20-25
1000 ARSENAL Away issue at Racing Club Paris, 18/4/56, tape along spine, fold. Fair 110-120
1001 CUP FINAL 1924 Official programme with colour cover for the 1924 Cup Final, Newcastle v Aston Villa, cover has had some small tears expertly repaired and these are insignificant and not easily detectable, the remainder of the programme is in good condi 6000-7000
1002 CUP FINAL 1928 Official programme for the 1928 Final, Blackburn v Huddersfield, rusty staples, otherwise good. Generally good 500-550
1003 CUP FINAL 1929 Official programme for the 1929 Final, Bolton v Portsmouth, rusty staples, slight rust marks, minor but excellent professional restoration to cover. Fair-generally good 620-650
1004 CUP FINAL 1930 Official programme for the 1930 Final, Arsenal v Huddersfield, rusty staples and score in corner of team lists. The programme has been professionally cleaned and is now in good condition. Generally good 620-650
1005 CUP FINAL 1931 Official programme for the 1931 Final, Birmingham v West Brom, slightly rusting staples and minor fold plus small tears to rear cover have been professionally repaired. In consequence this copy is now in good condition. Good 720-750
1006 CUP FINAL 1933 Official programme for the 1933 Final, Everton v Manchester City, rusting staples, minor stain to a rear page and small tears have been professionally restored. Fair-generally good 380-400
1007 CUP FINAL 1934 Official programme for the 1934 Final, Manchester City v Portsmouth, slightly rusting staples otherwise good. Good 380-400
1008 CUP FINAL 1935 Official programme for the 1935 Final, Sheffield Wed v West Brom, usual fold to the silver cover which has a few creases but internally good with staples slightly rusting. Fair-generally good 330-350
1009 CUP FINAL 1936 Official programme for the 1936 Final, Arsenal v Sheffield United, rusty staples and one internal page has minor ink marks. Fair 310-320
1010 CUP FINAL 1937 Official programme for the 1937 Final, Preston v Sunderland, minor fold, cover has been reattached with tape. Programme is slightly worn but internally is good. Fair 290-300
1011 CUP FINAL 1938 Official programme for the 1938 Final, Huddersfield v Preston, rear cover has scuff marks in corners where previously laid down but remainder of the programme is good apart from one of the Preston player pen-pictures which has been amend 260-270
1012 CUP FINAL 1939 Official programme for the 1939 Final, Portsmouth v Wolves, very slight fold, staples just starting to rust and small scuff but essentially in good condition. Good 270-300
1013 MAN UTD Nine home issues, 47/8 v Derby, 48/9 v Portsmouth, 49/50 v Sunderland, Derby and Weymouth (Cup), 52/3 v Stoke, Burnley and Shef Wed and 53/4 v Wolves, some have team changes, other minor faults. Fair 180-200
1014 MAN UTD Nine home issues , 50/51 v Shef Wed and Chelsea, 51/2 v Preston, 53/4 v Newcastle, Burnley, Aston Villa, Shef Utd and Bolton and 56/7 v Arsenal. Occasional minor fault. Generally good 160-180
1015 MAN UTD Four European homes, 56/7 v Athletico Bilbao and Real Madrid and 57/8 v Dukla Praha and Red Star Belgrade., no writing in any, Dukla has token removed, slight folds. Generally good 80-90
1016 HEARTS Bound volume 65/66 season, contains 27 programmes, including Challenge match v Newcastle and Fairs Cup. Covers are included, the last few pages of the volume are almost loose. Bound in maroon cloth and gilt inscription. Fair-generally good 35-40
1017 HEARTS Bound volume 66/67 season, contains 21 programmes, all have covers, maroon cloth bound with gilt inscription. Good 30-35
1018 HEARTS Bound volume 67/68 season, contains 22 programmes, all have covers , includes friendly v Preston, maroon cloth binding with gilt inscription. Good 30-35
1019 NON-LEAGUE A selection of 40s and early 50s programmes, 35 programmes, mostly 40s, one or two in poor condition but majority at least "Fair" and mostly generally good. Includes Gorleston v Lowestoft 47/8, Halesowen v Cradley Heath 49/50, Oxford City v L 100-120
1020 CHARLTON Five single sheet programmes, 45/6 season, v Newport, West Brom, Preston (Cup-tears), Brentford and Derby (tears along fold). Fair 60-70
1021 CHELSEA Two home issues, v Southampton 28/9 and v Reading 28/9, Southampton issue is worn along fold and a little creased, Reading issue has a team change, both issues are probably from a bound volume as the spines have been slightly damaged. Fair 60-70
1022 ATHLETICS Eight programmes, mainly 50s inc British Games 1950, British Empire v USA 4/8/52, GB v France 1951, East of Scotland Championships 49, Highland Games 69, and 3 x Scottish Universities 50s issues. Fair-generally good 18-20
1023 BOX OF DELIGHTS A collection of items, many Scottish including Celtic handbook 64/5, Wee Red Book 68/69, Rangers season tickets, Livingston season ticket, 3 x Club letters on official notepaper, all 1963, Everton, Tottenham and Shef Utd, fixture cards, 35-40
1024 WORLD CUP 78 12 First day covers, all relating to the World Cup 78, from France, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Hollamd and Hungary. Generally good 25-30
1025 BOLTON Home issue v Wolves, 22/4/1939, excellent restoration along the spine and staple areas but otherwise good. As described 160-180
1026 BOLTON Home issue v Middlesbrough, 30/4/1938, pages are split from spine, ie loose, but this is repairable and the programme is complete and otherwise in generally good condition. As described. 80-90
1027 BURNLEY Home issue v Huddersfield, 19/10/1912, ex bound volume but minimal (if any) damage to spine and complete with original cover, 16 page issue, very slight ageing. Generally good 420-450
1028 SOUTHAMPTON Home issue v Plymouth, 15/9/1937 , spine is attached but is in danger of coming loose, otherwise there is a minor fold and staple is slightly rusting, condition is slightly better than fair. Fair 180-200
1029 BRISTOL CITY Home programme v Enfield, 27/11/1937, FA Cup, small piece torn off top of back cover, very minimal effect, only approx ione inch square, otherwise very good, 28 page issue. Good 320-350
1030 HEARTS Home issue v St Johnstone, 20/2/1937, slight fold, rare pre-war issue, 16 pages. Good 260-280
1031 SPURS Programme, Gloucester City v Tottenham, 27/10/1952, floodlight friendly with Tottenham first team inc Ditchburn, Ramsey, Nicholson, Burgess, Duquemin and Bailey, rusting staples, one team change. Fair 55-60
1032 TOTTENHAM Home issue v New Brighton, 26/1/1938, FA Cup, replay. Very good 75-80
1033 MANCHESTER CITY Home issue v Charlton, 10/10/1936, City Championship season, rusty staples, slight fold. Fair-generally good 120-130
1034 CELTIC Programme for Home Farm v Celtic, 19/5/54 in Dublin, Ditchburn, Nicholson, Harmer (all Spurs) and John Charles played for Home Farm, slight fold, scorers marked, score on cover. Fair-generally good 65-70
1035 BOHEMIANS Home issue v Sligo Rovers, 19/8/50, slight fold, score, scorers. Fair 12-15
1036 MIDDLESBROUGH Away issue at Glenavon, 9/5/52, played at Mourne View Park, Lurgan, fold. Generally good 85-90
1037 LINFIELD / NEWCASTLE Programme for Linfield v Newcastle at Windsor Park, 10/10/56. Opening of the floodlights, slight fold. Good. 40-45
1038 MIDDLESBROUGH Four page newspaper type programme for Rapid Vienna v Middlesbrough, 21/5/53 at the Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam, tear along fold, score on team page. Fair 85-90
1039 WOLVES Scarce away issue at Anderlecht, 20/11/57, friendly, four page issue, fold. Good 150-160
1040 WOLVES Orange programme, Southern Transvaal v Wolves 4/5/57, Jo'burg. Good 55-60
1041 WOLVES Green programme, South Africa v Wolves, 18/5/57, Jo'burg, rusty staples removed, fold. Generally good 60-65
1042 WOLVES Scarce white programme, Southern Transvaal v Wolves, 21/5/57, eight page issue, fold. Generally good 80-90
1043 NORTHERN FOOTBALL ANNUAL A well bound , hard-back,120 page Football Annual from 1876, rebound in red cloth with original covers intact, this superb early annual covers football and rugby for Lancashire, Yorkshire, Staffs, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Warwick 140-150
1044 ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL Book by C.W.Alcock, produced in 1890, hard back, 82 pages, covers rules of the game (somewhat different from now), history of the game and hints about how to play the game and the various positions. C.W.Alcock was Secretary of th 90-100
1045 CLIFF BASTIN Hard back copy of his book, Cliff Bastin Remembers, dustcover is present although torn in parts, published in 1950 and much sought after. Generally good 65-75
1046 CHARLES BUCHAN Hardback book, "A Lifetime in Football" by Charles Buchan , complete with dust cover, published in 1955 and also includes an "Arsenal" B.D.V silk. (large-slight damage to bottom). Good 30-40
1047 CLAPTON ORIENT Home issue v Folkestone, 30/11/1929, FA Cup. Very good 260-280
1048 LIVERPOOL Four Liverpool FC Supporters Club handbooks, 83/4, 84/5, 88/9 and 90/91, full of facts, figures and photos etc. Good 15-20
1049 TUNBRIDGE Home issue for Tunbridge Wells Rangers v Royal Naval Depot 6/4/1928, Kent League. Good 30-35
1050 BURY Home issue v Blackburn, 26/12/1938, ex bound volume and no cover, otherwise good 20-25
1051 HULL Home issue v Oldham, 24/5/47, slight fold, minor marks. Generally good 25-30
1052 FIRST AND LAST 52 Programmes, all First / Last in some manner, includes Bradford PA 69/70 and 70/71, Hereford 71/2 and 72/3, others include Oxford 62/3, Peterborough 60/61, Cambridge 60/70 and 70/71, Scarborough, Newport, Wimbledon and Maidstone. Fa 60-70
1053 CATALOGUES 74 Auction catalogues, including rather embarrassingly , a good number of Sportingold catalogues, all modern (2000s onwards), a good read , (well ours are anyway, not that we are biased).Results are not marked. Good 180-200
1054 F. C. UNITED OF MANCHESTER 24 Home and away issues of the Third Club in Manchester although they play in Bury. 05/06 v Norton Utd, 14 x 06/07 inc v AFC Wimbledon, Reserve home issue 06/07 v Blackpool Mechanics. Aways are 05/06 at Cheadle and 7 x 06/07 i 25-30
1055 ARSENAL Ten European away tickets, inc rare unused ticket at Rosenborg, Juventus and Fenerbache (2008). All 2000 onwards. Some folds. Generally good 50-60
1056 ARSENAL 17 FA Cup Final and League Cup Final tickets, 1969 onwards, occasional fold. Generally good 80-90
1057 ARSENAL 20 away friendlies, tickets, includes European, eg SC Weiz 2005, Besiktas 2003 at Waltersdorf, Marsch Neuberg and others. Generally good 40-50
1058 ARSENAL 37 tickets, European aways, 90s onwards, various European competitions. 60-70
1059 ARSENAL Eight Charity Shield tickets 79, 89, 91, 98, 99, 02, 04 and 05. Generally good 20-25
1060 ARSENAL IN USSR Six tickets for games in USSR, 1998-2006, European Competitions. Generally good 25-30
1061 ARSENAL Seven aways in Europe 1999/2000, tickets, includes AIK, Barcelona, Deportivo, Werder, Lens, Nantes, slight folds . Generally good 30-35
1062 1956 CUP FINAL Ticket for the Man City v Birmingham Final, 1956. Good-very good 30-35
1063 1958 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1958 Cup Final, Manchester United v Bolton, Grand Stand seat. Very good 30-35
1064 MAN UTD Away programme at Hamburg, 12/8/59, Harder edition, 12 pages. Very good 90-100
1065 LONDON FA CUP FINAL Programme for Brentford v Chelsea, 12/12/49, at Highbury, worn, scores on team page, four page issue. Fair 35-40
1066 ARSENAL Programme for Bohemians Select v Arsenal, 17/5/50, slight fold. Good 220-240
1067 ARSENAL Away programme at Wolves, 31/8/46, first post-war League game, fold, score, scorers. Fair 65-70
1068 SHEF UTD / ARSENAL Postponed programme, Sheffield Utd v Arsenal, 22/1/55, scarce issue, rusty staple, minor rust marks. Generally good 60-70
1069 RACING CLUB Programme for Racing Club De Paris v Arsenal, 11/11/57. Very good 120-140
1070 ARSENAL Away programme at AIK, 4/8/1957, played in Stockholm, 20 page issue, minor folds. Generally good 120-130
1071 PETER OSGOOD Four signed items, two framed -(a three part action montage in black and white with detail re Osgood) and a dressing room picture of peter with the FA Cup in 1976 also signed by McCalliog and one other, book "Ossie King of Stamford Bridge" 120-150
1072 GEORGE BEST Framed George Best Ulster Bank 5 note together with Ulster Bank Commemorative wallet and Best commemorative insert, nicely mounted and metallic frame. Good 35-40
1073 LEEDS Two large , mounted and framed black and white photographs, both signed and in a black frame, one shows Norman Hunter celebrating the Leeds goal in the 72 Cup Final and is signed by him, the other shows Billy Bremner holding the Fairs Cup aloft s 120-150
1074 SCARBOROUGH Three home issues, 55/6 v Mansfield, 56/7 v Doncaster and 57/8 v Doncaster (all v reserve teams in Midland League). Generally good 15-18
1075 TOTTENHAM Eight home issues 2 x 54/5 v Shef Utd and Chelsea (Champions) and 6 x 55/6. Occasional minor fault. Generally good 30-35
1076 BERWICK Home issue for the famous 1-0 Cup win over Glasgow Rangers, probably the first time that Rangers had been knocked out of the Scottish Cup by an English team !!. Very slight marks. Generally good 30-40
1077 SCOTTISH Nine sixties issues, inc Aberdeen v Celtic 67/8, Motherwell v Celtic 66/7, Rangers v Stirling 66/7, others include Hamilton, Morton, Stranraer and Kilmarnock, plus Berwick v Falkirk 72/3 Cup. Good 10-12
1078 PORTSMOUTH Away friendly at Gloucester City, 16/4/56, rusting staples. Generally good 15-20
1079 CARLISLE Scarce away issue at Heanor Town, 15/11/58, FA Cup, rusting staples. Generally good 12-15
1080 GUILDFORD CITY Five home issues, 52/3 v Chelmsford, 54/5 v Lovells and v Woking (Surrey Comb Final), and 55/6 v Cheltenham and v Sheppey Utd, some rusty staples. Fair-generally good 18-20
1081 CHELSEA Two Away issues, at Portsmouth, 16/4/55, Chelsea Championship season, rusty staples, slight fold,. and friendly at Brentford 18/10/55, folds-good Fair-generally good 40-45
1082 LEEDS Home issue v Man Utd, 11/1/58, rusty staple, slight crease. Fair-generally good 30-35
1083 LEEDS Five home issues, 57/8 v Blackpool, 58/9 v Wolves, Blackpool and Luton and 59/60 v Shef Wed, slight faults. Generally good 20-25
1084 ROTHERHAM 18 Home issues, 6 x 63/4 inc v Leeds, 3 x 64/5, 5 x 65/6 and 4 x 66/7. Fair-generally good 12-15
1085 NON-LEAGUE 30 Non-League programmes, all bar a couple are 50s, good selection, some unusual issues inc Salts (Saltaire) v Beighton MW 56/7, Rhyl v Llanfairfechan 55/6, Salisbury v Bristol Rovers 54/5, St Austell v St Blazey 55/6, Helston v St Blazey 55/ 100-120
1086 IRISH Seven issues, Distillery v Bangor 54/5, Shelbourne v Waterford 53/4, Bangor v Ballymena 55/6, Derry v Glentoran 57/8, Shamrock v Drumcondra 55/6, Limerick v Dundalk 53/4 and Bohemians v Shamrock 52/3. Generally good 35-40
1087 MAN UTD Away issue at Blackpool, 23/8/48, rusting staple. Generally good 35-40
1088 FIFTIES 38 Fifties, all League clubs, a selection inc Bournemouth v Blackburn 55/56 friendly, Brentford v Leeds 53/4, Blackburn v Barnsley 55/6, Blackburn v Luton 52/3, Birmingham v Barnsley 51/2, Huddersfield v Spurs 54/5, v Everton and v Arsenal 55/6 110-120
1089 FIFTIES 68 Fifties, a selection of clubs, inc Newcastle v Chelsea 55/6, v Sunderland 55/6, Portsmouth v Arsenal 55/6, v West Brom 49/50, Forest v Burnley 59/60 (Burnley Champions), Swansea v Plymouth 55/6, Rotherham v Birmingham 52/3, Mansfield v Watfo 220-240
1090 CHELSEA Away issue at Sunderland, 6/11/54, team changes, score, minor staple defect.Championship season for Chelsea Fair 70-80
1091 ASTON VILLA Away issue at Kidderminster, 3/3/51, Birmingham League, fold. Fair-good 20-25
1092 SHEF WED 17 home issues, 52/3 v Cardiff, 55/6 v Barnsley, 4 x 56/7 inc v Leeds, 8 x 57/8 inc v Spurs , 3 x 58/9 inc v Barnsley (promotion issue) and 1 x 59/60. Fair-generally good 50-60
1093 WEST BROM Away issue at Bohemians, 13/5/53, folds. Fair 25-30
1094 MAN UTD Four away issues 55/6 at Spurs and Shef Utd and 57/8 at Forest and Shef Wed. Fair-gen good 55-60
1095 SIXTIES 44 x sixties issues, Shef Wed prevalent but various other clubs. Includes Grimsby v Leeds 63/4, Northampton v Leeds 65/6, Leeds v Chelsea 64/5 and 65/6, Forest v Man Utd 65/6 and Shef Wed v Man Utd 62/3.Some faults. Fair-good 25-30
1096 ARSENAL Box containing 230 different metal pin badges, all Arsenal. Good 160-180
1097 ARSENAL Box containing 239 different metal pin badges, all Arsenal, mainly match badges. Good 170-190
1098 LEICESTER Bound volume of programmes 2001/02 season (in two volumes) Good 12-15
1099 ARSENAL 71 Silver boxed medal with numbered certificate, number 326, medal commemorates the Arsenal League and Cup Double and comes with original box. Good 70-80
1100 ARSENAL Arsenal 2007 Home shirt with 18 signatures inc Wenger and certificate of authenticity, replica shirt, signatures in black felt-tip on front. Good 90-100
1101 MANCHESTER UTD Home programme v Red Star, May 1951, Festival of Britain. Fold, slight tear. Fair/Good 80-100
1102 MANCHESTER UTD Away programme v Arsenal, 01 Feb 1958. United's last League game before the Munich disaster. Very Good 70-80
1103 NON LEAGUE HANDBOOKS Approx 30 items, mainly handbooks, inc Willesden 59/60, Dulwich 70/71, Macclesfield 67/68, Hitchin 61/62, Kettering 63/64 etc. Very good 25-30
1104 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 55 Home programmes, 70/71, NPL. Covers only 5 matches, i.e. heavy duplication. Excellent 30-40
1105 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 91 Home programmes, 71/72 and 72/73, NPL. Heavy duplication. Excellent 35-40
1106 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE 11 Home programmes, 69/70, inc v Cardiff (Friendly). Excellent 40-50
1107 GATESHEAD 4 Home programmes, 63/64, v Darlington, Hartlepools, Hull and Bradford. Plus 64/65 v North Regional League. Very good 20-25
1108 OLDHAM ATHLETIC Large box of home and away programmes, mainly 1970's onwards, but a few earlier issues. Generally good 25-30
1109 MANCHESTER UTD 7 x 60/61 and 33 x 61/62 home programmes, 9 lack tokens. Condition varies 50-60
1110 MANCHESTER UTD 28 x 62/63 and 29 x 63/64 home programmes, inc v WBA (Best debut). Some duplication. 21 lack tokens. Generally good 50-60
1111 MANCHESTER UTD 27 x 64/65, 24 x 65/66 and 31 x 66/67 home programmes. Some duplication. 19 with tokens missing. Generally good 60-80
1112 MANCHESTER UTD 33 x 67/68, 34 x 68/69 and 73 x 69/70 home programmes. Some duplication. Almost all have token intact. Good 60-80
1113 MANCHESTER UTD 29 Homes, late 50's inc 12 x 57/58. 17 lack tokens. Condition varies 70-80
1114 MANCHESTER UTD 31 Homes in European Competitions. Slight duplication, 1960s/1970s. Includes v Dukla Prague 57/58. 2 with token missing. Generally good 60-80
1115 MANCHESTER UTD 6 Programmes. Five home Friendly matches inc v Glasgow Rangers 73/74, plus FA XI v RAF XI 60/61 (creased). All tokens intact. Generally good 25-30
1116 MANCHESTER UTD 1974/75 x 26 homes and x 17 aways. Division Two Championship season. Slight duplication. Includes away v York. Only one with token missing. Good 30-40
1117 MANCHESTER UTD Over 100 away programmes, 66/67 to 69/70, inc away v Northampton 69/70 FA Cup. Slight duplication. Good 50-60
1118 MANCHESTER UTD Approx 75 away programmes, 60/61-65/66. Slight duplication. Good 50-60
1119 MANCHESTER UTD Approx 190 away programmes, 1970's. Some duplication. Good 40-50
1120 1960s Approx 250 x 1960's issues. Good variety. Very good 90-100
1121 MANCHESTER UTD Approx 345 home programmes, 1970's, 29 lack token. Generally good 40-50
1122 BLACKPOOL Three home programmes v Man Utd 47/48 (much writing inside), 53/54 (slight tear) and 54/55 (very good). As described 40-50
1123 MANCHESTER UTD 17 Away programmes, mainly late 1950's but inc 47/48 at Chelsea. Generally good 50-60
1124 MANCHESTER UTD 2 Home programmes: 47/48 v Man City (spine split and tear); 51/52 v Fulham (staples neatly removed). Generally good 30-40
1125 MANCHESTER UTD Miscellany of 21 away programmes inc Doncaster 75/76 Friendly (5 copies), Holstebro 75/76, Tranmere 71/72, York 75/76, Everton 64/65 Fairs Cup, Waterford 68/69 EC etc. Good 40-50
1126 MISCELLANY 22 items inc: 66/67 Local Cup Final programme at Elland Road, Leeds; Nottm Forest Res v Man Utd Res 76/77; Man City v Huddersfield 49/50; Leeds v Ferencvaros 1968 Fairs Cup Final (3 copies); Huddersfield Town - Complete Record published 195 40-50
1127 MANCHESTER UTD 16 Man Utd related items. Mainly Testimonials inc Charlton, Law, Crerand, Dunne etc. Minor duplication. Also includes Sports Stars of Today - Denis Law. Very good 30-40
1128 MANCHESTER UTD Over 30 items of memorabilia inc rosette, "Giants of Football - Nobby Stiles", "The United Story" 1958, Salute to Man Utd 1959, Championship Souvenir brochure 66/67, plus various United publications. Good 25-30
1129 1960's Approximately 150 programmes. Minor duplication. Good mix of clubs. Very good 50-60
1130 STALYBRIDGE CELTIC 24 Home programmes, 47/48 to 52/53, inc matches v Stockport, Chester and Tranmere in the Cheshire League. Good 180-200
1131 GRANTHAM 33 Home programmes, 1960's. Good 15-20
1132 NON LEAGUE 30 pre-1960 issues. Some scarce items inc New Brighton v Horwich 59/60, Stockport v Hyde 55/56, Stalybridge v Ashton 47/48, Macclesfield v Stalybridge 46/47, Earlestown v Netherfield 51/52 and Aberystwyth v Newport 59/60. Generall 120-140
1133 NON LEAGUE Large box of non-league, mainly modern but includes some 1960's issues. Good 60-80
1134 NON LEAGUE Large box of non-league, mainly modern, but includes some 1960's issues. Good 60-80
1135 MISCELLANY A quantity of programmes, handbooks and brochures. Well worth a look. Good 30-40
1136 HUDDERSFIELD TOWN Programme v Stade Rennais, 1950/51, Festival of Britain. Some marks on cover. Fair/good 40-50
1137 HUDDERSFIELD TOWN Programme v PSV Eindhoven, 1950/51, Festival of Britain. Good 50-60
1138 BLACKPOOL 1953 FA Cup Final programme v Bolton; 52/53 home cup ties v Huddersfield and Southampton; 50/51 home cup tie v Fulham. Very good 100-120
1139 F.A CUP FINALS A complete run of 8 programmes, 1954-1961 inclusive. 1959 has scorers noted. Very good 120-140
1140 F.A CUP 27 Programmes involving teams that reached the Final 1955-1961. Minor duplication. Fair/good 50-60
1141 F.A CUP Two scarce issues: Tooting & Mitcham v Nottm Forest 1958/59; Leicester v Bristol City 60/61 (single sheet). Good 30-40
1142 F.A CUP 1970 18 Programmes involving Leeds and Chelsea. Includes 1970 FA Cup Final Replay. Minor duplication inc 2 copies of Man Utd v Leeds semi-final, 2nd replay. Good 60-80
1143 LEAGUE CUP SEMI-FINALS 13 Programmes from 1960's, inc A Villa v Burnley 60/61, WBA v Peterboro 65/66, WBA v Carlisle 69/70. Good 40-50
1144 LEAGUE CUP 33 Programmes, 1960's, involving teams which reached the Final, inc Bristol Rov v WHU 65/66 (2 copies), Chelsea v Notts Co and Swansea 64/65, Birmingham v Barrow 62/63 etc. Generally good 25-30
1145 F.A CUP Approx 70 programmes, 1960's, involving teams which reached the Final. Minor duplication. Including PNE v Nottm Forest 63/64 (2 copies), Southport v Everton 67/68. Also includes a few Finals and semi-finals. Good 120-140
1146 F.A CUP Scarce emergency crisis single sheet, Scunthorpe v Newcastle 73/74. Excellent 15-20
1147 SUNDERLAND Three home programmes from 1973 Cup run v Reading, Man City and Luton. Also away issue at Man City. Very good 30-40
1148 F.A CUP FINALS 15 Programmes, 1971-1979. Minor duplication. Very good 30-40
1149 F.A CUP SEMI-FINALS 29 Programmes from 1970's. Minor duplication. Good 30-40
1150 F.A CUP 80 Programmes, 1970's, featuring teams which reached the Final. Minor duplication. Very good 50-60
1151 1960's Approx 175 programmes. Several home clubs. Minor duplication. Very good 60-80
1152 F.A CUP 86 Programmes, 1980's, involving clubs that reached the Final. Includes many semi-final and Final issues. Very Good 60-80
1153 LEAGUE CUP 85 League Cup semi-final issues, 1970's and 1980's. Very good 100-120
1154 LEAGUE CUP Approx 120 programmes featuring Cup runs from both winners and runners up. Very good 60-70
1155 NON-LEAGUE IN THE F.A CUP Approx 100 programmes, 1960's onwards, inc Altrincham v Wigan 66/67, Barnsley v Gateshead 60/61, Darlington v Scarboro 76/77 (single sheet), Altrincham v Wrexham 63/64 etc. Very good 60-70
1156 F.A CHALLENGE TROPHY Approx 88 programmes from semi-final and Final matches. Some duplication. Very good 50-60
1157 F.A AMATEUR CUP/F.A VASE Approx 65 programmes from semi-final and Final matches. Very good 40-50
1158 NON-LEAGUE A miscellany of programmes and brochures. Approx 70 items. A real assortment. Some unusual items. Good 20-25
1159 MANCHESTER UTD Book - Pictorial History and Club Record 1986. Limited edition no. 1106. Dedication by author inside. Excellent 15-20
1160 MISCELLANY Approx 40 programmes mainly International and Representative. Slight duplication. Includes 1966 World Cup brochure and September 1966 issue of Football Monthly. Good 30-40
1161 F.A CHARITY SHIELD Eight programmes: 1963, 1967 (x 2), 1972, 1973 (x 2), 1976 and 1977. Fair/good 30-40
1162 MISCELLANY 37 Programmes inc International, Representative, Anglo-Italian etc. Generally good 25-30
1163 MANCHESTER UTD 15 Programmes inc 1968 European Cup Final, 72/73 away v Bohemians. Some duplication. Good 20-30
1164 NEWSPAPER ISSUES Approx 175 1970's newspaper programmes. Mainly Derby Co. Duplication. Very good 30-40
1165 NORTH WEST Large quantity of various League programmes, 1970's onwards. Some duplication. Very good 25-30
1166 NORTH EAST Large quantity of various League programmes, 1970's onwards. Clubs from Yorkshire and North East. Some duplication. Very good 25-30
1167 MIDLANDS Large quantity of various League programmes, 1970's onwards. Some duplication. Very good 25-30
1168 THE SOUTH Large quantity of various League programmes, 1970's onwards. Some duplication. Very good 25-30
1169 STALYBRIDGE CELTIC Approx 70 home programmes, late 1980's. Good 8-10
1170 WORLD CUP 74 Programme Netherlands v Sweden, 19/6/74 + ticket, at Dortmund, Good 50-55
1171 WORLD CUP 74 Programme East Germany (DDR) v Netherlands, 30/6/74, at Gelsenkirchen. Good 45-50
1172 WORLD CUP 74 Official Tournament programme, 144 page issue. Generally good 50-60
1173 PHOTOS 67 black and white press photos, 1980s, predominantly Man Utd and England, many action photographs.. Generally good 70-80
1174 BIG MATCH 43 Big Match issues, 14 FA Cup Finals, 68 European Cup Final, 5 Cup Semis, full Internationals, Minor Cup Finals and Schools Internationals.+ Liverpool 74 rosette Fair-generally good 55-60
1175 SIXTIES 100 sixties issues, wide variety of clubs, condition is mixed from fair to good but viewing is strongly advised . Fair 30-35
1176 1905 CUP FINAL Interesting four page (stiffened paper) pamphlet containing a full page poem on the 1905 English Cup Final between Aston Villa and Newcastle at the Crystal Palace. The internal pages describe a game between Fulham and Reading at Craven 180-200
1177 MAN UTD Rare ticket, United v Bexleyheath and Welling, Youth Cup, 17/3/56 at Old Trafford, fold. Fair-generally good 50-60
1178 CELTIC Programme for Great Amateur Sports Carnival, 13/6/1931 at Celtic Park, Parkhead. 40 pages. Generally good 40-50
1179 BEST Programme for Man Utd v Leicester, 12/9/73, with signature of George Best on rear cover, signed twice. The signature appears to be genuine . Team changes to programme. Good 45-50
1180 MAN UTD Programme for 1977 Cup Final v Liverpool together with a large birthday card signed by 18 United players inc Stepney, Greenhoff, Macari, Hill, Buchan, McIlroy, Pearson and Coppell etc. Generally good 35-40
1181 1956 CUP FINAL Programme and songsheet for the 56 Cup Final, programme has fold and slight markings on team page, songsheet has fold and small tear. Fair 32-35
1182 1963 CUP FINAL Programme and songsheet for the 63 Final, programme is signed on cover by Denis Law, slight fold, teamsheet has a couple of small folds. Fair-generally good 28-30
1183 1948 CUP FINAL Daily Dispatch souvenir brochure for 48 Final, score, scorers on front and neat annotations to most pages. As described 18-20
1184 RANGERS Two home friendly issues v Napoli 11/11/58 and v Grasshoppers 26/11/58, slight creasing. Generally good 15-20
1185 RANGERS Four home programmes from 59/60 European Cup run, including v Anderlecht (small score on cover), Red Star, Sparta Rotterdam and Semi-Final v Eintracht Frankfurt., all have neat score,on team page. Generally good 55-65
1186 MAN UTD Home issue v Anderlecht, 26/9/56 , played at Maine Road, European Cup, United won 10-0, neat score on cover and on team page. Generally good 40-50
1187 SCOTTISH LEAGUE CUP Programme for 1959 Final, Hearts v Third Lanark, 24/10/59, neat score on team page otherwise good. Generally good 20-25
1188 SCOTTISH LEAGUE CUP Programme for the Semi-Final, East Fife v Motherwell, 9/10/54, rusty staple, small marks. Fair-generally good 20-25
1189 MOTHERWELL Home issue v Rangers, 27/8/52, Division "A", fold. Generally good 25-30
1190 15-0 St Mirren home programme v Glasgow University, 30/1/60, A close run thing as St Mirren won 15-0 in this Scottish Cup tie, neat score on cover and on team page. Generally good 18-20
1191 AMATEUR CUP FINAL Programme for 1946 Final, Bishop Auckland v Barnet, at Stamford Bridge, excellent condition. Very good 70-75
1192 AMATEUR CUP FINAL Programme for 1948 Final, Leytonstone v Barnet at Stamford Bridge, very good condition. Very good 45-50
1193 AMATEUR CUP FINAL Programme for 1947 Final, Wimbledon v Leytonstone, at Highbury, score, scorers and minor split to spine. Fair-generally good 45-50
1194 AMATEUR CUP FINALS Two programmes for the 1949 and 1950 Cup Finals at Wembley, Bromley v Romford 1949 (slight fold, slightly rusting staples otherwise good) and Bishop Auckland v Willington 1950, (no staples, minor fold). Generally good 35-40
1195 WARTIME SPORT A small collection of items which date from 1942-45. Four Lords Cricket scorecards, Army v RAF 5/9/42, London Counties v British Empire 24/7/43, RAF v Civil Defence 1/7/44 and England v Australia May 45 (three day match), all generally go 50-60
1196 1953 CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, Blackpool v Bolton, fold, spine split for just under two inches, rear cover slightly grubby but no writing, also included is an autograph sheet containing 9 Bolton autographs including Hanson, Moir, Langton, B 40-50
1197 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for the 1960 Charity Shield, Burnley v Wolves, folds, some creases and score, scorers on team page. Fair 45-50
1198 YOUTH CUP FINAL Programme for Wolves v Man Utd, Youth Cup Final, 26/4/54, United side contained Colman, Edwards, Charlton and Pegg. Generally good 90-100
1199 YOUTH CUP FINAL Programme for Man Utd v Chesterfield, 30/4/56, minor creasing , otherwise good. Generally good 40-50
1200 YOUTH CUP FINAL Programme for Man Utd v West Ham , 7/5/57, very slight mark to cover, slight fold. Good 30-40
1201 1950's 60 Assorted programmes inc Bury v Hull 51/52, Southend v Bristol Rov 50/51, Burnley v Luton 56/57 and 58/59, Leeds v Nottm Forest 58/59, Southend v Reading 54/55, Luton v Aberdeen 59/60 etc. Fair/Good 120-140
1202 1960's Approximately 150 assorted. Good spread of clubs. Fair/Good 50-60
1203 WEST HAM UTD 40 Home programmes, early to mid 1960's. Including v WBA FLC semi 66/67; v Man Utd 63/64; v L Orient 63/64 FAC. Very good 50-60
1204 F.A CUP FINALS 16 Programmes inc 1964, 1968, 1969, 1972, 1973 etc. Good 40-50
1205 ENGLAND 42 Home programmes, mainly modern but including 1955 v Spain, 1960 v Spain (inc ticket), 1961 v Portugal and v Ireland, 1962 v Austria etc. Good 30-40
1206 1960's Approximately 160 programmes. Various clubs inc Oxford v Southport 62/63; Peterboro v Leicester 60/61 Friendly; Romford v Luton 65/66 FAC etc. Good early 60's Wolves content. Fair/Good 50-60
1207 SHEFFIELD UTD Home issue v Arsenal, 25/12/1931, slight fold. Good 90-100
1208 SOUTHAMPTON Home issue v Arsenal, 2/5/1938, friendly match, full Saints issue, creased, annotations on team page, apparently "Arsenal ran rings round the Saints" although they only won 3-2. Team changes,scorers etc. Complete but has seen better days, 150-160
1209 SHEFFIELD WED Home issue v Arsenal, 2/3/1935, FA Cup, Wednesday won the Cup this season, minor fold , otherwise good. Good 110-125
1210 TOTTENHAM Home issue v Arsenal, 7/4/1928, minor fold, small tape mark on internal page. Fair-generally good 90-100
1211 WEST HAM Home issue v Arsenal, 1/3/1930, FA Cup, folds, small but minor cover blemish and score, scorers written neatly on back cover. Fair 120-130
1212 WEST HAM Home issue v Arsenal, 28/2/1931, slight wear along folds. Fair-generally good 100-120
1213 WEST BROM Home issue v Arsenal, 24/4/1926, has been cleaned and tears repaired and is now in good-very good condition. As described 140-150
1214 WEST BROM Home issue v Arsenal, 6/3/1937, FA Cup, slight fold. Generally good 100-120
1215 TOTTENHAM Home issue v Arsenal,2/1/1926, slight wear and small tears along folds, score on team page. Fair 100-120
1216 ASTON VILLA Home issue v Arsenal, 28/8/1920, minor folds. Generally good 120-140
1217 TOTTENHAM Programme for the Football League Jubilee Fund at White Hart Lane, 19/8/1939, Tottenham v Arsenal, score on team page. Generally good 140-150
1218 ARSENAL Home issue v Aston Villa, 24/11/1928, minor fold. Good 75-80
1219 ARSENAL Home issue v Burnley, 22/12/1928, very low attendance , only 14,990 , probably a combination of Christmas and Arsenal having 3 home games in 8 days and 6 games within a fortnight, folds, pencil score. Fair 80-100
1220 ARSENAL Home issue v Blackburn, 29/3/1929, slight fold. Generally good 75-80
1221 ARSENAL Home issue v Bury, 30/3/1929, slight fold, rusting staples. Generally good 75-80
1222 ARSENAL Home issue v Leicester, 13/4/1929, folds, some staple area damage , slight wear. Fair 65-70
1223 AMATEUR CUP Arsenal programme for the Amateur Cup Final, Ilford v Leyton, 20/4/1929 at Highbury, fold and a few small rust marks which affect most pages . Fair 250-280
1224 ARSENAL Home issue v Manchester City, 11/9/29, possibly ex bound volume. Generally good 65-70
1225 ARSENAL Home issue v Burnley, 14/9/1929, slight fold. Good 70-75
1226 ARSENAL Home issue v Bolton, 28/9/1929, half-time scores completed, slight fold and team page slightly grubby but still in reasonable condition overall. Fair 65-70
1227 ARSENAL Home issue v Derby, 12/10/1929, slight fold, small stain, rusting staples. Fair 65-70
1228 ARSENAL Home issue v Huddersfield, 14/12/1929, fold, pencil scorers. Fair-generally good 65-70
1229 ARSENAL Home issue v Portsmouth, 26/12/1929, minor folds, rusting staples. Fair-generally good 65-70
1230 ARSENAL Home issue v Sheffield Wed, 4/1/1930, fold, score on team page. Fair-generally good 65-70
1231 ARSENAL Home issue v Everton, 8/2/1930, slight fold. Good 65-70
1232 ARSENAL Home issue v Birmingham, 15/3/1930, a couple of fairly small stains on most pages, small tear. Fair 55-60
1233 ARSENAL Home issue v Blackburn, 29/3/1930, slightly rusting staples otherwise very good. Good 65-70
1234 ARSENAL Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 12/4/1930, slight fold, slightly rusting staples. Good 65-70
1235 ARSENAL Home issue v Leicester, 18/4/1930, pencil change, rusting staples, slight fold. Fair-generally good 65-70
1236 ARSENAL Home issue v Sunderland, 28/4/1930, slight fold, staples replaced. Generally good 65-70
1237 WAR CUP FINAL Official programme for 1941 War Cup Final, Arsenal v Preston at Wembley, 10/5/41, worn along fold, minor damage to top corner. Fair 180-200
1238 WAR CUP FINAL Pirate programme for 41 War Cup Final, Arsenal v Preston, four page card issue published by Victor. Generally good 35-40
1239 WAR CUP SEMI Single sheet Chelsea programme for War Cup Semi-Final between Arsenal and Brentford, 2/5/1942 at Stamford Bridge., fold, slight creasing. Fair-generally good 100-120
1240 CHARLTON Home four page issue v Arsenal, 23/12/1939, Regional South "A" Competition. Good 70-75
1241 TOTTENHAM Five Tottenham programmes, 37/8 v Swansea ( folds, slightly worn and score on team page), v Charlton, 23/2/46, ( folds, slightly worn).v Barnsley 48/9 (team changes, fold), and two programmes from 60/61, away at Wolves (fold0 and home to Che 45-50
1242 EVERTON Home issue v Preston, 22/1/1910, from a bound-volume but in good condition, small nicks along spine and slight ageing but not as fragile as usual. The programme also covers Liverpool Res v Blackbuen Reserves. Generally good 100-120
1243 ARSENAL Players Souvenir Brochure to celebrate Arsenal winning the 47/48 First Division Championship, 28 page brochure, fold, minor marks to rear cover. Fair 20-25
1244 ARSENAL Six home Reserve issues, all 48/9, all with punch-holes which have hole protectors and all have scores etc usually written inside. Issues are v Bristol Rovers, Crystal Palace, Crystal Palace (Cup), Millwall (Cup), Charlton (Cup) and Aldershot 30-35
1245 ENGLAND Home issue v Switzerland at Chelsea, 11/5/46, good condition although colour of ink has faded a little. Good 30-40
1246 HANDBOOKS Six booklets/handbooks , all 40s, handbooks are Plymouth 46/7 (good), Newcastle 48/9 (fair, rusty staples), Notts County 48/9 (Drawing of Lawton on cover), QPR 49/50 (good0. Lot also includes Portsmouth Golden Jubilee booklet (1948) and Fam 60-70
1247 1930 CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1930 Cup Final which has been cut down (trimmed) at both top and bottom, staples have also been removed. No print is actually missing, the trim is approx half an inch at each end. This is an opportunity to get t 140-150
1248 1949 CUP FINAL Pirate programme for the 49 Final, issued by Victor, four page card, Wolves v Leicester. Generally good 20-25
1249 CUP-WINNERS CUP Programme for the 1964 Final, Sporting Lisbon v MTK Budapest, played in Brussels, 13/5/64. Slight creasing around edges. Generally good 30-40
1250 FORTIES A collection of 23 programmes, 45/6 Chelsea v Aston Villa and v Arsenal (both have folds), 46/7 Chelsea v Aston Villa and v Liverpool (generally good0, 47/8 Woking v Hastings St Leonards (Amateur Cup), Orient v Northampton (a little worn), Vill 180-200
1251 TOTTENHAM A selection of items from the Double Season, 60/61, 20 Home League , Cup and friendly issues , Cup Final programme, Semi programme (both good0 and Final songsheet ( a few tears), Spurs 1961 Players booklet, and also included are 7 away issue 150-160
1252 TOTTENHAM Hardback Book, "History of Tottenham Hotspur 1882-1946" by G.Wagstaffe Simmons. The cloth cover is slightly foxed but the internal pages of this sought after book are good. As described 85-90
1253 FRANCE / ENGLAND A copy of "Le Miroir des Sports" dated 12/5/1921 which has two pages of pictures covering the France v England game plus the cover. There are 11 pictures and a match report. The 16 page magazine is in good condition. Good 40-50
1254 ITALY / ENGLAND A copy of "Pro Familia" magazine dated 21/5/1939 which has the back page covering Italy v England which ended in a 2-2 draw. There are five photographs including the Italian team giving the fascist salute and the england team lining up. 40-50
1255 ARCHIE MACAULAY A large number of newspapers and newspaper articles by or about Archie and his Norwich and Brighton teams. Archie managed Norwich from 1957-61 during which time the Canaries sensationally reached the FA Cup Semi-Final in 1959 whilst s 12-15
1256 RANGERS Postcard-team group 1930s, and press photo team-group, both the property of Archie Macaulay who played for Rangers from 1933-37, both are creased but are in fair condition. Fair 25-30
1257 WEST BROM For a short period Archie Macaulay managed West Brom, between 1961 and 63. This lot contains ten copies of a West Brom team-group on glossy paper taken by Wilkes with Archie in the centre, plus a West Brom fixture list 62/63, twoaway programm 20-25
1258 HEARTS 1955 Official Handbook (Annual), approx 80 pages. Very good 18-20
1259 ARSENAL Press photo ( creased) showing four Arsenal players training and signed on the back by 15 Arsenal players inc Denis Compton, Logie, Swindin, Scott, Smith, Lewis, McPherson, Roper, Rooke, Jones, Fields, Shaw and others, a couple of small tears. 40-50
1260 ARSENAL A large Reuter / PA press photo showing Macaulay (Arsenal number 4 ) in match action against Villa, 29/3/50, small tear. Generally good 10-15
1261 ARSENAL Menu and separate guest list for Dinner and dance to celebrate 50 seasons in the First Division , 9/11/68, Park Lane Hotel, property of Archie Macaulay- Arsenal 1947-50). Good 30-40
1262 ARSENAL Two press photographs showing Arsenal on tour against Sporting Lisbon. The photos show Joe Mercer exchanging pennants and the second shows the teams lining up before the game. Good 30-40
1263 ARSENAL A small miscellany, 2 programmes for Arsenal v Newcastle 68/9 with picture of Macaulay inside + press photo showing macaulay at a dinner holding the FA Cup. Good 12-15
1264 NORWICH Six large press photos showing Archie Macaulay whilst at Norwich, includes photo of him reading about a great Cup victory, signing a player and celebration scene in the Norwich dressing room. Good 30-40
1265 BUSBY A press photograph showing Archie Macaulay in conversation with Matt Busby, probably at the time of the 59 Cup-tie when Norwich defeated United. Good 12-15
1266 NORWICH A menu, Glenhurst 27/1/59 with a Canary and a Cockerel on the front plus a deceased Bluebird (Cardiff). Approximately 18 autographs on inside cover. + postcard team group Good 70-80
1267 NORWICH A collection of items from the 1959 Norwich Cup run including Press photos, booklet Canary Crusade, Directors Box ticket for Semi at Spurs + car park ticket, acknowledgement card from the club, Football Monthly April 59 with colour Norwich feat 70-80
1268 NORWICH A collection of items belonging to Archie Macaulay from his Norwich days, includes 14 press photos, Canary Crusade brochure, post-card team group and 8 programmes inc v Southampton 2/5/60 (Charity Cup) and at Ipswich 4/5/60 Charity match (most o 70-80
1269 FULHAM Label for Canadian Pacific Shipping Line, in name of A.Macaulay, together with four press photos one showing players on board ship. Fulham toured North America in 1951, Archie joined them in June 1950. Generally good 25-30
1270 BRIGHTON A collection of items from the period that Archie Macaulay was manager, 65-68. Includes 5 press photographs (one a team group), two programmes, a letter to Archie from the Brighton Gazette and a press cutting. Generally good 20-25
1271 BRIGHTON Large framed glazed Brighton team-group 1965/66, promotion season., some ageing. Fair-generally good 12-15
1272 ARCHIE MACAULAY A collection of items from the career of Archie, formerly his property, includes photos , ticket for England v USSR 1958, FA News (April 57), 1958 Cup Final programme (generally good), photo of Archie in Scotland colours being introdu 35-40
1273 MEDALS Two medals awarded to Archie Macaulay during the war. The first, gold coloured , is dated 30/5/45 with blue and white ribbon with cyrillic inscription and date 1926, probably Greek or Russian. The second is a metal medal inscribed Farnborough F 45-50
1274 FULHAM Team-group postcard, 1908-09 (Wilkes), players named. Generally good 45-50
1275 FULHAM Fulham team group postcard, 1907-08 (fold down middle), 4 Fulham cards, James Sharp (Smiths Pinewood Cigarettes), J.Torrance (Ogdens), Team-group (Soccer teams) and Team-group (Ardath), this Fulham se;lection is completed with two programmes, ho 35-40
1276 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Folder containing 63 Tottenham home programmes, 1957/58 to 1959/60. Good 120-140
1277 PROGRAMMES An assortment of 58 programmes mainly late 1950's with strong Man City and Fulham content. Fair/good 70-80
1278 1950's 27 Programmes, inc Shrewsbury v Chester 58/59, Chelsea v Blackpool 56/57, Southport v Select XI 52/53 etc. Condition varies 30-40
1279 ARSENAL Home programmes from the double season, 70/71, complete inc European matches. All have team changes. Also included: 1971 F.A Cup Final, away v Leicester F.A.C and away v Tottenham 03 May 1971. Good 25-30
1280 ARSENAL 9 Home match tickets, 1959-1964. Minor duplication. Very good 20-25
1281 ARSENAL A miscellany of 36 home/away programmes, late 50's and early 60's. Includes some Reserve issues. Also 61/62 v Barnet, Brentford, Millwall and Tottenham (all L.C.C). Fair/good 50-60
1282 ARSENAL Approx 138 home programmes, 55/56 to 60/61. Minor duplication. Condition varies 50-60
1283 ARSENAL Over 250 home programmes, 61/62 to 69/70. Minor duplication. Condition varies 40-50
1284 ARSENAL 8 Home programmes, 48/49, v Blackpool, Bolton, Charlton, Chelsea x 2, Middlesbro, Sheff Utd and Sunderland. Good 100-120
1285 TYPHOO CARDS Large quantity of Typhoo cards in 6 binders, inc many complete sets. Some duplication. Excellent 80-100
1286 1933 CUP FINAL Programme for the 1933 Cup Final, Everton v Man City, back cover has been expertly repaired (at corners and along spine-small but good repairs). Remainder of programme is generally good (staples rusting a little) and this is a good col 350-360
1287 FIFTIES Three attractive good condition fifties issues, all Chesterfield aways, at Accrington, 11/4/52 (very good) and at Gateshead 51/2 ( h-t scores, good0 and 57/8 (very good). Good-very good 60-65
1288 FIFTIES Eleven Chesterfield away programmes, all fifties and attractive condition. Includes games at Workington 55/6 and 57/8, Mansfield 51/2 and 57/8, at Darlington 54/5 and 57/8, at Wrexham 54/5 and 57/8, Southport 55/6 and 57/8 and Halifax 55/6 and 60-65
1289 OLDHAM Rare home issue v Halifax, 27/12/55, condition is very good. Very good 18-20
1290 CHESTERFIELD Twenty home and away issues , 45/6 at Luton (tear to edge), remainder 50s, 3 Homes, 54/5 v Crewe, 56/7 v Accrington and 57/8 v Mansfield.Aways include 12 x 57/8 at Chester, Rochdale, Bradfords PA and City, Scunthorpe, Barrow, Tranmere, Bur 75-85
1291 HULL Home issue v Bradford City, 25/9/48, score, scorers etc. Fair-generally good 15-20
1292 SCOTTISH Three Scottish issues, Rangers v Celtic 1/1/59, Third Lanark v Partick 16/9/61 and Alloa v Stirling 25/8/62 (League Cup). Good 12-15
1293 MAN UTD 21 European aways inc at Djurgardens 64/5, Dukla 83/4, Ajax 76/7, Valencia 82/3, Spurs 3/12/63, Widzew 80/81, Wrexham 90/91, Dundee Utd 84/5, Partizan 65/6, Galatasaray 93, St Etienne 77, Videoton 85, Montpellier 90/91 and various East European 90-100
1294 BRADFORD P.A. 15 away issues from season 57/58, usual minor faults, includes at Workington, Barrow, Scunthorpe, Hatlepools and Cup at Oldham. Fair 50-60
1295 BRADFORD P.A 13 away issues from season 58/59, minor faults, includes games at Torquay, Workington and Coventry. Fair 35-40
1296 BRADFORD P.A 15 away issues from season 59/60, various faults, nothing too serious, includes at Exeter, Torquay ( top of cover slightly damaged), Carlisle, Rochdale and Aldershot . Stockport issue has punch-holes. Fair 40-50
1297 BRADFORD P.A 15 away issues, 60/61, includes at Workington, Carlisle, Barrow, Accrington, Oldham, Peterborough, Exeter and Northampton, some minor faults. Fair-generally good 40-50
1298 ENGLAND Programme for Denmark v England, 15/5/57, World Cup Qualifier in Copenhagen. Generally good 40-50
1299 CUP FINAL 1935 Programme for the 1935 Final, Sheffield Wed v West Brom, silver cover creased as usual and slight vertical fold but no writing and staples in good condition. Fair-generally good 250-280
1300 CUP FINAL 1935 Ticket for the 1935 Final in excellent condition. Very good 110-120
1301 MAN UTD Home issue v Reading, 12/1/55 (Cup), four page issue, minor fold, no writing. Scarce midweek issue. Generally good 90-100
1302 MAN UTD Home issue v Wolves, 23/2/55, four page issue, scarce issue, midweek game, fold. Generally good 180-200
1303 MATT BUSBY A large folder containing many items relating to Matt Busby including the programme for the confering of the Honarary Freedom of the City of Manchester on Matt, 23/11/67, newspaper souvenir issue 22/2/69 regarding the Knighthood for Matt, B 230-240
1304 MAN UTD Scarce programme for Youth Cup Semi-Final v Brentford, 15/4/53, four page issue with no writing, Colman, Edwards and Pegg in the United team. Generally good 110-125
1305 MANCHESTER UNITED A folder of newspapers, complete issues in a display folder covering various triumphs between 1996 and 2008 including 99 and 2008 European Trophy issues. Good 12-15
1306 MAN UTD Small selection of tickets inc United v A.C.Milan (European Cup Semi- 68/9), v Norwich 66/7 (Cup), v West Ham 72/3, v Everton 84/5 and a railway return ticket from Manchester Central Station to Manchester United Football Ground Station (sixtie 15-20
1307 WEST HAM Ticket for the European Cup-Winners Cup Final 1976 in Brussels, Anderlecht v West Ham, minor folds. Fair 30-40
1308 MAN UTD Fifty two Reserve and Youth issues , sixties onwards, majority have tokens removed, mainly seventies/eighties but includes (all in good condition), Preston Youth v United Youth 19/12/60, Home Youth Cup Finals v Watford 81/2, Leeds 92/3 and Tot 25-30
1309 MAN UTD Programme for Arsenal v Man Utd, 1/2/58, last United game in England before the tragic Munich Air Disaster. United won a thrilliong game 5-4 and a small report of the game is enclosed. Slight wear along vertical fold but no writing. Fair 50-60
1310 YOUTH CUP FINAL Programme for Man Utd v Chesterfield, 30/4/56, minor folds, small mark on back cover. Generally good 40-45
1311 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for Liverpool v West Ham, 15/8/64, small scuff / split to spine, no writing. Generally good 110-120
1312 LIVERPOOL Away issue at Gateshead, 10/1/53, Cup, slight folds. Generally good 95-100
1313 WORLD CUP 66 Ticket for England v Argentina, 23/7/66, Wembley, North Stand Seat, Quarter Final. Generally good 45-50
1314 LIVERPOOL Scarce ticket for Liverpool v Nottingham Forest, 15/1/49, Cup replay, two scuffs to back where possibly laid down otherwise good. Generally good 30-35
1315 LEEDS / CELTIC Ticket for the European Cup Semi-Final, 1/4/70 at Elland Road. Good 30-35
1316 LIVERPOOL Rare blue pirate issue, Roma v Liverpool, 15/2/2001, UEFA Cup , together with unused match and coach tickets, Liverpool Cup Treble season. Good 90-100
1317 WORLD CLUB TROPHY Programme for Toyota Cup match, Liverpool v Flamengo 1981 , in Tokyo, World Club Championship. Generally good 110-120
1318 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Poster for the 1977 European Cup Final, Liverpool v Borussia Monchengladbach, in Rome. Approx 30cm x 50cm but folded into four.Small piece off one corner. Fair 60-70
1319 LIVERPOOL Away programme Dynamo Dresden v Liverpool, 21/3/73, UEFA Cup, small score on cover. Generally good 90-100
1320 LIVERPOOL Away programme, Dynamo Dresden v Liverpool, 3/3/76, UEFA Cup, very minor notes on one internal page. Fair-generally good 70-80
1321 LIVERPOOL Away programme, Dynamo dresden v Liverpool, 2/11/77, European Cup. Good 60-70
1322 1950 CUP FINAL Ticket and rare 4 page pirate programme for the 50 Final, Arsenal v Liverpool. Ticket for South Terrace Seat is in good condition, programme by Buick has a fold and score on team page. Fair-good 90-100
1323 1984 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Eight page colour supplement "Corriere dello Sport", 30/5/84, Roma v Liverpool, Final in Rome.folds, name on cover, rare supplement. Fair. 70-80
1324 LIVERPOOL Programme Inter Milan v Liverpool, 12/5/65, European Cup Semi Final. Generally good 125-150
1325 LIVERPOOL Programme for Liverpool v FC Koln, 24/3/65 replay at Feyenoord, Rotterdam, European Cup.neat score on team page. Generally good 25-35
1326 RESERVES An interesting selection of Reserve programmes (23) including Aldershot v Swindon 47/8, Blackburn v Aston Villa 52/3 Bournemouth v Southampton 48/9, Bury v Burnley 56/7 and Derby, tear on fold, Leeds v Man City, Man Utd v Newcastle 55/6 (incl 110-120
1327 40's and 50's 1 x 40's Brentford v Sheff Utd, 46/7 and 22 x 50's including Bradford City v Barrow 57/8, Bradford P.A v Southport 57/8, Darlington v Gateshead 57/8, Everton v Liverpool FAX 54/5, Leicester v Doncaster 53/4, List provided with programmes 110-115
1328 40's 50's and 60's 2 x 40's QPR v Swansea and Tottenham v Fulham both 49/50, 18 x 50's including Notts C v Forest 56/7, Preston v Burnley 54/5, Sunderland v Chelsea, 55/6, Walsall v Ipswich 50/1 and 69/70, FLC Southport v Cheltenham. List provided w 100-115
1329 40's and 50's 4x 40's including Blackpool v Aston Villa 48/9 and 15 x 50's including Bradford City v Barrow 54/5, Brighton v Newport County 54/5 and Hull v Bradford PA 57/8. List provided. Generally fair-good 100-110
1330 40's and 50's 1 x 40's QPR v Hull 49/50 and 21 x 50's including Luton v Chelsea 57/8, Notts Forest v Bury 51/2, Millwall v Reading 54/5, West Ham v Southampton, 52/3 and York v Sunderland FAC 55/6. Generally fair-good 100-110
1331 40's 50's and 60's 4 x 40's Blackpool v Fulham and QPR v Tottenham 49/50, 14 x 50's inc Brighton v Southend 52/3, Lincoln v Bury and Bradrod PA v Gateshead 58/9, 3 x 60's including Bradrod City v Workington. Generally fair-good 110-115
1332 40's 50's and 60's 3 x 40' inc Plymouth v Coventry, 18 x 50's Blackpool v Middlesborought 53/4, Bristol City v Swindon 50/1, Chesterfield v Sheff Utd 50/1 and 1 x 60's. Generally fair-good 110-115
1333 40's and 50's 2 x 40s Wolves v Derby 47/8 and Brentford v Bradford 49/50 with 20 x 50's inc Blackpool v Preston and York v Gateshead 54/5. Generally fair-good 95-100
1334 QPR 1953/4 Home Friendly v Man Utd, 29/3/54, creased top corners, a little scruffy. Fair 40-50
1335 FULHAM WARTIME 20 Homes - 2 x 1943/4 Watford and Southampton, 1 x 1944/5 v Brighton and 17 x 45/6 inc v Swansea, Plymouth, Wolves and Newport County. List provided. Generally good 350-360
1336 FULHAM 1946/7 - 8 Homes v Barnsley, Tottenham, Birmingham, Bury, Swansea, West Ham, Sheff Wed and Coventry. Generally good 110-115
1337 MAN UTD 1947/8 Programme for the home game against Blackburn 1/5/48, with FA Cup Final Souvenir, writing on back page. Generally good 60-75
1338 LEEDS 1956/7 Rare postponed issue 22/12/56, for the game against Tettenham. Punch holes and single staple is rusty. Fair 95-100
1339 SHEFF. UTD 1932/3 Home programme v Man City 5/11/32, spine split. Generally good 55-60
1340 1937 CUP FINAL SONGSHEET News Chronicle sponsored songsheet for Final v Preston and Sunderland, small piece missing top corner, creasing. Fair 50-60
1341 PIRATE Pirate programme, Manchester Utd v Derby 13/3/48, Cup Semi-Final at Hillsborough, printed by Ross, slight folds. Fair-good 25-30
1342 ENGLAND TRIAL Official programme for the International Trial, 13/10/1937 at Goodison Park, Everton, very good condition glossy programme, 5 Arsenal players in Possibles, 3 Manchester City players in Probables. Excellent record of inter-war trial games 125-130
1343 SCOTTISH CUP FINAL 1948 Programme for the Final Rangers v Morton, 17/4/48, slight fold. Good 140-150
1344 ELLESMERE PORT Programme v Cullmers (All-Star team), 20/5/48, Cullmers included Joe Mercer (Arsenal but born in Ellsmere Port), Jackson and T.G.Jones (Everton), slight fold. Good 15-18
1345 BOLTON Rare issue, Netherlands Select XI v Bolton 31/5/53, in Amsterdam. Very good 110-125
1346 WOLVES Programme at Barcelona, 10/2/60, European Cup. Generally good 15-20
1347 IRELAND Programme for Ireland v France 4/10/53, Dublin, fold, team changes and scorers on team lists. Fair-good 45-50
1348 IRELAND Programme v Sweden 13/11/49, World Cup, Dublin, fold. Generally good 60-65
1349 IRELAND Programme v Portugal 22/5/49, Dublin, slight fold. Good 60-65
1350 GILLINGHAM 20 Home programmes, 52/53, inc Millwall, Exeter, Norwich, Newport and QPR. Fair/good 120-140
1351 GILLINGHAM 5 Home programmes, 53/54, v Millwall, Newport, Torquay, Coventry and Reading. Fair/good 35-40
1352 GILLINGHAM 4 Home programmes, 56/57 v Crystal Palace, Brighton, Ipswich and Colchester. Fair/good 15-20
1353 GILLINGHAM 6 Home programmes, 54/55 v Brentford, Brighton and Torquay, 55/56 v Brighton, Shrewsbury FAC and Southampton. Condition varies 20-25
1354 GILLINGHAM 6 Home programmes, 57/58 inc Swindon, Millwall FAC and Watford. Generally good 20-25
1355 GILLINGHAM 28 Home programmes, 1958-1962. Fair/good 25-30
1356 GILLINGHAM Over 300 programmes, mainly homes, 62/63 onwards. Fair/good 40-50
1357 GILLINGHAM Three publications: "Gillingham F.C - The League Years" and "Gillingham F.C - A Chronology 1893-1984" both by Roger Triggs. Also Gillingham F.C - Local History Series. Fair/good 15-20
1358 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Scarce Pirate issue v Newcastle, 51/52 FAC (by Williams and White). Good 12-15
1359 MISCELLANY Quantity of various programmes inc A Villa v Hereford 72/73 FLC, Spurs 1961 brochure, Arsenal v Leeds 1968 FLC Final, Millwall v Bristol Rov 92/93 (last at The Den), Scotland v England Schools 1958, Wycombe Wanderers - Farewell to Loakes Pa 20-30
1360 RHYL 11 Home programmes, 51/52 and 52/53. Generally good 50-60
1361 CRICKET "The History of Cricket" by Eric Parkes, 1924. Dust jacket is distressed. Contents good. As described 20-25
1362 CRICKET "Kent Cricket Matches 1719-1880". A fascinating volume, published in 1929. Good` 60-80
1363 CRICKET "The History of Kent County Cricket" 1907, 500 pages including a number of plates. Spine is distressed. Contents good. As Descried 150-200
1364 STATISTICS A vast quantity of publications from the Association of Football Statisticians, 1984 onwards. Includes reprinted reports covering all earlier issues. An excellent source of reference. Very good 25-30
1365 CRICKET A small miscellany of items including Webber's County Cricket Championship (1957), Wisden 1963 and 1978, Wisden Anthology 1864-1900 etc. Good 15-20
1366 BOOKS AND ANNUALS Two boxes containing a miscellany of books and annuals including Caxton's 1960 (set of 4), histories of Brighton, Charlton, Darlington, Kidderminster, C Palace and Orient, plus much more. Take a look! Good 30-40
1367 NON LEAGUE 13 Non League annuals/directories plus a quantity of Pyramid magazines. Very good 20-25
1368 DETTORI Grand National Brochure, 2007, signed to front cover by Frankie Dettori in silver ink on dark background. Generally good 12-15
1369 BRITISH IN EUROPE Circa 110 programmes, mainly British teams against European opposition, also includes a few full Internationals and a small bag of Man Utd ephemera. Generally good 65-75
1370 LIVERPOOL 26 Home issues 80/81 inc League Cup and FA Cup + away League Cup Semi at Man City. Also in this lot are 32 homes 85/6 inc Cups and Milk Cup Semi away at QPR. Generally good 35-40
1371 SILVER PLATE CASE Silver plate cigarette case made in 1950, front contains a match in progress and the back has engraved upon it all the Winners of the Scottish top two Divisions between 1926/27 and 1949/50 plus results from Scotland v England, Wales 110-120
1372 RANGERS A small glass tankard with the Scottish Cup and Rangers Football Club, Scottish Cup Winners 1960 engraved upon it, plus signatures of the players. Generally good 30-35
1373 FULHAM Postcard, team-group 1922-34, players named underneath. Good 35-40
1374 MANCHESTER CITY Postcard, team-group, probably 1906-07 if not, shortly afterwards, colour team-group issued by B.B.London , Series G 11, players named, small flake to right hand side otherwise very good. Good 45-50
1374 QPR Postcard, team group 1913-14, players named across their chests, published by Wakefields. Very good 35-40
1376 CRICKET Leicestershire CCC, complete run of members tickets 1946-59, 14 in total, includes fixtures, vouchers etc. Fair 40-50
1377 CRICKET Rare ticket, Surrey v Australians, July 24th 1899 at Kennington Oval, admits bearer to Football Stand, Kennington Oval., minor folds and very small repair. Generally good 70-80
1378 CRICKET SCORECARDS Three cricket scorecards, Surrey v notts, 1907, partially printed, rare copy when Hobbs did not score a century, Essex v Yorkshire 1908 at Leyton, Hirst Rhodes and Lord hawke in Yorkshire team, J.H.W.T.Douglas in Essex team, scores 50-60
1379 CRICKET Autograph Book circa 1934, contains 60 ink signatures of teams inc Gloucs (10), Worcester (12), Leicestershire (8) and the varsity teams, includes Paynter, Washbrook, seven small magazine photos of 1934 Aussie Tourists laid down in the album 45-50
1380 CRICKET Postcard of England XI for "Lakers" match at Old Trafford in 1956 with details/scores of the match printed on the reverse with printed autographs of the England team.Includes two different four page booklets of the 1956 Australian Tour, folds. 30-40
1381 CRICKET Miniature cricket bat, signed by the Yorkshire team, circa 1992 , includes Moxon, Gough, Batty, Craig White etc. Sold with Sunday Pictorial newspaper dated 27/6/48 with full report of previous days play at the Lords Test. Generally good 20-25
1382 CRICKET Album sheet signed in ink by 8 Lancs Cricketers, 1936 inc Washbrook, Paynter, Oldfield and Duckworth. Good 30-40
1383 CRICKET Album sheet signed in ink by 10 of the South African 1935 Touring team, includes Dalton, Mitchell, Viljoen and Langton etc. Good 55-60
1384 CRICKET Album sheet with 10 ink signatures of the 1936 Yorkshire side inc Sellers, Leyland, Barber, Verity, Sutcliffe, Bowes and Mitchell. Generally good 45-50
1385 ARSENAL / CRICKET Album sheet with 11 clear ink signatures of the Arsenal 1935/36 side. Arsenal won the Cup that season, signatures include Hulme, Moss, Hapgood, Male, Copping, Drake, Roberts, Alex James, Crayston, Bowden and Bastin. The reverse side 140-150
1386 STAMPS Two large stamp albums, contain GB ,Commonwealth and Worldwide Stamps, Mint and Used, cover Reigns of George VI and Elizabeth. Excellent collection for those keen philatelists amongst us. Good 40-50
1387 NEWSPAPERS Two pre-war newspapers and other souvenirs covering King George V Jubilee and Funeral, + Souvenir of Queen Elizabeth Coronation in 1953, There is also an edition of the Manchester Evening Chronicle , 18/9/1939 with interest for Football an 25-30
1388 CRICKET Full size Gunn and Moore Cricket bat signed by the 1961 Australian Touring team , inc Harvey, Davidson, Simpson, Booth, Burge, O'Neill, McDonald, McKenzie, Jarman, 15 Ink signatures. Good 60-70
1389 FOOTBALL / CRICKET Three scrapbooks, one containing 19 Football autographs, one containing 51 football autos and one containing 36 football and 20 cricket autographs.All are neatly identified and the books have several hundred newspaper and magazine 75-80
1390 CRICKET A scrapbook covering the 1920s and 30s, some items later, press articles and pictures from the period including much Bodyline interest and Tours to England plus a large quantity of Tom Webster printed cartoon strips. Generally good 40-50
1391 1935 CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, Sheffield Wed v West Brom, although there are minor creases to the front silver cover, the usual fold is not present and the cover is " generally good". There is a neat score on the team page but internally other 400-420
1392 WORLD CUP 66 Six Watney Mann World Cup 66 beer glasses. Good 45-50
1393 TOTTENHAM Eleven postcard size photos of Spurs players issued in October 1960 by the "Star" , includes White, Blanchflower, Smith and Mackay, all different. Good 50-60
1394 BURNLEY 25 Home issues 69/70, set, includes Chelsea (Cup). No writing on the programmes Good 60-70
1395 BROCHURES Three publications, "Liverpool FC Wembley 1950" (players brochure- very good), Rangers Pictorial-Pictures of Your Favourite Rangers Stars-1947 (very good). Sports Spectator-Everton F.C.-1947 magazine for Merseyside Sportsmen-16 page brochure 60-70
1396 BROCHURES Four publications, "Derby County An autographed souvenir brochure"-Christmas 1946, 12 pages, slight split to spine, Sheffield United "The Blades 50 seasons in the First Division"-60 pages (1968), "The Cup Romance of Newcastle United " -24 pa 35-40
1397 MANCHESTER UNITED Programmes for the 1991 Cup-Winners Cup Final v Barcelona (Man Utd issue) and the 1999 Champions League Final v Bayern, plus Ticket and arrangements for the Cup-Winners Cup Final 91 and Ticket arrangements brochure for the 99 Champion 40-50
1398 MANCHESTER UNITED Programme for the 1996 FA Cup Final plus programme and ticket for Manchester United v Real Madrid, friendly , programme has slight fold and token is intact. Generally good 55-60
1399 BRISTOL CITY / ROVERS Programme for Gloucestershire Senior Professional Cup 24/9/45, V.E.3 Day, Bristol City v Bristol Rovers, very rare single sheet issue at Ashton Gate, score, scorers, small piece off top corner. Fair-generally good 220-240
1400 MISCELLANY A small collection of five programmes, Charity Shield 61 (minor fold), 1969 Cup Final (good), 1970 World Cup programme (UK edition), England v Scotland 63 (score on cover-fair), and Spurs v Man City 61/2 (fold). As described 25-30
1401 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 9/12/69 at Park Lane Hotel, small mark and date on cover. Generally good 12-15
1402 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 14/12/70, includes team group photograph and photo of retiring Chief Steward , Claud Stevens, after 57 years service. Good 12-15
1403 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 29/11/71, includes team group photograph. Good 12-15
1404 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 27/11/72, small tape marks on top corners but otherwise good. Generally good 12-15
1405 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 2/12/74, a few tape marks to cover otherwise good with a cartoon inside. Fair-generally good 12-15
1406 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 1/12/75, very minor tape marks to top corners otherwise very good. Good 12-15
1407 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 6/12/76, signed to cover by Terry Neill, minor fold, small tape mark to cover. Generally good 18-20
1408 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 6/12/76. Good 12-15
1409 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 5/12/77, minor marks to cover. Generally good 12-15
1410 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 4/12/78, two small tape marks to cover and several autographs including Terry Neill. Fair-generally good 18-20
1411 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 3/12/79, very slight fold. Good 12-15
1412 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 7/12/81, signed on cover by Terry Neill and photo on back cover signed by Ted Drake, also Terry Neill. Good 22-25
1413 ARSENAL Menu for the Annual Stewards Dinner provided by Arsenal, 10/12/84, signed on back cover by Don Howe, a couple of small stains also on rear cover (not on autograph). Fair-generally good 18-20
1414 MISCELLANY A box containing Subbuteo ( one full team -England) a bag of sundry players inc goalkeepers, scoreboard), World Cup 66 Jigsaw, Man United framed crest, Chelsea clock, Handbooks, a few programmes inc English v Foreign and Watney Cup Final 1970 30-35
1415 TOTTENHAM 43 Tottenham handbooks, 61/2 to 2007/08, missing 94/5, 00/01, 01/02 and 02/03. 76/7 issue has 27 autographs over their pen-pictures including Hoddle and Jennings. Generally good 120-125
1416 ARSENAL Breedon, 1886-1988, Complete Record, Good 15-20
1417 TYPHOO CARDS Complete set of 24 Head and Shoulders Typhoo cards, International Football Stars , First Series. Very good 120-130
1418 CAXTONS Four volumes, published 1960, "Association Football". Good 25-30
1419 SWINDON Full season of Swindon home issues, 1993-94 , their only Premier League season. Generally good 12-15
1420 WORLD CUP 66 Four Coasters and five Place-mats, 66 World Cup Venues, scarce souvenir, Everton (mat), Middlesbrough (both), Sunderland (both), Aston Villa (mat), White City (coaster) and Wembley (both). Good 40-50
1421 ARSENAL Full season of 51/2 homes in binder (21 League, 1 Cup), some loose match reports. Good 80-90
1422 ARSENAL Six full seasons of home issues, 71/2, 72/3, 74/5, 76/7, 77/8 and 78/9, includes Cups and European issues, some have team changes, tokens intact. Generally good 70-75
1423 ARSENAL Five full seasons of home issues in Club binders, 69/70, 79/80, 80/81 inc handbook, 81/2 inc handbook and 88/9 inc handbook, includes Cups and Europeans. Some team changes. Generally good 45-50
1424 ARSENAL Card team-group, 1938/9, 4" x 3", includes Drake, Male, Bastin, Allison (Manager). Good 25-30
1425 MANCHESTER UTD Card team-group, late 30s, 4" x 3", includes Carey, Winterbottom, Breen. Good 25-30
1426 RANGERS Card team-group, late 30s, 4" x 3". Good 25-30
1427 CELTIC Card team-group, late 30s, 4" x 3". Very slight crease. Generally good 25-30
1428 FORTIES Eight London Club home issues, Chelsea 46/7 v Everton, Blackburn, Arsenal 48/9 v Portsmouth and v Huddersfield, 46/7 v Aston Villa (small tear), Fulham v Spurs 47/8, Brentford v Luton 46/7 (First post-war issue) and Spurs v Brentford 49/50, oc 60-70
1429 TOTTENHAM Seven home issues, all forties, 12/2/44 v Luton (score, small tear on fold), 45/6 v Portsmouth (folds), and v Nottm Forest, 46/7and 47/8 v Leicester, 49/50 v Cardiff and v Preston. Minor faults. Fair-generally good 60-65
1430 CHARLTON Ten home issues, 50s, 50/1 v Wolves, v Aston Villa, Huddersfield 51/2 v Sunderland, v Huddersfield and Derby, 54/5 v Huddersfield and v Wolves , 55/6 v Chelsea and v Huddersfield. Fair-generally good 50-55
1431 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1946/47, plus F.A Cup v Derby Co. Fair/good 240-260
1432 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1947/48. Good 240-260
1433 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1948/49. Generally good 200-220
1434 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1949/50. Condition varies 120-140
1435 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1950/51 inc 4-page issues v Sunderland and Tottenham. Fair/good 120-140
1436 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1951/52. Condition varies 80-100
1437 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1952/53. Fair/good 90-100
1438 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1953/54. Fair/good 90-100
1439 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games from Championship season, 1954/55. Some staple rust but generally good. As described 160-180
1440 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1955/56 inc 4-page issues v Birmingham, Charlton, Man Utd, Preston and Luton. Fair/good 100-120
1441 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1956/57. Fair/good 50-60
1442 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1957/58. Wolves and Man City issues signed to cover by Jimmy Greaves. Fair/good 40-50
1443 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1958/59. Fair/good 40-50
1444 CHELSEA Complete 21 League games, 1959/60. Fair/good 40-50
1445 BOXING Programme for Sugar Ray Leonard v Thomas Hearns 1981. Also includes Souvenir programme and ticket. Excellent 25-30
1446 CRICKET Set of 5 programmes from England's successful 2005 series v Australia. The Ashes were regained after a long wait of nearly 20 years. Excellent 30-40
1447 F.A CUP FINAL Hard-backed limited edition (no. 1209) copy of the 1994 Final - Chelsea v Man Utd, signed inside by Steve Bruce. Excellent 25-30
1448 EUROPEAN CUP Scarce issue, Honved v Atletico Bilbao 1956/67. Match played in Brussels following the political situation in Hungary. This was the last game played by Puskas before his move to Spain. Excellent 40-50
1449 IRISH LEAGUE Programme for Representative match v Western Command, `1954/55. Visitors include Don Howe, Ronnie Clayton and Colin Booth. Very good 25-30
1450 WORLD CUP 1958 Programme for Argentina v West Germany. Excellent 60-70
1451 ARSENAL Friendly programme away v Grasshoppers, 1954/55. Very good 180-200
1452 ENGLAND Scarce away programme v Austria 1952. Fussball Blatt edition. Very good 280-300
1453 F.A TOUR 1956 Programme for Southern Rhodesia v "England", 17 June 1956. In truth, this was an F.A XI touring team. Excellent 30-40
1454 ENGLAND Away match programme v Sweden 1956. Very good 100-120
1455 ENGLAND Away match programme v Germany 1959 (under-23). Very good 20-30
1456 AMATEUR INTERNATIONAL Germany v England 1959. Includes single sheet insert. Very good 20-30
1457 SCOTLAND Away programme v Switzerland 1957. Qualifier for 1958 World Cup. Good 50-60
1458 SCOTLAND Away programme v Netherlands 1959. Good 20-30
1459 BRAZIL Tour programme for match at Malmo MFF 1960. Excellent 25-30
1460 SANTOS Match programme v Inter Milan 1967 in New York. Very good 25-30
1461 EURO 88 Programme for Holland v Soviet Union, 25 June 1988, die Blaue issue. Very good 25-30
1462 MANCHESTER CITY Programme for game at Giants Stadium, v Cosmos 1980. Very good 20-25
1463 WEST HAM Complete run of 7 programmes for 1964 F.A Cup win. Fair 20-30
1464 WEST HAM Complete run of 8 programmes for 1975 F.A Cup run. Fair/good 20-30
1465 MANCHESTER UTD Complete run of 7 programmes for 1977 F.A Cup run. Good 25-30
1466 WEST HAM Complete run of 8 programmes for 1975 F.A Cup win. Generally good 20-25
1467 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Complete run of 9 programmes for 1981 F.A Cup win, including Final and Replay. Good 20-25
1468 LIVERPOOL Complete run of 8 programmes for 1986 F.A Cup win. Also includes ticket for away game v Chelsea, 4th round. Good 20-25
1469 ASTON VILLA Scarce European Cup away programme v Dinamo Kiev 1982. Excellent 30-40
1470 EUROPEAN FINALS Three programmes: 1962 E.C.W.C Final - Atletico Madrid v Fiorentina; 1967 E.C.W.C Final - Rangers v Bayern (Stadium issue); 1975 Bayern v Leeds E.C Final. Good 50-60
1471 TRAUTMANN St Helens Town home issue v Burscough, 48/49, German , ex prisoner of war, Bert Trautmann was in goal for St Helens and after numerous brilliant performances he was signed by Manchester City where he became a goal-keeping legend, winning a FA 35-40
1472 BRENTFORD Home issue v Arsenal, 6/4/1940, South "C" game, four page issue, slight fold. Good 55-60
1473 CRYSTAL PALACE Home issue v Arsenal, 11/5/1940, War Cup, four page issue + insert, slight folds. Generally good 70-75
1474 ORIENT Home single sheet issue v Arsenal, 4/4/1942, slight wear, a couple of small marks. Fair-generally good 50-55
1475 WEST HAM Home wartime issue v Arsenal, 20/3/43, slight wear along fold. Fair-generally good 40-45
1476 ALDERSHOT Home issue v Arsenal, 16/12/44, Joe Mercer played for Aldershot, Mortensen played for Arsenal. Generally good 40-45
1477 WATFORD Home single sheet issue v Arsenal, 21/4/45, neat team changes. Generally good 30-40
1478 SWANSEA Home wartime issue v Arsenal, 13/10/45, eight page issue, some creasing and pencil score, scorers etc. Fair 80-100
1479 MILLWALL Two wartime home issues v Arsenal, 30/9/44 (slight wear and a small tear) and 23/3/46, slight fold, team change. Fair-generally good 45-50
1480 BRENTFORD Three home wartime issues v Arsenal, 23/1/43, 2/4/45 and 23/2/46, scores indicated and slight folds. Generally good 60-70
1481 FULHAM Three home wartime issues v Arsenal, 14/10/44 (neat changes), 3/11/45 (changes) and 7/4/45 (friendly-four page issue, team changes). Fair-generally good 45-50
1482 SOUTHAMPTON Two home wartime issues v Arsenal, 16/9/44 and 13/4/46, minor folds. Generally good 50-60
1483 PORTSMOUTH Two wartime issues, home v Arsenal, 17/2/45 and 1/12/45, both have team changes but are otherwise generally good. Generally good 50-60
1484 ARSENAL Home issue v Crystal Palace, 4/11/1939, League South "A". Good 55-60
1485 ARSENAL Home issue v Tottenham, 18/11/1939, League South "A", fold. Generally good 65-70
1486 ARSENAL Home issue v Birmingham, 18/5/1940, pencil score, scorers, League War Cup. Generally good 60-70
1487 ARSENAL Home issue v Clapton Orient, 8/2/1941, London War Cup, pencil changes, a couple of small tears to top. Generally good 45-50
1488 ARSENAL Home issue v Tottenham, 5/4/1941, League War Cup, slight fold. Good 50-55
1489 ARSENAL Single sheet Practice Match issue, 16/8/1930, pencil score, scorers, slight folds. Generally good 80-100
1490 ARSENAL Home issue v Aston Villa, 10/1/1931, FA Cup, minor fold, grubby team page but team group photo insert of Arsenal included. Fair-Generally good 65-70
1491 AMATEUR CUP FINAL Programme for the 1931 Amateur Cup Final, 11/4/1931 at Highbury between Hayes and Wycombe Wanderers, standard Arsenal issue, rusting staples, fold, score on team-page. Fair 250-280
1492 SHERIFF OF LONDON SHIELD Arsenal home programme, standard issue, Arsenal v Corinthians,22/4/1931, rusty staple. First game for the Shield since 1907 when it was the pre-decessor to the Charity Shield. Fair 180-200
1493 SCHOOLS Arsenal programme for Islington v Wolverhampton, 9/5/1931, English Schools Final at Highbury.creased, one staple removed. Fair 80-90
1494 ARSENAL Two home issues , both v Grimsby, 6/12/1930, abandoned ( rusty staples) and 28/1/1931 replay of the game, Wednesday afternoon and reduced attendance, score on team page.Arsenal won 9-1 but only 15,751 people saw Arsenal in this game as they pro 160-180
1495 ARSENAL Home issue v Middlesbrough, 22/11/1930, fold, rusting staple, stain on all pages. Fair 65-70
1496 ARSENAL Home issue v Manchester City, 26/12/1930, Gunners first Championship season, low attendance, 17, 624, creased, score on team page. Fair 80-85
1497 ARSENAL Home issue v Blackpool, 27/12/1930, rusting staples, slight creasing. Fair-generally good 65-70
1498 ARSENAL Home issue v Birmingham, 31/1/1931, slight staining. Fair-generally good 65-70
1499 ARSENAL Home issue v Derby, 14/2/1931, slight creasing, very minor "bleeding" to back inside page. Fair-generally good 65-70
1500 ARSENAL Home issue v Huddersfield, 7/3/1931, slight fold, minor rusting staples. Fair-generally good 65-70
1501 TEDDY SHERINGHAM Man Utd signed montage depicting scenes from the 1999 Champions League victory over Bayern Munich in dramatic fashion 2-1, hence completing a famous treble. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. 35-40
1502 DENNIS LAW Man Utd signed montage depicting scenes from his illustrious career. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-40
1503 SIR BOBBY ROBSON Newcastle Utd signed montage depicting scenes from his Newcastle managerial days. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 40-50
1504 PETER BEARDSLEY Newcastle Utd/England signed montage depicting scenes from both his club and country career. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 25-35
1505 JOE ROYLE Everton signed montage depicting scenes of him leading/managing Everton to 1995 F.A Cup victory over Man Utd. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 25-30
1506 MARTIN JOHNSON England Rugby 2003 World Cup victory signed montage depicting scenes from that momentous Final. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-45
1507 DENIS TAYLOR 1985 Embassy Snooker World Champion signed montage. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 25-30
1508 STEVE DAVIS 1983 Embassy Snooker World Champion signed photo. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 25-30
1509 STEPHEN HENDRY 1995 Embassy Snooker World Champion signed photo. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 25-30
1510 JIMMY WHITE Enigmatic Snooker Legend signed action photo from 2006 SAGA Insurance Masters at Wembley. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 25-30
1511 ENGLAND 2006 World Cup - Replica Adidas Teamgeist Football, signed by 9 of the squad whilst at their training camp, Vale de Lobo in Portugal. Autographed by Michael Owen, Sven Goran Eriksson (Manager), Joe Cole, Gary Neville, Frank Lampard, Peter Cro 20-40
1512 KEITH HOUCHEN Coventry City 1987 F.A Cup Final victory, signed Limited Edition (64/500) diving header goal montage. Voted best ever F.A cup goal at Wembley. Mounted, framed and glazed. Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 30-50
1513 CELTIC Lisbon Lions 1967 European Cup Winners stunning signed canvas by the remaining 8 surviving players, Billy McNeal (Captain), John Clark, Jim Craig, Tommy Gemmell, Willie Wallace, Bertie Auld, Bobby Lennox and Stevie Chalmers, 25" x 20". Certifi 100-150
1514 MIROIR DES SPORTS Rare French magazines dated January through to December 1934. This weekly French International Sports Magazine has full coverage of French and World Football, Rugby, Tennis, Motor sport, Cycling etc. Superb content. Genera 370-380
1515 MIROIR DES SPORTS Rare French magazines dated January through to December 1938. This weekly French International Sports Magazine has full coverage of French and World Football, Rugby, Tennis, Motor sport, Cycling etc. Superb content. Genera 370-380
1516 1966 WORLD CUP Four Pre-Tournament Magazines, 2 Italian and 2 French, dated 05 and 13 July 1966. "France Football", 05 and 12 July 1966 editions. Italian magazines "Lo Sport Illustrato - presenta I Mondiali Di Calcio" and "Epoca" dated 17 July 1966. 140-150
1517 1974 WORLD CUP Official FIFA Report, hardback with dust covers, 252 pages, in French. Many pictures. Good 170-180
1518 HEREFORD UTD Programme v Kidderminster dated Saturday 26 August 1939. Hereford Utd became a Limited Company in 1939 in order to play in the Southern League and this is their first League game. Although the programme is missing its back page and has 370-380
1519 1934 WORLD CUP Tournament paper/magazine brochure by "Tutti Sports". Wonderful colour cover titled "Giro d'Italia Campionati Mondiali di Calcio", released on the day the Championships began in Italy on 27 May 1934, 32-pages. Includes Tournament fixt 620-640
1520 1934 WORLD CUP Two paper/magazines by "Tutti Sports", 16-pages, released on the day the semi-finals were held 03 June 1934. Inside there are reviews with pictures for every one of the 1st round matches played on 27 May. Also included is the issue re 370-380
1521 1934 WORLD CUP FINAL Paper/magazine by "Tutti Sports" entitled "Italia e Cecoslovakia classificate la Finalissima del Campionato Mondiale di Calcio at Roma", 16-pages released on the morning of the World Cup Final 10 June 1934. The front cover shows 620-640
1522 1934 WORLD CUP FINAL Italy v Czechoslovakia, paper/magazine by "Tutti Sports", 16-pages, released 17 June 1934. The front cover shows the victorious Italian team celebrating after winning the World Cup. Inside there is a full review on the Final in 670-680
1523 ENGLAND Three paper/magazines by "Tutti Sports", dated 04, 11 and 25 November 1934, England v Italy. The issue released 25 November has a full review of the match and includes a full colour cover depicting the match with the Italian flag to the backg 270-280
1524 ENGLAND England Trial Match at Anfield: Whites v Stripes. Official 16-page programme, Monday 24 January 1910, 2.45 afternoon kick off. Ex-bound volume, no writing. Good 270-280
1525 1930 WORLD CUP FINAL Rare edition of the Mundo Uruguayo with colour covers showing the Captains exchanging pennants prior to kick off in the 1930 World Cup Final, with full coverage of the match inside and tournament details (spine/covers worn and to 40-45
1526 ENGLAND 1952 Italy v England Friendly match in Florence. This is the pre-match edition of Il Calcio Illustrato, 32 page special about the match for wich no official programme was printed, includes team line-ups, history of matches between the nations, 45-50
1527 WORLD CUP 1934 Italian magazine "L' Illustrazione Italiana", 10/6/1934, released on the morning of the 1934 World Cup Final, the superb colour cover has a action photo of Italy v Austria, Semi-Final in Milan. Inside there are further photos of the 220-250
1528 WORLD CUP FINAL 1962 This is the Real Madrid monthly magazine dated July 1962, inside there are many articles, reviews and pictures on Madrid's historic treble, there is also a superb review of the 1962 World Cup Final, Brazil v Czechoslovakia, with 25-30
1529 MANCHESTER UTD 1908/09 Man Utd v Liverpool, interesting match souvenirs a pair of pin back sterling antique silver spoons with enameled city club crests bound by an unmarked 9ct gold coloured chain, the spoons are. 925 sterling by Sydney & Co. (Birmin 30-35
1530 ENGLAND 1933 Italy v England Secolo Illustrato magazine with a fine front colour cover entitled Italia-Inghilterra, inside there are many pictures and reports, includes full team line ups. Generally good 240-250
1531 ENGLAND 1939 Italy v England Special edition of Sport Illustrato, May 1939, "La Partita del Secolo" Italia - Inghilterra, pre-match edition printed in Milan and issued for Italy v England 13/3/39 at the San Siro, this is often regarded as the match 280-290
1532 WORLD CUP 1934 1934 World Cup "Azzuri" paper/magazine by Sellimanale Illustrato Di Vita Sportivo, dated 31/5/34, the front cover shows Mullolini at the Italy v USA and also a photo of the Brazil v Spain match, inside there are various write ups on t 20-30
1533 WORLD CUP 1962 1962 World Cup Chile. Rage press report Il y a Coupe et Coupe, printed in Santiago, Chile in French language, 80 pages colour covers, includes reports of every match. Good 25-30
1534 WORLD CUP 1954 Italian Brochure produced by Il Calcio Illustrato, 10/6/54, released a few days before the World Cup began just over the border in Switzerland , the colour front cover shows the flags of the competing nations. Inside there are repor 130-135
1535 WORLD CUP 1938 Rare French magazine / paper July 1938, entitled "Football Rossini! A Paris O, cover shows Italian World Cup winner Meazza. Inside there are various articles on the 1938 World Cup which had just ended, a full write up on Italian Worl 75-80
1536 BISHOPSGATE FC A dinner menu held at the G.E.R Hotel for their 1922 Annual Dinner. Signed by around 50 guests and players in pencil. An interesting piece of football memorabilia. Fanfold card, tears on folds. Good 5-10
1537 WORLD CUP 1934 "La Domenica Del Corriere" magazine. Fine front colour cover depicting the final between Italy and Czechoslovakia in Rome. Very good 170-180
1538 WORLD CUP 1934 A run of 10 rare French magazines "Match" 22/5 - 13/7. The issue dated 22/5 has pre-Tournament articles written by Jules Rimet about the World Cup in Italy. The 29/5 edition is entitled "La Coupe Du Monde de Football" and inside has 360-370
1539 ASTON VILLA Home issue, Reserves v Stafford Rangers, 8/12/1906, first year of issue, Birmingham League, not ex-bound volume, cover marked and spine partly split but internally generally good. As described 40-45
1540 ASTON VILLA Home issue, Reserves v Kidderminster Harriers, 16/2/1907, first year of issue with cover, pencil on some pages, a few marks, not ex-bound volume. Fair 45-50
1541 ASTON VILLA Home issue v Blackburn Reserves, 18/2/1922, ex-bound volume, edges flaking, a little fragile with covers. As described 18-20
1542 ORIENT Home issue v Reading, 22/12/1928, slight fold. Generally good 90-100
1543 ASTON VILLA Home issue v Blackburn Rovers, 15/2/1930, FA Cup, score on team page, a little worn. Fair 50-55
1544 CHELSEA Home issue v Blackburn Rovers, 3/3/1934, small punch-holes, fold, score on team-page. As described 20-25
1545 WEST BROM Home Reserve issue v Blackburn Reserves, 19/3/1938, some ageing minor marks. Fair 25-30
1546 CHELSEA Programme, British Army v Royal Air Force, 26/4/1943, Services Cup Final, single sheet, Belgian Army v Norwegian Forces on the reverse, worn along folds, small tears. Fair 28-30
1547 1962 WORLD CUP Special issue of "En Viaje" 1962, over 200 pages covering 1962 World Cup, published in Santiago, Chile, Comprehensive preview of the 62 Finals including teams previous tournaments, venues etc + maps, Chile colour picture. This guide i 60-75
1548 WARTIME Programme at Anfield, Liverpool, for RAF v Western Command, 20/5/44, single sheet issue, punch-holes, (teams not affected), players include Swift, Busby, Lawton, Welsh, Doherty, Dodds, Beattie, Matthews, etc. Pencil score (feint). F 25-30
1549 SHAMROCK ROVERS Five programmes, away at Shelbourne 43/4 season, two games, City Cup and League of Ireland, + 3 games at Dalymount Park, v Drumcondra 44/5 Leinster Cup Semi, 52/3 v Transport also Leinster Cup Semi and v St Patricks Athletic 55/6 Lein 80-90
1550 PORT VALE Official News Chronicle songsheet for the opening game at Port Vale new stadium 24/8/50, same format as the Cup Final songsheets and a rare piece of Port Vale memorabilia. Game is Port Vale v Newport County. Good 10-12
1551 MEXICO 86 Small brochure for 1986 World Cup in Mexico produced by Novedades includes Itinerary, songs, mascot, 20 pages. Also includes programme for 1985 warm-up Tournament in Mexico featuring Mexico, England, Italy and Germany, (20 pages + covers-go 40-50
1552 EURO 88 Die Blaue Sportschau edition for the Euro 88 Final, Holland v Soviet Union, Munich 25/6/88, slight ageing. Generally good 30-40
1553 ENGLAND A small England miscellany including away programmes at Luxembourg 1998 and Austria 2004, Both include teamsheet) + FA Itinerary for game at Albania 2001, and two hospitality menus, Euro 2000 at Charleroi v Rumania and World Cup 2006 v Paraqu 8-10
1554 1938 CUP FINAL Ticket for the 1938 Cup Final, North Grand Stand, minor fold. Fair-good 80-90
1555 1954 WORLD CUP Ticket for 1954 World Cup Finals game, France V Mexico in Geneva, WIP ticket, 19/6/54. Good 60-80
1556 1954 WORLD CUP Ticket for 1954 World Cup Semi-Final, West Germany v Austria, 30/6/54 in Basle, VIP ticket. Good 80-100
1557 1970 WORLD CUP Three tickets for 1970 World Cup in Estadio Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico, Brazil v Czechoslovskia, Brazil v Rumania and Rumania v Czechosvakia, folds. Fair-generally good 35-40
1558 1974 WORLD CUP Rare match ticket, West Germany v East Germany, 22/6/74, Hamburg. Good 45-50
1559 1978 WORLD CUP Two tickets for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, West Germany v Mexico (Cordoba) complete with counterfoil and Brazil v Itlay (3/4 Play-Off-Buenos Aires, minor creases) Good-Very good 60-70
1560 1978 WORLD CUP Three tickets, all press tickets, for games in 1978 World Cup all in Buenos Aires, game 17 Italty v Argentina game 25 Italy v Germany and game 37 Brazil v Italy (3-4 Play-Off). Scoge written neatly on tickets, slight creasing. 90-100
1561 1978 WORLD CUP Ticket for 1978 World Cup Final, Argentina v Holland, Buenos Aires, poress ticket, fold, slight creasing, score on ticket. Fair 110-125
1562 1980 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP Ticket for Final, Euro 80, West Germany v Belgium in Rome, 22/6/80. 55-60
1563 1982 WORLD CUP Ticket for England v Czechoslovakia, 20/6/82, Bilbao. Good 22-25
1564 1990 WORLD CUP Two tickets, England v Egypt (Cagliari), and England v Cameroon (Napoli). Generally good 45-50
1565 1994 WORLD CUP Ticket for World, Cup Final, Brazil v Italy, Los Angeles, 17/7/94 with counterfoil. Very good 65-70
1566 EURO 2004 Five tickets from the Finals in Portugal, 3 x England (v Croatia, Switzerland and Portugal) + Spain v Portugal and France v Greece, 2 have minor fold otherwise good. Generally good 30-35
1567 TICKETS A small collection of tickets involving England, includes away at Seeden 98, at Switzerland 98 (with counterfoil), and v Romania (Euro 2000) - Charleroi, + 4 x 70s homes 1 x 80s and 1 x 90s. Fair-good 18-20
1568 ROCHDALE 1979/80 season, complete set of homes and aways, 26 homes inc Single sheet v Forfar 3/8/79, 9 x Newspaper format, followed by remainder in large format, also 26 aways inc various newspaper issues. Generally good 18-20
1569 PETERBOROUGH Home Reserve issue v QPR Reserves, 22/8/60, first Reserve issue as a League Club and first issue as a member of the Football Combination, slight damage to rear cover, full issue. Fair 5-10
1570 WOLVES Almost complete season ticker booklet for 1928-29. Ground admittance book with fixtures etc and cloth covers with gilt Wolves crest to front and back covers. Good 45-50
1571 TOTTENHAM Handbook for 1922-23 season, spine has split but is easily repairable, and the 40 page handbook is generally in good condition, the only other faults being neatly completed fixture lists. As described 140-150
1572 GLASGOW RANGERS Rangers handbook 1924/25 season (generally good) together with Rangers team-group postcard 1921-22 season which has slight creases etc but is still in reasonable condition , players are named. Fair-generally good 50-55
1573 WALTHAMSTOW AVE Home issue v Sutton Utd, 5/11/1938, Athenian League, Avenue seem to have won 9-1, score, scorers and small ink mark to team page, slight fold. Fair 35-40
1574 NOTTS COUNTY / WATFORD Programme for Notts County v Watford, 23/2/46, signed to team page by the Watford team in pencil, two punch-holes (minimal print damage). As described 30-40
1575 LOVELLS Home wartime issue, Lovells Athletic v Bath City, 6/3/43, Football League War Cup, slight wear along folds. Fair-generally good 30-40
1576 ARSENAL / QPR Two wartime programmes between Arsenal and QPR, 24/4/43, Wartime Cup South Semi-Final at Chelsea (two punch-holes , no print affected, slight fold but still generally good) + Arsenal v QPR 23/9/44, two punch-holes (no print affected, sco 70-75
1577 RUGBY UNION Programme for Scotland v Wales, 3/2/1934 at Murrayfield, clear tape repairs to spine, small piece off top corner of rear cover, minor pencil writing on team page. Only fair 20-25
1578 QPR Home issue v Exeter City, 1/9/1938, slight fold, rusty staple. Generally good 120-130
1579 HUDDERSFIELD Home issue v Birmingham, 15/10/1921, rusty staples removed, slight fold. Fair 120-130
1580 CUP FINAL 1936 Official programme, Arsenal v Sheffield United, rusty staples and rusty staple areas, slight fold. Programme is otherwise in good condition. Fair 260-280
1581 LEICESTER Home wartime issue v Sheffield Wed, 2/4/45, small paper erosion to top left hand corner, minor fold. Fair 55-60
1582 CHARLTON Home issue v Crystal Palace, 25/3/44, pencil score, scorers , minor folds. Fair-generally good 35-40
1583 ASTON VILLA / CHARLTON Programme for Aston Villa v Charlton 14/11/59, record defeat for Charlton which still remains so as Villa won 11-1. Generally good 12-15
1584 ARSENAL A small Arsenal miscellany including 30s team-group on board (creased), programmes, inc Arsenal v Charlton 11/11/44 (P-holes, no print affected), 5 Home Reserve issues v Brentford 49/50 (Cup), v Fulham 49/50, and 3 x 52/3 v Birmingham, Northamp 30-40
1585 DERBY Home programme v Norwich 4/9/65 signed to team page by the Derby players, 12 autographs. Fair 12-15
1586 SEMI-FINALS Eight FA Cup Semi-Final programmes , 56/7 Villa v West Brom + replay (Creased), 58/9 Luton v Norwich at Spurs, 60/61 Spurs v Burnley, 61/2 Burnley v Fulham, + replay at Leicester, 62/3 Southampton v Man Utd (score, changes) and 63/4 Preston v 45-50
1587 50s/60s Over eighty programmes, approx 12 x 50s inc England v Denmark 56/7 (World Cup), Newcastle v Arsenal 59/60, Arsenal v Man Utd 56/7 (score on cover), Fulham v West Ham 53/4, Aston Villa v Man City 56/7, and friendly Crystal Palace v Rotherham 45-50
1588 MISCELLANY Small collection of various sports, German Rugby Union paper 2/12/60, 15 x Speedway programmes 70s (a varity of clubs, events etc), 2 boxing programmes inc ABA Championships 1973 inc Pat Cowdell, and a couple of other items. Fair-generall 8-10
1589 TOTTENHAM A box of approx 195 Tottenham away programmes, mid 60s to 88/89 seasons. Fair-generally good 25-30
1590 MAN UTD A box of approximately 200 + home issues, 75/6 to 83/4, vast majority good with tokens intact and no team changes, occasional token missing and occasional team change. Generally good 25-30
1591 ARSENAL Scrapbook from the 48/9 season devoted to Arsenal + 12 other more modern scrapbooks usually devoted to Arsenal players individually including Bergkamp, Lukic, Nicholas, Bould and Rocastle. Fair-generally good 40-50
1592 MISCELLANY A box which is an "Aladdins Cave" of items, Football Newspapers, Champions League media guides/press packs, usually involving Arsenal, 60s scrapbook, team groups from the 40s, Tiget "League Ladder" with clubs circa 1960, various World Cups so 25-30
1593 SCRAPBOOK Large size hard backed scrapbook, 1930s onwards, significant Man Utd/Man City interest with Cup Final reports 40s and 50s plus Final Reports from the 30s, also includes Cricket and other sports and even covers the 66 World Cup, neatly laid d 25-30
1594 PINSENT Hardback autobiography, "A Lifetime In A Race" signed by Matthew Pinsent", with dust-wrapper. Good 8-10
1595 CHELSEA Single sheet Reserves issue v Clapton Orient, 8/3/1920, ex bound volume. Good 30-35
1596 DANNY BLANCHFLOWER Small collection comprising Soccer My Way by Blanchflower, 1962 book "Book of Sports Stars " with Blanchflower on cover and real photo + enlargement of Blanchflower leading Spurs team out against foreign opposition. Good 15-20
1597 RANGERS Team group postcard, Health and Strength Series 1911-12, players named on reverse, slight creasing but generally good plus Glasgow Rangers Rosette 60s style. Generally good 40-50
1598 WORLD CUP 70 Six press photos from Sweden v Uruguay in Mexico plus press photo from the 1958 World Cup draw in Sweden. Generally good 12-15
1599 HAND-WRITTEN LETTERS Two hand-written letters, one from Len Shackleton dated 1994 and one from Greg Norman dated 1982. Good 25-30
1600 MISCELLANY A selection of items including Football Association Shield , World Cup ice bucket,Wales v Spain 61 autographed programme, six signatures inc Gento, a few trade cards, Man Utd season ticket 79/80, 66/7 fixture card, a few programmes, 4 x FA 90-100
1601 WORLD CUP FINAL Programme for the 66 World Cup Final, original issue, very minor marks to cover otherwise good, no writing. Generally good 80-90
1602 DARLINGTON / HULL Rare four page programme for the FA Cup Second Round, fourth replay, 15/10/60 at Middlesbrough, minor fold. Generally good 15-20
1603 WORLD CUP 66 A collection of French and Italian magazines associated with the 1966 World Cup, 3 French magazines including France Football World Cup Supplement (July 66), 68 pages, colour cover, two issues of "Miroir Sprint" and Italian Magazine "Domen 70-75
1604 WORLD CUP 78 An interesting 24 page booklet with colour cover issued for tv, showing Camera positions for stadiums together with a match schedule etc. Good 25-30
1605 ENGLAND Programme for the 1971 FA tour of Australia, Western Australia v FA XI, autographed by the FA squad, sixteen signatures including Mills, Watson, Bridges, Garland, Grummitt, Chilton etc. Good 25-30
1606 HUNGARY / ENGLAND French magazine "Miroir-Sprint", 30/11/53, 20 page issue with full report and pictures of England 3-6 Hungary at Wembley, 7 photos, also included is coverage of France v Ireland, World Cup qualifier with photos. Generally good 25-30
1607 MOTOR RACING Entry list for the 1990 Australian Grand Prix signed by James Hunt, Alain Prost, Ricardo Patrese, Yannick Dalma plus a time-table signed by Jean Alesi and two others. Generally good 40-50
1608 MOTOR RACING A small collection of Formula 1 autographs including Irvine, Hamilton, Ralf Schumaker, Ron Dennis, Rosberg, Button (on gold card), Barrichello, Trulli and Damon Hill. Also includes approximately 12 other signatures from the motor sport wor 50-60
1609 ENGLAND Italian magazine, "Lo Sport Illustrato", 22/5/52, contains nine pages of repots, pictures and statistics re the one all draw between Italy and England at Florence. Generally good 60-70
1610 ENGLAND Two Italian magazines both May 52 and both covering in detail Italy v England at Florence .The magazines are "Lo Sport" and the 15/5/52 issue previews the game and the 22/5/52 issue (tears to edges) has nine pages of reports, details and photo 70-75
1611 1923 CUP FINAL Rare issue of French magazine "Le Miroir des Sports", 3/5/1923 , with cover picture showing action from the 1923 Cup Final, Bolton v West Ham.The centre pages have seven pictures including pictures of both goals and wide angle shot showi 40-50
1612 FRENCH MAGAZINE A copy of "Le Miroir des Sports " , 3/11/1931 which has a cover showing action from Paris v London League at Buffalo. Inside there are two pages of photos and reports, London team included players from Chelmsford, Tooting (3), Park Roya 15-20
1613 1954 WORLD CUP Rare FIFA Official report book on the 54 World Cup Finals in Switzerland. An excellent 256 page book with match details , reports, statistics, previous World Cups etc. The original dust jacket has been replaced by a photo copy but otherwi 150-160
1614 WORLD CUP FINAL Official programme for the 1966 World Cup Final. Original copy, slight scuffs to bottom of front cover but otherwise good with teams not entered. Generally good 100-120
1615 ARSENAL Home issue v Sheffield Wed, 21/3/1931, some creasing, pencil team change. Fair 65-70
1616 ARSENAL Home issue v Sunderland, 17/1/1931, rusty staples removed, slight wear along fold. Fair 65-70
1617 ARSENAL Home issue v Aston Villa, 8/11/1930, slight fold, slightly rusting staples. Generally good 65-70
1618 ARSENAL Home issue v Bolton, 2/5/1931, rusting staples. Generally good 65-70
1619 ARSENAL Practice match, single sheet issue, 15/8/1931, repair to bottom left hand cornerapprox one inch square, scorers, otherwise good. As described 60-70
1620 ENGLAND Home issue v Spain, 9/12/1931 at Highbury.rusty staples (no burn), slight creasing. Generally good 180-200
1621 ARSENAL Home issue v Darwen, 9/1/1932, FA Cup, Arsenal strolled home 11-1, score on team page, rusting staples, very slight creasing. Fair-generally good 120-130
1622 ARSENAL Home issue v Plymouth, 23/1/1932, FA Cup, some creasing otherwise generally good. Fair 55-60
1623 ARSENAL Home issue v Liverpool, 28/11/1931, rusty staples otherwise good. Generally good 45-50
1624 SIR HENRY COOPER A fine colourized 12 x 8 photograph, depicting Cooper being held back by the referee atfer he knocked Cassius Clay down at the end of the 4th round during their clash at Wembley Stadium in 1963, good signature in fine blue marker. 20-25
1625 BOBBY GEORGE A fine 12x10 photograph depicting a montage of images of Darts ledgend Bobby George, good signature in fine sliver marker. Good 20-25
1626 JOHN LOWE A fine 12x10 photograph depicting a montage of images of Darts ledgends John Lowe, good signature in fine sliver marker. Good 20-25
1627 1969 SCOTTISH CUP FINAL A fine 12x8 photograph depicting the Celtic and Rangers captains Billy McNeil and John Greig shaking hands prior to the Final, good signatures by both players in fine blue marker. Good 20-25
1628 1958 FA CUP FINAL A fine 12x8 photograph depicting the Bolton and Manchester Utd captains Nat Lofthouse and Bill Foulkes shaking hands prior to the Final, good signatures by both players in black marker. Good 30-40
1629 1956 FA CUP FINAL A fine 12x8 photograph depicting the Birmingham and Manchester City goalkeeper Gil Merrick and Bert Trautmann arm in arm after the final whistle, good signatures by both players using a fine blue marker. Good 30-40
1630 ARSENAL A fine 12x8 photograph depicting a montage of images relating to their 1979 FA Cup victory, inc images of all 3 goals and the captain, signed by Rice, Talbot, Stapleton and Sunderland using a fine blue marker. Good 30-40
1631 ARSENAL A fine lot of 3, 12x8 photographs depicting Alan Smith as hero of their 1994 ECWC victory, images depicting Smith scoring the winner, celebrating his goal and holding aloft the trophy, all good signatures. Good 30-40
1632 ARSENAL A fine lot of 2, 12x8 photographs depicting Charlie George celebrating after scoring the winner in the 1970 FA Cup Final, and Eddie Kelly scoring the equalizing goal, both signed using a black marker. Good 30-40
1633 ASTON VILLA A fine lot of 12x8 photographs depicting Peter McParland as hero and villain of the 1957 FA Cup Final, 5 images inc McParland scoring, colliding with Ray Wood and post match celebration, all 5 photos with good signatures. 40-50
1634 BOLTON WANDERERS A fine lot of 12x8 photographs depicting Nat Lofthouse as hero of the 1958 FA Cup Final, 3 images inc Lofthouse scoring, arguing the coin toss and celebrating with manager Bill Ridding all 3 photos with good signatures. 30-40
1635 BRAZIL A fine lot of 2, 12x8 photographs depicting the Brazil and England captains Carlos Alberto and Bobby Moore arguing the toss before their 1970 World Cup clash, and the pair together post-match, both with good signature by Alberto in black m 40-50
1636 BURNLEY A collection of 33 photographs, all measuring 12x8 depicting mostly players from their successful perion 1960 - 1962, including a multi signed League Winners photo from 1959/60 signed by 9 players, a superb image of Meredith scoring the goal 60-70
1637 CELTIC A fine lot of 4, 12x8 photographs depicting images of Celtic's victory in the 1965 Scottish Cup Final inc. Auld scoring both his goals, McNeil being chared by teammates and a team group image with the Cup, all with good signatures. 30-40
1638 CELTIC A fine lot of 4, 12x8 photographs depicting images of Ceitic captain Billy McNeill in 1967, inc McNeil holding aloft the European Cup (2 different), with Inter Milan skipper before the Final, and exchanging pennants with the Racing captain b 30-40
1639 CELTIC A fine lot of 2, 12x8 photographs depicting images of Dixie Dean's scoring in the 1972 Scottish Cup Final, and also celebrating with manager Stein after the final whistle, both have good signatures in blue marker. Good 20-25
1640 CELTIC A fine 12x8 photograph depicting the Celtic team aboard on open top bus as they parade the European Cup around Parkhead in 1967, good signatures in silver pen by 7 players inc McNeil. Chalmers, Gemmell, Lennox, Auld etc. G 30-40
1641 CELTIC An attractive 12x8 photo with the Celtic crest in the top left hand cover and bordered in the colours of Celtic, superbly signed by 11 former players using a fine black marker inc. Fallon, McNeill, Macari, Gemmell and Chalmers. 20-25
1642 ENGLAND A fine lot of 2, 12x8 photographs depicting Geoff Hurst completing his hat-trick and Martin Peters celebrating his goal in the 1966 World Cup Final, both superbly signed. Good 40-50
1643 ENGLAND A fine lot of 2, 12x8 photographs depicting Gordon Banks making his famous save against Pele in the 1970 World Cup Finals, together with a similar photo of Banks holding aloft the World Cup in 1966, both signed in fine blue marker. 40-50
1644 ENGLAND An attractive 12x8 photo with the England crest in the top left hand corner and bordered in the colours of England, good signatures by 17 former Internationals using fine black marker. Inc. Stiles, Finney, Hassall, Lofthouse, Anderson and Mer 30-40
1645 EVERTON A fine lot ot 3. 10x8 photographs depicting Everton's line up prior to the 1985 ECWC Final signed by Stevens, Bailey, Southall, manager Howard Kendall posing with the League Champ trophy in 1985 (signed) and players on a lap of honour after t 20-25
1646 EVERTON A fine colourised 12x8 photograph depicting Derek Temple scoring the winning goal for Everton in the 1966 F.A Cup Final, good signatures in fine blue marker. Good 20-25
1647 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for Charity Shield game, Bolton v Wolves, 6/10/58 at Burnden Park. Generally good 35-40
1648 BRADFORD PARK AVENUE Fifty home issues , all sixties, 1 x 60/61, 1 x 63/4 (poor), 2 x 64/5 (one has ink on cover), 11 x 65/6 (all have score on cover), 9 x 66/7 (one poor), 12 x 67/8 ( 5 have score on cover), 9 x 68/9 ( three have score on cover) and 6 45-50
1649 BRADFORD CITY Thirty home issues, all fifties including 50/51 v Stockport, 54/5 v Barrow, 55/6 v Grimsby, 5 x 56/7 v Mansfield, Barrow, Derby, Airdrieonians and Workington, 7 x 57/8, 7 x 58/9 and 8 x 59/60. Some minor faults but nothing very signific 50-60
1650 CHESTERFIELD Two reserve programmes, both v Newcastle, 45/6 and 48/9. Good 22-25
1651 FA CUP FINALS 27 Cup Final programmes between 1958 - 1986 inc 1970 replay, minor faults to some. Fair-good 120-140
1652 LEAGUE CUP FINALS 26, Programmes between 1967- 2002 inc 67- 75. Generally good 50-60
1653 RANGERS Selection of ephemera including cloth badges, pages from autograph album inc Greig, McKinnon, Provan and Ferguson, 64/5 team groups, pennant and book The rangers Players Story (1962). Generally good 30-40
1654 PAT EDDERY A large colour print of "Dancing Brave", Pat Eddery up, winning the King George in 1986, signed by the artist (Brandrett) and by Pat Eddery.small tear to top Generally good 30-40
1655 MAN UTD TREBLE Three Limited edition prints, unsigned from the 99 Treble season, 2 show Solskjaer scoring against barca , theother shows the Giggs wonder goal against Arsenal in the 99 Cup Semi-Final. Good 30-35
1656 CRICKET Glass tankard in box with tie. The tankard commemorates Leicestershire winning the County Championship in 1975. Good 12-15
1657 FRANK SWIFT Completed jigsaw showing Frank Swift collecting the ball whilst playing for England v Scotland, around 200 pieces. + box Good 8-10
1658 MAN UTD Corinthians stand with 14 United players from the 98/99 Treble season. Generally good 15-20
1659 CRICKET Book "Cricket"-W.G.Grace-1891, hardback, good condition. Good 60-70
1660 CRICKET Book "A History of Leicestershire Cricket", E.E.Snow-1949, hardback. Good 30-40
1661 CRICKET Book "Yorkshire's 22 Championships 1893-1946"- E.L.Roberts, 1949, with dustwrapper, hardback. Generally good 20-25
1662 CRICKET Book "The Memorial Biography of Dr W.G.Grace" -1919-published by M.C.C, does not have illustrations. Fair 15-20
1663 CRICKET Book "Kings of Cricket" by Richard Daft-1893, hardback, includes illustrations, some pages a little mottled. Generally good 35-40
1664 CRICKET Book "Cricket" by Steel and Lyttelton, The Badminton Library, 1888 edition, spine a little distressed at the top, hardback. Fair-generally good 45-50
1665 CRICKET Three hard back books, The Art of Cricket-(Armstrong), Lords 1787-1945 (Warner) and Lancs County Cricket 1864-1953 (Ledbroke), all hardback, no dustwrappers. Fair 20-25
1666 PUSKAS Corinthian Pro Stars XL model of Ferenc Puskas in Hungarian strip. The box is signed by Puskas. Good 25-30
1667 WORLD CUP POSTERS Two posters, World Cup 66 (tears, worn and creased) and World Cup 82 (good). As described 12-15
1668 MIXED BOX Box containing boxes of Corinthians, Football Heroes Display Stand, box of Chelsea Corinthians (Kharine era), several bags of loose Corinthians and Van Basten Sportstar. Fair-good 25-30
1669 MICHAEL OWEN A collection of Michael Owen ephemera from his better days., signed framed photo, (with certificate), Michael Owen biography (Hale and Thompson). Owen Calendar, Socks, Promotional material, two copies of "Hello" magazine and a life-size mod 12-15
1670 MIXED BOX-THE SEQUEL A box containing England 1970 World Cup Jigsaw (partly completed), Bottle of Football Stout (empty)-Corona Brand, Pennants, mug, trade cards (film stars) and John Player Tennis cards, and cantona-Man Utd Soccer Super hero. 10-15
1671 AUTOGRAPHS A collection of signed magazine and newspaper pictures, includes Banks, Hurst, Shackleton, Eastham, Mullery and Bentley, over 50 items plus some signatures on cards etc. Generally good 50-60
1672 THE FA CUP Booklet, the "F.A.Cup Annual 1885-1934, blue cover, 50 years of English Cup Finals, 64 pages. Good 30-35
1673 WOLVES Programme for Southern Rhodesia v Wolves, 24/5/57, Bulawayo, includes insert. Good 35-40
1674 1985 MILK CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, Norwich v Sunderland signed by eight of the Norwich team inc Hartford, Woods, Bruse, Watson, Deehan. Slight fold. Fair-generally good 22-25
1675 WHITBY Programme for Whitby v Bishop Auckland, 31/8/46, first post-war issue, a couple of small ink-marks and some ageing of the paper. Fair 25-30
1676 STOREY First day cover for England v Greece, 21/4/71, signed by Peter Storey , who was making his England debut. Two England Winners stamps and Harrow and Wembley postmark. Good 25-30
1677 EASTBOURNE Home issue v Kingstonian, 18/4/49, fold. Generally good 18-20
1678 EASTBOURNE Home issue v Wimbledon, 16/4/49. Very good 30-35
1679 EVERTON Away, issue at Imter Milan, 25/9/63, European Cup. Very good 55-60
1680 RANGERS Programme for Eintracht frankfurt v Rangers, 13/4/60, European Cup. Very good 30-40
1681 FIFTIES Ten programmes including Bristol Rovers v Newport 51/2, Huddersfield v Newcastle 54/5 (Cup), Newcastle v Sunderland 55/6 (Cup), Preston v Man Utd 53/4 (small tear repaired), Edinburgh Select v Liverpool 58/9 and v Birmingham 56/7 , both at Hea 60-70
1682 ENGLAND Twenty tickets, mostly England , inc v Austria (1952 unused with counterfoil), v Belgium 52 and away at Scotland 54, also includes Euro 2000 and 2004 tickets not involving England. Good 40-45
1683 MISCELLANY A small but interesting collection of items, includes caricature history of Birmingham City by Norman Edwards 1956, Birmingham 56 Cup Final players handbook, Salute to Manchester United (64 page brochure produced by Football Monthly 1959), 50-60
1684 ALAN BALL Mounted and framed black and white photograph of Ball in England strip with signed card relating to details of World Cup 66. Good signature. Good 35-40
1685 AUTOGRAPHS Circa forty white cards, all signed, names include Giggs, Messi, Ronaldo, Deco, Torres, Tevez, Zidane etc. The signatures appear to be genuine , but we do suggest that potential buyers satisfy themselves about the authenticity as we have no 40-50
1686 WORLD CUP 1930 Three complete unused tickets, Uruguay v Yugoslavia, Argentina v USA and Uruguay v Argentina (game 8- Final). Good 200-250
1687 WORLD CUP 1950 Two tickets, England v Spain and Brazil v Uruguay (effectively the Final). Generally good 120-150
1688 1962 WORLD CUP Six tickets, including Italy v Switzerland, Germany v Italy and v Switzerland, England v Bulgaria, 3/4 Play Off and Brazil v Chile Semi-Final 180-200
1689 1966 WORLD CUP Three tickets at Goodison, all Brazil group games v Bulgaria, Hungary and Portugal.Ground tickets, . Generally good 90-100
1690 1966 WORLD CUP Five tickets, 2 x Wembley group games, Mexico v England and Uruguay v Mexico plus France v Uruguay at White City + Spain v West Germany at Villa and an unused ticket for the 3/4th Place game.. Generally good 120-130
1691 1970 WORLD CUP Six tickets, includes Brazil v Czechoslovakia (unused) and El Salvador v Russia (Unused), + used Mexico v Russia, Belgium v El Salvador, El Salvador v Mexico (small piece off corner) and Mexico v Belgium, a few folds. Fair 80-90
1692 1974 WORLD CUP Six tickets inc Sweden v Uruguay (score on front), Yugoslavia v West Germany, and v Sweden (unused), West Germany v Chile, Zaire v Brazil, and a ticket (card) for a possible Final replay. Minor folds. Fair-generally good 100-120
1693 1978 WORLD CUP Twelve tickets for the 78 World Cup, variety of Stadiums, tenare unused including two press tickets, used gtickets are West Germany v Italy ans West Germany v Holland. Generally good 200-220
1694 1982 WORLD CUP Two tickets, Scotland v New Zealand and v Brazil, small pieces off bottom right hand corner upon entry.slight creasing. Generally good 25-30
1695 1986 WORLD CUP Six tickets, includes England v Portugal, Paraguay and Poland (BBC ticket) and Argentina, all press/tv tickets + Scotland v Uruguay Uunused). Some creasing . Fair-good 120-150
1696 1986 WORLD CUP FINAL Ticket for the Final, Argentina v West Germany, used, some creasing, scuff/small mark on reverse. Fair 50-60
1697 1990 WORLD CUP Seven tickets for Italia 90, includes Scotland v Costa Rica , Sweden and Brazil all unused, Others include Columbia v west Germany and press ticket for quarter final West Germany v Czechoslovakia, some are creased. Fair-generally good 70-80
1698 1990 WORLD CUP FINAL Ticket for the Final Argentina v Germany., minor folds. Fair-generally good 60-75
1699 1994 WORLD CUP Eight unused tickets for different games inc Brazil v Sweden, Germany v Bulgaria (Quarter Final), Holland v South Africa , and Romania v Sweden (Quarter Final). Very good 70-80
1700 1994 WORLD CUP Two tickets, Bulgaria v Italy Semi-Final and Bulgaria v Sweden 3/4 place match, probably unused. Good 40-50
1701 THIRD LANARK Programme for the opening of the floodlights at Cathkin Park, Third Lanark v Blackpool, 30/11/59, minor fold, small tear. Fair-generally good 20-25
1702 STOKE Home issue v Manchester United, 7/4/51,score, scorers. Generally good 50-60
1703 MEDAL 1954 World Cup metal medal, gold coloured with FIFA emblem on the front and Championnnat du Monde, Coupe Jules Rimet, Siusse 1954 on the reverse .Size is approximately one inch by one and a half inch. Very good 20-25
1704 PORTSMOUTH Official fixture booklet for the 1954-55 season , four pages + covers, includes Pompey League fixtures, Football Combination and London Mid-week League fixtures, rusty staples but no writing. Fair 8-10
1705 MAN UTD Six United home issues, 47/8 v Charlton (team changes, rusty staple and faults to rear cover where laid down), 48/9 v Huddersfield (team changes), and v Charlton (damage to rear cover when laid down, team changes, rusty staples removed), 61 55-60
1706 REAL MADRID Display box approx 15" square containing small replica trophies won by Real Madrid, including 7 x European Cups, 2 x UEFA Cups, 2 x Inter-Continental Trophies and numerous domestic trophies, 21 trophy replicas entitled "La Sala de Trofeos D 40-50
1707 CHELSEA Binder containing cards representing "The Captains of Chelsea" , 63 cards in total in brown cloth binder, issued in 1998. It was originally envisaged that 1905 sets would be released and each card has an individual set number on the reverse , 40-50
1708 MAN UTD Futera Platinum leather album containing limited edition set of cards, "European Champions 1999", 14 cards, missing the centre card. Good 25-30
1709 MAN UTD Futera Platinum leather album containing limited edition set of cards, "Millennium 2000", full set of 15 cards. Good 25-30
1710 MAN UTD Binder containing Upper Deck Manchester United trading cards, base set of 135 cards, 15 signed cards and 4 subsets. Signed cards include Keane, Barthez, Giggs, Beckham, Solskjaer and Van Nistelrooy. Generally good 40-50
1711 CIGARETTE CARDS / CUP Set of 50 cards, "Association Cup Winners", issued by John Player in 1929. Also included in this lot is a booklet "The Cup" , 50 Years of English Cup Finals , 1883-1932, 64 pages, green cover. Good 30-35
1712 MISCELLANY Box containing books about Football Memorabilia, Jimmy Johnstone Souvenir Brochure (In Memoriam), Rugby League Grand Final 2007 St Helens v Leeds programme, over 30 modern Man Utd programmes, a few United fanzines and several older programm 20-25
1713 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Dinamo Tbilisi, 19/9/79, European Cup. Generally good 25-30
1714 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Dynamo Dresden, 7/3/73, UEFA Cup, ticket is for Directors Box, Row 1 (some writing on reverse), Fair-generally good 20-25
1715 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Benfica, 15/3/78, European Cup, (score on back of ticket). Fair-generally good 30-35
1716 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v FC Koln, 3/3/65, European Cup, ticket has two tape marks, score on reverse and a black mark on front, programme has small tear to bottom of rear cover. Fair 35-40
1717 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Bayern Munich, 10/3/71, Fairs Cup, ticket has feint pencil writing on reverse. Generally good 45-50
1718 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Servette, 29/9/71, Cup-Winners Cup, ticket has small tape marks in corners and score on reverse. Fair-good 45-50
1719 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Dynamo Dresden, 19/10/77, European Cup, ticket has small number on front otherwise good. Generally good 30-35
1720 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Eintracht Frankfurt, 12/9/72, UEFA Cup, ticket has a little writing on reverse and minor creases. Fair-generally good 45-50
1721 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Ferencvaros, 23/10/74, Cup-Winners Cup, ticket has small piece off bottom left corner otherwise good, small tear to back cover of programme. Fair-generally good 55-60
1722 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v CSKA Sofia, 4/3/81,European Cup, slight marks to ticket. Generally good 25-30
1723 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Aberdeen, 5/11/80, European Cup, ticket has tape marks to top and bottom. Fair-generally good 25-30
1724 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Austria Memphis, 20/3/85, European Cup, ticket has match details on front. Fair-good 25-30
1725 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Lech Poznan, 3/10/84, European Cup, ticket has match details written on front. Fair-good 25-30
1726 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Widzew Lodz, 16/3/83, European Cup, slight creasing to ticket. Fair-generally good 25-30
1727 LIVERPOOL Programme + ticket, Liverpool v Benfica, 7/3/84, European Cup, Generally good 25-30
1728 TOTTENHAM Home issue v Birmingham 9/12/33, slight fold. Generally good 40-45
1729 TOTTENHAM Home issue v Fulham, 8/2/1936, fold. Good 35-40
1730 TOTTENHAM Four wartime home issues, 44/5 v Millwall and Crystal Palace, 45/6 v Birmingham (tears), and v Coventry, minor faults. Fair 50-55
1731 FRIENDLY AND TESTIMONIAL Approx 40 programmes, 1960's onwards. Very good 25-30
1732 WORLD CUP 1966 Miscellany including ice bucket (lacking footballer), 4 glasses, commemorative tray, 4 copies of 8mm film of Final. Good 50-60
1733 WORLD CUP STAMPS Two "World Cup Collection" (1990) albums plus a further album including 1986 World Cup stamps. Very good 40-50
1734 FOOTBALL BOOTS Pair of traditional leather boots. Good 25-30
1735 RUGBY UNION TICKETS Nine England tickets inc 1950 v Scotland (Murrayfield) and 1954 v Ireland (Twickenham). Very good 25-30
1736 TYPHOO CARDS Large quantity of assorted Player cards. About half have punch-holes. Generally good 40-50
1737 TYPHOO CARDS Approx 170 cards - players. Marked. Fair 25-30
1738 EUROPEAN Box of programmes (non British) of European clubs in both domestic and European Competitions. Mainly modern but with some earlier issues. Good 30-40
1739 MAGAZINES Box containing mainly Match Weekly plus a mix of Jimmy Hill's Football Weekly, Shoot, Goal etc. Good 10-12
1740 BOBBY ROBSON 1978 F.A Cup Final signed clearly by the great man. Framed and glazed. Very good 25-30
1741 MANCHESTER UTD A fine 2006/07 season pennant, superbly signed by approx 20 former players including Stiles, Greenhoff, Hill, Rimmer Stepney, Morgan etc. Clear black ink signatures. Very good 25-30
1742 SNOOKER A pair of 16" x 12" Autographed Editions featuring modern Ledgends Jimmy White and Stephen Hendry, respectively signed. Good 35-40
1743 BOBBY TAMBLING A fine Limited Edition print, 18" x 12" and numbered 40of 67 depiction Tambling scoring Chelsea's goal in the 1967 F.A Cup Final, signed in black ink pen. Good 20-25
1744 MANCHESTER UTD Nine Limited Edition prints, 18" x 12" all signed in black ink, signatures inc John Aston, Jack Crompton, Willie Morgan, John Downie and Bill Foulkes. Good 50-60
1745 NEWCASTLE UTD Three Limited Edition prints, 18" x 12" all signed in black ink, signatures inc Bob Moncur(Fairs Cup 1969) and Malcolm MacDonald. Good 25-30
1746 SUNDERLAND Six Limited Edition prints, 18" x 12" all signed, signatures inc Jim Montgomery (1973 - the save), Bobby Kerr with the FA Cup (1973) and Stan Anderson running out at Carrow Road in 1961. Good 40-50
1747 ENGLAND Thee Limited Edition prints, 18" x 12" all signed, signatures inc. John Connelly (1966), Malcolm MacDonald (1975) and Bobby Tambling (1966). Good 25-30
1748 LIMITED EDITION PRINTS Eight prints 18" x 12" all signed, signatures inc Northern Ireland 1958 (McParland and Mcllroy), Jim Montomery (1973), John Connelly (1966) and Burnley (1962). Good 35-40
1749 MANCHESTER CITY A 16" x 12" Photograph, fine quality, depicting Manchester City's squad from the late 1960s with various trophies by 10 players inc Lee, Bell, Book and Summerbee. Good 35-40
1750 NEWCASTLE UTD 1969 Fairs Cup Winners, signed Limited Edition montage (of 25), mounted, framed and glazed, 30" x 24". All images officially licensed, originally black and white, they have been professionally colour enhanced. Depicting scenes from 2 l 160-200
1751 BRAZIL Pele signed, mounted, framed and glazed replica shirt, in Nations colours, along with 3 iconic images of Pele, 25" x 21". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 180-220
1752 ARSENAL 1979 F.A Cup Final Victory montage, signed by 3 goal scorers and Captain, Limited Edition of 50. Autographed by Frank Stapleton, Alan Sunderland, Brian Talbot and Pat Rice (the Captain). Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticit 50-70
1753 NEWCASTLE UTD Signed photo of legends Bob Moncur and Malcolm MacDonald. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. 35-40
1754 GEOFF HURST Signed colour enhanced image, scoring his third goal, completing the famous hat trick, in the 1966 World Cup, "Job Done 1966". Double mounted, 20" x 21". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 40-50
1755 BRUCE GROBBELAAR Liverpool signed montage, depicting scenes from European Cup and F.A Cup victories. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-40
1756 RONNIE WHELAN Liverpool signed montage, depicting scenes from Cup Final victory of 1989, after Hillsborough disaster. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-40
1757 JAN MOLBY Liverpool signed montage, depicting scenes from both League and F.A Cup. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-40
1758 DEAN SAUNDERS Liverpool signed montage, depicting scenes from both League and F.A Cup. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-40
1759 ALAN SMITH Arsenal signed montage, depicting scenes from their 1994 European Cup Winners Cup victory 1-0 over Parma. Alan scored the only goal of the game. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-40
1760 BRIAN LITTLE Aston Villa signed colour enhanced photo of Brian scoring in the 1977 League Cup victory over Everton 3-2 (2nd replay). Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 25-30
1761 CHRIS NICHOLL Aston Villa signed colour enhanced photo of Chris celebrating with the League Cup after victory, 3-2 against Everton 1977. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 25-30
1762 DEAN SAUNDERS Aston Villa signed montage depicting scenes from Premiership and League Cup victory over Man Utd in 1994 by 3-2, Deano scored twice. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-40
1763 LEE SHARPE Man Utd signed montage depicting scenes from Premiership and Cup Winners Cup, includes his famous "Elvis" goal celebration. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-40
1764 PAUL SCHOLES Man Utd signed montage depicting scenes from Premiership matches and 2008 Champions League victory. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 45-55
1765 ANDY COLE Man Utd signed montage depicting in scenes from the Premiership. Double mounted, 20" x 16". Certificate of authenticity and photo proof. Good 35-40
1766 MOTOR RACING Item 1: Lewis Hamilton. Mounted and autographed montage incorporating 11 coloured photos, 24" x 24". Certificate of authenticity. Item 2: Ferrari - autographed and mounted montage incorporating photos of Rene Arnoux, Phil Hill, John Su 300-350
1767 GEORGE BEST Autographed and mounted montage incorporating 8 photos in United and Ireland colours, about 25" x 23". Good 150-200
1768 PELE Autographed and mounted photo showing Pele and Bobby Moore embracing following England v Brazil 1970 World Cup, signed by Pele. Good 80-100
1769 WAYNE ROONEY Autographed and mounted photo showing Rooney scoring his 50th premiership goal, 20" x 16". Good 80-100
1770 DAVID BECKHAM/ERIC CANTONA Two mounted and autographed photos of these United legends. Good 100-125
1771 PENNANTS 8 Champions League pennants, 1999 Final Man Utd v Bayern Munich. Good 30-40
1772 ALAN SHEARER One mounted and autographed photo plus 14 coloured prints of Shearer scoring his 201st goal for Newcastle, breaking Jackie Milburn's previous record. Good 25-35
1773 IRELAND 11 Autographed and mounted photos of Republic and Northern Ireland footballers including Liam Brady, Sammy McIlroy, David O'Leary, Frank Stapleton etc. Good 25-30
1774 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Five autographed and mounted photos including Dave MacKay, Glenn Hoddle, Alan Mullery, Pat Jennings and Martin Peters. Good 70-100
1775 LIVERPOOL 20 Autographed and mounted photos including 2 x Stephen Gerard, 2 x Ian Rush, 2 x Steve McMahon, 2 x Robbie Fowler, Peter Beardsley etc. Good 100-150
1776 MANCHESTER UTD Two autographed and mounted photos, Anderson, Ronaldo, Nani and a separate photo of Nani. Good 80-120
1777 ARSENAL 7 Autographed and mounted photos including Jack Kelsey, Tony Adams, Charlie George, David Platt etc. Good 60-80
1778 MANCHESTER UTD 12 Autographed and mounted photos including John Fitzpatrick, Bryan Robson x 2, John Aston, Ray Wilkins, Gordon Strachan etc. Good 60-70
1779 EVERTON 10 Autographed and mounted photos including Howard Kendall x 3, Heath, Sharp etc. Good 50-70
1780 MANCHESTER CITY 12 Autographed and mounted photos including Mike Summerbee, Neil Young, Peter Barnes, George Hislop, Harry Dowd, Elano etc. Good 80-100
1781 REAL MADRID 10 Centenary Coins dated 1902/2002, celebrating 9 European Cups and many other League and Cup titles. Each one in cellophane packet. Good 30-40
1782 MANCHESTER UTD 8 Treble Winners Coins, 1998/99 season in cellophane packets. Good 25-30
1783 1946 FA CUP FINAL Ticket for 1946 FA Cup Final between Derby and Charlton. North Grand Stand. Pencil on back and some wear to bottom corner. Fair 50-80
1784 1947 FA CUP FINAL Ticket for 1947 FA Cup Final between Charlton and Burnley. North Terrace seat. Some wear and part of left side removed. Fair 40-50
1785 1948 FA CUP FINAL Ticket for 1948 FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Blackpool. East Stand. Part of left side removed. Fair 40-60
1786 1949 FA CUP FINAL Ticket for 1949 FA Cup Final between Wolves and Leicester City. North Terrace. Slight erosion to left side. Generally good 35-40
1787 1949 FA CUP FINAL Two tickets for 1949 FA Cup Final between Wolves and Leicester City. South Grand Stand. Minor marks to rear otherwise good. Good 80-90
1788 1960 FA CUP FINAL Ticket for 1960 Wolves v Blackburn FA Cup Final. South Terrace seat. Good 20-25
1789 1949 ENGLAND V SCOTLAND East Stand ticket for the game. Irregular tear and pencil marks. Fair 20-25
1790 1955 ENGLAND V SCOTLAND North Grand Stand ticket for the game. Slight mark to front otherwise good. Generally good 12-15
1791 1949 RUGBY LEAGUE CHALLENGE CUP FINAL Two tickets for game between Bradford Northern and Halifax. The first time Wembley sold out with 95,000 for rugby league final. Ticket stubs torn at wrong angle, otherwise good. Generally good 20-25
1792 1973 GORDON BANKS TESTIMONIAL Autographed ticket for Stoke City v Manchester United, Gordon Banks Testimonial. Signed by the legendary England goalkeeper. Vertical fold otherwise good. Generally good 25-30
1793 MAN UTD Four commemorative "Danbury" plates in original packing with certificates, included are 2003 Premier League Champions, The Triumphant Trio (Best, Law Charlton), Busby Babes, and Roy Keane. Good 50-60
1794 MAN UTD Four commemorative "Danbury" plates in original packing, with certificates, included are Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, Christiano Ronaldo , Stars of 2002 and Stars of 2003. Good 50-60
1795 MAN UTD Three commemorative "Danbury" plates in original packing, with certificates, included are Treble Winners 1998-99, 1993/94 Double Winners and Premiership Kings. Good 40-45
1796 MAN UTD Three commemorative "Danbury" plates in original packing, with certificates, includes Great Goalkeepers, Rio Ferdinand, and European Cup Champions 1968. Good 40-45
1797 RANGERS Ticket for the opening of Helenvale Street, Parkhead ground, 2/9/1924, Partick Thistle v Rangers. Good 25-30
1798 OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONS Four publications from the FA and the Football League, Football League Handbook 1929/30, Football League Referees and Linesmen appointments booklet October 1938, FA Coaching Manual 1937/8 and the second revised edition of the bo 25-30
1799 TOTTENHAM Two home issues, v West Ham, 20/11/1937 (slight wear along folds) and v Nottingham Forest 15/1/1938 (very good). Fair-good 70-80
1800 1938/39 Two programmes from the 38/39 season, Middlesbrough Reserves v Hexham 26/12/38 , single sheet, North-Eastern League- very good, and Dulwich Hamlet v Barking 7/1/1939, London Senior Cup, creased, some ageing. As described 30-40
1801 SUNDERLAND 16 Framed and glazed first day covers. Limited editions. All autographed by various people including Brian Clough, Charlie Hurley, Peter Reed, Bobby Murdoch, Bob Stokoe, Niall Quinn etc. Very good 70-80
1802 SUNDERLAND 20 Framed and glazed first day covers. Limited editions. All signed inc Johnny Mapson, Mick McCarthy, Laurie McMenemy, 1979 squad, 1987 squad etc. Very good 80-100
1803 SUNDERLAND 28 Framed and glazed first day covers. All signed inc Len Shackleton, Stanley Matthews, Terry Butcher, 'Pop' Robson, 1988 squad, Bob Stokoe, Raich Carter, Bob Gurney etc. Very good 100-120
1804 QPR Approximately 400 modern QPR programmes in three boxes, most home issues 1994-2009 and occasional away and fanzine. Generally good 25-30
1805 ROTHMANS 33 Yearbooks , all Rothmans, 1970/71 (First edition) onwards, used by a QPR club historian. Fair 110-120
1806 RANGERS A small but good selection of Rangers big match programmes, includes awy at Monaco 61/2 European Cup (fold), replays at Highbury v Red Star 64/5 and Sparta 59/60, (team changes) plus away issue at Glentoran 66/7 Cup-Winners Cup (fold/team chang 55-60
1807 CELTIC Five Celtic home European ties in very good condition, v Basel and v Dinamo Zagreb 63/4 Cup-Winners Cup, 69/70 v Leeds (Semi) and v Fiorentina (both European Cup). And 72/3 v Ujpest Dozsa , European Cup. Good-Very good 45-50
1808 SCOTTISH Six issues, inc Celtic v Spurs 67, Dundee v Celtic 72/3 (League Cup at Hampden), 79/80 v Partizan Tirano, Scottish Cup Final 79, Hamburg v Aberdeen 83/4 Super Cup, and Glasgow FA v Football League 76/77. Generally good 18-20
1809 FOREIGN Three programmes, Eastern Province v FA XI, 26/5/56 (Port Elizabeth-four page issue-two small tape marks), Hamburg v Schalke 04, 18/5/58, German Championship Final, and 1963 Racing Club Paris Tournament (other teams include Ujpest, Botafogo and 15-20
1810 BOLTON Programme and newspapers from the last match at Burnden Park, Bolton v Charlton 25/4/97, 96/7 Banner and bobhat included. Fair 12-15
1811 IRISH REPUBLIC Green Irish replica shirt adult size, signed on front in black pen by Jack Charlton, above the Eircom insignia ideal for framing. Good 35-40
1812 ENGLAND SCHOOLS 10 Programmes from the 1950's, inc England v Scotland at Wembley 1950, Scotland v England at Tynecastle 1954, Wales v England at Ninian Park 1955, Scotland v England at Dens Park Dundee 1956, England v Wales at Wembley 1957, England v 35-40
1813 ARSENAL 1957/58 Arsenal v Man Utd played on 01 Feb - The final Man Utd League match before the Munich Disaster. Slight creasing and some wear to back cover. As described 45-50
1814 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 9 Items: 6 Handbooks - 66/67, 76/77, 78/79, 79/80, 80/81 and 81/82; Lilywhite Supporter Club magazine Oct 1966; 1961 Souvenir Book for double winning season 60/61; Programme - v Liverpool 1950/51 (final match of Championship season). 20-25
1815 FIRST DAY COVERS 42 Commemorative/First Day Covers, inc FAC Final 1995 Everton v Man Utd, League Cup Final 1986 Oxford Utd v QPR and 1995 Bolton v Liverpool, Football Legends 1996, England covers from 1979 to 1986 inc World Cup and Euro Championship e 60-70
1816 FIRST DAY COVERS 50 Commemorative/First Day Covers featuring football and other sports, inc Mexico 1970, Football Legends 1996, Olympic Games 1972 and 1980, Commonwealth Games 1970 and 1986, Baseball 100th Anniversary 1969, Test Cricket Centenary 1984 45-50
1817 FOOTBALL/SPORT STAMPS Approx 216 football/sport stamps, mint and hand stamped, many sets, from 1960 to 1998, featuring World Cup, European Championship, Olympic Games, Gold, Cricket and Motor Bike Racing, together with a 1976 Montreal Olympic Stamp So 40-45
1818 BADGES AND MEDALS 40 Football/Sports badges and medals from 1970's onwards. Badges inc Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, Juventus, Real Madrid, A.C Milan, Celtic, Rangers etc plus Athletics, Swimming, Tennis, Netball, Horse Racing and Olympics. Also 30-35
1819 PENNANTS/ROSETTES A selection comprising 3 Crystal Palace pennants 1976/77 (promoted to Div 2), 1979 (Div 2 Champs) and 1990 Wembley FAC Final v Man Utd; C Palace rosettes 1990 Wembley FAC Final x 4; 1 Arsenal pennant 1989. Also includes 1 Arsenal ca 25-30
1820 CRYSTAL PALACE Three scrapbooks covering seasons 1973/74 and 1974/75. Each scrapbook has 50 pages of match reports, articles and photos (some colour). Autographs inc Malcolm Allison, Peter Taylor, Paul Hammond, Tony Taylor, Don Rogers, Charlie Cooke 20-25
1821 WOLVES Large A3 size book - Wolverhampton Wanderers A History from 1908 - 90 pages of scanned sporting highlights from the National Press, covers 100 years. Excellent 20-25
1822 PRESS PHOTO'S 20 Black and white action photos, mainly England Internationals but does include Scotland and Northern Ireland, from 1960 to 1983. Good 30-40
1823 FOOTBALL LEAGUE REVIEW 160 editions inc 5 Soccer Reviews from 1965 to 1974 (no duplication), plus 2 F.A Year Books 1962/63 and 1973/74. Very Good 5-10
1824 CRYSTAL PALACE Six framed items: 3 team group photographs from years 1989/90, 1993/94 and 1994/95 (one item requires glass replacing); 3 autographed photographs - John Jackson 1969/70, Eddie McGoldrick 1989/90 and Nigel Martyn 1989/90. Good 12-15
1825 FOOTBALL/ATHLETICS AUTOGRAPHS Six autographed items: Book - Terry Venables, The Best Game in the World, signed; Book - Greavsie, The Autobiography, signed; Programme - C Palace v Charlton 68/69, siged by Bobby Woodruff, Mark Lazarus (Palace) and Eddie 12-15
1826 1958 WORLD CUP Swedish Annual and World Cup Report for the 58 World Cup, 272 pages and includes the Official Swedish FA World Cup report, well illustrated. This hardback book has a gilt title on the spine together with a footballer illustration. Th 100-110
1827 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Rare single sheet League Cup Semi-Final, Blackpool v Norwich City, 16/4/62, the progtramme has possibly been in an album at some stage as there are a couple of scuffs to rear side where teams are listed, one team change and teams side h 320-350
1828 OLYMPIC GAMES Programme for the Football Semi-Finals, 4/12/56 and 5/12/56 in Melbourne.games are Yugoslavia v India and USSR v Bulgaria., slight creasing.. Fair 25-30
1829 OLYMPIC GAMES Programme for the Football Final 8/12/56, Melbourne. USSR v Yugoslavia, Lev Yashin in the Russian goal, slight fold Generally good. 35-40
1830 ARAL ALBUM Aral Football Album, World Cup 66, published in Germany, all cards complete. Generally good 35-40
1831 WORLD CUP GLASSES Three glasses covering 1958, 66 and 74 World Cups, 58 is small and Swedish, 66 is large and German and 74 is also from Germany, all have suitable insignia upon them , especially the 66 which has flags of all the competing nations and 25-30
1832 WORLD CUP 54 Super World Cup 54 glasses, 11 in number , each has a member of the victorious German team inscribed upon it with a photograph and signature of the player. The glasses have "Hannen Alt" ( brewery) inscribed upon them and also "Fussball W 110-120
1833 IPSWICH Home issue v Notts County, 25/2/1939, first Ipswich League season, small mark on rear cover corner otherwise good. Generally good 140-150
1834 WAR CUP FINAL Official programme for 1944 War Cup Final, Chelsea v Charlton at Wembley, programme is worn and has a fold but has no writing on it. As described 80-90
1835 ENGLAND Home issue v Wales, 13/11/46 at Maine Road, folds, team change, slight wear. Fair 50-60
1836 ENGLAND Away issue at Irish Republic, 24/5/64, Dublin, minor fold. Generally good 22-25
1837 ENGLAND Home issue v Poland, 5/1/66 at Goodison. Good 25-30
1838 ENGLAND Away issue at Sweden, 16/5/65, price on cover, Generally good 25-30
1839 ENGLAND Away issue at Holland, 9/12/64, in Amsterdam, Generally good 12-15
1840 ENGLAND Away issue at Rumania, 6/11/68 in Bucarest. Good 25-30
1841 ENGLAND Four away issues from the 70s, Luxembourg 77 ( slight stains), Belgium 70, Austria 79 and Sweden 79. Generally good 15-20
1842 ENGLAND Three away issues from the 80s, at Switzerland 81, Russia 86 and Euro 88 Aktuell issue v Russia in Frankfurt. Generally good 18-20
1843 ENGLAND Three away issues from the 2000s, at Sweden 04,Estonia 07, and Slovakia 02 plus Asahi Shimbun team line-ups single sheet, England v Brazil, World Cup 21/6/02. Also included in this lot is Sweden v England 17/6/92, Euro 92 Championships. Good 20-25
1844 TOTTENHAM Twelve Handbooks in very good condition 64/65 to 75/6 inclusive. Good 30-35
1845 1972 UEFA CUP FINAL Programmes for both legs of the 1972 UEFA Cup Final, Tottenham v Wolves, also includes ticket (very good) for the Spurs leg and match cuttings. Slight folds, Wolves issue has scorers. Generally good 20-25
1846 FAIRS CUP FINAL Programme for the First Fairs Cup Final, 5/3/58 London v Barcelona at Stamford Bridge, four page issue, slight fold. Generally good 35-40
1847 1971 LEAGUE CUP FINAL Programme and ticket + match report, Aston Villa v Tottenham, all in good-very good condition. Good 12-15
1848 MANCHESTER CITY A fine lot of 2, 12x8 photographs depicting Bert Trautmann making the save which resulted in him breaking his neck, together with a photo of him being helped off the pitch by teammates, both with good signatures. Good 30-40
1849 MANCHESTER CITY A fine lot of 3, 12x8 photographs depicting images from the 1969 FA Cup Final, a full squad photo of the team in their red and black strip - sogned by 10 inc Lee, Bell, Summerbee and Book. Neil Young scoring the winning goal and Tony B 50-60
1850 MANCHESTER CITY An attractive 12x8 photo with the City crest in the top left hand corner and boardered in the colours of City, good signatures by 9 players from their 1969 FA Cup winning team using a fine black marker inc Doyle, Bell Summerbee, Book a 20-25
1851 MANCHESTER CITY A pair of commemorative covers, very well produced depicting the 1969 FA Cup Final v Leicester, one being signed by winning goalscorer Neil Young and the other signed by captain Tony Book and by Young. Good 20-25
1852 MANCHESTER CITY An Adidas goalkeepers glove, signed by former keeper Bert Trautmann using black marker pen. Good 20-25
1853 MANCHESTER UTD A fine lotof 2, 12x8 photographs depicting Paul Scholes posing with The Champions League tropy in 2008 and Scholes celebrating after scoring the winner v Barcelona in the Semi-Final, both signed using a fine black marker. 40-50
1854 MANCHESTER UTD An attractive 12x8 photo with the United crest in the top left hand corner and bordered in the colours of United, good signatures from 24 former players using a fine black marker inc Stiles, Gregg, Hill, Whiteside, Macari and Moran. 30-40
1855 MANCHESTER UTD An attractive 12x8 photo with the United crest in the top left hand corner and bordered in the colours of United . Good signatures form 14 fromer players using a fine black marker inc Rimmer, Burns, Morris, Morgan, Thomas and Stepney. 20-25
1856 MANCHESTER UTD A menu dated 14/5/2007, for the Association of former Manchester Utd players signed to front and rear cover by approx 45 former players inc Foulkes, McGuinness, Crerand, Crowther, Ritchie, Stiles, Hill, Morris, Dunne etc. 50-60
1857 MANCHESTER UTD A replica 1968 European Cup Final shirt issued by Toffs, signed in black by 6 of the team enc Stiles, Dunn, Foulkes, Stepney, Aston and Sadler. Good 60-70
1858 MANCHESTER UTD 15, 6x4 Team Cards with the Utd crest in the top left and corner and bordered in the colours of Utd, individually signed by 15, former players using a fine black marker inc Robson, Crerand, Moses, Stiles, Scanlon etc. 20-25
1859 SCOTLAND An attractive 12x8 photo with the Scottish crest in the top left hand corner and bordered in the colours of Scotland, good signaturesof 17 formers Internationals using a fine black marker inc, Caldow, Deans, Stanton, Reilly, Lennox and Grei 30-40
1860 SUNDERLAND Two 12x8 photographs depicting images from the 1973 FA Cup Final - Jim Montgomery saving from Lorimer/Cherry and captain Bobby Kerr holding aloft the Cup. Both signed. Very good 20-25
1861 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 12x8 photograph depicting captain Danny Blanchflower being chaired by team-mates after victory in the 1961 FA Cup Final which completed the League and FA Cup double. Signed by seven players using fine blue marker - MacKay, Smith, Jon 40-50
1862 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 12x8 photograph depicting players toasting their victory over Sheffield Wednesday in the dressing room, a victory which saw them clinch the League title. Signed by seven players in fine blue marker - MacKay, Smith, Jones, Allen, Norm 40-50
1863 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 12x8 photograph depicting manager Keith Burkinshaw with signings Ricky Villa and Ozzie Ardiles in 1978. Signed by Villa and Ardiles in fine blue marker. Very good 30-40
1864 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 12x8 photograph with Spurs crest in top left-hand corner and bordered in Spurs colours. Signed by eight double winners from 1960/61, including MacKay, Smith, Jones and Norman. 20-25
1865 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Eight commemorative covers depicting 'A Tribute to Danny Blanchflower', individually signed by his former team-mates MacKay, Smith, Jones, Baker, Marchi, Dyson, Allen & Norman. Good 40-50
1866 WEST BROMWICH ALBION 12x8 photograph depicting a montage of images of Jeff Astle scoring and celebrating his winning goal in the 1968 FA Cup Final. Signed by nine of Astle's team-mates using fine blue marker - Fraser, Williams, Lovett, Talbut, Kaye, H 40-50
1867 1994 WORLD CUP Ticket for the 1994 World Cup, Brazil v Italy, unused. Very good 50-60
1868 1998 WORLD CUP Ten tickets, one unused (Morocco v Norway), includes Brazil v Scotland and England v Columbia. Generally good 50-60
1869 2002 WORLD CUP Seven tickets, two unused, Uruguay v Denmark and Costa Rica v Brazil, others include England v Sweden and v Nigeria. Good 35-40
1870 2006 WORLD CUP Nine tickets, all unused, two press tickets England v Paraguay (creased) and v Sweden. Other games include Portugal v France Semi, Brazil v France (Quarter Final) and Italy v Ukraine Quarter Final. Generally good 50-60
1871 EURO 88 Four tickets, England v Ireland, v Holland, Russia v Italy Semi and Final Russia v Holland, all unused press/tv tickets. Generally good 40-50
1872 EURO 96 Six tickets inc Germany v Czech Republic, Scotland v England, Scotland v Switzerland and Italy v Russia. Generally good 25-30
1873 EURO 96 Two tickets , both at Old Trafford, Germany v Croatia (Quarter Final) and Unused Semi France v Czech Republic. Good 20-25
1874 EURO 96 Ticket for the Final , Germany v Czech Republic., slight folds. Generally good 12-15
1875 EURO 2000 Four tickets inc England v Germany, England v Rumania, Denmark v Czech Republic and Turkey v Belgium., some slight creases. Fair-generally good 25-30
1876 EURO 2004 Six tickets inc France v England (Unused), Denmark v Italy, Latvia v Germany, Croatia v England (unused), Holland v Portugal (Semi-unused) and Final , Greece v Portugal. Generally good 40-50
1877 EURO 08 Six tickets, includes 3 x Quarter Finals and Semi Germany v Turkey, all have folds. Fair 25-30
1878 LEAGUE CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme for Aston Villa v Burnley, 2/5/61, Semi-Final Replay at Old Trafford, fold, slight creasing, small number on cover. Fair. 45-50
1879 1974 CUP-WINNERS CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, A.C.Milan v Magdeburg, in Rotterdam, Good 70-75
1880 MANCHESTER CITY Four issues, all wartime, 2 x 43/4 v Stockport (tears along folds) and v Halifax (worn), and 2 x 44/5 v Bury and v Huddersfield (both have score, scorers). Fair 90-100
1881 1993 CUP FINAL REPLAY Programme for the Final replay, Arsenal v Sheffield Wednesday, very slight folds. Generally good 70-75
1882 TOTTENHAM Home issue v Blackburn , 18/12/1937, minor folds. Generally good 40-50
1883 ALBUM Official cigarette card album, Association Footballers 1935-36 (Wills), set of 50 cards, laid down, staples removed. Fair-generally good 22-25
1884 1972 UEFA CUP Programmes for both legs of the Final, Wolves v Tottenham, both have team changes, Spurs issues has folds. Fair 22-25
1885 JUVENTUS Issue of "Hurra" Juventus, May 1984, covers Cup-Winners Cup tie v Manchester United , pictures of the two legs and line-ups etc. Generally good 40-50
1886 1949 CUP FINAL Programme for the Final, Leicester v Wolves, fold, rusty staples. Fair 65-70
1887 1949 CUP FINAL Both official players brochures for the 49 Final, "The Wembley Wolves" ( staples removed) and Leicester City's Year- Wembley 49. Fair-good 35-40
1888 CHARITY SHIELD 57 Programme for the 1957 Charity Shield, Manchester United v Aston Villa, token removed, score, scorers on team page., slight fold. Fair 45-50
1889 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for the 1965 Charity Shield , Manchester United v Liverpool, token intact. Good 22-25
1890 CHARITY SHIELD Programme for Manchester City v West Brom, 3/8/68, Charity Shield, complete with token. Very good 15-20
1891 SEMI-FINAL Programme for Manchester United v Wolves, Cup Semi-Final replay at Goodison, 2/4/49, slight fold. Generally good 75-80
1892 WORLD CUP 58 Programme for England v Austria at Boras, 15/6/58, programme is creased and staples have been removed. It is complete but the creasing is as if water damaged but there is not a stain. Fair 45-50
1893 MAN UTD Five away issues, four at Arsenal, 49/50 (score on cover), 58/9. 60/61 and at Chelsea 48/9 (folds), some team changes. Fair 40-45
1894 SEMI-FINAL Programme for Derby v Manchester United, 13/3/48, Cup Semi-Final at Hillsborough. Score on cover, folds, grubby. Just about "Fair" 35-40
1895 SEMI-FINAL Programme for Cup Semi-Final replay, Arsenal v Chelsea at Tottenham, 22/3/50, score, scorers on team page, slight fold. Fair 50-55
1896 MAN CITY Home issue v Gateshead, 11/1/47, F.A.Cup, score, scorers, no staple. Generally good 25-30
1897 MAN UTD Three home issues, 49/50, v Arsenal (tape marks along spine, score and slightly creased, v Blackpool (folds, slight creasing) and v Birmingham (slight fold, no staple). As described 90-100
1898 EUROPEAN Four programmes, UEFA Cup Final Spurs v Feyenoord, 21/5/74, Fairs Cup Final , Leeds v Ferencvaros 7/8/68, Fairs Cup Final brochure , Leeds v Dinamo Zagreb, 6/9/67 (scores on fixture list) + Programme and ticket for The Three v The Six at Wemb 18-20
1899 CUP FINALS / NEWCASTLE Programmes for three FA Cup Finals, 51 (slight fold, rusty staples removed), 52 (score on cover, slight creasing and staples rusting) and 55 (slight fold-generally good). All 3 Finals involve Newcastle United. As described. 135-140
1900 ENGLAND Home issue v Hungary 1953, very slight fold. The famous game where the Magyars defeated England 6-3 to inflict the first Continental home defeat on England. Good 35-40
1901 1948 ITALY / ENGLAND "I Grandi Campioni Dello Sport" entitled La Partita Italia-Inghilterra 1948. A rare and unusual illustrated 24-page comic about the friendly match. Full programme style team line-ups, reports and many match action comic stri 130-140
1902 1934 WORLD CUP Scarce 1934 World Cup Italian report, printed by "Il Calcio Illustrato", 64 page booklet (in Italian) detailing how the 1934 World Cup in Italy was organised with FIFA Congress pictures, pre-Tournament qualification/ results, informati 460-470
1903 1954 WORLD CUP Italian World Cup brochure "Tuttosui Mondiali di Calcio" issued by Lo Sport Illustrato, 32 pages including colour covers depicting flags of the competing nations on the front. Includes fixture schedules, photos, previous World Cups, de 160-170
1904 1974 WORLD CUP French book "Les Cahiers de I ' Equipe" preview of the 74 World Cup 208 pages, includes history of previous Tournaments, reports, fixtures etc, many photos, very good content, some foxing to inside pages but fully readable. 10-15
1905 1950 WORLD CUP A rare piece of memorabilia for the World Cup in Brazil. A scarce banner showing the flags of the competing nations involved around the famous Maracana Stadium. It is inscribed "Campeonato Mundial de Futebol" and also has the emblems 85-90
1906 WORLD MILITARY CUP An interesting selection relating to the Championships held in Cairo, Egypt, between 2nd and 8th march 1951, which includes Programme / itinerary printed in French and Arabic, 4 page issue, programme for the Final held on 8/3/51, 4 10-15
1907 SCOTLAND Official Spanish FA match poster, Spain v Scotland, 5/2/75 in Valencia, qualifier for the 1976 European Championships. Original poster. Rolled. Measures 66 x 44 cm. Good 10-15
1908 USA 94 Two programmes and two tickets for the Finals held in the USA. Official Tournament Programme (US version) with cover art by Peter Max, inc fold out sheet, and the Official Gameday programme with Final Rosters and fold out fixture sheet. Al 10-15
1909 1930 WORLD CUP REPORT 205 Page book (Negociaciones Internacionales) Report by FIFA Organisation committee. The organization of the 1930 World Cup one of the most important publications in World Cup football Issued by the Uruguayan Enrique Buero, who J 210-220
1910 CIRCA 1905 Single card for football match played Tuesday 31 January involving 2nd Gordon Highlanders. Stating "The Match of the Season" - Officers v Sergeants, played at the Army Ground, Aberdeen. Written across in top in pen "Lady Symons, the Gener 100-120
1911 1954 YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS Under 18's FIFA Youth Championships held in West Germany in April 1954, 24-page "Sonderheft" programme, includes England, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Good 100-120
1912 MISCELLANEOUS 23 team autograph sheets, each with club crest in top left-hand corner and bordered in club colours. Includes Burnley, Liverpool, Newcastle, Rangers, Hibs, Sunderland, Southampton etc. Total of 65 signatures including Ron Yeats, Malcolm 40-50
1913 MISCELLANEOUS White cards individually signed by 30 former players, including Harry Gregg, Ally McCoist, Stan Anderson, Alan Kennedy, Ivor Broadis, Lawrie Reilly etc. Good 30-40
1914 MISCELLANEOUS Lot of 6x4 photos of various clubs with their respective crests in top left-hand corner, bordered in the colours of each team. Individually signed by 40 former players in fine black marker, including Peter McParland, Malcolm Barrass, Tom 30-40
1915 MISCELLANEOUS Four commemorative covers depicting FA Cup Finals - 1948 (Manchester United), 1956 (Manchester City), 1958 (Bolton) and 1971 (Arsenal). Respectively signed by Jack Crompton, Bert Trautmann, Nat Lofthouse and Frank McLintock. Good 30-40
1916 MISCELLANEOUS Hill's Sporting News Annual for 1962/63, signed on inside front cover by 12 players including Bell, Cope and Dawson, together with similar annual for 1964/65 signed by same 12 players. Good 20-25
1917 RUGBY UNION 12x10 photograph depicting montage of images of rugby legend Phil Bennett, signed using fine black marker. Very good 20-25
1918 LIVERPOOL Programme and unused ticket, Olympiakos v Liverpool, 23/11/2000, UEFA Cup, one of the three trophies won by Liverpool in their treble season. Good 18-20
1919 LIVERPOOL Away programme at Ajax, 7/12/66, European Cup. Good 20-25
1920 LIVERPOOL Away programme and ticket, AZ 67 , 21/10/81, European Cup, programme is good, ticket has small tears to one edge but is otherwise good. Generally good 18-20
1921 CUP-WINNERS CUP programme for the 1966 Final at Hampden, Borussia Dortmund v Liverpool, fold, slight creasing. Fair-generally good 25-30
1922 SEMI-FINAL Programme for Everton v Liverpool, 25/3/50, Cup Semi-Final at Maine Road, slight fold. Good 65-75
1923 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL Programme for the 1981 European Cup Final + ticket, Real Madrid v Liverpool, 27/5/81, slight fold to ticket. Fair-generally good 45-50
1924 LIVERPOOL Package of items from Rapid Bucarest v Liverpool, 14/9/2000, UEFA Cup, includes unused match ticket, Rapid Club magazine, Official and Pirate programmes. Generally good 90-100
1925 LIVERPOOL Package of items from FC Swarovski Tirol v Liverpool, 27/11/91, UEFA Cup, includes ticket, programme and Tirol Club magazine. Ticket has tears to edge and has small piece removed upon entry in bottom corner. Fair-generally good 50-60
1926 LIVERPOOL Rare "Noi Genoani" issue for Genoa v Liverpool, March 92, UEFA Cup + ticket for the game (minor folds). Generally good 60-70
1927 1977 EUROPEAN CUP FINAL "Onze" issue covering Liverpool v Monchengladbach, European Cup Final 1977, in colour, many pictures from the game plus match report, 12 pages, small piece cut off bottom corner of the pages, a little creasing. Fair 20-25
1928 EUROPEAN FINALS Folder containing 15 programmes inc Hamburg v Juventus 1983, Barcelona v Standard Liege 1982, Borussia v Liverpool 1977 etc. Generally good 50-60
1929 EUROPEAN Folder containing 30 programmes inc Wolves v Moscow Dynamo 55/56, Leeds v Real Zaragoza 65/66, Leeds v Dundee 67/68, West Ham v Borussia Dortmund 65/66 etc. Good 25-30
1930 LIVERPOOL IN EUROPE Folder containing 20 programmes inc several modern away fixtures. Very good 20-25
1931 SCOTTISH AND IRISH Approx 70 programmes inc several 1960's and a few 1950's. Generally good 30-40
1932 MANCHESTER UTD Folder containing 13 programmes inc 1968 E.C Final (original and reprint), away v Brann 1978, away v Strasbourg 64/65, away v Staevnet 74/75 etc. Good 20-25
1933 BIG MATCH 45 Programmes inc Play Off Finals, Autoglass Finals, Champions League brochures, Makita Tournaments, Euro '96 Final etc. Worth a look. Good 40-50
1934 MISCELLANEOUS Various items inc Euro 2004 Coca Cola football and drink cans (contents still present!), metal badges from Rainham, Dagenham and Leytonstone, European trade cards, stamps and postcards, Corinthian figures, Pro-Set cards etc. Goo 20-30
1935 ENGLAND 1970 Framed record and cover (L.P) for England Squad 1970, beneath the record as part of the montage is a glossy press photo of the England squad singing on Top of the Pops. Record has slipped, but can easily be reset. Very good 50-60
1936 1947 CUP FINAL Burnley v Charlton programme for the Cup Final 26/4/47, vertical fold. Generally good 110-115
1937 1949 CUP FINAL Leicester v Wolves programme for Cup Final 30/4/49, no staples, rust marks. Generally good 55-60
1938 1953 CUP FINAL Blackpool v Bolton - The Matthew Final programme, writing on team page. Generally good 50-60
1939 WALSALL 1937/8 Programme v Brighton, 5/2/1938, rusty staple, minor creasing. Fair 75-80
1940 NEW BRIGHTON 1948/9 Programme for Home v Hartlepools, 28/8/48, writing on team page. Fair 85-90
1941 NEW BRIGHTION 1949/50 Programme for Away v Chester 4/2/50. Slight fold. Good 35-40
1942 GATESHEAD 1954/5 Programme for the FA Cup 3rd round tie against Tottenham 8/1/55. Fair-Generally good 50-60
1943 YORK CITY 1954/5 Programme for the FA Cup 5th round tie against Tottenham 19/2/55. Fair-generally good 50-60
1944 MANCHESTER CITY IN EUROPE 8 Home + 4 Away Programmes form City's winning of the European Cup Winners Cup in 1970 including Final v Gornik Zabrze of Poland and their defence of the Cup in the following season. Good 220-230
1945 MANCHESTER UTD Officieal magazines No.1 - Jan 93 to Dec 2001 complete with additional memorabillia, including the Tribute to Sir Alec Fergusonprog v Rest of the World. Good 25-30
1946 TOTTENHAM Double season 1960/1. 10 Homes + 1 Friendly (Tbilisi Cynamo) + 3 Aways (Wolves, Sheff Wed and Chelsea). Fair-generally good 110-115
1947 GRIMSBY 30's 3 Homes v Stoke 4/4/47, Blackburn 5/4/47 and Blackpool 27/9/47. Fair 60-65
1948 BLACKPOOL 1944/5 4 page Home programme v Man Utd, 2/4/45, fold with small splits at each end, ink mark on front. Fair 80-85
1949 MANCHESTER DERBY Wartime 1945/6 Man City Home programme v Utd 13/4/46. Good 65-70
1950 MANCHESTER CITY Eight autographed photos including Tony Book, Samaras, Pearce, Gary Owen, Weaver etc. Three mounted ready for framing. Good 50-60
1951 MANCHESTER UNITED Ten autographed photos including Beckham, Berbatov, Rooney, Evra, Pat Crerand, Bryan Robson x2, Saha, Darren Fletcher, Heinze. Three mounted ready for framing. Good 70-90
1952 AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOS A mixed lot of fourteen, including: Uli Hoeness, Tom Finney, Bobby Gould, Peter Beardsley, Peter Crouch etc. One mounted for framing. Good 60-70
1953 AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO Celtic European Cup squad, signed by eight players. Good 25-35
1954 1966 WORLD CUP Montage signed by Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters, also George Cohen on separate photo. Good 25-35
1955 CRICKET Colin Milburn MCC touring cap purchased some years ago from a reputable auction house. Good 40-50
1956 BOXING Larry Holmes - White Everlast boxing trunks signed by Holmes, heavyweight champion of the world. Good 50-60
1957 BOXING Three champion signatures on Everlast boxing glove - Jake La Motta, Baby Joe Mesi and Leon Spinks. Good 60-70
1958 BOXING Everlast boxing glove signed by Riddick Bowe, Baby Joe Mesi and Michael Buffer. Good 50-60
1959 BOXING Everlast boxing glove signed by Michael Mooner, Hasim Rahman and Emanuel Steward. Good 50-60
1960 BEDFORD TOWN Seven programmes, 6 homes inc v Wisbech 58/9 (Cup), v Biggleswade 55/6 (Cup, score on cover), 3 x 60s homes v Peterborough 2001/02 (Cup) and away at cambridge Utd 62/3. Fair-Genreally good 8-10
1961 NON-LEAGUE Eleven issues, mixed ages but includes Histon v Cambridge Utd 83/4, Erith v Dorking and v Maidenhead both 62/3, Gravesend v Bexleyheath 61/2 (FA Cup), and Dartford v Bexleyheath 61/2 (Cup). Fair-Generally good 8-10
1962 BEDFORDSHIRE Eight programmes, majority involving Bedfordshire Clubs, includes Luton v Fulham 54/5, Hitchin v Ware 67/8, Kettering v Bedford 30/10/61, single sheet (Midland Floodlight Cup), Bedford v Peterborough 66/7 (Cup), Bedford v Luton 63/4 (Beds 15-20
1963 MAN UTD 14 Home issues, 63/4 , includes v Spurs and Sporting (Cup-winners Cup), most have token removed but are otherwise good. Fair 10-12
1964 MISCELLANY 26 Programmes, includes Cup Semis, Preston v Swansea 64, Blackburn v Bolton 58, (score on cover), 85 Milk Cup Final (good), and 8 x Man Utd home European issues (60s, some have tokens). Also includes 8 Liverpool homes 77/8 and 78/9. Fair- 15-20
1965 LUTON 10 Programmes, all home issues, 54/5 v Lincoln, Hull (Christmas Day) , Port Vale and Man City (Cup), 55/6 v Everton and Sheffield Utd, 56/7 v Chelsea (team changes) and 57/8 v Everton, Newcastle and Leeds, a few rusty staples. Fair-generally 15-20
1966 ENGLAND 7 Home programmes inc v Wales 60 with ticket, also v USSR 58 (fair), v Italy 59, and v Spain 2001 at Villa, plus a couple of others. Fair-generally good 10-12
1967 CHELSEA Six programmes from the 1970 FA Cup triumph, homes v Birmingham (+ ticket), v Burnley, away at Crystal Palace, Semi at Tottenham, and Final + Final Replay, most have scores and scorers on team page , including both Finals, also included is the 35-40
1968 IRELAND Programme v Switzerland 5/12/48, Dublin, fold, minor creases. Fair-Generally good 60-65
1969 IRELAND Programme v Finland 8/9/49, World Cup, Dublin, slight fold. Good 60-65
1970 HANDBOOKS Three handbooks, Doncaster 56/7 (rusty staples), Newcastle 66/7 and Chelmsford City, 54/55 (rusty staples). Generally good 10-12
1971 CHELSEA Handbook 1953/54 season, rusty staples. Generally good 10-12
1972 ARSENAL Two Arsenal handbooks 55/56 (fair) and 56/57 (good) plus two copies of Gunflash, August 54 and January 56 (previews Cup v Bedrod). Fair-good 15-20
1973 CHELSEA Programme for Bohemians Select v Chelsea 26/4/54, Dalymount Park. Slight fold 40-45
1974 IRISH CUP FINAL Programme for 1952 Irish Cup Final, Ards v Glentoran 26/4/52, some creasing, spine repair, score on team page. Fair 45-50
1975 IRISH CUP FINAL Programme for 1953 Irish Cup Final, Coleraine v Linfield at Cliftonville, 25/4/53, folds, spine almost split. Fair 50-55
1976 GLENTORAN Home issue v Partick Thistle, 16/9/63, Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, score on cover and on team page, team changes and minor annotations. This is the rare Northern Irish European issue. Fair 140-150
1977 IRELAND CUP FINAL Programme for the 1948 FA Ireland Cup Final, Drumcondra v Shamrock Rovers, 11/4/48, fold. Generally good 90-100
1978 SHELBOURNE Eight Shelbourne home issues, 49/50 v Cork Ath, 52/3 v Shamrock, Cork Ath, Sligo, Transport, Waterford, away at Drumcondra (but played at Shelbourne) and 53/4 v Cork Athletic, some have minor faults but are fair to generally good condition 70-75
1979 IRELAND Programme for Ireland v Spain 2/3/47, Dublin, slight fold, pencil changes. Generally good 85-90
1980 IRELAND Programme for Ireland v Portugal 4/5/47, Dublin. Good 80-90
1981 MANCHESTER UTD Programme for Bohemians v Man Utd, 1/6/49 (Charlie Harris Testimonial), pencil score on team page. Generally good 240-250
1982 MANCHESTER UTD Away programme 12/3/55 for the friendly at Lincoln City, pencil changes, rusty staple area. Fair-good 100-110
1983 MANCHESTER UTD Away programme at Hamburg, 31/7/68, Lipphardts issue. Good 50-60
1984 CUP SEMI-FINAL Derby v Man Utd at Hillsborough 13/3/48, includes press cuttings, slight fold. Good 65-70
1985 FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN Man Utd v Red Star 12/5/51, fold and spine split. Fair 60-70
1986 CUP SEMI-FINAL Programme and ticket for 1962 Semi-Final, Tottenham v Man Utd at Hillsborough, both in very good condition. Good 22-25
1987 BRADFORD P.A 6 Home issues, 61/2 season, includes v Newport and v Crystal Palace (attendance only 3,606-part of one page cut out). Some faults. Fair 12-15
1988 BRADFORD P.A 13 Home issues, 62/3, occasional minor faults. Fair-generally good 30-35
1989 BRADFORD P.A. 11 away issues, 62/3 including at Peterborough, Wrexham, QPR (at White City) and Carlisle, minor faults. Fair-generally good. 25-30
1990 BRADFORD P.A 22 Home issues, 66/67, very occasional fault otherwise good. Generally good 30-40
1991 BRADFORD P.A 20 Home issues, 67/68, Good 25-30
1992 BRADFORD P.A 13 Home issues, 68/69, all are League games. Good 18-20
1993 BRADFORD P.A 11 Home issues, 69/70, final Football League season for Avenue, all are League games. Good 35-40
1994 HEADINGTON Two home issues and two away. Home v Worcester 18/8/51, (creased back cover, worn) and v All-Star XI 17/10/56, Smith Testimonial match (pencil changes, fold). Aways v Peterborough 58/9 (Cup) and Chelmsford City 59/60 (Southern League Cup 35-40
1995 ARSENAL Programme for Romford v Arsenal Reserves, 24/10/53, East Anglian Cup, eight page issue, score changes on team page. Fair-Generally good 20-25
1996 ROMFORD Three Romford home issues and away issue at Oxford City19/4/52, (slight fold, changes), Home issues are v Dulwich and v Leytonstone both 52/3 (score, slight fold) and Essex v Cornwall (Amateur Final) 12/5/51, (slight fold). 15-18
1997 CORBY Home issue v Peterborough Utd 5/9/53, Midland League, slight fold, small score on team page. Generally good 10-12
1998 CRICKET Rothmans Cricket Almanack 1968, England v Australia, signed to cover by Brian Close and internally by Jim Parks, Jim Laker (Leaving the field at Old Trafford 1956) , Alan Oakman and Geoff Boycott. Good 25-30
1999 WEST HAM Two home issues, West Ham v Brighton 24/1/59 (Metropolitan League-4 page issue) and v Oxford Reserves 12/3/88 + Daily Express 5-a-side Championships 1985 (scores completed). Generally good 15-20
2000 CUP FINAL 59 Programme for the Final (slight fold) and programme for Semi, Luton v Norwich at Tottenham, 14/3/59 (small tear, slight fold). Fair-generally good 15-18
2001 CRICKET BAT A mini cricket bat signed to front by the England and South Africa teams from the 50s , includes Len Hutton etc. The signatures are in blue ink but have faded over the years although some are quite legible. As described. 60-70
2002 ARSENAL Two cigarette cards both involving Arsenal, 1920s, J.A.Pattreiquex (Casket/Trawler cigarettes) cards show real photographs of captains shaking hands and match action Liverpool v Arsenal, circa 1922. Good 10-12
2003 WEST BROM Six bank cheques issued by West Bromwich Albion, 1 x 1979 and 5 x 1984, signed by Secretary and Directors, ornate design including a throstle perched on top of a football. Generally good 12-15
2004 TOTTENHAM European issues, circa 50 home European Competition ties including Finals of UEFA Cup v Wolves 72 and v Feyenoord 74. Two issues are Testimonials. Also includes away issues for the games at Feyenoord 83/4, Coleraine 82/3 and Slavia Praha 06/0 110-120
2005 CELTIC A magical moment, framed black and white photograph of Billy McNeil lifting the European Cup after Celtic defeated Inter Milan, in 1967. Signed by the Celtic Captain, Billy McNeil. Good 55-60
2006 MAN UTD 1949/50 8 Homes programmes v Man City, Stoke, Wolves, Derby, Arsenal, Burnley, Birmingham and Portsmouth. Fair-generally good 220-230
2007 MAN UTD 1950/1 7 Home programmes v Liverpool, Blackpool, Sheff Wed, Burnley, Stoke, Hull and Arsenal. Fair-generally good 125-135
2008 MAN UTD 1951/2 14 Home programmes v Newcastle, Charlton, Preston, Sunderland, Huddersfield, Portsmouth, West Brom, Fulham, Bolton Hull. FAC v Aston Villa, Wolves, Burnley and Arsenal. Minor faults. Fair-generally good 260-270
2009 NOTTS COUNTY 15 Home programmes 1945/6 to 1952/3, (Fair) . Inc v QPR, 45/6, Barros FAC 48/9, Notts Fores 51/2 and East Fife 52/3. List provided. Fair 180-190
2010 WARTIME Man City v Blackpool 1942/3, s.s, folds, a little worn, folds. Fair 55-60
2011 ASTON VILLA 1904/5 Sport and Play magazine 1//9/1904, includes Home programme v Preston. Minor creasing and fraying to edges. Generaly good 110-115
2012 WEST BROM 1938/9 programme Home v Man City, 29/10/38, split edge on fold. Generally good 55-60
2013 SCOTLAND v ENGLAND 1937 International at Hampden Park. Rusty staple. Generally good 90-100
2014 SCTOLAND v ENGLAND 1948 International at Hampden Park, rusty staple. Generally good 35-40
2015 BRIGHTON 1936/7 Programme v Crystal Palace 7/11/36, no staple, neat scores on team page. Generally good 115-120
2016 MAN CITY 1926/7 Home programme v Grimsby. Celotaped spine, ageing. Fair 100-110
2017 MAN CITY 1928/9 Combined programme v Huddersfield and Birmingham Reserves 8/9/28 and 10/9/28, ruty staples, ageing. Generally good 100-110
2018 MAN CITY 1933/4 Home programme v Newcastle 21/3/34, split spine mark to spine, slight trim, rusty staples. Fair 60-65
2019 MAN CITY 1935/6 Home programm v Portsmouth 28/9/35, rusty staples, scores on team page. Good 110-115
2020 MAN CITY 1935/6 Home programme v Grimsby 1/1/36, slight fold. Generally good 110-115
2021 MAN CITY 1935/6 Home programme F.A.Cup v Portsmouth, 11/1/36, folds. Generally good 110-115
2022 MAN CITY 1935/6 Home programme F.A.Cup v Luton 25/1/36, one rusty staple, creasing. Fair-generally good 110-115
2023 ASTON VILLA 1937/8 Home programme F.A. Cup v Man City 5/3/38. fold, small tear. Generally good50 60-75
2024 CHELSEA 1935/6 Home programm (ex bound volume) v Man City 26/12/35. Good 40-45
2025 SWANSEA 1946/7 Home programme v Man City 22/2/47, slight fold, rusty staple. Fair-generally good 40-45
2026 CHARLTON 1936/7 Home programme v Bolton 24/4/1937, slightly rusty staple. Good 110-115
2027 MAN UTD An unused Man utd sweatshirt from 1986, these special sweatshirts were worn by the team who had teamed up with Sharp and the Department of Energy to promote Energy Efficiency. These items were worn only by the team iat promotional events and neve 35-40
2028 CRICKET John Edrich Coalport plate depicting his century of centuries 1959-77, in original box. Very good 18-20
2029 CRICKET A Spode plate commemorating Staffordshire CCC being the Minor Counties Champions in 1991 and reaching the Knock-out Cup Final at Lords the same year. In original box. Also included in this lot is a Surrey CCC silk scarf from their 71 Championshi 15-20
2030 BOAT RACE A Coalport plate commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Boat Race 1979, in original box. Good 25-30
2031 YACHTING Plate commemorating Medway Week, 1961 and two medals, Artisans Regatta 1962 and 6th Place medal for the 1955 Royal Thames yacht Club Regatta, Merlin/Rocket class. Generally good 12-15
2032 BOBBY MOORE Newspaper photo of Bobby with a lady and, signed by him. Good 70-75
2033 MANCHESTER CITY 1947/48 Home programme v Liverpool - Div 1, slightly rusty staples, centre fold, otherwise good. Good 15-18
2034 ARSENAL 3 Arsenal programmes 1953 v Bolton, 1956 v Huddersfield, 1958 v Juventus, lots of photos, folds, generally good. Good 10-15
2035 CLAPTON ORIENT Home programme v Charlton Athletic, 1933/4. No front cover, marked, folds no staple. Fair 12-15
2036 CHARLTON ATHLETIC Home programme v Blackpool, 1949/50, pencil team changes and scores, folds, rusty staple. Fair 8-10
2037 NORTHAMPTON 5 Home programmes, 1965/66, only season in division 1, v WBA, West Ham, Chelsea, Everton and Liverpool. All good. Good 18-20
2038 MANCHESTER UTD 3 Home programmes, 1967- 70, 67 Charity Shield v Spurs (punch and staple holes), 1970, FA Cup 3rd place play off v Watford at Highbury (good), 1970, League Cup 2nd round at Aldershot with Football League Review (slight rust to staple). 10-15
2039 WYCOMBE 130 + Home issues 61 x 60's, 72 x 70's, inc Representative, Friendlies, Cups and Pre-season games + 16 Aways, inc Amateur Semi v Hendon 71/2. Fair-good 60-70
2040 IRELAND Home programme v Germany, 17/10/51, Dublin, fold, slight ageing. Generally good 55-60
2041 AUSTRALIA / ENGLAND Programme for Australia v England, 26/5/51, Sydney, England XI included Bartram, Owen, Sewell and Hagan, small tears. Fair-good 50-55
2042 DRUMCONDRA / NEWCASTLE Programme for Drumcondra v Newcastle, 6/5/59, slight fold. Generally good 18-20
2043 BLACKPOOL Home issue v Grimsby 13/4/46, slight fold. Good 22-25
2044 CHELSEA / MAN UTD Chelsea home issue v Man Utd 28/1/39, back page grubby, fold, spine partially splitting. Fair 65-70
2045 SCOTLAND Programme for Czechoslovakia v Scotland 13/10/76, slight fold. Generally good 18-20
2046 OLD TRAFFORD Programme for England v Ireland, 16/11/38 at Old Trafford, green ribbon to spine, fold, spine partially split. Fair 230-250
2047 REPUBLIC OF IRELAND Home issue v Belgium 24/4/49 played at Dalymount Park. Neat score on team page. Good 50-55
2048 ENGLAND Home issue v France 26/5/45 played at Wembley, minor folds, pencil changes. Generally good 40-45
2049 WARTIME INTERNATIONAL England v Wales 16/9/44, played at Anfield, Liverpool. One of the more difficult wartime Internationals to obtain, minor repair to top corner. Good 90-100
2050 MANCHESTER CITY Approx 40 programmes, home and away. A miscellany of matches inc Home, European and Friendly matches; away v Man Utd 73/74 (Denis Law goal!); away v Carlisle 70/71 FLC and 74/75. An interesting lot. Good 30-40
2051 MANCHESTER CITY Vast quantity of home programmes, mainly 70's/80's. Most are lacking tokens and have team changes. Fair/good 20-25
2052 MISCELLANY Over 50 programmes, mainly Man City, 70/71 home and away, but also featuring a few 60's items and Man Utd v Arsenal 55/56. Worth a look. Fair/good 20-30
2053 HUDDERSFIELD TOWN Handbook for the 1939/40 season, rusty staples removed, forty page issue. Fair-generally good 25-30
2054 ASTON VILLA Season-ticket for the 1946/47 season, reserved seat Trinity Road, booklet contains a good number of vouchers which are quite ornate. Generally good 30-40
2055 MAN UTD Four books, "George Best Unseen Archives", "Access All Areas", Bobby Charlton's Book of Soccer (1960-dustwrapper torn in part), and Official Manchester United Annual 90/91. Fair-generally good 8-10
2056 MAN UTD Four page Training Rules and player pass , season 1934-35, pass belonged to T.Frame. The pass is glossy and the rear cover is damaged where it has been previously stuck down, The insides cover one page of training rules and fixtures from August 15-20
2057 SCOTTISH LEAGUE CUP Programme for 1958 Final, Partick v Hearts 25/10/58, played at Hampden Park, Glasgow, slight mark on back cover. Generally good 18-20
2058 MIDDLESBROUGH Rare programme for Rapin Vienna v Middlesbrough, played in Amsterdam, 21/5/53, score on team page, small tear. Stadion Nieuws edition. Generally good 80-90
2059 SHELBOURNE / HULL Rare Shelbourne issue v Hull City, 27/5/49, creased, slight marks, score on team page. Fair 75-80
2060 CUP WINNERS CUP FINAL 1964 programme, Sporting Club Portugal v M.T.K Budapest in Brussels, slight creases. Generally good 20-25
2061 BRISTOL CITY Programme for the Festival of Britain game v Hamborn 07, 9/5/51, slight creasing. Fair 35-40
2062 BARNSLEY Programme for the Festival of Britain game v Rapid Austria, 16/5/51, slight tears along folds. Generally good 35-40
2063 MANCHESTER UTD Programme for the League Cup game v Exeter, 26/10/60. Utd's first home game in this Competition, includes token, no team changes. Good 50-55
2064 NON-LEAGUE 5 x Walthamstow Ave Homes, 58/9 v Clapton 59/60 v Ilford and Grays, 60/1 v Walton (Cup) and 1 x 64/5. Fair-Generally good 8-10
2065 TICKETS Approx 75 Tickets, majority West Ham (90's). Fair 18-20
2066 ENGLAND 23 Full International issues, inc Away at Ireland, 69 and at Scotland 68, Remainder 60's homes, inc v Wales 56 and v Scotland 59 and 61. Generally good 22-25
2067 TOTTENHAM Home and away issues v Gornik Zabrze, 1961, European Cup, First Spurs European games. Good 150-160
2068 SHEFFIELD WED Home issue v Sheffield Utd, 10/12/1904, ex-bound volume. Good 120-130
2069 LEAGUE CUP SEMI Scarce Semi-Final issue, Cardiff v West Ham, team change. Generally good 130-150
2070 SHREWSBURY Home issue v Worcester, 4/4/1925, ex-bound volume. Good 95-100
2071 SHREWSBURY Home issue v Whitchurch 28/2/1025, Shropshire Cup, ex-bound volume. Good 95-100
2072 NEWCASTLE 49 Homes, 2 x 54/5, 2 x 56/7, 2 x 57/8, 1 x 58/9, 2 59/60 including v Burnley, + 40 x 60's, minor faults. Fair-Generally good 50-60
2073 TOTTENHAM 22 Homes, 60/61 Double Season, includes Cup, League, Friendly v Tbilisi and England v Germany under 23's, some minor faults, many are good. Fair-Generally good 120-130
2074 ARSENAL Single sheet home issue v Chelsea, 1/3/47, Fuel Emergency Edition, score, scorers, blank reverse side has teams writtern in for game v Preston 15/3/47. 120-150
2075 1940 SCOTTISH CUP FINAL Programme 4/5/40, Rangers v Dundee Utd at Hampden, Half on one centre page is missing which slightly affects the Dundee Utd line-up. This apart condition is good. Fair 140-150
2076 PROGRAMMES WITH TICKETS Selection of programmes with tickets inc EMFA v Chelsea 1986, Man City v Chelsea Full-Members Cup Final 1986 League Cup Semi-Finals and Testimonials, Circa 55. Generally good 25-30
2077 ENGLAND Five Programmes with tickets v Austria 1951, Germany 54, Rumania Under 21 1957, Portugal 1961 (World Cup) and Spain 67. Generally good 28-30
2078 MANCHESTER UTD European Cup winning season 1967/68, programmes for 4 x homes + away to Hibernian (Malta) and Semi-Final at Real Madrid, plus Final and Benfica v Juventus Semi-Final. Generally good 28-30
2079 RECORDS 10 x 45rpm Records inc World Cup 66 March, Back Home 70, Glasgow Rangers 60s with team printed on label plus Spurs, Leeds and Chelsea. Apparently good. 8-10
2080 AUTOGRAPH SHEETS Twelve Club facsimile autograph sheets 56/57 season , all laid down together with programmes from that season also laid down. Sheets include Burnley, Everton, Man Utd, Leeds, Spurs, Wolves, Blackpool, West Brom, Portsmouth, Preston and 18-20
2081 MAN UTD Laid down programme and ticket for Cup Semi-Final v Birmingham City at Hillsborough 56/7. The programme is signed on the team page by Foulkes and Viollet + referee J.Sherlock and two others one of which could be Mark Jones, the other may be Be 20-25
2082 CRICKET Autographs, ink, Nottinghamshire 1954 on sheet of white paper, 12 autographs inc Simpson and Goonesena. folds Generally good 20-25
2083 KINGSTONIAN Seven home issues, 52/3 v Wimbledon, Oxford City, Bromley, Leytonstone Res, 53/4 v Bromley, 54/5 v Bishop Auckland (Amateur Cup) and 56/7 Olympic XI v Universities XI, occasional team changes, slight folds. Generally good 30-40
2084 AMATEUR CUP Programme for the Semi-Final, 14/3/53, Harwich and Parkeston v Walton and Hersham at Brentford (h-t scores- generally good), Two other programmes included Epsom v Dorking 55/6 (Cup) and Kingstonian v Wimbledon 52/3. Generally good 30-40
2085 CHELSEA 24 Home issues, 49/50 v Blackpool, 52/3 v Burnley and Arsenal, 53/4 v Cardiff and Man Utd, 54/5 v Preston and Burnley, 3 x 55/6, 2 x 56/7, 7 x 57/8 inc v Man Utd, Canto Do Rio , Wolves and Darlington, 4 x 58/9 and 59/60 v Leicester. Some hav 60-70
2086 MIXED PROGRAMMES Approx 48 programmes, a mixed bunch, 50s onwards, includes 85 Cup Final, 85 Charity Shield, 86 Full Members Cup Final, Fulham 55/6 v Lincoln, West Ham, Bristol Rovers and Plymouth, Chelsea aways at Birmingham 59/60 and Bradford City 25-30
2087 CRICKET Three items, Alec Bedser Benefit book 1953, MCC Bicentenary Match v Rest of the World 1987 + scorecard, and Clapton XI v Allan Lamb XI 1989 scorecard and programme. Good 20-25
2088 TOTTENHAM A 16" x 12" Photograph, fine quality, depicting Tottenham players on a lap of honour around Wembley after their FA Cup victory in 1961, signed by 8 players inc Smith, Henry, Jones, MacKay and Baker. Good 35-40
2089 MISC PHOTOS Photographs 16" x 12", fine quality, depicting varous players inc Lawrie Reilly, Bert Trautmann, Eric Caldow, Burnley, Jimmy Rimmer and 7 images of Lofthouse scoring v Everton in the 1953 FA Cup Semi-Final. Good 40-50
2090 MISC PHOTOS Photographs 16" x 12", fine quality, depicting team images of Manchester City 1969, West Brom 1968 and Celtic 1966, each signed by the respective captains Tony Book, Graham Williams and Billy McNeill. Good 35-40
2091 DENIS LAW A 16" x 12" Photograph, fine quality, depicting a portrait image of Manchester Utd's Law circa 1972/73, signed in black marker. Good 25-30
2092 MANCHESTER UTD A 18" x 12" Photograph fine quality, depicting Man Utd's line up v Real Madrid in the 2nd leg of the 1968 EC Semi-Final - superbly signed by 7 players in black marker, including Crerand, Faulkes and Stiles. Good 35-40
2093 ARSENAL Two 18" x !" Photographs, fine quality, depicting Frank McLintock holding aloft the FA Cup in 1971 and Charlie George celebratin his winning goal in the Final both signed in black marker. Good 35-40
2094 ARSENAL A 18" x 12" Photograph fine quality depicting Frank McLintock holdin aloft the FA Cup in 1971 being chaired by teammates, signed by McLintock and by both of Arsenal's goalscorer's Charlie George and Eddie Kelly. Good 35-40
2095 MANCHESTER UTD Photographs 16" x 12", fine quality depicting various players inc Nobby Stiles 1968, Ken Morgans 1958, FA Cup winners 1977 signed by 3 etc. Good 40-50
2096 PAUL SCHOLES A superb 16" x 12" montage photograph, fine quality, depicting images of Scholes volley v Aston Villa in 2006, signed in black marker. Good 35-40
2097 ARSENAL A superb 16" x 12" montage photograph, fine quality, depicting images of Arsenal's victory in the 1979 FA Cup Final, signed by the 3 goalscorers Talbot, Stapleton and Sunderland and by captain Rice in blue marker. Good 40-50
2098 MANCHESTER UTD A 18" x 12" Photograph fine quality, depicting the Busby Babe's Last Line up v Red Star Belgrade in the 2nd leg of the 1958 EC quarter-final, signed by Faulkes, Scanlon and Morgans in blue marker. Good 25-30
2099 ABERDEEN Home issue 18/8/48, v Celtic, League, slight fold. Good 40-50
2100 HEARTS Home issue v Celtic, 24/2/51, fold, minor tape mark. Fair-Generally good 25-30
2101 MACCLESFIELD Home issue v Droylsden 6/1/1940, eight pages, pencil score, scorers. Generlly good 50-55
2102 SHEFFIELD UTD Home issue v Bolton 27/10/1900, ex-bound volume. Fair-Generally good 100-110
2103 SHEFFIELD UTD Home issue v Derby 30/3/1903, ex-bound volume. Fair-Generally good 100-110
2104 ASTON VILLA Four home issues, v Bury 1927/28 (ex-bound volume), v Chesterfirld 1933/34 (Cup fold), v Huddersfield and two Reserves Easter 1935 and v Huddersfield 1935/36 (Cup). Fair-Generally good 150-160
2105 SHEFFIELD WED Home issue v Chester 21/1/1939, (Cup) prominent ink score, changes on team page, minor folds. Fair 55-60
2106 SHEFFIELD WED Home issue v Newcaste 16/4/1938, ink changes, score on team pag, minor folds Fair 55-60
2107 SHEFFIELD WED Home issue v Liverpool 6/10/1934, score, team changes, minor folds. Fair 55-60
2108 ARSENAL Three programmes Home v Wealdstone, 53/4 (London Cup Semi- worn along folds), v Hivernian 52/3 and away at Millwall 56/7 (London Cup Semi). Fair-Generally good 15-20
2109 MANCHESTER CITY Home issue v Aston Villa, 9/3/1035, rusty staple marks. Fair-Generally good 70-80
2110 READING Home issue v Portsmouth 28/10/1922, ex-bound volume, no staple, Division 3 South. Generally good 130-140
2111 CARDIFF Home issue v Swindon 29/10/1938, fold, slightly grubby, scores on team page and fixture list scores completed. Only fair 60-70
2112 ENGLAND Home issue v Belgium 19/1/46, minor fold Fair-Generally good 25-30
2113 ENGLAND Home issue v France 26/5/45, fold, score. Fair-Generally good 30-35
2114 OXFORD 12 Home issues, 1962/3 season, first league season for Oxford. Generally good 25-30
2115 HUDDERSFIELD Special Souvenir home issue v Sheffield Utd 1927/28 to celebrate reaching 1928 Cup Final. Spine partly splitting, pages loose, but complete. Only Fair 80-85
2116 READING Home issue v Port Vale, 6/10/1928, a few small tears to edge, spine repair. Fair 120-130
2117 MIDDLESBROUGH Home issue v Huddersfield, 11/3/1922, ex-bound volume, binding holes (small) along spine. Fair 90-100
2118 TOTTENHAM 26 Home issues, 50's, 2 x 50/1 v Portsmouth and Sunderland, 53/4 v Burnley, 2 x 56/7, 6 57/8, 7 x 58/9 including Cup v West Ham, Newport and Norwich + friendly v Bucharest and 8 x 59/60, a few minor faults. Fair-Gener 60-70
2119 CHELSEA 8 Home issues, 35/6 v Bolton and v Wolves, 36/7 v Shef Wed (p-holes) and v Wolves, 37/8 v Everton (Cup), and Everton (Lge), 38/9 v Shef Wed (Cup) and v Everton (ex-bound volume). Fair 140-150
2120 CHELSEA 6 Home issues, 1923/4 v Blackburn (slight wear) 31/2 v Blackburn (ex-bound volume) v Shef Wed (Cup), 33/4 v Wolves, 34/5 Practice match (s.s) and v Blackburn, minor faults. Fair-Generally good 150-170
2121 WAR CUP FINAL Ticket for the 42 London Final, Portsmouth v Brentford. Very good 70-80
2122 CUP FINAL 1939 Ticket for the Final, slight fold. Fair-Generally good 50-60